Art on a wall (#4 in a series)





Coral Reef,

Neon colors,

Blending schools of fish,

Students decorate a cement wall,

Opening opportunities for fantasies.

Tomorrow’s dreams and yearnings~

Never limit oneself nor prevent

Bubbles of Joy to surface

Within yourself.

\\ *  :  :  *  :  :  * //

Expressions and thoughts
Spreading from mind of
reocochran outward.

Enjoy celebrating freedom
on your Cinco de Maya!

Hayden Run Falls



In the midst of busy city area,

one finds a clean Waterfall.

Sending negative ions which

are considered positive effects

upon one’s weary street-worn self.

Down strong, sturdy steps

across a long wooden walkway,

raised above soggy Spring earth,

wisely built to provide a “bridge”

permitting survey of stream

and growing buds and leaves.

This hidden often unexpected

form of nature is found almost

downtown Columbus, Ohio,

where rushing water enters

Creek then proceeds into

the grand Scioto River.


Photo taken by
Words spouting forth
with emotional release
sent your way by Robin.

~ Hayden Run Falls ~

What precious “gems”
do you have nearby,
discovered in

Art on a wall (#2 in series)



As Cinco de Maya approaches,

what better way to honor and

respect the holiday then to

celebrate with more wall of art?

It looks like all the colors

found in the May Day ribbons,

new crayon points of amazing hues,

sometimes given the name of


~ both above and below~

these words written by Robin

with another angle taken

on cell phone by me.



Trying to fit in,

Conforming, hiding,

Pushing to be accepted,

Courage for expression.

People of every kind don’t

need to change but

must simply


Art on a Wall (#1 in a series)



This wall is part of my art series,

please check the others out.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

The hills are rolling with

grassy green, shadows of

trees creating natural patterns.

There is a wall with beautiful colors

painted by OWU art students to

create rainbows, flashes and points

of multiple reflections of nature:

~ Like a floral bouquet,

~ Same as those in beach balls,

~ Umbrellas displayed in an urn,

~ Enhancing feathers of a peacock,

~ Resembling around the world fruits,

~ Multiple costumed children in parade.


What do you think of when

a vast palatte of colors

presents itself to YOU?

The spring trees over the bridge to OWU are in bloom!



The little stream that eventually leads

to the Olentangy River has had ducks,

geese, a turtle and a few frogs over

the ten years I have lived next door

in my locked or “gated” apartment

building. My grandies like to take

bread crumbs to feed the fowl.

They chased squirrels as toddlers

and often talk to the various birds.

I have a bench in a sheltered place

on campus where I lie down and

read a book. When my kids call

and need me, they know where to

find me. My backyard is tended by

a whole squadron of greenkeepers,

who wear red and black for the college

colors and are cheerful and apologize

Sometimes as they pass me with~

weed whackers

riding lawn mowers

and large bush trimmers.

I thought of

Mary, Mary

Quite contrary

How does your garden grow?

I feel my places of refuge once

most university staff and students

take off in May, there is barely a

skeleton crew of die hard students,

with a handful of professors and

graduate assistants to interrupt my

Tranquil moments.

I saw a family and resisted taking

photos of them all looking down

while they circled the Labyrinth

which I pass by on my way to

read a book on “my bench.”


Where do you like to

“hang out?”

Thursday’s Doors ~ April 28, 2016



Looking straight at the doors,

you see three white dormers,

five windows on the main brick

building which has two side wings.

Three steps lead to the doors with

black rod iron railing which

frames the small cement porch.

Attractive lamps on either side of

the double white doors. There are

vertical windows on both sides, too.

The symmetry is appealing as well

as the cement arch connecting doors.

There are many other doors and
interesting places to be seen on
Norm Frampton’s Thursday’s Doors: