A flight of rose wines



The Wine Bistro

appeared idyllic and

so romantic, as I was

waiting on my youngest

daughter and her guy, Jerry.

Why am I always seemingly,

the “third wheel?”

“Does this translate in all

languages?,” I wondered.

I haven’t addressed this lately. . .

the blog’s name was, after all,

once upon a time the indicator

of some mighty interesting and

strange online dating adventures.

Recently, I have “whispered” of my

seeing a new man. It seems rather

foolish “to make too big of a deal.”

He has kids around age of my

grandchildren but isn’t as

young as he could be.

Anyway, not quite time

to “double date” yet.

We discussed movies,

golfing, work and new


My feelings are still


🙂 🙂

Here are the three

“flights, small tastes”

of rose wines which

went from light rose,

medium body rose

to the darker rose.

#1 ~

Pilot Noir Rose
(Vin de France)
Light, crisp with the fruits
of watermelon and strawberry.

#2 ~

El Coto,
Tempranillo Rose
(Rioja, Spain)
Tangy, slight tart flavors
of fruits of berries
and herb aftertaste.

#3 ~

Clendenen Family,
Nonsense Rose
Rich, flavorful with citrus
and cherry “notes.”

And behind the curtain. . . Not a door post



I will give Norm Frampton a

“Shout out” despite my not

displaying the rather “boring”

front doors to this wine and

appetizers destination. This richly

decorated back room displayed

thick burgundy tapestry curtains,

on the inside of the building.

A couple of photographs will

hopefully ignite your curiosity,

allowing me to skip the

Thursday’s Doors with

instead “What’s behind your

closed doors worth mentioning?”

Here is a great fellow blogger

where you can check out his Doors,

as well as other bloggers who feature

their doors, stopping by Norm’s and

creating a direct link to other doors!


Happy Door’s hunting and thanks for

reading my post today with curtains

and no actual door featured.




We three got together,

one gentleman friend of

youngest daughter who

discovered one route to

my heart  <3  treats!

"Parisian Macarons"

as the card from the

Pistachia Vera,

cafe and coffee shop,

delicious French treats,

pastries and these

are called "bon-bon's"

by Jerry and Felicia.

These delicately flavored

two macarons are like

sweet sandwiches,

only egg whites,

frothy confections

which come in the following


flavors of:


~Toasted coconut

~Raspberry Hibiscus

~Cocoa nib


~Yuzu guava

~Strawberries & cream


~Cafe au lait

~Honey lavender

~Vanilla bean

~Apricot ginger

Okay, if you remember

my spring post of this

place, you may have heard

of other bakery specialties.

We tried to decide on past

story what was that pretty

pink flower next to the

neon green patio chairs?

The dumpster behind

that old post had

sweet squirrel

holding a berry

or a bouquet.

If you dare, please share

which are yummy flavors

which most

catch your


There’s the cute little end



Yay, this may be as busy as my

Christmas season posts,

Full of decorating and

pretty features to enjoy.

Happy day’s end, to

Baby Hendrix who

sat down and took

off his baggy blue

britches, revealing as I

had noted, his mustache

decorated cloth diaper cover!

Do not feel obligated to comment

over all family celebratory posts.

xoxo xoxoxo

Thanks for sharing in what may

be last of family addition’s

1st birthday party!

Three girls with selfie cam



Hailey is an honorary “cousin”

of Marley and Ivy.

This is one of several funny

photos taken by me from across

the fire station “party room.”

There are many cool framed

photographs of the squad

of fire fighters and emergency

(E.M.T) medical team members.

Meanwhile, my DIL had made several

costume pieces on straws for the

young partygoers to become

“disguised” and “unrecognizable!”

  ;)     ;)    😉

What is your favorite party theme?

My grandson, Skyler, said his

“Zombie Party.”

My granddaughter, Makyah,

gave her “Elsa’s Frozen Party.”

Ivy had a “Lollaloopsie” party

and her brother a “Pirate’s” theme.

Logan is proud to wear a mustache



Behind him on the wall,

a cousin and friend of my

grandsons, Logan, shows how

to carry responsibility of

wearing a mustache!

Logan has photos

behind his head of a

huge fire on a freezing

cold winter’s day long ago.

I like the reasonable price to

rent the Tri-County Fire Station’s

party room where Felda’s son,

Zachary, had his christening party

and another time her daughter,

Kridia Dawn’s birthday party.