Tall Tale



Micah and Skyler,
Two brothers,
on life.

One still
Full of
Make believe,
and tall tales.

Older one
Full of
Reality and

When one sees
Tall man on stilts,
Shows no hesitation
to let him know,
Boasting ~
“My Dad is almost
as tall as you!”

Brother opens
Mouth, eyes
his mother.
Head shaking,
“No, don’t correct.”

Tall “show man’s”
Impressive response:
“Well, that must mean
You will be taller than me!”

Later, Nana takes
Younger one aside,
“You know what you
said to the tall man
may not be the truth?”

Nodding head, Micah
Agrees stretched the
Truth, but comes back
With this:
“Still think he was impressed!”

:D . . . . . . . . . :D . . . . . . . . . . :D

Thursday’s Doors ~ October 8, 2015



This used to be
the home of friends,
Susie and Bill.
New owners’ abode.

Colonial Revival home
built originally for
Elizabeth A. Carpe
in 1895.

This features
beautiful oak staircase,
foyer and door open
waiting on~
Trick or treaters
end of October.

An interesting
stained glass window
on the first landing.

Original fireplace
gorgeous mantles,
photos and memorabilia

Unusual porch
places for guests,
antique wicker furniture
with Fall colors pillows.

The address number
clearly visible,

** Someday I will photograph
66 Griswold Street
with closed holiday door. **

Master gardeners have
given backyard
“Award-winning landscaped”
honored label.

Thanks to Norm Frampton
who hosts our weekly
Thursday’s Doors posts.
Head over to his blog to view,
comment, add or admire his door.


October Trees



“As the light of day becomes
Shadows come out to play.”
~ reocochran  (10/4/15)

Here are a few quotes
Which reflect beauty
In nature:

“How beautiful leaves grow old,
How full of light and color
Are their last days.”

~ Written by John Burroughs,
Essayist from the 19th century.

“I’m so glad I live in a world
Where there are Octobers.”

~ Written by L. M. Montgomery,
Author of “Anne of Green Gables.”

“Every leaf speaks to me,
Fluttering from the Autumn tree.”

~ Written by Emily Bronte.

An unknown author wrote this
upon my bookmark:
“The human spirit needs places
where Nature has not been
rearranged by the hand of man.”




Imagination gone wild.

Sky aflame with dusk.

A feather from arrow,

Looking like lightning,

Striking the viewer,

Rendered speechless,

With bliss.

Original photo by reocochran
Written by Robin O. Cochran

What “symbols” in your life
have meaning?
~ please share.

Awards post: “Premios Dardos”


James Lantern,
You are a patient man,
A servant who loves the Lord.
I appreciate your nomination
And will give your post
Recognition along with sharing
The “wealth.”

Premios Dardos = Prize Darts
This means to me, gifts for those who involve many facets in their writing including arts, music, writing, photography and international elements.

Here is a list of recent blogging friends. I try not to repeat people since only 10 will be on my list.


I appreciate all of my friends who read, stop by or follow me. One’s who have been around my post expect my weekly visits and hope to see them more regularly once busy summer months into autumn where people buy at our stores or order online automotive parts. I am a hard working order filler at a distribution center “warehouse.” :)

1. Aayusi, who is creative and artistic,
Uses her imagination as a shared  blessing.

2. Lyn, who writes of her world experiences, family of 9 children and shares delicious recipes at:

3. Tanveer,  who has heartfelt essays and creative stories at:

4. Tejaswi, who has been sharing stories of his sick, older cat and darling daughter who he wishes time to stand still on. So nice to hear this male perspective, sometimes quite irreverent but always kind:

5. Natalie Scarberry, who shares a world view by her abiding, humble faith, including all. I know you will feel blessed by her gardens, diverse quotations and her European trip was fantastic.

6. Derrick who shares beautiful gardens with Jackie, includes etymology and a blazing fire with sunlight reflected in the smoke recently. . . Check his blog with “Ramblings” at:

7. Maniparna, who has been such a sweet and faithful commenter since we “met”  writes Scattered Thoughts. My favorite post was written in humor about, “How to Recognize a Bengali” :)

8. Pauline, who will just say No to awards but you will enjoy her pets, Siddy and Orlando, her handmade projects in crocheting and beaded “danglers,” garden of zen-like peace, along with gorgeous and colorful paintings:

9. Between Two Tides by vron lacroix, shares French images from fantastic photographs with lovely descriptive stories. I liked the 1500’s Spanish church with Angel’s bells recently:

10. Karen, who has been around in my blogging world but I am not sure if I have ever included her on an award nomination post. She writes well, reviews fairly, is interesting and creative.

Congratulations to James for his being nominated, thank you for choosing me to receive this.
Sincere appreciation and heartfelt congratulations to those “new” Ten bloggers I passed on nominations.

If you wish to find the logo for Premios Dardos, you may look at James and his post on September 25, 2015.
James contacted me and let me know I was offered this award by him. Funny guy, he doesn’t have a list of WHO he passed the nominations to. :)

I don’t follow rules, but here are some great fellow bloggers who have many perspectives to add to your list of reading.

Truck Rally Audience



There is Diversity

Plaid shirt man and blonde girlfriend,
Look like they walked off a country music album.

A wheelchair with a gentleman in it,
his family member crouching down.
Two girls with a protective Daddy.

You, over there, mingling with the crowd,

Come join me; I’ll share my “treat.”



Boy almost tipped over,
bending down folded in half.

The yellow and black shirted
Security Guard wears a helmet.
He rides the circumference
of the race track, on bike.

The gate and track area is crowded
before the trucks get revved up.

The two men with white caps look
Like they belong at golf tournament.

The loud speaker announcer makes
the crowd go wild,
Whistling and shouting.

Later, the radio announcer cracks jokes,

He “eggs” some of the audience to respond

with “Hoots and “Holler’s.”

Oldest daughter takes boys into

grandstand seating, for a price.
While I, Nana, sit in the wagon,
Munching on funnel cake,
powdered sugar sprinkled.
Guarding and observing,
Action unfolding,
Ground level,

Original Art by Amber



It took a few months,
Putting a “bee in the bonnet”
Of the ones who run the
Beautiful facility downtown
For those who wish to express
Like music,
Gather together,
Educate those unaware
Of obstacles and challenges.

The Creative Foundations
has beautiful
Goals of
Caring for all,
Open arms,
♡ Love. ♡

See the artwork
I commissioned
From artist Amber.
Finally completed.
Proud artist who
Scurried to show
Me other works.
Every First Friday,
North Sandusky Street
Delaware, Ohio
Closes our
Where walkers swarm.

Shop owners open late,
Themes like:
*Picnic with the Cops,
**Bishops and
***Dog Days.

*Skyler and Micah paid a
dollar to “dunk” Police Chief!
Horse with police woman astride,
Posed with boys and their mother.
Dancing to strains of “Y.M.C.A.”
With hula hoops, icee’s and popcorn.
Hot dogs grilled and beverages, too~
Donations optional,
:) Fun required. :)

**OWU Bishop women showed their soccer skills while lacrosse men displayed theirs,
To delight of children and adults.

***The streets were alive with~
Dogs visiting,
Face painting,
Shops open,
Water bowls,
each doorstep.