Lego “Gang”


Lego Club once a month,

Fun times where kids

may meet children from 

other schools, volunteer to

be on other teams and enjoy

creating arrangements for a

specific theme or purpose,

arranged and organized

by the Children’s 

Librarian at our

local Delaware

County Library.

Make sure you check 

out book clubs, subject matter

adult gatherings (e.g. mystery

readers or historians) and great 

musical, dramatic and family 

entertainment found at 

your local library!

Photograph taken

by blog author of her three

growing grandsons on a cool

but not yet frosty evening, 

(Left – Right)

Landen (11) – Skyler (12) – Micah (8)

Storm’s  a’brewing


The billowing, 



are preparing

to let loose of 

snow, sleet or rain.

This great photograph

was sent to me from my son,

James Matthew. 

My family think of me,

from years of watching clouds

While we either laid on a picnic

blanket or our beach towels,

during swimming pool 

breaks or rest periods.

Are you able to “read” 

upcoming weather conditions?

Reblog: NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2016



This amazing and kind friend of mine

I know, has hosted annual blog

awards at least since 2013. 

Last year, I was nominated  

but didn’t feel comfortable 

promoting myself.  Now, I 

realize not doing this also

prevents you from voting

for others. There are

possible unfamiliar 

blogs for you to 

freely explore.

Please check 

this link.

No pressure to vote! 


Have fun visiting!  

x  🙂  x

Thursday’s Doors ~ 65 William Street, another angle.



This home is on our town’s 

main “drag.”

William Street 

is State Rte. 37.

This was back in one of the 

early autumn months.

On my way to the library, 

I pass a nursing home, gas station

and on the other side of the street,

St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

I looked up the Federalist style of

architecture which considers 

balanced and symmetrical 

features to be classic 

qualifications. As

far as age of this

house, it may not qualify. 

Our small town was founded in 1842,

while the period was 1785 – 1825.

The Georgian architecture period

followed into the 1830 – 1840’s,

found in English houses.

Please check out other members of 

the Thursday’s Doors community,

along with our door leader and 

host, Norm Frampton’s blog:

Hope you have a lovely weekend 

and tomorrow, stop by to read

a Blogging Award post. 

You get to Vote!

Thursday’s Doors ~ 65 William Street


This worn building still has 

“bones” and character.

It also has disrepair

and needs a little 

tender loving care.

I think it is a fair

offering to add to

Thursday’s Doors.

A collection of doors is

found and “captured” with

our main host and presenter 

of links to more doors at~

Norm Frampton’s blog:


Thanks for coming on my walk

to the library, where I pass this

house which is owned and lived in.

If you have a feature to point out,

it is always a pleasure to hear 

your generous thoughts.

My next post has a bit 

of history and the 

possible period

or  style  of

this worn,

red brick