A sunny and bend in the river kind of day


This has been a place I have stood before.

Not on the edge of a precipice,

nor in the depths of a cave,

just a regular day with

sunshine, clouds

and a bend in

the river.

This is 30

years since

I chose this

town, while

probably may have 

stood here 100’s of times.

Where’s your “go to” place

to soak in some peace, 

negative ions for 

a positive effect?

Photo taken on

edge of the Olentangy 

River, by Mingo Park

where hundreds of

Years ago, the tribe

of peaceful Mingo’s

took shelter and


just as I sought

in Fall, 1986.

Two fall quotes:

~ One ~

“The golden rod is yellow,

The corn is turning brown,

The trees in apple orchards

with fruit, are bending down.”

 ~ Helen Hunt Jackson,

American poet (1830 – 1885)

Note: She led a rather short life.

~ Two ~

“No Spring nor Summer beauty

have such grace,

As I have seen in one Autumnal face.”

~ John Dunne,

English poet (1572 – 1631)

Note: Another poet who died before 60.

Does anyone know these symbols?


The Gray Chapel on the

Ohio Wesleyan University

campus has been featured

before on my December holiday

collection of doors. Front door

has interesting side panels,

running up along the

blue limestone frame.

Do you recognize

this language

which is


to me?”

We received a thoughtful

response from Sue Vincent.

Please know her blog is

full of beauty, photos,

well written research

and interesting stories.

Sue’s blog may be found at:


Thank you, Sue!  :)

Micah and the sunflower field


Micah is in second grade and likes 

to try and read as much as possible.

The hundreds of tags with wishes

and hopes expressed towards

loved ones who had passed

away due to cancer 

were like a “mission,”

he wanted to read

as many as we

would allow.

“This is for

a child.”

“Oh look, this is

for a special teacher!”

He pointed

out messages for

parents and found some

for grandparents. The ones

who had names the same as his

classmates, touched him the most:

“I know a Christopher and 

an Eli, a Sarah and 

a Hailey.”

 ~ * * * ~

Field of Hope for Maria


Here’s my Labor Day gang,

While Mom chose to stay at home

and wait for us to bring take out dinner.

You may recognize my artist brother,

Randy, grandson Micah and 

youngest daughter, Felicia.

This field has tags on many 

of the sunflowers, hundreds!

Each says a loving wish or

hope sent with love to

family member or 

friends who died

of cancer.


Sarah asked me to add

a link to this fundraiser:


Stairway through sunflowers


Maria lived less than 7 years,

she got brain cancer,

(2000 – 2007).

She lived in Avon Lake, Ohio.

Her memorial is “a sea of sunflowers.”

You may see them located between 

Jaycox Road and 83, along I-90.

On the west side of Cleveland. . .

It says, “Planting Hope for Maria,”

who died due to children’s rare

 brain cancer disease.

2 million sunflowers grow in

a spectacular display,

which is on 50 acres.

~ “Maria’s Field of Hope” ~

The donations go to

 Brain Cancer research.

There are a few parts:

bridges in the field,

tags with names and

Handwritten Love Notes.

By sharing my own

seven year old grandson,

standing amidst the sunflowers,

 the same age as Maria, it may

impact your emotions, as well

 as demonstrate a huge undertaking.

We donated for the sunflower

 seeds, we listened to the band,

Georgia, warming up and here is

the painting where children sick

with cancer are memorialized.

(Not my brother Randy’s artwork).

Part one of three photographs. . .

“Love and Mercy,”

Thankfulness and gratitude.

We are blessed, yet others were

filling out sunflower sheets,

with names of those gone already,

far too soon in most cases.

Children’s names tied

to sunflower stems. . .

“Tears from Heaven.”


Thank you, dear

Eric Clapton

and Brian Wilson.

*  ~❤ ~  *

October full moon, oh-oo!


The October Full Moon looms

above the trees, evergreens 

and  changing leaves 

on branches.

Autumn has its 

mysterious moon.

Native Americans named  

tenth month’s moon~

Full Hunter’s Moon, 

Full Travel Moon,

Dying Grass Moon.

Old Farmer’s Almanac

claims it’s a Full Harvest Moon. 

No howling wolves will be greeting

Halloween, 2016 “trick or treaters.”

It will be a dark, moon-less 

night on October 31st.