Versatility Needed for Infinity


Thanks for patience and comfort given during my police and theft adventure. I am grateful to know you and found out how much you support me. So nice to know I have a wide spread safety net.

If possible, we could (with help from future, scientific advances) stay in touch for an indefinite period of time.

Does this, perhaps, scare you?

Attention Fellow Bloggers and thus, New Friends:

You are hereby given the choice of accepting nominations for both the Versatile Blogger Award and the Infinity Award.

The sky’s the limit.

Many thanks to my new follower and generous friend, Mithai. Please check her blog for rules and fun facts to help you get better acquainted.

You are incredible, Mithai, on your blog and in wise comments.

I will be foregoing your needing to read more about me and will do two things on this post.

I will include my newest fellow bloggers.
I hope to share some entertainment endings, summaries of finales of favorite television shows and more. . .

Here is a list for award nominations and possibly introducing some interesting posts for you to enjoy.

1. Lis:

2. Small Town Girl:

3. Marissa:

4. a guy who has a sense of humor:

5. Joel:

6. She’s sweet and gives me a younger perspective:

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9. Cheryl has a brother who nicknamed her “Cheffie:”

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14. She has historical story that caught my interest and I wanted to stay:

15.  Balroop Singh who writes Sublime Shadows of Life:

16. So kind and funny:

I just know I left someone out. I try not to repeat same blogs on Award posts.
If you look on my long list of key words, there have been many award nominations. You may have been named.

Here are some special ‘regulars:’

Brenda, Jill, Mark, Mike, Colleen, Barb, Anneli, Jenny, April, Pauline, Jules, Cindy, Judy,  Kirt, 2 Beths, Smitty, 2 Sherri/Sherry’s, Marylin, Yoshiko, Nigel, Jonathan, Evil Squirrel, Tracy, Amy, Ian, Ann, Esther, Andro, and you may know who you are and forgive my senior moment!
You are all winners to me!

Other recent winners were:
Sawyer on The Voice.

Clark came in 2nd while Nick won American Idol #14 season.

The finale on “The Return ” meant there was a possible flood, but one man standing on overlook seemed to prevent the flood.

The final episode after years of watching,  “Grey’s Anatomy” shocked me. I was nearly sobbing. You may look this one up since it had one bright moment. A beloved character died. A reminder of the very first episode of intern meeting long (off and on) romantic love and later, husband.
“E. R.” and “M*A*S*H” are still favorites.

The finale of “Secrets and Lies” was creepy. Little girl killed neighbor boy. It turns out jealousy and learning he was her brother, sharing a father tipped her overboard in savage killing description. Ryan Phillippe was great in role of stressed and accused man. Juliette Lewis portrayed in a unique, outstanding way the serious Officer Cornell. Other characters were realistic, too.

Catch Juliette Lewis in a new series called, “Wayward Pines.” Matt Dillon, Melissa Leo (of fame as mother of Christian Bale in the movie,  “The Fighter.”) and several recognizable actors started last Thurs.

Billboard awards show seemed not as exciting, in many ways, as the previous
CMA awards, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Golden Globes, and fantastic Grammy Awards.

Taylor Swift’s new song, “Bad Blood” was good but I liked “Blank Space” better, along with always enjoying her young and independent songs. She is growing a broader fan base every day.

Sam Smith lost his voice due to vocal chord surgery and had clever signs during a pre-filled award moment.

Best moments:
Van Halen band singing and playing rock and roll sexy “Cannonball.”

Good to see Britney looking healthy and dancing with Iggy Azalea.

Tribute to Mariah was very nice. She accomplished winning 18 award winning years. She sings (usually and this time superbly) like a beautiful songbird.

Tribute to B.B. King could have been much better. It seemed like an average homage and he truly deserved all and more accolades.

They went all out again mentioning Paul Walker. New film of fast and furious completed and music was good. I like theme song, “It’s Been a Long Time” due to reflecting both loss of young actor and nostalgic tones.

The hosts were Ludicrous and Chrissy Teague. Ludicrous did fine and is articulate while Chrissy may be smart in real life and is married to the amazing John Legend, she just seemed to be channeling dumb blonde cliches.

I enjoyed the fun and crazy homage to “Pulp Fiction” in the Fall Out Boys’ song, “Uma’s Praises.” The disco dancing and multiple women who wore short styled dark haired “iconic” Uma wigs.

I have a soft spot for Little Big Town. They sang that old song awhile back which has that “paw paw oo maw maw.”
In their combining forces with Faith Hill . . . they again captured my heart.

Please accept your deserved award nominations, dear friends, new and old.

If you watched a good finale recently or are still watching something, let us know what we are missing.

I recommend “Call the Midwife” and “Mr. Selfridge” on PBS.

Let me be one of the first to tell you Grissom’s character is coming back for the series “CSI” finale. I liked William Peterson and this will be

A Hard Day’s Night


This is not so hard typing on a phone.

You know how I enjoy word play or using words to play around with.

My friend and  coworker, Mark, was telling me something about gardening I did not know the meaning of.

Sometimes it is the origin of a word which baffles me, sometimes it is language usage and in this case it was a colliquialism.

“Hardening up” was used in this sentence:
“We took the cucumber seedlings out to the porch for hardening up to get ready to plant next weekend.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked, out of curiosity.

“Well, the stems are fragile so they need to be out in their little pots in the wind. This will make them sturdier.”

“So, you mean hardying?”

“No. . . hardening up.”

Now, the rest of my work day was filled with using variations of the word

So, hang on to this thought. . .

POSITIVES of using the word Hard:

1. I love homemade fudge when it hardens up or sets up.

2. Hard rock music is part of my ‘hard wiring.’

3. Not all rules have to be followed in a hard and fast way. There’s wriggle room.

4. Muscles make a toned and hard body.

5. Hard ‘C’ sound is found in yummy words like cacao and cocoa. It is also found in cucumber, cake and coffee.

6. Soft ‘C’ sound is also nicely used in circus, cents and ice.

7. Hard ‘G’ sound can be found in grapes and giraffe.

8. Soft ‘G’ sound may be found in gold and cheese goldfish crackers.

9. Hard paths are considered challenging by cyclists and hikers.

10. Hard levels are strived for by readers in school. Harder books are enjoyed since they use hard words that may need defining.

11. Grandpa liked to suck on hard butterscotch candies.

12. Hard Rock Cafe is a favorite destination place.

13. I like both hard and soft shelled crabs.

14. Do you prefer hard ice cream or soft serve?

NEGATIVES of using the word Hard:

1. When a person you are close to finds themselves between a rock and a hard place, you feel bad and try to help.

2. Someone said recently in a hurt voice, “Why does Life have to be so hatd?”

3. The doctor mentioned hardening of the arteries and this made the patient nervous.

4. He was clearly a graduate from the school of hard rocks.

5. Don’t be so hard on the kid.

6. This song is hard to perform since the range is wide from soprano to alto

7. Hard soled shoes may last longer but it is nice to kick back in soft soled shoes.

I was so surprised that I could think of
more good uses of the word hard than bad.

What ways do you think about using the word hard?

What ways do you think of using the word hard?


Nurse Ratchett was known from the book, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’S Nest” for her hard as nails attitude.

Pick Me Up, Before you Go, Go!


Does this evoke the smiles, juvenile and fun memories of the Wham song,

“Wake Me Up, Before You Go (Go)?” I called using the telephone at work,

my friend, Anna, and she did not answer since she did not recognize the

number last night. I left a message and told her,

“I am leaving work and it is now 5:30 p.m. You were going to come by and

get me to take me to the ‘Invitations Only Event.’ I will be ready a little bit

after 6:00! See you in a bit!”

I ran into the apartment building, waving at a neighbor, stripped down and

washed entire body with a washcloth. My hair had been curled and ‘set’

last night, my youngest daughter has taught me to put it in a bun and it

will hold the curl. Baby fine hair would be wilting if I showered.

I put all the lotion and makeup back onto my face and body, added

a few extra sprays of a light cologne, got dressed up and ran back to

the front of the building and was there at 6:02. I sat down and took a

few cleansing breaths, loving the temperature and the rod iron bench

in the front of the building is where I hang out catching rides sometimes

from friends. On weekends, I volunteer for designated driver status.

At 6:10 I was worried. Still no cell phone so did not know what to do?

I took out my little pad of paper and it held this simple message:

“Meet Anna in the front of my apt. building at 6:00 on Thurs.”

I decided to clomp back around the building outside along the alley.

I went around the corner and ran up to Anna’s little perky blue car.

I did not yell, but I took my pad of paper out and said,

“Hey, did you forget this note I wrote to myself? You sat on your sofa

and saw me write it.”

She laughed and said,

“Maybe you should have made me a duplicate copy, Robin!”

It was like a Lucy and Ethel moment. We are senior citizens and we

are forgetful.

I hugged her through her rolled down window and said,

“Thank you for believing I would be going with you. It has been since

Saturday morning. Remember the old days when people set times

and dates? No one needed to confirm anything on cell phones or text

messages? This has been a hectic week and I cannot believe recent

developments in my investigation. I will get in on the other side and

let’s go!”

So, I had a note taped to my door on Wednesday. This was Thursday

night. It said, “I know you don’t have a cell phone, if you can call me

or drop by the police station tonight.

I found out that the surveillance tape revealed the man who took my

purse. He was directly sitting in front of me, slouched in his chair.

He gradually went lower in his slouch, very casually using his long,

lanky legs to grab my purse. He then slowly brought it back under his

own chair. He threw it into his backpack and left. I did not recognize him

but the cops all knew him.

My friend, Officer Sean Frank told me that he needed my credit card

numbers. (Which by the way, companies will not tell you them, even if

they are cancelled over the phone.)

I got from my bank the VISA debit card number and called it in on

Thurs. It means the man will be charged with a felony.

The Event was awesome!

We met a lot of great people.

I talked to a nice man named John.

Anna talked to a great man named Don.

We laughed and enjoyed ourselves in a place called “Bar 145″ and it

was a fun time had by us all.

More details later.

Time is up at the library!

Please check out,

“Music and Lyrics” movie for a light-hearted musical team which reminds

me of “Wham” band. Also, Drew Barrymore is precious in this, along with

Hugh Grant being himself and funny, too.

I have two people to go around the Delaware Arts Festival tomorrow.

I have not seen Amber or my painting I commissioned yet.

I have one person, a potter female librarian to go around with on


Enjoy, smile, laugh and have a wonderful weekend.

Oh, I may never get my purse back but Felicia is getting me a ‘nice’

phone and will get it on Sunday!




Just a quick update on my purse.

No, it has not been returned.

I have been in contact with Officer Sean Frank.

I also had an unusual visit with the library Director,


I stopped by the Delaware County District Library’s

Director’s office on Monday after work.

She has glass walls and her door is always open.

She has been an acquaintance of mine for some time now.

We were in the same organization and enjoyed talking over

meetings and during meals together.

Our children attended high school,

were close in age,

didn’t hang around together

but knew each other.

She now can put a “face” and “name”

to the two reports on her desk.

I simply reminded her of “Who” lost their purse.

I found out there is:


Red Tape




In other words:

The Public is NEVER allowed to view

surveillance tapes of patrons of the library.

Even if they are the victim of one of said patrons.

The library Security Guard is NEVER allowed to view

surveillance tapes of patrons of the library.

These people are protected under PRIVACY Laws.

The bicycle cop, my friend, Officer Sean Frank

MUST Make an Official Request to Review the

surveillance tapes for my ongoing robbery case.

This procedure of notifying him was expedited

at my request to the Director of the Library.

She emailed him late on Monday, May 11, 2015.

She sent an email elaborating Proper Procedures

the Police Officer must carry out to receive an email

which will hold a link to surveillance video of the

computer room on Friday, May 8, 2015.


I stopped by and dropped off a written “Thank You”

to the library Director including some special award

pins I had kept from our mutual organization days.

She enjoyed receiving them, saying she appreciated

the sentiment. I told her they may be used again,

which pleased her also.


On a much lighter note:

I saw Pat Benatar and her guitarist/husband, Neil Giraldo

on television today.

They may break records in their staying married and

still performing together after 35 years!

I am so excited they have created a compilation album

CD to share with their fans.

They both look fabulous and their easy-going friendly

banter made me smile.

I have only one 45 record of Pat Benatar’s.

I have several Apple records with the Beatles,

along with Billy Joel’s “Piano Man,”

Roger Miller’s “King of the Road,”

Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,”

Johnny Cash’s “What is Truth?”

The Archies’ “Sugar, Sugar,”

Chicago’s “Color My World,” and

“Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”

“The Teddy Bear Picnic” and

several Simon and Garfunkel records.

My two favorite Pat Benatar songs are:

“Love Is a Battlefield” and

“Hit Me with Your Best Shot.”

What is your favorite Pat Benatar song?

Today and Always


There is an American Greetings company line of cards

with the name of “Today and Always.” I love the big,

colorful and bright flowers on the one I received this

week through the ‘snail mail.’

The card I received for Mother’s Day was from my

Mom’s sister, my Aunt Amy, had a special message

for people of all ages; mentors, teachers, coaches,

neighbors, friends and family members:


is for


Who’s ever made a


in the Life of a Child.

This day

is for

Incredible people

like all of you!”

There was a band duo of mother and son,

performing on CBS Sunday Morning, 5/10/15.

They just put out a CD called, “Skeleton Crew.”

If you wish to honor a mother working in the

musical world with a son,

Check out this fantastic country duo:

“Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear.”

They come from the small town of

Independence, Missouri.

Guess what?

Last year on “Rolling Stone’s” magazine list

of Top 20 bands to pay attention to and listen,

Madisen and his mother made this short list!

They have performed on David Letterman, too.

Mothers are very special.

Wishing everyone a celebration of Mothers,

A little belatedly but straight from my heart.

What a “Bummer”



May 8, 2015.

My purse was taken.

It was just beside my feet,

on the floor possibly on the

other side of the post of the

computer table.

I felt so stupid.

I heard that people had had

this happen before at the library.

I was not able to pinpoint how

or when it happened.

Blogging in the computer room.

There were no familiar faces.

There was a crowd of people.

I quickly used the landline,

free of charge to library clients.

I called my dear friend, Jenny.

Told her my youngest daughter’s

cell phone number.

We had plans to meet at Verita’s.

I would be late, delayed

by specific circumstances.

When the nice bicycle cop arrived,

the library doors had been locked.

The library security guard had been

talking to me, busily jotting down notes.

I was trying to breathe deeply and not

be a ‘cry baby.’

The library security guard told me there

have been thefts of purses, while women

were looking at books on a shelf, their

back turned. There have been wallets

taken which were set on the computer or

on the copy machine while change was

being requested.

Officer Sean Franks, after he completed

the report gave me my Case Number.

He calls it, “Case # 15-943″

“The Case of the Stolen Purse.”

There are surveillance cameras so the

thief or thieves will be ‘found.’

When the car came by with Felicia and

her friend, Jonida, I told them I would be

there shortly.

The young bicycle cop, Sean, let me know

he felt my daughter was attractive.

He is a caring and sympathetic man.

I thanked him.

I was able to get the whole report finished

and joined the trio of party-goers at Veritas.

Jerry is Felicia and Jonida’s

(who I have been writing Yonida, since this is

how you pronounce her Albanian name)

partner in their Better Blends business.

We were planning on drinks and appetizers.

Delicious, beautiful presentations.

I could not concentrate.

So much to do.

I would meet back up with them,

promising and apologizing,

at the Solar Bar to listen to

Morgan Treni,

beautiful songster, lyricist and true local

talented musician.

I knocked on my landlord’s door.

He allowed me to sit and call the different

credit card companies, which I had written

into my poinsettia-decorated Christmas

Address Book.

Hint, hint:

Do this, do this now!

Pete offered me a beer and told me his wife

Nancy was out picking up a pizza.

Even my family cell phone numbers needed

to be consulted.

I left messages/voicemails on three phones.

No one answers to

unrecognizable phone calls.

I drove out to Kohl’s before their doors

closed at 9 p.m.

Replacement Card will be in the mail.

While I listened to Morgan’s beautiful voice

singing her original music, I started to relax.

As I watched Andrew Shaw pound on the

keyboard, while singing “Sitting on the Dock

of the Bay” and “Stand by Me,” I felt okay.

I walked home to my apartment and almost

didn’t want to turn the lights on.

I just wanted to crawl in between my sheets.

No, follow my regular routines.

I had to ‘set’ my radio alarm clock.

No cell phone with its catchy little tune

would be awakening me.

As I brushed my teeth, scrubbed my face

and prepared to go to bed,

I realized this is kind of ‘self-absorbed’

to be melancholy over a purse and its

various contents.

I closed my eyes and tried to go through

all the different images of the two hours

I was in the library blogging.

There had been a few sneezes.

There had been an exchange between

a married couple from one location to

the other.

The teens were not the ‘regulars.’

The adults had not included ones I am

familiar with, first name basis.

No Jessie, Charles, Jonathan, Tricia or

Mike from second shift at Advance Auto.

There had been a stroller, with a young man

who had leaned over to look into the face of

his baby. I had seen the couple but did not

know them either.

I could not with my eyes shut, looking at the

film in my mind, see anyone directly coming

over to my area, leaning down to put the

purse on their shoulder.

I eventually fell into a restless sleep.



May 9, 2015.

I woke up to hear the song,

“Fight Song” being sung by

Rachel Platten.

This suited me and caused

me to leave it on, as I made

my bed.

I would drink coffee, eat my

breakfast and follow a

Plan of Action.

Step One:

Go to Chase Bank on

South Sandusky Street

and talk to Lisa, Bank Manager.

Ask her suggestion about

carrying cash or checks for

the next week, until new VISA

debit card arrives in mail.

Everyone was so kind there.

Step Two:

Go to Rte. 23 and travel north.

Head towards the Bureau of

Motor Vehicles.

Get in line with long group of

Saturday morning people who

need Driver’s License, Boat

license, new tags and chat with

a nice, neighborly woman.

She told me she lives out in the

country down by Lewis Center

with two sons, ages 25 and 28.

This was a good conversation

comparing ‘country life’ to the

small town of Delaware, Ohio.

She felt that she ‘is safe from

crime’ where she lives.

She may be wearing my

“Rose-colored glasses”

which I threw down or lost


Check was for $25.50.

I included a dollar for organ

donation program.

I asked to make sure if I were

still an organ donor, which someone

had told me I would have to go online

to renew this and they could not just

do this by word of mouth.

That person was misinformed.

Step Three:

Go to the library and check with the

day security guard to make sure he

was aware of recently completed purse

theft report. He went into the office and

returned, telling me the report would go

to the library director. Not to worry.

Step Four:

Write my family members a group email

which informed them I would not be able

to answer cell phone nor text until new

phone is purchased. Not sure if this will

be today. I am a little bit dragging my feet

on this step.

Step Five:

Let my fellow bloggers know so they may

learn to carry back up lists of phone numbers

and not in their wallets or purses.

Need them to be in your car or at home, in

an address book. I know there are so many

doctor, work, and other phone numbers I

will be sad that I didn’t have an upgraded

cell phone connected to that nebulous

“Cloud” everyone refers to.

I got a funny movie, “St. Vincent” off the

Boomerang Shelf at the library.

This movie has Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy

and Naomi Watts.

This film is a 3 day loan.

I also picked up, “Begin Again,”  which

I was pleasantly surprised it came up on

my “Holds” list.

I had been on a “Wait List” for weeks since my

youngest daughter liked and recommended it.

This movie has Keira Knightley, Adam Levine,

James Corden and others. I am looking forward

to this movie, which has music and relationships


All of the Steps have been accomplished.

Need a cell phone but not ready to go

through the hassle and will decide on

this later, after lunch.

There are good things going on.

This is not the end of the world.

Things could be worse.

Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Mother’s Day to all.




The girls at work got their hair cut.

One had blonde “tips” on her brunette ‘bob.’

Another had decided Spring meant pink “tips.”

Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” needed ‘tips’ from bar customers.

When an old-fashioned man “tips his hat,” he shows respect.

“Hot tips” can help someone win a bet:

Which team is going to win?

Whose horse is the best runner?

Which jockey is the most competent?

Is it best to buy stocks while they are low?

Which company’s stocks are going up?

Who will ‘throw’ the boxing match?

Where is the best food around?

Locals  who know the ‘in places’

May share their ‘tips.’

When things go awry, some may say,

“It’s just the ‘tip’ of the iceberg!”

Drinking margaritas on a bar stool, don’t expect to

Stand up straight, may be a little “tipsy.”

Serving drinks, the barmaid or bartender need ‘tips.’

Serving food, the waiter or waitress deserve ‘tips,’ too.

Be careful when you are in a rowboat or canoe- –

Don’t want to see you “tip” it over and get wet!

This reminds me of the Presidential campaign:

Tip a canoe and Tyler, too.

No, “Tippecanoe and Tyler, too” in 1840,

Which was shortened to “Tip and Ty.”

(William Henry Harrison and John Tyler.)

Although vegans may be dismayed,

I enjoy my sirloin ‘tips’ medium rare.

Do you wish to give me healthy “tips?”

The poison “tip” of an arrow killed the warrior.

When the artist uses his extra-thin felt “tip” pen,

His drawing includes so many details.

Speaking of felt, do you make sure to chalk

Your billiard or pool stick’s felt “tip?”

When you get out of the shower,

Do you use a Q-tip?

My ‘dandy’ Grandfather wore cordovan

Leather wing “tip” shoes.

Have you ever experienced a chill or thrill

Running up your spine. . .

From the top of your head to the “tip” of your toes?

When someone whispers in my ear,

I feel this same exhilarating shiver.

Children in ballet class look so awkward

As they attempt to balance on the ‘tips’ of their toes.

Yard darts are called “Jarts” which

Have really sharp “tips” to stick into dirt or grass.

I like when children have suction cups on the “tips” of

their darts to stick to walls and other flat things.

Word plays are enjoyable to engage in.

Can you add some more “tips” to this volley?