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Crazy, wild weekend memories…


Am recovering from a fun activity that involves drinking shots of

Captain Morgan’s spiced rum whenever a particular team gets

a home run! Not going to alienate my readers by saying any

political, religious or favorite home teams’ names!

Also, big group of multiple age groups downstairs playing beer

pong! Not me!

Anyway, definitely not a good idea after fifty to try this.

You end up eating as much as possible hoping to absorb the

alcohol, round up 4 pillows and practically sit up to sleep or until

the room spins, rest uncomfortably.

A person mentioned that was at this drunken gathering he remembered

he last time this happened it was winter. He said he actually saw a guest

walk up in a complete daze to the Christmas tree and pee on it!


That tipsy man thought he was outside and possibly invisible to other


What a crazy party house my gym teacher friend has!

I will tell you that I did have a weird encounter at the same social setting

where someone was sure that I was their neighbor and having an

affair with their other neighbor. I am wacky and witless but my moral

compass is still intact!

No worries, I got that straightened out!

I am not at home so I feel like my brain is made of mush…. sorry.

I will fill you in on any other memories should they still be with me

once I sober up.

Library tech tries valiantly!


I know this sounds funny to you but I hear I have comments but my laptop and the library

website don’t show them!!

I cannot wait to read what you said, any or all of you!

My friend in Dublin says there are some readers and some comments.

This is frustrating! I will post a recent dating experience that may amuse

you. Thanks for reading!

Are you a “lister of things?”


When you see those words, do you think, “Does she mean listener

of things?”

You would be good at looking and analyzing the roots of words then.

Most people breeze through the texts (whether it is fiction, non-fiction,

the newspaper or whatever set of the written word you are looking at)

and miss some of the meanings.

I bet because you do this all day, you may not really “listen” to the words.

I am a “lister” who makes lists and posts them around my apartment. When

I had a desk, it would have huge lists. When I was a special education

preschool teacher, my assistant and I would try to knock off each of the

numbers on the “get done before the weekend” list! Thanks, Karen!

Sometimes everyone is a lister. Lists of groceries, lists of “to do”

activities or  chores planned to the minute detail of life. Whole calendars

packed to the brim with lists, places to go and things to do.

I think the most beautiful words I ever read were of Max Ehmann’s


I used to sleep in a house gable and on the slanted ceilings I had three

large posters that my Dad took finishing wood strips and framed.

One was a turtle drawn simply with the words below it,

“Behold the turtle, he only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.”

Reminds me of Confucius, zen and philosophy class now.

I had a poster that was on many young girl’s walls in the 70’s of

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I hope there will be readers

someday who will appreciate the handsomeness of those two

men portrayed by Paul Newman and Robert Redford. I had a lot

of pleasant daydreams and thoughts about them!

Lastly, I had a long and delicately scrolled creamy antiqued look

poster with the  beautiful poem, “Desiderata.”

If you haven’t checked out those words and you have lived awhile

without hearing them, read them, try to live them.

“Go placidly amidst the noise and haste…”

This is a very important and true list of how to live your life.

Just as appropriate and current in 2013, as it was in 1927.

Don’t know what you’ve got…


So true, all those sappy love songs!

How many times have you been dumped?

How many times have you been the one who broke things up?

What actions did you do to set the ball rolling uphill, just to have it

smack you in the face?

We read about love probably more than other subject. The subject fills

library shelves of books about romance, along with the psychiatry books

that help us figure out what we are doing wrong!

We hear about love in a high volume of the songs we listen to on the

radio. We name a special song, “our song.”

We also go to numerous movies with love as the theme. Sometimes

these are mistakenly labeled “chick flicks.” How unfair! In some

couples there are two girls, some a combination of girl and boy, and

there are two guys together. Don’t they all enjoy watching whether it

works, how it grows, and if it is like them, relate to it?

Someone recently said “I am a hopeLESS romantic.” Think about it!

Have you ever said those words? Don’t you mean “hopeFULL romantic?”

If you were hopeless that would be so sad…

Prince Charming


The expression about kissing a lot of frogs does an injustice to the

poor animals/amphibians?reptiles? Gosh, does this make me wish

I had studied my biology a little better!

Anyway, I have as my date spark, ‘let’s walk, talk, share and at the end, give

each other a hug or have an ice cream cone.’ That is really what I said.

Let’s have something sweet to eat. Well, that is a fact about women, most

of my friends like to walk and talk and then sit down to dessert and add

those calories right back on!

Shop and we have a snack, go to the doctor’s and we have a reward treat,

and when we have to go out with an unknown entity, let’s make it palatable

and eat something. At least we will have had something good to remember the

time by.

You know I am, most of my friends say, a person who sees life n a positive way.

I see the half full glass and the one who see the silver lining. But I am sounding

kind of bitter and a little sarcastic in these posts about men.

There are really nice men out there, my friends have great husbands, my brothers

and my deceased father are all good examples that I know of men who really try

hard to “get” women. We (women) really try hard to “get” men. It does seem to be

a little like that out of planet experience that book was written and titled “Men are

from Mars, Women are from Venus.”

Shoes, chocolates, roses and sweet words along with daily reminders are extra

special things that men can win our hearts by incorporating them. Along with

everyday, simple gestures and not so much those heroic moves that turn men

into legends.

The 29 yr. old deep sea diver…


I am very pleased to tell you this, a 29 year old deep sea diver contacted

me. Not to ask my daughter out, as mentioned in a different post. But to

ask me if I was interested in a younger man!

He looked nice and he had a tall frame, skin tight black rubber diving suit on

and clearly defined muscular legs.

He said he repairs underwater rigs and the picture showed his gear and his

gang of also very healthy male coworkers. Who cares about firefighters,

when these guys are around?! Smile!

I had to break it to him, although his age bracket of women he may be interested

included my old age of 50 plus, and it was some compliment! I would carry that

thought into the next year! But I have a son who was one year older than he.


Such a fine young specimen and it really made me smile and provided me with

food for thought… mmmm!



In the interest of being open and honest, I feel women may

be more able to tell about their past. I was explaining my long

and winding road to how I got to be single, working in a blue

collar job, and living in a one bedroom apartment with (can

you believe this?) twin beds with my daughter.

I was told recently, “TMI!”

I am not sure in his profile why he bothered to say ‘the more

honest you are the better’ and ‘no games playing women for me’…

I am just trying to share a little of how I got where I am. I am not

one who throws pity parties for myself!

In fact, about 6 years ago, I had a lively and fun group of women

over to celebrate my liberation and beginning of the next chapter

in my life. We all clinked glasses and one woman said, “To Robin’s

new beginning!” Thank you, Sue!

I am hoping for another head on the pillow next to me. I would like

to have someone to share our families and our lives togehter. It will

certainly help when at least one of us is able to remind the other of

a memory or two! Hey, two half brains make a whole!

I recently heard a reporter on a talk show say that Jennifer Lopez has

“nerve” for  saying she would like a fairytale ending.

Why can’t she hope for one? Why doesn’t she deserve one?

Why can’t we ALL have a happy ending?