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May’s a-coming!


Here’s a quote from my Farmer’s Almanac:

“Birds are noisy- Bees are humming

All because the May’s a-coming!”

(William Cox Bennett, English poet1820-1895).

My mother always told us about Maypoles with long

ribbons that each child would go around and wrap

up the pole with. Bright and colorful memories.

My memory of May First is that we would make

our old Easter baskets into May baskets. We would

take the tulips, daffodils and hyacinth with our Mom’s

supervision and make baskets for our elderly neighbors.

There were only two neighbors in Sandusky, Ohio and

three in North Olmsted, Ohio. We would put them on

their doorstep, ring the doorbell and run! It was fun and


My teacher assistant, Karen P. and I used May First to

remind parents of the memories they may have had of

the holiday. We had Colton’s grandmother one year

come in and tell us a poem. Another time, there was

a volunteer who would sing us a May Day song. It

was fun and we worked on a craft for it. This was

usually the time we would make a woven place mat

or use our little baskets (on fair weather days) to look

for violets, dandelions and other woodsy flowers out

beyond the playground fence.

I had my own children, in our apartment complex,

knock on our one “cranky” older neighbor’s door,

placing a pretty bouquet we bought on her step.

I tried to also place a lesson in this that once a

year time, to turn the other cheek, and to do nice

things for others. Only once did she say, “thank you”

in our three years of practicing this.

Hope you enjoy your last day of April!

Happy May Day, 2013!!

Keith and Ashley


This is a love story about a father who has been a hero to

his daughter. He is a coworker of mine and his name is

Keith. His daughter, Ashley, was living in a challenging

situation where his ex-wife, her mother, was involved with

drugs and alcohol.

Ashley’s mother was unfortunately allowing her stepson to

also run slipshod over her own daughter.

There was potential of the boy pursuing an inappropriate

sexual act with Keith’s daughter. He had several times cornered

her in a room or once in the bathroom.

When Ashley had come to his house for her bimonthly visits

and Keith heard this, his blood boiled! He had decided he

had to at least try to get full custody of Ashley.

The way Keith was able to get the court to stop and notice,

unfortunately was not due to the gross neglect or potential

danger of Ashley. Keith had the school get involved through

official records of her poor attendance record last year. Then

the fact the bus driver called Ashley ‘disorderly’ and she got

kicked off the bus. Added with her low grades and ungroomed

appearance, the school counselor saw all the signs that this

child of 10 years needed to be saved from her own mother.

Keith has finally been awarded full custody. All of his friends

have  been listening and supportive of his decision. It is rare

that a mother loses custody. It is very difficult to have the law

take action to protect the child when the mother has lost interest

in her child’s welfare. The proof was accumulated and even then,

one judge had to be persuaded twice. The first time, he said the

case did not prove her an ‘unfit mother.’

Ashley’s dad has been trying hard for over a year to be able to

get her mother to allow her to come to his house daily to work

on her assignments. Keith did not expect the custody situation

to work out so quickly, thought years would go by, and got the

temporary homework visits passed through mediation rather

than court. Ashley’s grades have been gradually going up and

this makes her Dad so proud of her! This was a positive “proof”

that he was fit!

When the time came where Keith’s lawyer thought that the final

decision might work out in Keith’s favor. He was hoping to win

his custodial case, Keith had had his sister and mother come for

a week to transform Ashley’s bedroom.

Keith built a bookcase, fixed her closet so that it had two racks for

clothing, one lowered for pants and shorts to be able to be hung up,

the higher one with tops, sweaters and jackets. They had bought

clothes that were nice, current fashions and appropriate for school

at thrift stores.

His female family members chose a nice light teal/ light turquoise

color with tan and brown details used in the throw pillows and

curtains. Keith had always kept her room nicely decorated in a

Disney style, more for a younger child. Now that she was growing

older, it was a little hard to believe she was needing a change.

Ashley needs to have pride in her own appearance, her grades, her

home and her bedroom would be a great place to study in now.

Keith hopes that she will make more friends and invite one or two

over to spend the night someday.

Keith built a nice study corner with a desk, bookcase and pretty

chair with a padded seat so Ashley would be comfortable while

studying. Keith also would sit at the kitchen table when he got

home looking over her homework and had taught Ashley to put

stickie notes on places that gave her trouble. She walked home

so she was able to avoid the stepbrother who had started to bully

her and taunted her.

This had brought Ashley tears of frustration and then, when she

lashed out in anger, SHE was the one kicked off the bus!

Once the school was informed of the true situation; the injustice

had been corrected. But, in that case, it was too late for Ashley

to want to ride the bus, at least as long as her stepbrother was

also a passenger on that school bus. He will be riding another

bus next year to the middle school.

We cheered each time a victory was made! We consoled Keith at

each setback and I am happy to say, all things are “fixed” except

sad visitation times bimonthly to her mother’s are still awkward

and mandatory.

Keith hopes Ashley will feel more secure knowing that she has

a home to go to and that she is making progress in school. He has

been taking her to private counseling sessions with a psychiatrist.

By her inner strength, Ashley will be able to stand up for herself

and that is the best way to achieve her own self esteem.

In this story, the relationship between a father and his daughter

reveals his true love for his daughter. At this age, Keith is Ashley’s

“knight in shining armor!”

Filipino Coworkers


I have three really nice filipino coworkers who each have

interesting love stories to tell. They had dreams of meeting

men out of their culture and their island life. They all met

their husbands on the internet. They all seem to be very

happy to have left the Philipines. They are easygoing in

nature and yet, extremely hard workers.

When I met F. she told me to call her people “filipinos.”

All three that came to work with me, at the distribution center,

consider me their friend. I am blessed to be included in some

of their family functions and parties.

The first one, F. is so sweet and was working at Goodwill

before she came to work with me. She was mentioning to

me on her first day there, she needed a babysitter for her little

daughter, K. I was able to call my daughter’s two sons’

babysitter and ask her first if she had room for another child

in her care, and then second asked, what were her rates?

When I passed this information on, F. was so very grateful

she asked me to come out to her house to meet her daughter

and her husband at the end of that first week of knowing her.

I am not going to necessarily “generalize” or make snap

judgments, but I have found this openness and friendliness

to be a true characteristic common in all three of my friends.

I drove out to F.’s nice home in a trailer park by a nearby lake

which takes about 12 minutes to reach. When I arrived, K., her

daughter, answered the door. In an excited voice, she yelled,

“Mama! She is here!”

Then she held my hand to lead me off to her princess-themed

bedroom. She likes fairies, fantasy and princesses. Her canopy

bed, toys and her little tea party table are all decorated in such a

cute way!

I made her a baby name picture soon after I met her. Which she

has hanging over her headboard in her room.

My two grandsons enjoyed meeting her also. She took a “fancy”

to my youngest grandson, Micah. She will always ask me, even

now, when they don’t go to Tammy’s house to be babysat,

“How is Micah? What is he doing today? Can he come over and


F. was writing for over a year to Jason when he chose to get on

a plane, with a backpack, bedroll and a little bit of money. He

arrived at F.’s doorstep and she took a walk with him. She took

him to visit her uncle’s house and there he stayed for almost a

week until he had to go back to Ohio. Jason and F. fell in love

and it only took about a month to arrange for F. to decide to quit

her job, use her meager savings and hop on a plane with a one

way ticket ride to her future husband.

F. is the one I wrote about having a miscarriage after K. was born.

She is happily expecting her last baby due this summer, a son!

Jason and F. have a close relationship but there are times that his

“gaming” gets on her nerves. He tends to choose one night a week,

over the weekend, to spend with his gaming friends. F. rarely gets

a night or afternoon away from the family to relax and be with her

friends, as an adult separate from her roles as mother and worker.

The next woman who met her match on the internet, is M.J. who

is a little less carefree or easygoing. She is older and more serious.

She is glad to have David who invited her to come to Ohio and

visit after only a few months of writing back and forth. David has

a home with a chicken coop, a dove house and a special, exotic

birds’ house. M.J. fell in love with David and his birds. When she

went home she packed up and returned on the next plane back!

When I visited her home one afternoon in the country, a chicken

followed the two of us around like a puppy. She also showed me

how the special birds come to her hand to be held and stroked.

David likes to treat M.J. to nice clothes, dinners out and he gives

her some freedom to go out on her own with girlfriends. She and

some other friends like to dance or sing karaoke. They also shop

and eat out together. She seems very happy and acknowledges she

did not expect to have children since her husband’s children were

all grown up when she met him. They travel and are now working

on a common goal of getting her mother to come and live with them

in 2014.

The youngest filipino woman is May. She is sweet and has been

working part time so she can take nursing assistant classes. She

has a dog that is like her “baby.” She was the most recent arrival

of the three women. She has several times had me come inside

with her after I have given her rides home from work. She lives in

the most “fancy” of the three houses and their goal is to wait five

more years or more to save up to have children. She will quit at

Advance Auto when she gets a full time job position at a nursing

home. There are times that I think that her husband is controlling

but she has adjusted to his temperament.

When you go to a filipino party it is based on either a holiday or

birthday, along with the center of attention: delicious food! All

my friends like to serve food at their parties but I have to tell you

that these folks know how to party! When I went to the first one,

I took my two grandsons (their mother was working, also F.’s

friend, too.) It was little K’s fourth birthday party! All the men who

are husbands come, the children and parents all intermix well. I

have not been to too many parties where the men are watching the

presents opened, saying positive and encouraging words to the

child as this particular group.

The pork dish I enjoy has pineapple, mango and coconut oil in

it. It has a slight barbecue flavor. There is a pudding that has

some interesting fruits that they say they pick up at the Asian

market in Columbus. The white rice is not fried nor does it have

any flavor so it is the ‘base’ to pile other entrees over it. There is

a wonderful tangy and spicy beef dish I enjoy also. I like these

little egg rolls that have tasty fillings which they buy the pastry

and make the fillings homemade.

I am hoping that you someday have the exciting opportunity to get

to know, make friends  and party with filipinos, too!

Typing Class troublemakers


The class sounds so archaic: “Typing 101.” In our classroom,

my high school friends and I had a blast there! I am talking

about some girls and guys who usually stayed out of trouble and

got excellent grades.

We were the ‘brown nosers’ and the ‘goody two shoes’ most of

our high school career. In this class we were sometimes called

to the front of the class, got low C grades and could barely

concentrate on our assignments!

What made us go a little crazy in typing class? We were assigned

some letter writing tasks that made us decide to not only be a little

creative but a little ‘dirty,’ too. We were writing to each other and

when we would have to hand them in, our typing teacher would

roll her eyes and seem to get exasperated! (Too bad, it is too late

to ask her; “Did we entertain you?” Hope so!)

This is what we wrote about: movies and specifically, our place in

famous peoples’ lives! Each of the young girls in our tight knit group

had chosen a famous person to be married to. So, Becky was Mrs.

Redford, I was Mrs. Newman, Diane was Mrs. Hoffman, etc. We also

included a couple of guys who were happy to be married to Farrah

Fawcett and Cheryl Tiegs.

What on earth was the reason? Because we thought it would make our

letter writing tasks more unique and interesting. So, I could write that

I went to a fantastic movie premiere, checked in with the babysitter on

our car phone and then went to an “after party.” Or I could mention to

my dear friend, Becky, that I needed to borrow that cute red bandana

top to go sit in the grandstands to watch my husband, Paul, race his

car towards the finish line! It made the tasks bearable and fun!

I forget who was married to Steve McQueen but you can bet she wrote

about the amazing stunts he did himself in “Bullitt” or in “Le Mans.”

I also forget all the wandering adventures that Mrs. Warren Beatty

engaged in, but she was every bit as racy and naughty as her husband!

Each of us pushed the indecency a little to include sexual encounters,

swinging experiences and dangerous situations. All while trying to

stay connected as friends and learning about our own sexual desires.


Did you ever engage in such escapism or fantasies while in high school?

Do you want to or dare to comment?

Liebster Award is special for those who have low #s


I am very appreciative of any and all award nominations! I was greatly honored

again with a special award this week from Nannette Ree. She writes about “how

to make sense out of chaos.” She has a family that is going to be making a big

move across the country, she has a personal journey overcoming Bell’s

Palsy along with her wonderful love story (I always want to hear about those!)

Her posts can be found at: Thank you so very much!

In order to follow the rules of the fine Liebster Award, you must have less than

200 followers and also, tell 11 unknown things about yourself,  answer 11 ?s

that have been asked by the person handing out the nominations, along with

giving out 11 nominations for blogs that need followers.

Here are 11 facts that may or may not have been mentioned on my posts:

1. I like warmer climates but I will always stay in Ohio where my 3 kids and 6 grandkids

are living in Delaware, but may move to another town close by someday.

2. My parents were very liberal and also, although we all went to church, very open minded

about God and other’s faiths.

3. I spent 2 summers of my life working at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio

and have many fond memories of the dorms, parties, boat invitations and friends I made.

4. I am a big treat lover and although I try to eat healthy foods, I will always go for the yummy

stuff like maple long johns or Fast Break bars. Followed by butter popcorn or chips and dip.

5. I typed my father’s book about nuclear reactors and it was in the first half autobiographical

and the second half, science fiction. I was only 15 when I did the final draft of it!

6. I loved my life and childhood. I never would say anything bad about my parents nor my two


7. I will always have fond memories of my grandparents. My lucky place in life was being the

very first child of my parents and first grandchild of my grandparents.

8. I have been a “Mom” to gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, a lab-German Shepherd mix, a rat, a

Peke-a-Pom and a calico cat!

9. I was in speed reading when I was in kindergarten.

10. I was in a Spanish declamation poetry reciting contest in high school held at Kent State


11. My babysitter in Sandusky, Ohio became Miss Sandusky, Miss Ohio and finally, my

parents took me to see Jackie Mayer crowned Miss America in Atlantic City!

(She is Jackie Mayer Townsend now.)

Here are the challenging answers to the ?s that Nannette Ree gave me to answer:

1. If I won the lottery, I would help my children to get their own homes.

I would still rent a place for myself with two or three bedrooms instead

of this one bedroom apartment I live in with my youngest daughter! I

would like to have my mother closer but she is adjusted to Westlake

(Cleveland, Ohio) where my brothers live. Maybe I could travel once

a month to visit her and once a year go on a wonderful trip with a

special person. (family, boyfriend, grandchild…??)

2. If I could choose an animal to be I would like to be a happy little

bird. Not sure which are the happiest but I still like cardinals!

3. I grew up in Sandusky, Ohio from age 2 until age 3rd grade, moved

to North Olmsted from grade 3 until 7th and then went to 8th grade

through 12th in Bay Village. I lived the longest in my whole life in

Delaware, where I moved 27 years ago with three little children as

a single mother of a 6 month old,  3 and 5 year old. I knew no one

when I moved here, picked it halfway from my ex in Cincy. and my

parents in Vermilion by that time.

4. On almost all days I experience happy moments. Yes, I am happy!

5. My favorite song for quite awhile has been “You’ve Got a Friend” by

James Taylor.

6. Blogging is my hobby, I don’t make money on it. (I wish!)

7. My last amazing meal was prepared by my son, Jamie and his wife,

Trista. We had the most fun is why it tasted so great! All 6 grandkids (with

some cousins and children of friends who also came)sat in their master

bedroom on a blanket on the floor with their plates like a picnic! It was

crowded with my three kids, Trista’s father and wife, Trista’s stepbrother

and his wife, and two of Trista’s friends and her brother, too. Adults

were eating ham, roast beef, mac and cheese, veggies from a veggie

tray, deviled eggs, and butter frosted cookies made by my daughter,

Carrie. Felicia brought three kinds of ice cream to treat the kids,

mostly! It was a feast that to me was better than a Queen’s!

8. My kids make fun of my taking photos of everything. I make them

repose if it doesn’t look good on the digital camera. I am made

fun of excessively also for my ability to chat too much.

9. My favorite outfit will always be jeans and a colorful t-shirt.

10. I did not always know I would write but I did keep journals, wrote

a lot of stories and letters to friends (and family) over the years. My

first children’s story was to help bring children’s responses out as a

child advocate at a battered women’s shelter. It is called “Nutmeg

and Cinnamon.” the main characters are animals who are touched

inappropriately or hurt in some way. That and using dollhouse

figures would help the children to express about their home


11. In my life, my favorite influential people have been too many to

choose only one. I would be remiss not to just list them: my parents,

my grandparents, Rev. Brownlee, Dr. Martin L. King, John F. and

Robert Kennedy and John Glenn.

Whew! 11 questions if the nominees wish to answer them will be brief:

I am a lazy blogger! Cannot think of too many other new questions so may

repeat a few done before:

1. Who is your hero?

2. Who has influenced your life the most?

3. When did you start writing?

4. Who is special to you?

5. Where do you live? Have you always lived there?

6. What do you do for fun? (other than blogging?)

7. What is your favorite book or movie?

8. Do you have a favorite food or meal to describe?

9. Do you take photographs or write in a journal?

10. Are you artistic, musical or have any other talents?

11. When was the first time you kissed?

Here are the much anticipated and very deserving blogs that I would

like to nominate for a Liebster Award!

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village are very special.)

11.  (She writes both stories and poetry,

her specialty is Haiku.)

Compromises move us along


Have you noticed I have been silent awhile about dates? I have been talking

to someone who started calling me in February… from my recent past! I am

interested in him more now than the first time I met him. He was on the

“back burner” of my brain but once we started chatting, I started thinking

about him more.

Let’s just say I goofed up a bit when I met him. I was divorced but not ready

for anyone “steady.” I also had made a list that included all the characteristics

that I thought I should find in my lifetime (for the rest of my life) partner. When

I was out with this man, Roger, I was telling him some of the ‘lofty aspirations’

I would like to have happen in my dating and love life. It included going to the

symphony, (he said, “yuck!”), going to sit on a blanket in Schiller Park to watch

live dramas by such authors as Shakespeare, (“not my cup of tea,” he said) and

going to my best friends’ house as a couple and watching OSU, Nascar or another

sport on a large screen t.v. on their deck (“I hate college football and don’t really

care for Nascar! he declared).  Needless to say, I did not continue on with my list

of my “dream guy’s” interests.

We tapered off from dating into friendship. We drifted for awhile, with intermittent

phone calls, but I was getting a lot of attention from what I considered “much better

potential partner material” from dates.

Roger is a great name:

Roger Miller was one of my Dad’s favorite casual listening singer, “Trailer for Sale or


Roger Daltry is a member of one of my old favorite bands and did well in his solo singing


Roger begins with “R” and my brothers and parents all have “r’s” in front of our names.

Roger Moore (in my humble opinion) was a hunk and I liked his light hearted version of

James Bond.

This time, when Roger called, I was much more humble and yes, a little weary of the

dating scene as it had been pretty much discouraging! I was thinking that his voice sounded

more upbeat and his tone pleasant, and I felt like saying “I miss you.” What a corny thought!

I started by saying in February that I was glad to hear from him, that I was looking more

for someone to spend outdoorsy things and going for a walk in the winter would be fun


Well, he right away said, (can you believe this?!) “I missed you.”

I actually said, “What?”

He repeated those words and added, “Do you know how many women play games out


I answered, “Probably as many as the men who play games and actually two-time their


We enjoyed complaining and then, when that was over, he said going for a walk could

continue this conversation and we met. We went off and on to parks on nice weekend

afternoons, while I still had a few dates interspersed with the few remaining guy friends

that put up with that.

I told him that I had always liked to fish, my Dad had taught us up on Lake Erie and had

also learned to boat, as I was one of the first “girls” to join the Explorers’ Boy Scout Troop.

I also filled him in on other personal interests while he told me some of his. We shared an

an interest in animals. Roger likes cats mostly while birds are some of my particular

favorites. Not just due to my namesake the robin but because of my cardinal story, too.

He liked my cardinal story, (check out that post, if you wish…)

Soon we were talking about grandchildren. I felt that he had never been close to them, from

our earlier conversations.

Roger admitted, “That is true. I am ashamed of that.”

I was a little relieved but said, “Do you think I am too blunt?”

He answered with a big smile, “I would not recognize you if you didn’t tell me what you thought.

After all, I have heard about why you are the way you are, scientist and teacher parents mean

that “facts are important.”

Wow! I was lifted up by that. I almost believed I could start being more of myself with him. We

seemed to have passed a test or a hurdle.

After March through half of April passed by. There were a lot of phone calls and casual dates

like playing cards at the local coffee shop. We found out we like a few of the same comedies and

Roger would come over once in awhile to watch a t.v. show with my youngest daughter in our

little apartment which we like to call our “dorm.”

I have to tell you that one of his visits the first time we dated, he accidentally put his foot in his

mouth. I smile because my brother while I was in high school used to say, “When Robin opens

her mouth, it is to change feet!”

Well, Roger had said, “Your place is kind of cluttered!”

Needless to say, some people let these things roll off their shoulders. I am one who will try to

figure out why someone said that and maybe get a little defensive. We did not do well the first

time around on so many levels. Sometimes, I had thought we were polar opposites. I may have

purposely pushed him away, but now he was back!

We also had a difference about going out to eat. Apparently his last girlfriend had thought it

was too expensive and maybe not hygienic enough. I love to go out to eat! (Almost as much as I

love my kids and grandkids! Just kidding!)

All those years of doing child care, then the last few years of my marriage where we were

struggling on my two jobs and he was getting unemployment; I had vowed to have a man

who would take me out to eat!

Also, I am one who will throw a $10 or $20 on the armrest in the car, (never in public in the

restaurant to embarrass a guy, but I would offer to help out, just to get to go out to eat!) After all,

I had two brothers who thought equality meant sharing money and not women getting all the

meals for free!

This time, Roger brought it up while we were at his apartment, he was cooking pork chops, with

onions, garlic and soy sauce for the entree. He had bok choy in a pot boiling and two baked

potatoes in the microwave. I think MY not having to cook was the thing I wished for! Not

necessarily going OUT to eat! Anyway, Roger said, “I like to cook Sunday dinners at my apartment

for friends or if I have a girlfriend. I don’t mind going out once in awhile to eat, though.”

Breakthrough on that subject led to many others, too numerous to count.

I would like to mention a romantic (semi) current song that is named, “She will be Loved.” In it,

the man says “Compromise moves us along.” It also has a line, Its not all just butterflies and

rainbows.” (Maroon 5 sings this.)

I feel that the compromises have brought us closer, so that this summer along with sharing fun

times with my guy friends, Bill, Gary and Steve, I may have a few extra dates with Roger.

Do you know what? I told him when I lost the house this past divorce, that I lost a nice 3 speed

bicycle. Roger listened and bought me a beautiful Hawaiian red and white printed Schwinn

7 speed Cruiser bicycle (it is named Admiral) with a nice comfortable seat, a clip on the back

if I go to the library I can put a book or DVD on it, and easy to reach handlebars.  He also a

month ago saw an antique silver spoon ring in a thrift store and I said that I used to have a

spoon ring and bracelet back in the 70’s. When I wandered off in the store to look for a jacket

he bought it.

These are the silly words that make me smile, “Will you go steady, Robin?”

If anyone thinks this man sounds like someone else: Roger has a bunch of many men packed

inside of him, some that I actually like!”

Another honor: The Most Inspiring Blogger Award


                     Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I am sure that people may not be surprised that I am adept at hearing someone’s

story and remembering it to tell others. I also make sure that it doesn’t say last

names nor too many details about themselves so that it remains fairly safe from

harm. I started this blog to write about my adventures but along the way, started

realizing that may get tiresome. So, I have enjoyed telling my own stories, my

parents’ stories, my grandparents’ stories, and then, many other special peoples’

stories. Not all are squeaky clean nor do all have happy endings.

I am very honored and pleased that someone along the way “likes” my stories,

and even better, recognize me with an award! I have been given the honor of

receiving the nomination for the Most Inspiring Blogger Award by:

This is a beautifully photographed blog with travels, adventures and fun along

the way. The woman who writes it seems so young to have accomplished so much!

I am proud to have her read me, let alone her giving me such a nice award!

I am supposed to name 7 things that you may not know about me. That is so hard

and challenging, since I literally “spill my guts” on this blog! I am not secretive

about much!

If you have read about my life, I have told you the things that would be interesting

but here goes:

1. I have been to Mexico and Spain as a high school student for one week each time,

junior year and senior year. I enjoyed using my many years of Spanish and I have lots

of good memories.

2.  I was in all the bands in high school (Pep band, concert band, Symphonic band,

and marching band)  playing my old “licorice stick” as my Grandpa called it. (Okay,

wooden clarinet!)

3. I like to snack on both salty snacks and sweet ones, too. (I have on other award

posts listed different ones…) I think this week it would be salsa and tortilla chips with

hot tamales candies. This goes along with the Spanish theme!

4. I am a hippie at heart. Recently someone said, “Robin never smoked pot, I bet!”


I was in college during the years of 1974 – 1978, suffice it to say, I probably did.

5. I have been married three times, each one special in his own way. Not my true loves.

Nor my lifetime partner for sharing my kids and grandkids with, unfortunately.

6. I love to draw pen and ink with watercolor pictures, children’s books (4- I have written

and not published.) also I enjoy drawing historical homes, I did at least 8 home tours over

the years.

7.Last but not least, I have an interest in all kinds of nature. I enjoy hikes, walks, and looking

at the details in the way God or Mother Nature created the creatures, flora and fauna.

Here are some very special blogs to check out:

I am nominating only 10 (but these folks can follow the rules and list their honor roll of 15!)

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5.  Jules who honors us all with such lovely poetry, haikus and rengas.

6.  Be With Us who makes special and unique jewelry, alway writing such positive and

encouraging posts:

7.  Marty47 who can really tell a great story about Chicago and has a vast lifetime or

cool experiences to continue writing about!

8.  Rebecca 2000 who is from my very beginning group of people I will always love.

I mean that, Becca! She will make you laugh and spray your coffee all over the place!

You can find her at:

9.  Jennifer S. who is sophisticated, reminds me of JeanKerr or someone famous who

speaks about today’s topics! She will make you think, smile, reminisce and also relate to

you as a parent…

10. A new post writer,  (Funny and poignant

concerning divorce.)

Please if you are on this list and would like to follow the rules, check back with the

blog that gave me this honor: