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Gumshoes’ Nostalgia


Recently, I was up in Cleveland visiting my Mom, who had a whole

lot to talk about memories of television shows she used to watch

with my Dad, mostly detective shows. I decided to look up a few

of them, outline and give you the bygone dates of those shows

we were discussing. Hope it will bring back some great memories!

Who can forget the old show, “Dragnet?” I know the remake movie

brought it back and did fairly well with the casting. But that show

with Jack Webb as the “main” cop, lasted from 1951 up to 1959.

Then, a resurgence of attention, rare these days to so much of a

degree occurred. And, lo and behold, it started up again with Jack

Webb, from 1967 until 1970.

A big favorite with my mother were the two shows that starred

Raymond Burr. His portrayal of Perry Mason captured a lot of

attention, his honest and straightforward approach to being a

lawyer was similar to the one that Gregory Peck portrayed in

the classic, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Taking on numerous cases

to defend the underdog was Atty. Mason’s ‘mode of operandi.’

“Perry Mason” lasted from 1957 until 1966, representing a good

long “run.”

Then from 1967, Raymond Burr, one of the most popular actors

during this time, picked up his next television series, “Ironside.”

This lasted until 1975. I remember how intriguing it was to have

a parapalegic Chief of Detectives. Did you know they are remaking

this and Blair Underwood will be playing the character named,

“Ironsides?” But the trailer indicates he won’t be parapalegic! How

can that be?I think it is one of a small handful of television shows

that featured a character with a disability, then termed “handicapped.”

 I have liked Mr. Underwood in past roles so I may still watch the new

“remake” but am wondering how they will explain the title and his

name without the wheelchair to be his ironside?

A long ago series that took on the mob was, “The Untouchables.” Do

you remember this one? It ran from 1959 until 1963. Robert Stack

played the lead actor. I remember liking the fact that the bad guys

who were still pretty rampant in some big cities, collecting their “take”

from the small business owners, were caught and they made sure they

faced their consequences. The real life cop, Eliot Ness, was the role

model for this show.

At the same time Robert T. Ironside was a Chief with a wheelchair, the

handsome Mike Connors played, “Mannix.” I liked this show a lot and

had a crush on the actor for quite some time! The series lasted the

exact same years as the afore mentioned, from 1967 – 1975.

A year after Mike Connors started chasing criminals and investigating

crime, the very popular (and again remade a couple years ago into a

current t.v. series. They lucked out, being given permissiong to use

the iconic music) “Hawaii Five- O” began in 1968.

Jack Lord played “Steve McGarrett” and he coined that phrase, “Book

’em Danno!” talking to his subordinate, James Mac Arthur’s character.

I don’t really like the new series based on this old one, think that it

doesn’t seem to have the same direction as its predecessor.

We are now into the seventies and have a wild list of television shows

that include some of my Mom’s favorites and mine. Sam Mc Cloud,

played by Dennis Weaver, in the series “Mc Cloud.” (1970-1977). Frank

Cannon, played by William Conrad, in “Cannon.” (1971-1976). Buddy

Ebsen, changing his whole demeanor and approach from the silly, but fun,

show, “The Beverly Hillbillies,” became “Barnaby Jones.” (1973-1980).

I think this next one was one of my very favorites, “The Rockford Files,”

starring James Garner.  Jim Rockford took a different, wry humored turn

as a detective from 1974 until 1980.

The final one that was of this same kind of show, starring Robert

Urich who played “Spenser for Hire.” This showed was based on Robert

Parker’s books with the character Spenser. He has a sidekick in the

books, along with the television series, named “Hawk.” Robert Parker

passed away in 2013, to my chagrin, because I had become quite attached

to his character, Jesse Stone, portrayed by Tom Selleck. If you have not

picked up and read any Robert Parker books, I would suggest them!

I cannot forget the female lead television roles that made history! I

hope that you will hang on, to read the “grand finale” of leads! Angie

Dickinson played “Police Woman” from 1974 through 1978. Ta Da!

Although there were female pairings, this was the one and only show

that featured a woman who “carried” the show. Her character, Suzanne

“Pepper” Anderson was a one of the badge toting women who could

handle the gun and sometimes, do it in heels!  I have to give Stefanie

Powers a listing as a partner to her husband played by Robert Wagner

in “Hart to Hart.” This show was one I cherished since they had money,

solved crimes and wore beautiful clothes, they drove around in a

convertible, too. This show lasted from 1979 – 1984.

“Mod Squad” had what they officially billed, I am not making this up!

“One Black, One White, One Blonde” as Julie, flower child product of a

prostitute, Linc as a rioter arrested during the Watts riot, and Pete who

was a rich kid who chose to walk away from his roots. This was 1968 and

such a strange but compelling show,  Aaron Spelling and ABC took on the

era’s rebellious age, along with the relevant social issues. Julie was played

by Peggy Lipton, Linc by Clarence Williams III, and Pete was played by

Michael Cole.

Another group effort, who could forget “Charlie’s Angels?”  The trio of

women were the characters of Jill Munroe, Kelly Garrett and Sabrina

Duncan. (In order, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson.)

I was laughing because these women taught us to use all kinds of hair

products, loved their outfits and definitely set trends with some of their

clothes. While they brought us women who could solve problems and

crimes, they also brought us women who were gorgeous and brothers,

boyfriends, etc. all expected the same kind of well rounded characters!

Ha ha! Also, many a boyfriend had a poster pin-up of one of these women.

I have to mention, although not part of the early nostalgic shows that I

liked, my Mom and Dad enjoyed “Murder She Wrote.” I watch some of

those shows on Hallmark with my mother and am a little bored. Maybe

that is just my feeling that she is a little trite. But Jessica Fletcher, played

by Angela Lansbury, was very popular and cannot fault the television

producers that hired an older (and fine) actress for this mystery novelist

character who solved plenty of murders and mysteries over the years.

My Mom would “shoot me!” if I didn’t include “Matlock” with Andy Griffith

who like Buddy Ebsen, went from a comedy to a great drama show. His

lawyer role incorporated his drawl, his laid back character but his razor

sharp mind did well with each case this lawyer took on!

I am sure you will have a few memories of these characters and maybe,

remember another show that I have missed. I  wrote a few notes while

sitting at a picnic table on Sunday with my Mom. My brother, Randy,

the artist, took Lenny down to see the water and watch some people

swimming on Sunday at Huntington Beach. 

Oh my! I just thought of the show, “Quincy, M. E. with Jack Klugman.

Shoot! Another one to remember! I have to stop!

Captivating memories, indeed!

coroner role that

A Hidden Love Story (found in weekend plans)


Over the past weekend, Lenny and I went up to see the Cleveland

Indians play the Texas Rangers. The best night would have been on

Friday. when it went into the 11th inning! The Tribe won with a great

score of: 11- 8. The night we went was Brantley jersey night on Sat.

July 27th. Lenny was ‘psyched’ as we were driving up to Cleveland,

that we might make it to the gate before the last of the 10,000 jerseys

were passed out. We missed that “deadline” by just a half hour!

The $25.00 seats were nice, had backs, not bleachers like my brothers,

sister in law and I have had in the past. Some may call where they

were located the “nosebleed section.”  But I felt that sitting opposite

the large screen score board was a great asset to the seats.  Also, we

had courteous neighbors surrounding us. The last reason I liked

thoseseats was that it was under the roofing so, if the dark clouds

burst into rain, we might not have to pull out those rain parkas!

Little did I know, that Lenny is a die hard “stand up” guy. Oh, it would

be nice if “stand up,” in this case meant someone who stood up for

you,  or a person who would take your side. These qualities may be

Lenny’s but he literally wanted to stand up in the standing room


He told me as we were walking away from those nice seats, going

down the stairs that sometimes that section we were heading to,

after going down two ramps that represent floors, “lucks out” in

that balls get hit into that section. Lenny was very excited when

he mentioned this and how it is a very social setting, where many

people are die hard Tribe fans.

This hitting the ball into that standing section, known as the Home

Run Porch, did happen the next day, on Sunday, during the third

Indians versus the Texas Rangers team. We were driving home from

staying up at my brother and sister in law’s house when we heard

there was a ball that hit exactly in the place we had spent seven

innings standing on Saturday.

If we had gone on Sunday, Lenny felt confident with his tall stature,

he would have caught the ball.  We had eaten lunch with my Mom

and brother, Randy, at Fatheads, a micro brewery and nice eatery.

My brother has done a lot of their artwork on the brick interior walls

and on the dock garage doors, too.

We had a nice meal, by the way, and the Tribes won that game 6-0.

This Saturday, we sat for all of one inning and we ended up in that

section that you wait to press forward and see through a fence

how the game is going. NO large screen scoreboard to be able to

scan and see if there is something you are missing and since I am

only 5’2″, not the best place for me to see the game. Lenny is 6′ 5″

tall and was able to see everything. He enjoys the “atmosphere”

he told me and likes to chat with the other fans. He sometimes

will find out any tidbits that might make the game even more


Meanwhile, I did enjoy meeting a nice young man who was blonde

haired, blue eyed and was gazing into the bleacher section/area

from time to time. His eyes scanned that direction for the next

couple of hours.

I asked where he lived or was from. He grew up on the West side

of Cleveland and told me his recent two year love story with his

current “beautiful and intelligent girlfriend.”

Brian is twenty four years old, has taken classes at both Cleveland

State and also, Kent State. He is studying sports medicine and has,

I believe, the energy, enthusiasm and ‘smarts’ to succeed in his

pursuit of this dream.

Brian began his love story, telling  me that he was with his brother

and sister in law, right where we were standing in this area, two

years ago this summer.

He had chosen to lean down, talk to his 2 year old niece, Darcy,

who was, in his opinion, and retelling the situation: “tired but

always adorable.”  He emphasized this again, later in his story,

that “Darcy was the reason I caught Nicole’s eye.”

He picked Darcy up after leaning down to talk to her, as she

was wiping her eyes and yawning. He asked, “Do you want to

get up on my shoulders, Darcy?”

She just nodded and reached her hands up towards his Indians’

hat. He swung her up easily and she was soon leaning her chin

on the top of his ball cap.

While he was not aware, a young woman had started weaving

in around people to get to the gate/fence where Brian was

standing. She was from Youngstown, up visiting and sitting

with her sorority sisters.  She came forward and brashly

asked Brian, “Is that your little girl?”

Brian replied, “No, this is Darcy, my niece. She is two years

old and getting tired. My brother and sister in law are right

over there.”

The young woman asked him, “What is your name?”

He apologized, he told me.

“I did not remember my manners that day, didn’t say, ‘Oh hi!

My name is Brian, what is your name?'”

I was mesmerized by her deep blue – violet eyes. She is so

gorgeous. Do you want to see a photograph?”

We got sidetracked from the course of the story, but it was a

long game and we had plenty of time. The score the first inning

was 1- 0. (That is what it stayed until the last of the eighth

inning and we won the game.)

I looked at several pictures on Brian’s phone of Nicole who he

told me that she is nicknamed “Nikki.” (I asked at this point,

if I could tell their love story on my blog. He was very pleasantly

surprised and said, “Sure!”)

Brian told me a few details such as, “She is 22 now but when we

met she was only 20 and I was 22. Her parents did not like it that

Nikki was only a sophomore and not of ‘legal age.’ I was older

than she was and that worried them. She was up visiting her

roommate from her sorority house from Ohio Wesleyan.”

That took me a few minutes of exclaiming and saying, “This

was meant to be!” and “What a small world!”

Because if you have followed any of my posts, you know I

live right next door to OWU. In the past, as a single mother,

I also have rented a house by the campus.

I asked if Nicole was a Delta Zeta? I had drawn a pen and ink drawing

for that brick sorority house on Winter Street and loved the

interior with its hard wood floors. It had a long porch that ran

across 50% of the building with nice scrolling details on the edges

of the porch room that made it look ‘lacy’ and pretty. (Like a

‘gingerbread house’ detail.)

Turns out she is a Delta Zeta, so this was another coincidence to

remark about. Brian was very friendly and warm, he liked telling

me about his girlfriend, Nikki. He also told me that she was sitting

in the bleachers with her roommate again tonight. That evening

they met, by her boldly approaching him, had brought a lot of

long distance commutes from his family’s home on the West

side in Avon Lake, to Delaware, Ohio. Then, once they got more

‘serious,’ Brian had applied for a scholarship and try outs for OWU’s

baseball team. He had some bad news worked into this situation

due to his tearing a ligament in his pitching arm. He had been on

Kent State University’s baseball team.

The dream of being a sports medicine physician is still his goal,

he told me, “I will hope to be able to continue to be on hard ball

teams as an adult, along with coaching little league soft ball or t-

ball teams.”

Nicole, throughout our whole conversation, never made it up

from the bleachers since she was having such a good time, he

figured, catching up with her roommate and other friends.

But, at the last inning, Brian shook Lenny’s hand and let me give

him a hug. He told us both,

“I hope someday you will be up here and I have the scoreboard

lit up and paid the $500 to announce our engagement. You know,

this would be the perfect setting since we met at an Indians’ game

two summers ago. I could invite my parents and hers, too. I have

that hope this will happen in about 2 more years, when I am 26

and Nikki is 24.”

We would love to see that, hear about it or have my Mom still be

alive and sending me articles from the Cleveland Plain Dealer about

the Cleveland Indians. We are going to cross our fingers, Brian’s two

awesome dreams come true!  Both his career and his future marriage.

As Brian hurried off to find Nikki, I hoped they would stay to see the

fireworks show that was also going to be shot off with Motown

music.  I was sure at least one of those great songs would give them

a memorable moment to add to their Indians’ baseball love story


Later, as I watched the fireworks and they played a double header

of two of the greatest Temptations’ songs, “My Girl” and “The Way

You Do the Things You Do, ” both seemed quite possible songs to

dance their “first dance” on the ballroom floor of Brian and Nicole’s

wedding reception. I can dream, too, can’t I?

August is Coming Soon to Your House and Mine!


Hello! Can you believe it is almost August?! I am going to get ahead of myself

by writing some wonderful things about this month, including a large amount

of Irish battles and several country’s celebrations for Independence Day!

I would like to start with a short August poem by Keats’:

“On one side is a field of drooping oats,

Through which the poppies show their

scarlet coats.”

The “Old Farmer’s Almanac, 2013 edition” lists this detail about the month’s

wonderful and sweet fruit, plums. I will paraphrase these facts:

European plum trees require full sun and well drained soil.

The two varieties “Stanley” plums and “Italian” plums cultivars are high in

sugar content and make delicious prunes.

To make a wonderful plum crop, plant two varieties for cross pollination.

This made me want to get some plums from the store.  I love the way the skin

is tart and the inside of plums are so sweet and delicious! To choose a ripe plum,

the Farmer’s Almanac suggests to look for good color, slightly soft to squeeze

and releases easily with a slight twist if taking off the tree. Try this month, for

the ‘fun of it’ desserts, jellies, preserves or wines made of plums!

Here are some special dates to take note of this month:

August 5th-  Celebrate the “Civic Holiday” in Canada or wherever you are!

August 6th-  The New Moon phase.

“Old Farmer’s Almanac, 2013 edition,” advises:

“Add dead pea vines, bolted lettuce, and other gone-by plants to your

compost pile.”

August 11th-  Celebrate the “end of Dog Days!”

August 14th-  Don’t forget our servicemen and veterans on

Victory in Japan (otherwise known as VJ Day).

August 19th-  National Aviation Day. If you live close to an airport, an

aircraft museum such as the Dayton Air Force Museum, visit and tell

a family member about this special day.  I cannot imagine living without

aviation! If you live close to Kitty Hawk, another example of a great place

to visit in celebrating first flights.

August 20th-  View the Full Sturgeon Moon. Still fascinated about each

moon having a unique name attached! This brought me closer to one of

my fellow bloggers, Jules!

The Irish Battles- most celebrated in the month of August. (In order of years, not days…)

1316- The Second Battle of Athenny

1504-  The Battle of Knockdoe

1596- The Battle of Yellow Ford

1599-  The Battle of Curlew Pass

1647-  The Battle of Dungan’s Hill

1798-  The Battle of Castlebar

1969-  The Battle of the Bogside

Now, for an Awesome August list of Independence Days!

On August 6th- Jamaica has celebrated their Independence since 1962.

On August 9th- Singapore celebrates their National Day.

On August 14th- Pakistan celebrates their Independence since 1947.

On August 15th- India or Indian Independence Day celebrating since 1947.

The Philippines celebrate the whole month of August their Native Language.

The whole first week of August has the following celebrations:

In Maine, the Penobscot Tribe celebrate and incorporate their tribal customs and

crafts in a festival.

In Sweden, the Medieval Week of Wisby in Gotland  celebrates medieval customs and crafts.

In Scotland, the internationally famous Edinburgh Festival takes place in August.

In Wales, They celebrate the Welsh culture, their music, arts and crafts in  the

city of Eisteddfod.

I am sure whatever “corner of the world you live in” you will be celebrating something

in the month of August!

Reflections upon Korean War


July 27th is the day set aside to honor Korean War Veterans. It is

considered “National Korean War Armistice Day.” The basic facts

most people are aware of that the war lasted from June, 1950 until

July (27), 1953.

During this period, the Allies from W.W. II. were unified and United

Nations supported the South Koreans’ government. With the North

getting their weapons and funding from China and the Soviet Union.

We gave around 88% support with our many troops, which totaled

with the other Allies, over 300,000 soldiers! We maintained our support

of the independent South Korea, trying to fight off the invasion of the

Northern part, which most know were Communists, at the time.

These are only facts, but somewhat daunting. I realized how many of our

families in this country were affected when I read those numbers. We

chose the side of a government that was trying to be more fair to their

citizens. None of my immediate family went into the Korean War, but my

father working for NASA, always felt he did his part for our nation and

made scientific strides in the areas of nuclear power and space.

How many of your fathers, uncles or other relatives fought in this war?

I am a pacifist but see the reason behind this war and the world wars. I

am not always sure about Vietnam, due to my twin second cousins’

serving and their subsequent mixed emotions, including Post Traumatic

Stress Disorder.

I asked Lenny, he said his father served in the United States Army, but did

not want to talk about the Korean War; ever!

In the seventies, my parents always said to my brothers while we ate dinner,

watching the Vietnam War photographs and film coverage that they would

prefer they move to Canada than to serve in that war! Sorry, not to offend

those who served or believed in that war! My parents were liberal and I am

fairly much a pacifist, too.

My family prays for the American troops, supports the vets, loves the young

men who serve and support their being wherever they are in the world. We

have a lot of faith in the choices that the nation and United Nations make.

We sincerely hope, though, that one day there will not be a need for any wars.

Peace and thoughts of those who have served our country on this auspicious

day of armistice!

Trip to the Kingdom


In the course of my Wednesday evening, I had the pleasure of the

company of my two grandsons from my oldest daughter. They are

adorable, as all children are when related to yourself! I play the car

game, “My father (or mother, grandfather, uncle…) owns a grocery

store and in it, he sells… ” and we give a beginning letter or the first

letters of the product or item. We were heading for a 20 minute

away Burger King play area. They love the crowns and they were

getting strawberry milkshakes. Mom (my oldest daughter) gave

the “okay” since they had already eaten supper!

That night, we were teaching the four year old that the letter “C”

doesn’t just make a “K” or “S” sound. We told him that it can make

a “ch” blend sound. I gave him that explanation as a “hint” when he

had asked, “Is it edible?” So precious,to think they can learn such

things so young, don’t you think? And, he was off asking about was

it a drink or was it candy?, etc.  By the time we told him about the

“ch” sound he asked, “Is it chicken?”  We were so proud of him!

But then when I said, “No but you are getting this!” When I gave

him another hint, “It could be white, orange or yellow,”  he lost

track of the letter and shouted, “Mac and cheese!”

And, my word was ‘cheese’ so we gave him ‘credit.’ We play taking

turns guessing. Otherwise, his older brother, age 8, Skyler, would

“win” all the time!

We had driven halfway down the road and Micah said, “We saw

two movies, Nana, in this month.”

I asked, “Which ones and give me your reviews.” Skyler chuckled

but Micah asked, “What’s (has trouble with r’s) ‘bevoos’, Nana?”

I replied, “Tell me what they were and whether or not you like

them. Reviews mean, if you could tell a friend, would you say

you liked them?”

Micah asked Skyler, “Which one do you want me to tell her about?”

Skyler answered, “Whichever one you want!”

Micah said, “Nana, you would LOVE the movie, “Despicable Me 2!”

“Why did you like it so much?”

He thought a minute, “Because the bad guy isn’t as bad as he was

in the first one. This time you know he is not so mean, he likes the

little kids a lot.”

He added, “It is so funny!”

I asked, “Micah if you could give it stickers would you give it 3 or 4?”

He said, “Well, Nana it should get 10 stickers!” (So cute, huh?)

Next Skyler told me all about the movie, “Monsters University.”

He really liked it because it “is not for babies. It was very smart

and had a lot of fun things. A boy when he is on a school field

trip, rode a bus to visit the Monsters, Inc. company. There he

sees a guy named Frank who is able to be a good ‘scarer.’

Then, the boy grows up wanting to become a scarer, too. Did

I mention he is a boy monster? Anyway, he goes to college

called Montsters University. His roommate is named Randall

Boggs and looks like a chameleon monster that is like one of

those guys on that show you like, Big Bang Theory. What are

they called?”

I said, “They are scientists but can be considered ‘nerds’ or

they also are “Trekkies” like your Poppy in Dayton.”

Skyler said that he liked all the guys like Sulley who is kind of

rude and “obnoxious.”  He added, “This is a mature movie, not

for babies.”

I questioned a little about the old characters from the first movie

then asked, “What would you say for a rating system? I usually

use the newspapers to rate using four stars as the best… How

many would you give this one?”

“Nana, you have to give it 10 stars, because it is at least as good

as “Despicable Me 2!”

To summarize, both those mentioned animated movies should get

as many stars as possible and they are highly recommended by a

four and eight year old I know!

We arrived at the play area, snagged their shakes and I bought a

complete meal, Whopper Jr., onion rings with zesty sauce and a

large iced vanilla coffee. The boys took their shoes off, stopped

and asked, “Can we take our socks off, too?”

“Sure, we will use wipes after you play and clean up before you

go home.”

They proceeded to ask me to take a picture of them with their

crowns on their heads. I sent it to their mother and stepdad,

to their aunt (my youngest daughter who called them “precious”

in their crowns) and since Lenny had been texting me, I sent

him a picture, too. He pronounced them “fine looking kings!”

Lenny told me to tell them “hi” from him.

Next time they got out of the play area, having been down the

slide and making friends with other children, they asked about

the picture, I showed them the texts back to them. Skyler read

them to Micah.

“Mommy says, ‘awww!'” and repeated Aunt Felicia’s words to

Micah, but when he got to Lenny, I had to tell them that he is

who I am seeing now.

MIcah groaned, “What happened to Mark?”

I repeated what I told him a few months back, that we had

retried and made an attempt to be boyfriend and girlfriend,

but once all the effort to “catch me” was over, he turned out

he wanted to be with his ex-girlfriend of more years.

I explained that sometimes the longer time you are with a

person, the better you like them.

Skyler, a little too wise for his age, added, “My big sister

Breanna, for example went back to her old boyfriend

since he lives closer and is more convenient to where

she is now. (His half sister is a high school graduate

and off to Dayton to work and lives too far to see

her local boyfriend here in Delaware.)

The analogy was sort of enought to satisfy them

and answer the question.

But both boys came to a very nice and sweet conclusion:

“Lenny better be good to you, Nana! We don’t want you

to cry!”

On our way back to their house, we played “My father owns

a grocery store” and Skyler ‘stumped us.’ Turns out I could

think of tons of fruits and foods with the first letter “A” but

could not think of any vegetables. Micah “gave up” fairly

quickly but I kept racking my brain (feeble as it is sometimes!)

When he gave me a “hint” which we allow one for adults and

3 for kids, Skyler said, “You need them to make guacamole!”

Oh!  I forgot that he would know that avacados are a vegetable!

And I forgot that avacados are in his range of knowledge, too!

On the way to and from the kingdom of play and fun, we had

the most amazing conversations.

Relationships are always so special when children are in the car

and we are’media free’and captivated by their thoughts, vivid

imagination and conversation.


This is Not a Commercial!


This is going to be a fun post about name brands that mean a

lot to me! Hope you will join in a conversation about what

products have meant to you and attach a few memories to them,


I have wonderful memories of the following products that I

am compelled to list their names and why I like (or loved)


1. Everyone asks me this simple question, what products do

you use on your face (sometimes with the attached compliment

that my face looks younger than my age, even without makeup

on.) Here are a couple of products that I have used for years!

Jergen’s face and hand soap. The white bar opening the package

emits a lovely smell of almonds. I also use Zest soap in the shower.

I like that green angular soap bar and it is gentle on my skin.

2. In the kitchen, I used to always use what my mother used: Ivory

Dish Soap. It was a great all purpose product that many times went

in the children’s bath tub at night to create a lot of bubbles. I recently

am attached to any brand that is on sale, that contains citrus scent,

especially liked one with grapefruit in it! (Ajax Triple Action with

antibacterial currently in the kitchen!)

3. I have serious and conflicted emotions when I smell the cologne

or scent of Brut. It is the kind that a special young college man wore

around me and we never went beyond friendship due to meeting my

first husband freshman year. We hung out a lot, though, and I will

always wonder…

4. I wore all through my high school years a scent that I hope will

get a lot of reactions, like “I used that too!” or “My girlfriend used

to wear that, too!” It is called “Love’s Baby Soft” perfume and it was

so sweet and misty. I liked it a lot.

5. Mom wore “Muguet des bois” which smelled like Lilies of the Valley.

Interestingly enough, the couture House of Coty, originally designed

this fragrance in 1941. I am amazed that the story of the scent my Mom

wore is on wikipedia and lots more details, if you have the same memory

of an aunt or grandmother who wore this fragrance…

I loved it when my parents moved to the lake, because they dug huge

buckets of real lilies of the valley from the side of our Bay Village

house to transplant and grow there.

6. Mom used the lotion, Noxema, which frankly kind of smells not so

wonderful! But she suffered from Eczema and felt this lotion solved

her itchy, red and irritated skin problems. She wore it caked on at

night sometime on her hands, then put cotton gloves on to keep

the itching at bay. (I am sure that she found ways around this to

have romance since I have mentioned in much earlier post, my

parents were very passionate!)

7. I have to say for many years, my Mom bought Charmin bathroom

tissue. I think we all remember those, “Please don’t squeeze the

Charmin” commercials, that a gentleman named “Mr. Whipple”

would complain about customers…

8. Talking about commercials that were funny, creative and had a

nice “jingle” or music to it, I loved the Benson and Hedge’s 100’s

commercials! Those were so amusing and I have to say they probably

can be found on Youtube or somewhere on this internet, if you are too

young to have seen cigarette commercials on television! The “gimmick”

was to have the person smoking that extra long cigarette and somehow

it would be caught, in an elevator door, or in some other fashion. My

Dad smoked regular cigarettes and usually not a typical kind. My 16th

summer in Rockport, Mass. I would sell a lot of the hard box red

Marlboro’s to a sweet looking 16 or 17 year old. My great aunt Marie

picked him up one time when he was hitchhiking, all I had to do

with that crazy, beautiful auntie would say, “Oh, there’s that cute

guy that comes into the pharmacy and buys cigarettes.” She

would veer her little red, sports coupe over to the side of the road,

pick him up and try to get him to go with us to the drive in, to

Ipswitch to get clam rolls or somewhere. We saw him a lot on

the road… memories of cigarettes and boys! So inappropriate

and “not politically correct” these days! Smile!

9. Another commercial that sometimes irritated the piss out of

my Mom was the one with a nice red haired woman named

“Madge” who would soak clients’ hands, particularly their

fingernails in green Palmolive liquid dish soap. She thought

it was very bad since if you had sensitive skin (like she did)

it would make the person’s hands itch.

10. Last but not least, my Dad wore the Original Scent Old

Spice. I loved that so much since he would splash it on quite

liberally. Probably to counteract his smoking habit or because

his nose was a little less sensitive. I liked this especially when

he would come to my Father Daughter Square Dance night for

Girl Scouts! I have to share one more memory that is not

directly scent related but it is of my father who was not only

the “absent minded professor type” but he was a little dyslexic!

We all hooted and hollered at our little hoe downs because when

the square dance caller would say “alla man left” my Dad, God

bless him, would almost always go the opposite direction!

I can think of so many other products that have memories attached

so maybe this is going to be just part one, for now!

I am not paid, nor am endorsing any of the above products! This is

not a commercial, but a stroll down memory lane… Hope you will

have a few memories to add to mine!

Who is in Denial?


My friend, Anna, who is on an online dating service discovered my

friend, Peggy’s boyfriend on it. I entitled that post, “Moral Dilemma.”

The follow up is going to include an update on that situation along

with all the meanings of the word “denial” and how, in one way or

another, we all are in some form of denial. That is just my opinion,


The four meanings of the word “denial” can be found in my home copy of

the Brittanica hardback version of a dictionary. It has a “gold leaf” edge

to the pages and golden embossed letters on the front cover, establishing

its “importance”and significance. I used this throughout my college years,

(received it from an English teacher when I graduated from high school).

This came in handy during my child rearing years, and finally, my brother,

Randy and I use it often while we play either Boggle or Scrabble.

This second meaning encompasses Peggy’s situation, “refusal to admit

the truth of a statement.” When faced with her boyfriend’s photograph

on the website, Peggy first denied it was even him! There was his birthday

and horoscope, his work or occupation, and even his income was accurate.

She admitted the facts were correct but here were her first three “excuses”

given for the situation.

First, Peggy said, “Anyone can cut and paste a picture of Tim and put it

on a dating website.”

Second, Peggy said, “Tim doesn’t have that much interest in dating but

maybe he paid to look at some of the local single women. It is better

than finding out he was on a porn site!”

Thirdly, Peggy said, “My sister Patty put me on last year,

I didn’t do much but look, maybe his mother or sister put Tim on it?”

When we showed her the fact that the person, (whoever it may be??)

was “Active this week” and “Could be contacted on email or IM” she

was sure that if Anna set up a date, he would not come or answer her.

We did not press the issue. Peggy’s denial was in refusing to see that

there may be a possibility of a problem.

At least we felt we had done our “duty” as a friend, telling her we

would want to knowif someone we had dated and lived with for over

fifteen years… Maybe those who said to mind our own “bee’s wax”

were right!

The first choice definition in my dictionary for “denial,” happens quite

often in families. This meaning is the “refusal to grant something asked

for.” Well, that happened two Fridays ago to my grandkids who were

in “hot water” and facing “punishment” of being grounded. They could

not go to the Splash Pad with Nana! Permission denied! (Due to the

extreme severity of removal of Nana priveleges, I pleaded with the

grandkids to be very good the following week.) Thus was able to have

a splendid afternoon, with Mommy and Nana at Powell, Ohio.

The third definition of denial is a little sketchy, as far as, how many

of you will fall into this category. But I am trying to “build my case”

(not in a court of law, mind you!) that we are all in denial, in one way

or other! This is “refusal to acknowledge something. A state of disbelief,

or rejection.”

My biggest example I could think of, not in the dictionary, was how our

society as a whole has embraced the term, “Mid Life Crisis” as a real and

serious conflict to be met at varying times in our life. Some think it will

occur at age 40 and some think anytime a man or woman goes out to the

automobile showroom and drives off with a flashy red car, they are in a

mid life crisis! I have had many of my friends, in “denial” of their aging.

They are still wearing cute and appropriate clothes, moving gracefully

along into their firties and sixties.

The last and fourth meaning of “denial” is more often met during the

after holidays’ season of January through the rest of winter until we

unveil our lighter and healthier selves in the summer… “Denial” means

“cutting back or restricting or limiting” something…. like calories or

appetite. I am not too great at denial of chocolate, donuts, cake, pie,

chips, pizza, or almost any other things that should be limited after the

holidays. I am blessed with a great job that is like running a marathon

every day, that the calories don’t stick. But going back to that mid life

crisis, I had a doozy of one, gained almost 40 pounds and that has been

covered, I am sure somewhere else in this blog!

Denial never seems to be a positive word, whether a person is denying

their children from fun with their Nana (ha ha! Just teasing, Trista, my

dear daughter in law!) or if one is denying that the spouse or partner

has changed their habits drastically. Denial of a promotion is also a big

“bummer.” Denying there are shortages of water in the world, pollution, or

global warming (to me) are serious choices that could amount to limited

resources for our generations that follow us.

Denial can have serious repercussions or consequences when taken to


I would like to ban the practice of denial! Does this sound a little like Peter Pan?

In his words, “I won’t grow up!”

Yes, you are correct, we need to accept denial as part of all our lives. Hopefully,

in moderation or in limited amounts!