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We have had enemies in the history of our being here. We could have had

enemies, like the Klingons, from other planets. We may have had a “bad”

friend while young and declared these spiteful words: “You are my enemy

for life!”

Here is the definition of “Enemy.”

1. One that hates another one that attacks or tries to harm another.

2. Something that harms.

3. a. A nation with which a country is at war.

b. A hostile unit or force.

Foe is the synonym for enemy. Shows hostility or ill will. Stresses

antagonism. Showing itself in hatred or destructive attitude or

action.  Foe stresses active fighting or struggle and is used poetically

for an enemy or hater.

Why bring this up at the holidays? I think the powerful but beautiful

words, “Peace on Earth” sometimes need to be understood in the

way of looking at the world. How we face and act out towards our


From the beginning of time, sometimes our wrath was simply defending

ourselves. It may have been against a group of people or another caveman.

They probably fought over food, hunting grounds, where a good shelter

was located or their “attractive” or “desirable” mate!

Territory was an issue in some cases of enemies. The Hatfields and Mc Coys

come to mind. Also, clans against clans, tribes against tribes and this was

over where they lived and where their properties were. In the West, there

were the Free Range folks and the fenced in cattlemen.

In the history of our country here in the United States, and probably in your

own country, if you are not here, the problems lie in different points of view.

In these cases, it was the issue of Jewish people and Arabs in Jerusalem. It

is sadly a case of “sharing” and a small strip of Land, called the Gaza Strip.

It was the case of the Roman Empire which had to fall because of its immorality

and unfortunate destiny.

We were all about the Freedoms. Freedom of Religion drove us across a huge

ocean. Where we were not too religious, at times, with our feeling of impower-

ment and sovereignty. We believed in Freedom of Speech and that meant we

could gather in groups to picket or question the opinions and take our stands.

We still quarrel over the Right to Bear Arms and what “arms” should be allowed.

I am not on the side for any automatic weapons in the hands of anyone in their

houses. The armed forces, the “militia,” that the Revolutionary War patriots

were talking about, were protecting their property, families and country.

I feel that there should be allowed handguns and rifles, all for the reasons

of protection and getting food on tables. I am sure that it is a great form of

entertainment and sport. Those 98% of the country (and world) who would never

shoot their neighbor are not the ones we need to worry about. Those we do

worry about, fear mightily, due to their being “terrorists” or “psychopaths,”

probably can get around the rules and laws of owning guns.

I believe in the right to your feelings, allowing expression and the right should

always be there, as long as no one is being hurt or their lives put in danger.

This falls into the areas of prejudice, bullying and different lifestyles. None of

the ones who are minding their own business, living their own types of lives,

who are not hurting anyone, except maybe by their choice of wardrobe (touch

of humor, here, folks!) should have to stifle their expressions and ways of life.

My grandmother, Paula Haller Mattson, was born in Germany. She was hurt

and appalled when she would speak in her own version of English, some extra

special words from her country injected into it, when someone would ask her

if she were a “Jew.” She was living during the WWII era, and told me more than

once, “What if I were? I am a naturalized American…” She said, “I would allow

the nosy busybody to ‘assume’ that I was Jewish, because I did not want to ‘put

down’ those that were.” The questioner was implying by the question, in her

mind, somehow that it would be abhorrent, due to the concentration camps

and horrors that were not Jewish in orientation, nor her own background or

family’s choice of religion, Catholicism.

So when my brothers would try to play “Cowboys and Indians” or the “Germans

are the Bad Guys” my Grandma Mattson would pull them in from their play,

sit them down and explain a bit of history, sprinkled in with her love of all

mankind. We were only allowed to call the “enemy” using the words,

“The Bad Guys.”

When we were visiting from Ohio in Florida, going for a quick lunch out

at the good old Golden Arches, my Grandpa Mattson saw a black family

walking out of the place, heads down, parents looking dismayed, Grandpa

had to ask,

“Why are your children looking so sad?”

Turns out even in the sixties, different races were not allowed to buy a

hamburger at McDonalds, where you did not have a drive-thru. Most

of the original hamburger (fast food places), you would have to walk in

to order at the counter, take it to the beach or wherever you were headed.

But in the South, past when it should have been an issue, definitely past

the one hundred years’ mark that the Civil Rights War’s anniversary, we

were turning people away from sitting in the fronts of buses, eating at

the same places that others were allowed and drinking at water fountains

that were not labeled by the heinous words: “For Colored People.”

Well, my Grandpa took his little gas and mileage paper pad out of his glove

compartment and wrote down their orders and marched into the McD’s

to place their order. He included a few extra fries and hamburgers, too.

As he was leaving, ready to slam the door behind him, he exclaimed


“By the way, that nice family from Washington D.C. that you turned

away still wanted to eat your food, I will never buy it for my own family

and grandchildren again!”

In the animal kingdom, there are mostly defensive killings, rarely a

choice of distaste, definitely more a decision that it was animal vs.

animal, the most dangerous one being the one to defer to.

There are no cases between animals of killing out of jealousy, hate crimes,

or genocide. There are episodes of bullying, fighting over territory and

where the next meal comes from. Nature is pretty straight forward,

mankind is so much more emotionally charged and complicated in their

choosing their enemies.

Why can’t human beings just get along?

All I can think of is, we were given more brain power, we should be able

to control ourselves, make better decisions and not always follow our

first impulses. Who can decide why we feel our gut reaction to someone?

How do we learn who to trust or not?

One case at a time…

All this is pretty controversial, throwing my opinions around and all!

I was not raised to be a narrow-minded person, my world was always

large, inclusive and sometimes, in the case of my own father, included

the universe with stars and the possibility of intergalactic friends, too.

I would overall like to have us ponder this, reflect and act better towards

each other, by being this way, we do make a difference!

December Around the World


This is an exciting month for many people around the world! I hope

you  will find some interesting facts about holly or other news here,

along with some important dates to remember. My Mom told me that

she and Dad liked to decorate the mantel over the fireplace, with yew


I always feel there is a sense of wonder, magic and celebration in the air!


2nd~  New Moon

“To have a project prosper, start it during the new moon.” Old Farmer’s

Almanac, 2013.

Hanukkah which started on November 28, 2013 lasts eight days. This

would mean that (I think) it would end on December 5, 2013, counting

the beginning day.

7th~  Pearl Harbor Day

Remembering the bombing of Pearl Harbor and how sad we felt when

our own “territory” was attacked.

12th~  National Poinsettia Day

While in Mexico, U.S. Minister Joel Roberts Poinsett (who died on this day

in 1851), came across a striking native plant. He later introduced the

plant in the United States. It became known as a Poinsettia, named in

his honor for bringing it to our attention. We love the bright pink, red

and white flowers using them to decorate around our house for the

holidays. Mom loves the pink ones the best.

17~  “Full Cold Moon”

“When ’round the moon there is a “brugh” (sounds like “bruff”)

The weather will be cold and rough.” Old Farmer’s Almanac, 2013.

Wright Brothers Day is also celebrated on Dec. 17th.

21st~ Winter Solstice

After today, the days get lighter meaning there will be more daylight

from this day onward. Celebrate by sowing lettuce seed in a pot. Or

you could try your hand at planting a window herb garden.

Place in a sunny kitchen window.

25th~ Christmas

“The holly’s up, the house is all bright,

The tree is ready, the candles alight.”

Written by German composer, Carl August Peter Cornelius (1824-74).

26th~ Boxing Day in Canada

Also, Kwanzaa begins its celebration on December 26th.

31~ New Year’s Eve

Enjoy this last night of 2013 and the beginning of new adventures and

dreams around the world…

May Peace On Earth somehow, magically reign!

I always enjoy watching the different cultures shooting off firecrackers

and having parades with dragons, along with so many other traditions

on the television shows. I have found that HGTV and PBS have some

interesting focuses on New Year’s Eve.

Out in the country, be careful when shooting off your guns into the air!

Here is a section on planting for the woodland creatures and for using

holly in decorating, too:

Old fashioned wished to “Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly” resound

from my post to yours! Here are some facts about Holly (Ilex). It may be

considered evergreen or deciduous. They offer a variety of leaf types, dull

or glossy, shades of green or blue-green. Sometimes they have yellow or

white “splashes.”

Grow a few with broad, pointed leaves such as Chinese holly (I.coruta),

along with others that feature narrow, oval leaves such as inkberry


A type known as “ferox” (I.aquifolium) is also called Hedgehog holly and

has spiny edges.

I hope I have these facts correct from the Old Farmer’s Almanac, 2013.

If you are botanists, please feel free to give any needed amendments!

In our old house, I loved to cut different evergreen branches and holly

sprigs to decorate in vases, baskets with a hidden dish containing water

and even a wooden bucket by the hearth with the varieties mentioned.

The natural presentation of holly adds such a lovely scent to your rooms.

An arrangement can be made with different types to contrast and add

dimension, plus the bonus of the red berries to brighten it up. Arranged

in any kind of container you can imagine provides some extra oxygen to

the indoor environment, too.

Scents to enjoy during this month: Seasonal Aromatherapy!

*Spicy or pungent scents*

1. Evergreens boughs and branches.

2. Cranberry strings draped on branches of your trees.

3. Oranges with cloves stuck into them.

4. Cinnamon brooms or pine cones in a basket.

5. Hot mulled apple cider or eggnog with nutmeg.

*Sweet or yummy baked goods scents*

1. Sugar or Spritz cookies, so sweet and buttery, too. I like mine iced!

2. Gingerbread cookies (Don’t forget to read the Gingerbread Man or

Gingerbread Baby (I like Jan Brett’s version best.) books to little ones!)

3. Anise flavoring (licorice tasting) in Pfefferneuse (Germany) and

Pizzelles (Italy).

4. Russian Tea Cakes, Mexican Wedding Cakes, or Butter Nut (made

with pecans) Balls melt in your mouth! These are coated with powdered

sugar on them.

5. Kuchen (Germany), fruitcake or coffee cake. What is your family’s

breakfast holiday treat? My Grandmother made kuchen, my Mom

made those cinnamon rolls with orange glazed icing that you could

squeeze from a tube.

*Tangy and Cheery Scents*

1. Oranges in jello or in the toe of your stocking hung by the fire.

2. Grapefruits to be sectioned, balancing some Vitamin C in your diet.

3. Warm cocoa with marshmallows in a big pot on the stove when you

come in from playing in the snow or taking a walk in your boots.

4. Popcorn to string on your trees and happen to be popped into one’s

mouth, too!

Whether you believe in Christmas or any of the hoopla attributed to it,

it is hard not to think of the history of such figures as:

Father Christmas

Santa Claus

Kris Kringle

Saint Nicholas

and if you have any interest in looking them up and providing more about

them on your own posts, go for the countries and when they began to be


As we gather at the table…


I have written a “corny” post with a “corny” poem, too!

Gather at the Table

Corn bread served with melted butter,

Corn bread stuffing filled with celery, sage and onions.

Corn casserole moist and sweet with sour cream, eggs and butter,

Corny jokes and stories told, passed amongst the young and old.

Tires traveling across the miles,

Tires staying steady, safe and heading straight,

Tired children yawn and nap along the way,

Tires treading over stones in driveway, alerting the arrival

of loved ones now.

Doors opening at rest stops to use the facilities,

Doors opening for passengers to disembark,

Doors opening for guests from afar,

Doors flung open wide into our hearts.

“Over the river and through the woods…”

Over from places far and wide, uphill and down,

Over the distance between you and me,

Over the bridge to where your family lives.

A Toast to Celebrate (including the repeated words)!

May your CORN (at your table) always be palatable.

May your TIRES never go flat along your journeys.

May DOORS always open wide with warmth to receive you.

May you skip OVER any bumps in the road and have smooth sailing!

Here’s a recipe called “Corn Bake:”


1/3 c. chopped green onions with tops

3 eggs

1 can (14.75 oz.) cream style corn

1 can (11 oz.) whole kernel corn, drained

1 package (8 1/2 oz.) corn muffin mix

1 cup sour cream

2 T. melted butter

1/8 tsp. ground red or black pepper, to “taste”

Prep time: 15 minutes

Directions for Preparation:

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees

2. Chop green onions. In a large bowl, whisk eggs. Add onions and the rest

of the ingredients. Mix until well blended (by hand to not destroy the corn kernels!)

3. Pour mixture into a baking dish sprayed with cooking spray or oiled or buttered.

4. Bake for 35-40 minutes until edges are golden brown.

Enjoy your time with family, if you celebrate this week. If not, hope that you have

some wonderful times ahead, coming soon! God bless and keep you safe. Robin

Wine, women and song


While talking about Santa making a “Naughty or Nice” list for behaviors,

Melvin asked which list he would be on. He launched into a story that

would  (I am fairly sure) make him land on the “Naughty” list! This Army

game was played in Germany, initiating and also, landing a few of his

buddies in trouble.

Over thirty years ago, Melvin served in the military. He started by telling

of his adventures in many European countries. He and his pals had plenty

of dark beer or ale, wine, women and music in all sorts of unusual places.

While traveling around, I found it interesting to find this out, on a bus,

the men would sing songs and talk to the women upon this form of

transportation. He says that the Europass or European railway service was

more expensive than the bus, so that is the way these men ‘rolled.’

They were able to go on weekend furloughs to Spain and Portugal. Then,

another time, to Scotland and England. While going to Holland, they ended

up visiting several places that sold Hummel figurines, for less than found in

Germany. They also would chat to the local women, maybe this “cheaper”

form of transportation had more than one benefit, occasionally. This was

implied but the main story will be told and its title should be:

“The Ironing Board Game”

So, before I retell Melvin’s game story, have any other servicemen heard of

this wild and wicked game?

On weekends while the men stayed on base, there would be lots of alcohol

flowing. Melvin would go to the commissary and purchase the stronger stuff,

while some of the other guys and gals would get beer and wine coolers.

One man, Bob, whose wife had recently come over to live on base with his

husband in the service was “kept on a tight leash.” Melvin felt sorry for the

guy and asked him if he could come to one particularly well-planned party.

They were going to have a luau with a wide variety of musical choices, food

and liberal amount of liquid libations flowing. Bob’s wife, as all servicemen’s

spouses, was invited. He lived upstairs from Melvin and yet, he really did not

expect the guy to show up.

One game, Melvin told us, that “worked out best for newbies or ones who had

never been to their parties” was sort of like an initiation, it was meant all in

fun, it was a way of letting off steam. None of the married guys were encouraged

to be unfaithful or hire a prostitute while off base. Melvin says their were strict

moral codes and practices among the Army men and women.

When Bob walked in, everyone was happy to see him out and about. The D.J.

for the night, one of the guys put on a rock and roll record on the stereo and

turned up the volume. Bob, as Melvin put it, knew he only had a certain amount

of time, so he made the best of it by immediately going to the “bar” they had

set up, skipping the food table. He was soon “doing shots” and getting a lot of

attention from the guys who were in his group.

One woman, Shirley, asked if anyone would like to volunteer to participate in a

game called the “Ironing Board Game?”

Bob, who liked to flirt and tease, when he was on his own, answered with a

resounding and loud,  “I will!”

Shirley took Bob’s hand and led him back down the hallway to the bedroom.

Within minutes, drunken Bob was coming out of the bedroom in a sheer

negligee that came just at the end of where boxer shorts would land. Shirley

followed him with a real ironing board and threw it on the floor. She was

used to being the one who would get men to participate in this game, being

attractive and fun-loving, Melvin said.

A man named Dick told the rules, they go like this,

“Shirley will blindfold you, she will place your feet on either side of the

ironing board. You will try to straddle the board, waddling to the end,

if you make it that far without stumbling we will give you an award!”

Bob got blindfolded, just as that happened the phone rang.

Melvin said, “I answered it and told Bob’s wife he was in the bathroom,

he would call back in a few minutes. She asked me, ‘Did you know I gave

him a 60 minutes’ time limit?'” I told her, ‘He will be a little late, he is

busy at the moment.'”

Bob made it almost to the end of the ironing board and another single

woman slid down behind him, quietly lying down on the board, stifling

a giggle. Shirley took off the blindfold and put a plastic medal on a red

ribbon around Bob’s neck and said, “Congratulations, Bob, you made it

without falling onto Mary!” He turned around and saw her lying on the

floor, now roaring! Bob’s head was filled with the images from her view-

point of his private parts and his rear came into his mind.

Melvin said that “Bob turned a bright red, looked really embarrassed and

seemed to sober up quick! He grabbed his ‘jewels’ and started back towards

the bedroom.”

And of course, we  listeners started to see what the end result would be

but we waited for it.

Yep! The apartment door was flung wide open, slamming against the thin,

poorly constructed Army base apartment wall. Bob’s wife “looked searchingly

around the room of dummies, trying to see her own “dummy” and didn’t see

him. She immediately surmised that he must have gone in the direction of the

bedroom, heading there on hurried feet.

By the way,” Melvin added, “the D.J. turned the record off and the entire party

fell silent. You could hear a pin drop!”

Bob’s wife went into the bedroom and found him stark naked, trying to get

the negligee untangled around his feet. She looked in the closet, under the

bed and could not find any woman in the room! The partyers were listening

as she opened and shut doors, going into the hallway and checking for what

she thought would be another guilty, naked person.

She was upset and shouted and probably could have been heard outside and

down the road,

“Where is she?!”

Well, Shirley had not followed Bob into the bedroom, she was over at the

“bar” having a stiff drink and laughing about the whole escapade of  tricking

poor, ole’ Bob into playing the Ironing Board Game.

Melvin and all of us were laughing heartily at lunch. I wondered aloud if she

thought he was a “cross dresser?”

Melvin said, “Oh she believed the worst, I am sure, of the situation! Because

Bob was never in the next 3 years allowed to come to a party nor was

he allowed to speak to ME!”

Tammy asked, “Were there others that Shirley conned into playing this

game after Bob? Didn’t she feel guilty for the end result?”

Melvin said, “That sort of thing didn’t really cross any of our minds, back

then, it was just all in good fun! So, of course, we continued this and we

even had one drunken man play this twice! He had forgotten about the

way the woman laid down while the man is blindfolded! Now, that was

hilarious! Talk about a dumb son of a gun! There were some other pranks

and wild games that I may tell you about another day!”


It’s a Wonderful Life


I am blessed beyond any imagination with a special circle of friends

who  have listened, commented and shown actual caring in their

being my fellow bloggers. There are many, too numerous to name

all, but have to tell you this is like a parent trying to decide which

child they love best… the decision is impossible!

I like the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life” with the late, great Jimmy

Stewart. I hope you have all been able to see it at least a few times.

There are several common threads to our own lives woven into this

famous story. We all face difficulties, sometimes private tragedies,

and we have to learn how to overcome them. We just have to!

In  this film, due to financial circumstances, Jimmy’s character

contemplates first, not staying on Earth.

Second, with the help of an Angel to guide him, he sees his life, as it

would have been, had he not lived.

Third, and lastly, he finds out how much he values his family, friends

and community. He realizes that he needs to stay and fix his situation,

riding out the difficulties with his wife and family beside him. Some

resolutions are easily seen ahead of time, others are surprises.

I have found blogging to be quite an adventure! I have found a few

difficulties along the way. I had to start “throwing someone into “Spam.”

I had to ignore some ‘off the wall’ comments that I could have taken the

wrong way. As someone learned to ignore my “off the cuff” and

sometimes not well-thought out or researched blog opinions!

I feel like I have “grown up” with my fellow bloggers and would be happy

to sit down and offer you a cup of coffee, cocoa or tea (cider or juice?)

with any of you, as I consider you all very cherished friends. We have

differed in opinions, so we are like family! We are all “works in progress.”

If you are ever in my “neck of the woods,” anywhere in Ohio, I would

travel to have a meal with you. I would invite you into my humble

apartment and trust you to tell me your thoughts, as I would share mine.

I know that this sounds “corny” but I look forward to hearing from each

and every one of you!

Here is the first friend who recently invited me to be a member of a great

group of people. She calls me a blessing, but I call her a blessing!

Glorialana, you are a wonderful writer, poetic at times, but your thanking

God comes across directly and indirectly in all of your posts. You have

a genuine caring that shines through in your words and that is what makes

them special!

Thank you for nominating me for “The Sisterhood of the World Blogger


You can find Glorialana at:

Here are the people who feel like they are sisters to me and I would

like to nominate for this Sisterhood Award!

1. Tracy

2. Adeena

3. Beth

4. Luanne

5. Marylin

6. Be With Us

7. Melanie

8. Angie

9. Timi


My friend, Brenda, was so kind to nominate me for another award

called,  “The Award Winning Blog Has Been Blessed Again.” When

Brenda was accepting the sisterhood award, she gave me the special

privilege of being “Sister of my (her) Heart.”

If you have not connected with Brenda, somehow from seeing her

many caring comments on my blog, or have not chosen to check

out her posts, Please read her haiku’s, see her original and beautiful

videos, with background music played by her son! The words are

chosen carefully for each post, they are divine, creative and fun, too!

I am going to answer Glorialana’s questions:

1. What is your favorite color? I love peach and orange shades.

2. What is your favorite animal? I enjoy seeing the antics of

monkeys and bonobos.

3. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? I like a caramel

macchiato or cappucino.

4. Which do you like better of the media choices: Facebook, Twitter,

WordPress or LinkedIn?  I prefer WordPress but am on LinkedIn.

(I am not of FB or Twitter.)

5. What is your favorite pattern? I like to see the way the waves

ripple, glisten, bubble and froth, while they repeatedly (like a

pattern) go in and out upon the beach.

6. Which do you prefer to do? Give or receive gifts? I prefer to

give. It always makes me happy to see the expressions on my

friend or family member’s faces!

7. What is your favorite number? My favorite number is Lucky 7.

8. What is your favorite day? I love Saturdays! Always!

9. What is your favorite flower? I like roses in a vase from someone

special in the Winter, violets in the Spring, Sunflowers in late Summer,

and Mums in the Autumn.

10. What is your passion? Love is my passion. I find my love for my

children and grandchildren limitless. I am so blessed with many

wonderful and endearing friends who I love. I would like to have a

man to completely share my life with in all the ways passion can be


Here are the friends who are bloggers who are nominated for “The

Award Winning Blog Has Been Blessed Again:”

(Please don’t feel slighted because I chose some new ones to let

into this Award nomination process!)

1. Esther

2. Mike

3. Nafees








Early Sunday Sillies


I will be working on this Sunday, to “earn” my Friday off after

Thanksgiving. I am glad to be here at the library, able to post a

Sunday silly post for your enjoyment today or tomorrow. You

know, when we write daily, we assume people are reading daily

but sometimes this will be read a whole week, month or someday

in the future!

I am happy to say my Dad used to read to my brothers and me,

while we waited for my mother to get ready for church every Sunday.

My Dad used the philosophy that is echoed in a wonderful, special

song that Andy Griffith sings with Brad Paisley, “Waiting on a Woman.”

If you have not heard this, be prepared for a lovely and emotional,

sentimental song. I get teary-eyed often, when I hear it or especially,

if I watch it. My Dad is in Heaven, I believe and is “waiting on his

woman.” That will tell you the gist of the song, but it is aimed at

impatient people who want their significant other to hurry up and

get ready.

The Sunday comics that my brothers and I loved were varied. We

liked, of course, Peanuts. I have the paperback books of these close

to my heart characters and one, I look back at and cherish was the

one, where Linus is expecting his baby sister, Sally. This one is so

precious, showing Sally later in the book, being a baby! He even

shares his beloved blanket with her!

My brothers liked the ones that had action that had superheroes and

they are probably around in comic books, but like the older Peanuts

not seen so much anymore. We liked the “Sarge” cartoon, the “Wizard

of Id” and we liked the different ones that were found in the Sandusky

Register and later, the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Cleveland Press,

(now defunct).

We also loved Saturday morning cartoons! I am going to announce a

wonderful surprise for my older readers!!

“Hot” assembly line:

The new Hot Wheels’ production of a Jetson’s car!

Here are the details for this 2014 edition of the line, “Tooned II” tm,

also called “HW City” tm.

The packaging says “Born in 2062 and gives the Birthplace as Orbit City.”

You may purchase this car from Advance Auto or anywhere Hot Wheels

are being sold.

“Specialty: Bubble-top Aero Sedan

with rear fin.

Undercarriage landing gear and the ability to fold itself into a handheld

suitcase.” This is called a “suitcase” on the product cardboard literature,

that holds encased vehicle. But I would say that I

remember it turning into a “briefcase” in my memories for Mr. Jetson to

carry into work.

This car is in bright neon green, has Mr. and Mrs. Jetson (“Jane” and “George”

in the front seat and their daughter, “Judy,” maid, “Rosie” and son, “Elroy” in

the back. No dog in the back! The family dog was called “Astro.”

This will tell your age if you remember it from 1062-63, when it first came out,

but it did start playing daily in 1987 onward so that your children got a chance

to imagine the high technological wonders and what they used to call, the “Space


This “Blast from the Past” may give you extra smiles, as they did me, yesterday

while I packed them for shipments to Advance Auto stores that will be selling them!

How many of you are disappointed, as I am sometimes, that we don’t have our own

flying cars in our garages or parking lots? Or that we could have them collapse into

a portable briefcase?

What did you think, if you were a kid in the sixties, would be happening in the year

2013 and soon to be, 2014?

Apt. Dweller and Co-worker: Beware of the Wrath of Robin!


Lessons will be learned!

Fridays are our ‘get ‘er done’ days at work- usually promised 4-5 hours

but, for some insane reason, our orders from Advance Auto stores have

picked up! Holidays don’t sound like a good time, in my opinion, to work

on cars! But parts are rolling out of our distribution center like crazy!

Last Friday, (Nov. 15th), I went to my dermatologist and took the whole half

day off. I ended up doing errands and had a great lunch out at a place called

“The Horsey Inn” on the way westward towards Marysville. I got a couple

of irregular spots on my left leg “frozen” and my four month check-up of

my ear. Poor ear, no draft took so it has a little notch out of it. The Dr. I go

to locally bemoaned this, sorry that the other Dr. in Westerville, is still

sending me bills to pay up until 2014! I found out from him, you may

remember, that you need to be concerned more about your left side of

your face (and ears) if you drive and forget that the windows won’t

protect you from sun damage. My two spots on leg, notice, were also

on the left side. So, from now on, I will be slathering on the over SPF 30

all over in odd places!

Someone told me this past Monday, Nov. 18th, that a man who lives in

my building was “speculating about my whereabouts and had told a

complete bunch of smokers, out in the ‘butt hut,'” that I “couldn’t have

been sick, since my car was not in the apt. parking lot all day last Friday!”

(Well, someone ‘spilled the beans’ and without saying his name, I have

had fun this week telling people about the appointment that I made in

June, that I had plans for the other few hours that I used my sick time,


Hmmm… “How to approach this person?”

My almost-seething self wondered? I was partly amused as I dropped off

my copies of my “Excuse Back to Work” in triplicate: one to the HR person

for my files, one to my immediate boss and one to my boss’ boss. Also,

told my immediate boss,

“I have an appointment in May, 2014, should I wait till January to let

you know? Oh, and here is my request off for November 26th for my eyes

to get dilated and extensive tests. (You may or may not know I had two

laser procedures for narrow eye glaucoma a couple of years ago…) And,

I wrote this down for needing an hour of sick time on this day to go to

the dentist.”

She responded, “You will still end the year with over 40 hours’ sick time,


And, Melvin took up the humorous approach of sneaking up, all of

a sudden, into my work areas, and springing hilarious and outrageous

assumptions and accusations!

Here are a few and hope to bring you some Saturday chuckles!

1.) “I know what you did last summer!” He whispered, conspiratorily.

2.) “I saw that man from the gas station with you on your living room

carpet.” He whispered and winked!

3.) “I know that you ate a hot dog for breakfast!” He rubbed his chubby

belly and smiled.

4.) “I know that you were out past midnight on Tuesday night!” (Well,

folks, that one was TRUE!)

5.) “I know you take plastic silverware home from McD’s so you don’t

have to wash dishes!” (Ok, Melvin, that one is true, too!)

6.) “I know what you wear to bed! You better close those blinds!” He

smirked and rolled his eyes…

I am not kidding, once Melvin gets it in his head to tease, he will do it

endlessly! These are only a few that I could remember. I was eating with

the girls, and he was over with the guys who face the other direction to

watch the sports network. He snuck up on me, watching the noisy, happy

“The New Price is Right with Drew Carey.”

Melvin put his hand on my shoulder, whispered rather loudly these words,

“I know that you have a crush on someone who works here and lives in

your apartment!” Everyone at my table and the next one started to laugh!

Tammy roared and said, “You are too funny, Melvin!”

Not a chance that I would have a crush on this man, who is above average

looking, but is extremely fastidious and too law-abiding for my tastes!

I blame my liking (or loving) “bad boys” on those two men in the poster

that hung above my bed throughout my older teens and into college

years, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! (My Dad put little strips of

finishing wood to frame that infamous poster up!)

So… What have I done to the ‘guilty party,’ Don? I have been incessantly

telling him my plans. I have been preparing him for my upcoming sick

time days and my personal scheduled activities. Just in case he wants

to report them, just getting the facts straight.

Have I directly told him, “I know you blabbed about my car’s location

and the way you assumed I called in sick?”

Nope, that is not my “mode of operandi!”

By pulling my ‘chain,’ he better watch out for my subtle way of retaliation!

Any suggestions for “revenge” in a tasteful way?