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Everyone likes awards!


This is a post with additional dates to watch more

exciting award shows. I missed their dates, so knew

it could be a complete post, all by itself.

This made sense not to add them to my January Calendar.

It already has a lot of newsy and hopefully, helpful

dates to check out in the New Year.

Our celebrating will commence in just a few more hours

here in the U.S. Whoopee! Yippee!

I did see at lunch that New Zealand, Thailand, along

with several other countries have reached January

First! At our first break at work, Mary Jane was

Skype-ing to her family in the Philippines. Many of

her tablemates, including the ones who are Filipino,

were cramming around her cellphone! It was not even

a tablet or laptop, so I watched, amused and happy

for her and her family “back home!”

January 8th (Wed.)

The 40th Annual People’s Choice Awards Show.

The television show, “2 Broke Girls” will

be the irreverent and wacky hostesses for

the evening.

January 12th (Sunday)

The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards Show.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will look glamorous,

while hamming it up, clowning around and

making me laugh! This is the precursor for

the Academy Awards. Ever since I was a child,

I loved staying up to see the gowns and the

presentations, along with the song and dance

routines that accompany this and the Oscar’s.

(I would ‘bargain’ with my parents, that if I

took a long nap, promised to wake up, without

complaint the next day for school, then I would

be given permission to watch!)

January 16th (Thurs.)

The 19th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.

Show. No hostess or host listed in my program.

This is an unusual awards show, with the emphasis

on Movie Critics’ opinions and this is on the

CW Channel here in Ohio at 8 p.m.

January 18th (Sat.)

The 20th Annual Screen Actors’ Guild Awards

Otherwise known in the acting ‘business’ as

The SAG Awards! These are the only awards where

performers are the focus, no directors or best

song choices… The distinction makes it unusual

and individuals, along with ensembles of both

television and movies are given awards. This

includes drama series, comedy series, mini-series,

sometimes a guest appearance on a show, along with

an entire cast of a motion picture can receive a

SAG award!

Of course, I did include on my January Calendar

post this final January awards, but just in case

you missed it, tucked in amongst moons and other


January 26th (Sunday)

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards Show will be full

of musical ensembles, combining different styles

and talents. It will be also a glamorous, fun-

filled night!

If you were like me, once you became a WordPress

blogger, you were thrilled by getting various

accolades from your fellow bloggers, including the

nominations for awards! I really enjoy these gifts

that are bestowed upon us, I hope to be better at

receiving and posting the news of these in 2014!

Bask in the glory of the awards, receive them well,

and be glad you don’t have to go out and rent a

tuxedo or purchase a ball gown! Those lovely

clothing items were a source of interest, not only

to myself, but my Mom who loved sewing would enjoy

studying the fashions on the Red Carpet!


(Of course, depends on what corner of the world

you are in!)

xoxox SMILES! xoxox Robin

It’s Getting Hot in Here!


Even though there has been a brief spell of warm weather

here in Ohio and the Midwest, I realize this will be soon

short-lived and turned back into the cold of Brrr! Winter.

With the musical influences of Nancy Sinatra, Chuck Brown

and Neil Young, the rapper, Nelly, made a hit song in 2002

called, (and warning, there will be a misspelled word in the

title on purpose!) “It’s Getting Hot in Herre!”

I am going to warm things up a bit by talking about one

of the most controversial magazines coming out in January:

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!

Baby, it’s always cold outside in the Midwest! The statistics

done on the frequent buyers of this illustrious, provocative

magazine include men (of course!) and many women, too!

In the upcoming, soon to be arrival of the year, 2014 you will

see this famous and much desired magazine. I remember, other

than the National Geographic magazines arriving at our house,

that Sports Illustrated was one of the ones you could see

partial and sometimes, barely covered, nudity!

Yes, you may find in your mailbox or at your friendly local

supermarkets and on magazine stands the fiftieth anniversary

of a magazine that was originally titled, “Sporting Look”

magazine. The varied subjects of sports and sporting fashion

were featured in the first years of this magazine’s publication.

In 1960, the name for “Sporting Look” magazine changed to the

current label of “Sports Illustrated.” Then editor was Andre

Laguerre, who set the tone for the present informative and

popular magazine.

Here’s a list of women who have graced the covers and pages

of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, who have found

their fame and fortune far surpassing their modeling days:

Kathy Ireland, whose line of clothing, furniture and sheets

meets a budgeted public along with giving some great designs.

Kathy holds the record of twelve covers of SI! Wow, you go,


All of the ones I have listed below have accomplished

more than just modeling swimsuits. I did not bother to

write all of their different talents, but you will recognize

their names! I have seen several in the public eye, in movies

and television, too.

Cheryl Tiegs

Christie Brinkley, who for me, inspired my man, Billy Joel

to write a famous song, “Uptown Girl.” Well, after my

“research” I found out, he gives dating Elle Macpherson,

being surrounded by other beautiful women like Whitney

Houston, and lastly Christie the total sum of credit for

inspiring this song, he was initially going to call it,

“Uptown Girls,” PLURAL! You dog, Billy!

Elle Macpherson

Paulina Porizkova

Tyra Banks, known for her several talk shows she was the

hostess, along with being one of the African Americans who

shows us beauty, intelligence and culture.

Cindy Crawford

Naomi Campbell

Heidi Klum, I like her children’s show filled with a light-

hearted comedic spin on it! There is still a gorgeous person,

inside and out!

I would like to quote Thomas Kinkade about ‘Living in a Playful


“We live far more joyfully when we allow ourselves a playful

spirit, even in work.”

The year of my college graduation, 1978, Cheryl Tiegs made the

fishnet bathing suit famous, along with decorating many of my

male friends’ college dorm rooms! I am sure that many teenagers

were ‘scarfing up’ over the years of swimsuits, their parents’

photographs and posting them on their locker doors, too!

Numerous facts about SI can be found in the fifty years that

the magazine has been around. There have been many folks who

have ‘banned’ the magazine, some magazine stands covering the

front cover with a paper bag or having them behind the counter.

It is attributed to ‘pushing the envelope’ and sparking a big

furor over the ‘lack of decency.’

I found the wide variety of items, that have been strategically

placed, to be quite amusing and interesting, too. These have

included guitar picks, beer caps, hot peppers and even in the

popularity of this televised product; Chia Pet grass!

There have been years of body paint taking the place, all

together, of the bathing suit. The popular bikinis and the

many holed and fine strips of fabric stretched to cover

the few body parts left uncovered all to me is vastly funny!

Athletes and couples were included in the 30th Anniversary

magazine, in 1993.

The National Organization of Women (NOW) and the group

called, “Women Against Pornography” have taken offense

without any results or loss of sales…

Last year, 2013’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

issue was sold to over 70 million readers.

That’s about all for now on this subject!

Now, go buy out and buy the coffee table book, which

celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the magazine.

This has more fascinating facts, along with photographic

examples and see how people react to this presentation

in your living room!

January Calendar: Resolve to Be…


Hope you will have fun celebrating on December 31st!

Will you bang on pans, toot some horns and make
some racket?

(Fireworks and guns discharging safely are other
additional ways to create more explosive and even
louder noises! Please use caution and be careful!)

Some of my friends say this is to scare all those
old 2013 ‘evil spirits’ out of the house! I have
not explored this international folk lore subject,
so if you have anything to add; please do!

I always felt it was to say, “good riddance” or to
‘kick out’ any feelings of regret, sending any
unresolved grievances and conflicts right out the
door! (With the old and decrepit man using his
cane to escape.)

We always open the front door, ready to greet the
New Year “baby” at about 11:58 p.m. December 31.
Then we make lots of noise going through the house,
making sure that old year gets out!

This allows new hopes and promises to enter freely.

We also put dimes and a piece of silverware under
the welcome mat at the front door, to assure a
prosperous New Year, 2014!

On New Year’s Day, we eat sauerkraut with pork,
sometimes when times were ‘lean,’ that meant
Polish Kielbasi (Cleveland, Ohio memories…)
and other times, it meant a delicious, moist
pork roast in the crock pot. I usually had
people surrounding me, family and friends who
would love this, but if you don’t I still am
a little pushy, telling you that it might bring
you good luck in the new year, so have a tiny
bite. My mother usually added brown sugar and
caraway seeds to help enhance the flavor of
the sauerkraut. This is a German dish, too.

Do you have any special customs? Let us all know
so we may include them, starting new family or
personal traditions.

Always nice to add more celebratory joyfulness
to the annual festivities!

Resolve to be…
Happy, Serene, Complete, Healthy …

“Life’s wisdom arrives gracefully.
And the wonder of this Miracle
is that we all receive its gift.”
A positive message from artist/poet, Flavia.


This is National Blood Donor Month.

Jan. 1- Happy New Year!
New Year’s Day
New Moon

Jan. 2- Bank Holiday (Scotland).
Holiday (New Zealand).

Jan. 6- Epiphany on some church calendars.
Celebrated in the UK on this date.
The Catholic Church in other countries may
move the date between January 2-8th.
Epiphany represents when the Wise Men arrived
at the Manger in Bethlehem.
When the Magi visited the Baby Jesus.

Jan. 7- In Russia, it is Christmas today!

Jan. 8- 1/4 or First Quarter Moon.
On this day in history, Lyndon B. Johnson declared
a “War on Poverty,” by supporting the passage of the
Economic Opportunity Act. This initiated Medicare and
Medicaid, fifty years ago today.

Jan. 16- Full Wolf Moon.

Jan. 17- On this date, fifty years ago,
Michelle Obama was born. The U.S. President’s
wife will be having her birthday party today.

I think I would use ANY excuse to have a piece
of birthday cake! Since there are, at least,
two famous persons’ birthdays in less than a
week, I may just have to go out and buy a whole
cake! Smile!

Jan. 20- Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
is observed.
In U.S., there will be no school.
Postal service and banks are closed.

Jan. 21- National Squirrel Appreciation Day.
If you need more information, check out Evil
Squirrel’s posts. I am sure he will have a
huge party over there on this date!

Jan. 23- National Pie Day in the U.S.
Crisco (shortening) company originated this
date and even has a National Pie Contest.
Thank you, Mike Lince, for adding this to
our January pleasures calendar! I like pecan
pies, coconut cream pies, apple streusel
pies and strawberry pie with whipped cream
on top. Do you have a favorite pie?

Jan. 26- If you enjoy music, try watching the
Grammy Awards Show tonight. I am a big fan of
most award shows, so I plan to try to include
them this year in my monthly posts!

Jan. 27- Australia Day.
3/4 or the Last Quarter Moon.

What resolutions will you make to start this fantastic
New Year of 2014?
I will wish for time to pass ever so slowly, so I may
fit all that I need to do and be into this brand new

Here is a brief poem/prayer submitted to my church
bulletin for December, 2013, by member, Nadine Butler.
It seemed to “speak to me” in so many ways. I really
will be printing this on a piece of paper to read and
re-read again:

“Sorrow looks back,
Worry looks around.

But faith looks up!

Live simply,
Love generously,
Care deeply,
Speak kindly, and
Trust in our Creator
Who loves us.”

A word about those after holiday, “Winter’s Blues.”
To beat seasonal affective disorder (also known as
S.A.D.)) or just this time of year “down” period:

1. Try increasing caffeine, if your physician allows.
This is still considered a ‘mood booster.’

2. Consider bright lights, there are even special
ones for ‘light therapy.’

3. On partly that same subject, walk anytime its
sunny. Get outside for fresh air and exercise.
Natural endorphins increase while walking briskly
and enjoying nature really does brighten one’s mood!

4. Get enough sleep. Well, that is year-round. It
is also a challenge, especially as one gets older,
to stay asleep for over six hours. Sometimes the
bladder disrupts our sleep, sometimes worries, and
a lot of my friends say this is happening more
frequently, like an internal alarm clock going off
way too early, in their heads!

“Greet each day as if
your life is just beginning.
And your heart’s desire
will unfold before you.”
Another positive message from artist/poet, Flavia.

“Cleaning House:”Clutter in Mind and Life


This is an amazingly quick and carefully pruned list of

questions to ask yourself in January, 2014. I hope it

will be a successful and productive year for you and

yours, along with a balance of a carefree, uncluttered

mind and life.

Here are some New Year’s Resolution questions to help

you to organize and clean your life and house:

1. Do I love it?

(Oh, this can be handled in so many dimensions and give you

quite a week-long “pause” before you act on this one!)

2. Will I use it?

(This one is so important and yet, so tough to act upon!)

3. Can I afford it?

(I love this one, especially with all of those after

Christmas sales and January clearance items!)

4. Live “Large” on Less. Can you do this?

(I like to call this, ‘trimming the fat in your life.’)

5. Can you keep focused on what matters most in your


(This is also an important one to keep in mind, whether

at work, with family or at play. I also would include,

Are you doing what makes you happy? Can you take steps

to get to where you will be happier?)

This has no references to weight loss, per se.

This list has no improvements given to you.

This is one to get you thinking and to start living a

better, much improved and satisfying life NOW!

Don’t put off for tomorrow, what you can DO TODAY!

Coworkers Share Wisdom


My silly and crazy friend, Darryl, and I get along famously

with outrageous, loud accusations of, “Did you go out

drinking last night?” or “When we going to rob a bank,

Robin?” (He says I could “get away with murder” with

my innocent and ‘girl next door’ appearance.) I wrote

a few times about Darryl, but he is the one I claimed

‘saved my life’ while I was blue. Also, about meeting

his wife, Samantha, his three boys and precious pink

bundle of joy, Dondria, at our Advance Auto D.C. #23

Children’s Holiday Celebration.

My other loud and yes, they are both African American

friends! They are exuberant and expressive people. I am

blessed that they include me in their lives and conversations.

Cheryl is my good and five year long friend. I wrote her love

story post, about her longtime lover and companion who doesn’t

live in her house; Scott. But, they have been together for

many years. I admire their closeness, their ability to handle

two families while continuing a passionate relationship, too.

We were for once in our times together, sharing a break in

the back part of the building. We were together on December

23rd, Monday, having had a hectic Sunday to ‘earn’ our next

two days, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off. We were somber,

remembering that Cheryl’s mother died before last Christmas

and were talking about our beliefs.

Unusually ‘sober’ and solemn was Darryl. He has family

members who follow the Muslim faith. Darryl has a potent and

very sincere expression of his own faith. I asked him if I

could quote him on this. He had revealed a meaningful and

heartfelt message of a Higher Being in his life and his

family and friends:

Darryl said, (12/23/13)

“I believe that my three boys all view me in a different light.

The oldest son, he believes I am ‘too strict.’ My middle son,

views me with some skeptical feelings, he doesn’t even think

I love him sometimes. My youngest boy, he is a doll and is so

sweet and weirdly funny, he thinks I am a climbing place,

someone to pick him up and throw him down onto a soft bed.

Why, why cannot everyone see that God is like this? He

gave the Ten Commandments through his strict view of our

need to follow the rules. God is also one who wants us to

question our beliefs, challenge ourselves and others. He

is a ‘skeptical’ Being. He would not want us to follow him

blindly, although He needs us to believe in Him. My God has

a sense of humor, too. He has created the strangest creatures,

including mankind. I hope this will be encouraging to those

on your blog, Robin.”

Then, after we all sat in silence, measuring and appreciating

Darryl’s words, Cheryl intoned solemnly,

“Is it okay to quote you or paraphrase you on my Facebook page?”

Cheryl also added that it was ‘beautiful’ and she “could not

believe our joking prankster, Darryl, said those wonderful


Then, Cheryl told us a simple poem, and I am not able to

memorize poetry. Sorry, I did have to memorize a Spanish

poem about a fig tree, entitled, “La Higuera” and recite it

to a group of judges at the Kent State University Declamation

Contest. I may have attributed it to another author, but one

that did write a poem about the same subject is Juana de

Ibarbourou. I thought it was written by Pablo Neruda.

But, that was over forty years ago!

Cheryl got teary-eyed saying she missed her mother but the

end of the poem went like this,

“So dry that unnecessary and saddened tear,

For I will be celebrating Christmas with Jesus this year.”

We each looked down, both Darryl and I had lost fathers,

he recently had lost his Dad’s brother, his uncle and I also

thought of my daughter in law’s stepmother, Chris. We all

hoped in that moment that there is a Heaven, that pain is

non-existent and that God is like Darryl’s God, embracing

all that enters His Kingdom.

Abundant Gifts


This title suits the enormous pile of gifts that

I received, along with the tremendous feelings of

love and admiration for my family’s varied gifts.

We are definitely blessed with a wonderful family

and hope that you had many moments where tears

were close to springing forth, for either your

‘laughing till the tears came’ or because you feel

this also, about your family being so meaningful.

You want to be like Norman Rockwell, but sometimes

your family is like the one in “Christmas Vacation.”

Much of the joy flowing at my brother, Rich, and

sister in law, Susan’s house was due to the one and

only grandchild present when Mom, youngest daughter,

Felicia, and I arrived late on Christmas Eve.

We had seen said California Theo valiantly portraying

a solemn shepherd at the Bay Village located, St. Barnabas’

Episcopal Church.

Theo, his grandparents, Rich and Susan, along with his Cali.

parents, Dorothy and Jon stood up in front, by joining the

adults singing in the choir. Theo and Grandpa Rich had

practiced with the children’s choir for the Nativity portion

of the program,during the week Theo had been there.

Why was Theo valiant? Because his mother and he had had

a horrible bout with either food poisoning or a strong

and fast flu, along with half of Jon’s side of the

family. They were queasy and pale, but stalwart along

with some joy and jubilation once they got through the

sweet children’s “early Christmas Eve service.”

Theo tooted on a long and unusually decorated South

African horn, while we ate and savored turkey, homemade

corn bread stuffing with mushrooms, cranberries and nuts

along with grilled asparagus and other side dishes. We

are much more ‘mindful’ now of our health since Randy’s

quadruple bi-pass surgery and Felicia’s health and

wellness accreditation added to her marketing and

communication degree from UD. She is trying ‘gluten-

free’ due to her aggravated RA which started as a

pre-teen as JRA.

Now, there is never a reason to ‘brag’ about actual

gifts, but I am so pleased with the variety and scope

of the gifts, I hope you will just skip down to the

comments area and add your own favorite gifts you

received. I will be including some my family received

to add some ‘unselfishness’ to my listing gifts!

My friends at work and I exchanged gifts at work on

Monday, along with bringing a snack to share, too. I

am always amazed that I would never have met these

hard working and more manual labor workers than I may

have met through teaching. They are definitely the

light that keeps me going when I am exhausted while

lifting repetitively 30-50 pound hampers!

My friends from the Philippines shared food, of course.

I had given Kridia a Mary Poppins Madame Alexander older

doll right in her precious box. I was happy with Felda’s

gift of saying that not only had they watched the old

“Mary Poppins” movie, they had enjoyed the older version

of “Sound of Music,” but Kridia “votes” for the newer one

with Carrie Underwood. They are planning on taking her to

see, or maybe due to little restless ‘Zachie Poo,’ may

wait to see “Saving Mr. Banks.” That movie is the one

based on the “real” Mary Poppins and “real” Banks Family.

I am anxious to get a chance to see that one, too!

Tammy brought a red, green and white swirled cake with

vanilla cream frosting with coconut and it was in the

triangular shape of a tree! It had red and green M & M’s

on it, too.

Melvin caught me in the parking lot, giving me a German

wine that had spices and tasted like a hard mulled cider,

but was 10 % alcoholic content. I drank this with my family

up in Cleveland, warmed and yummy. He said when he had

heard me talking about my immigrant grandparents, he had

thought of me, then while at the Rickenbacker Air Force

Base commissary, had purchased it to give to me. I cannot

pronounce nor write the name of the wine, but you may

look up holiday German wines and find it! Melvin was once

stationed there, so he says that carolers travel around

the small towns, shops have tables outside their doors,

enticing shoppers by some of their wares and little cups

of this heated wine. I kept the bottle, but did am not so

great at reading the ornate lettering on it, so am not

totally sure of the name of that wine!

Susan had put the South African gifts unwrapped under the

tree, we opened them, since Felicia and I would be leaving

on Christmas day to travel almost 2 and 1/2 hours back to

my son’s ‘party’ and family gathering with the 6 grandies.

I took Trista the giraffe printed purse that was a cloth

tapestry material with a sling kind of strap. It will be

a great “Mommy” purse. I took Jamie a polar bear mug and

its little goodies from Mom, along with hot Cheetos. He

used to get tins of sardines, herrings and tuna fish from

my Dad, my Mom tried to continue this tradition for

several years, but had decided to downsize her gifts, more

out of having to haul them from the bus to her apartment,

than a budgeting issue. My daughter got a snowman mug with

dark chocolates from Mom, I received a card with $10 and

a big hug, along with her little saved cookies from the

dining room to take home. She also ‘re-gifted’ for Jamie

and Trista, a big box of Fannie Mae chocolates. Felicia

and I had both given her boxes of dark chocolates, and

Randy had gone to the Cleveland Malley’s chocolate shoppe,

where he had given us all yummy and great quality candy.

Susan gave my oldest daughter a Cape Town calendar. (These

gifts for son, oldest daughter and daughter in law were

taken to them. Son and family had gone up for Thanksgiving,

daughter more than once had brought the two boys up, too.)

I received, in the mail, a wonderful book that I have been

reading and studying about writing. It is called, “On

Writing Well,” by William Zinsser. It is a 30th Anniversary

Edition, given by my friend, Gary, who is the man I kept of

the group of men, who writes for the sports section

of the Columbus Dispatch. I was thrilled with the UPS package

on a few days before Christmas. I have read and recommend the

forefather of this book, “Elements of Style,” written by E.B.

White with his English Professor friend and colleague, William

Strunk. Strunk and White’s book was one I read in college about


Bill had taken me to eat, twice in December, although both times

I offer and he accepts money for a hefty tip or the whole meal,

in the case of the salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays. His gift is always

a big dose of philosophy, analyzing our lives so far, cheerful

talks about his Heather and my current ‘love,’ at the time.

I thoroughly enjoyed and reveled in the Christmas concert and

meal with that special friend. I loved the fact we walked from

my apartment, across one of the three bridges and up the steep

and slippery hill and steps to Gray Chapel, Ohio Wesleyan Campus.

Although there was a constant attempt to keep the salted sidewalks

from getting slippery, the walk was a little treacherous, as I

wore a nice pair of heels! I wore an attractive “ensemble” and my

old, herringbone woolen long coat and gray cashmere (previous year’s

gift from youngest daughter) scarf. This was what I had worn when

I met up with my ex-husband on First Friday of Delaware with a green

cashmere sweater, that gift from a friend, and jeans, that night.

There was Chaos! upon arrival at my son’s but the children were

overall very well behaved. There is always a long table set up with

the munchies that I adore, pineapple slices, veggie tray with ranch

dressing, a relish tray with my sweet gherkin pickles, along with

my bringing two balls of the chipped beef cream cheese ‘logs’ with

100% whole wheat crackers and Triscuits. My youngest daughter

ignored the beef part of the logs and ate it anyway, since the

cream cheese and chives interior is basically healthy and gluten-

free. She ate all the veggies, the pineapple and watched herself

by eating a bite of the famous 3 cheese mac n’ cheese, Trista

makes for all family gatherings.

I was able to get photographs of most of the children with

their opening the gifts (I gave school and play clothes)

while my brother’s gifts of toys were a welcome relief!

Too bad he could not have seen the hour long play with the

two girl cousins (Jade and Makyah) with the wooden painted

and unusually shaped beads and strings. Randy gave some

awesome gifts of coffees to my girls and also, Mod Podge

in two big jars, to my oldest artistic daughter. He got

a great Crock Pot for the main meal planners, Jamie and

Trista, along with some candies to share at the party.

You see, at Jamie and Trista’s house, they have two

rooms, the play room and the kitchen set up with food!

The revelry and comraderie, includes Trista’s father,


He seemed, understandably, lost and saddened by his

wife, Chris’ passing, her son and his wife, Jerry’s

son and wife, friend, Alan, Theresa and Hailey, Zena,

Emily and Jason, along with my three children and six


There is always an atmosphere of joviality with the

men sometimes imbiding some ales or beers, the women

having a glass of wine, too. The children ‘munch and

run,’ or grab and take on the go snacks but they are

required to stay with food in the kitchen or playroom

areas. The little girls, Kyah and Jade, were using

water in their tea cups and using the play tea pot

in the living room, before being scolded and sent

back to the playroom. The boys were having fun with

their tablets or DSL’s? is that what they are called?

Nana never looks at those games nor tries to play

them, unlike Wii games of bowling or other fun things

on the big screen television in the family room. I

was once a Donkey Kong “Queen” amongst my son’s

group of Nintendo friends. That is the last time I

attempted that sort of game!

Children everywhere, the tree lights glowing and the

atmosphere was warm and toasty, filled with the

abundance of love flowing all around us. Such a gift

that is beyond words…

A final quotation that pertains to “abundance” by

Thomas Kinkade:

“Perceptions of beauty vary. We should delight in the

diversity of taste, just as we rejoice in the

abundance of experiences that life has to offer.”

Although, I attempted, really tried to shorten this!

Breakfast at Mom’s


Wishing that it were going to be an elegant soiree to entice you into

making arrangements to live in a senior living apartments, but it is

going to make you smile. It just won’t be like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Felicia and I arrived on December 24th in the wee hours around one a.m.

Of course, Mom was awake! We hugged and chatted but she had Turner

Movie Channel on, and we stopped when we heard that the next movie being

shown was, “Little Women.” Felicia exclaimed,

“I have never seen the original movie!” We were excited to see June

Allyson, Mary Astor and a young (blonde) Elizabeth Taylor, all in a

beautifully colorized movie. I am not going to research the plot, age

of the movie or any of those details that you may wish to look up and

find, if you have not seen this movie based on Louisa May Alcott’s book.

I read the whole series, that includes “Little Men,” “Rose in Bloom,”

“Eight Cousins,” … I am going on memory.

I have been told by the powers that be, that the library will close in

only eight minutes!

I would like to say that Mom and Felicia were in their pajamas, telling

me to go ‘fetch’ their breakfast. I was up and dressed with only five

hours’ sleep! I wore my Christmas sweater, white turtleneck and black

slacks. I am mentioning this because I was complimented a lot on my

entry into the dining room.

There are three tables I stop to say hello to:

The grumbly old codgers’ table. They could be added to the last “Grumpier

Old Men” movie and fit right in!

The Amusing, spirited philosophers’ table. I enjoy their perspective

and thoughtful comments, Joe, Tony, George (occasionally, while his

wife sleeps in) and the third man, a younger one, son of Tony. His

name is Rick. These guys often have their newspapers out, talking

over their glasses on the tips of their noses. They are a ‘hoot!’

The “gals” table with Foo, Pearl, and other fine ladies in their holiday

apparel! I enjoy their cheery faces, kind wishes for hugs and these are

who I want to emulate when I get old! (Very much like my Mom is, too!

But she is not an early riser! Ha ha!)

I chose to bring back:

A large bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar, raisins, pats of butter and

cups of half and half to add, we divided this up.

I brought us a few pastries, four cups of coffee, some apricots in a

dish and also, four slices of raisin toast. This was our fortification

and we watched several Hallmark movies until going to church and over

to my brothers’ house where my sister in law, her son, daughter in law

and grandson were here from California.

Susan had the table decorated with a beautiful tablecloth and a runner,

both in brightly colored and embroidered linens from her trip to South


I hope this gives you a small “flavor” of the day that transpired oh, so

quickly and pleasantly. We had a really hectic Christmas, going from Mom’s

at noon, driving to my son and daughter in law’s where there were six little

munchkins, my grandchildren plus a few cousins and friends, too.