January Calendar: Resolve to Be…


Hope you will have fun celebrating on December 31st!

Will you bang on pans, toot some horns and make
some racket?

(Fireworks and guns discharging safely are other
additional ways to create more explosive and even
louder noises! Please use caution and be careful!)

Some of my friends say this is to scare all those
old 2013 ‘evil spirits’ out of the house! I have
not explored this international folk lore subject,
so if you have anything to add; please do!

I always felt it was to say, “good riddance” or to
‘kick out’ any feelings of regret, sending any
unresolved grievances and conflicts right out the
door! (With the old and decrepit man using his
cane to escape.)

We always open the front door, ready to greet the
New Year “baby” at about 11:58 p.m. December 31.
Then we make lots of noise going through the house,
making sure that old year gets out!

This allows new hopes and promises to enter freely.

We also put dimes and a piece of silverware under
the welcome mat at the front door, to assure a
prosperous New Year, 2014!

On New Year’s Day, we eat sauerkraut with pork,
sometimes when times were ‘lean,’ that meant
Polish Kielbasi (Cleveland, Ohio memories…)
and other times, it meant a delicious, moist
pork roast in the crock pot. I usually had
people surrounding me, family and friends who
would love this, but if you don’t I still am
a little pushy, telling you that it might bring
you good luck in the new year, so have a tiny
bite. My mother usually added brown sugar and
caraway seeds to help enhance the flavor of
the sauerkraut. This is a German dish, too.

Do you have any special customs? Let us all know
so we may include them, starting new family or
personal traditions.

Always nice to add more celebratory joyfulness
to the annual festivities!

Resolve to be…
Happy, Serene, Complete, Healthy …

“Life’s wisdom arrives gracefully.
And the wonder of this Miracle
is that we all receive its gift.”
A positive message from artist/poet, Flavia.


This is National Blood Donor Month.

Jan. 1- Happy New Year!
New Year’s Day
New Moon

Jan. 2- Bank Holiday (Scotland).
Holiday (New Zealand).

Jan. 6- Epiphany on some church calendars.
Celebrated in the UK on this date.
The Catholic Church in other countries may
move the date between January 2-8th.
Epiphany represents when the Wise Men arrived
at the Manger in Bethlehem.
When the Magi visited the Baby Jesus.

Jan. 7- In Russia, it is Christmas today!

Jan. 8- 1/4 or First Quarter Moon.
On this day in history, Lyndon B. Johnson declared
a “War on Poverty,” by supporting the passage of the
Economic Opportunity Act. This initiated Medicare and
Medicaid, fifty years ago today.

Jan. 16- Full Wolf Moon.

Jan. 17- On this date, fifty years ago,
Michelle Obama was born. The U.S. President’s
wife will be having her birthday party today.

I think I would use ANY excuse to have a piece
of birthday cake! Since there are, at least,
two famous persons’ birthdays in less than a
week, I may just have to go out and buy a whole
cake! Smile!

Jan. 20- Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
is observed.
In U.S., there will be no school.
Postal service and banks are closed.

Jan. 21- National Squirrel Appreciation Day.
If you need more information, check out Evil
Squirrel’s posts. I am sure he will have a
huge party over there on this date!

Jan. 23- National Pie Day in the U.S.
Crisco (shortening) company originated this
date and even has a National Pie Contest.
Thank you, Mike Lince, for adding this to
our January pleasures calendar! I like pecan
pies, coconut cream pies, apple streusel
pies and strawberry pie with whipped cream
on top. Do you have a favorite pie?

Jan. 26- If you enjoy music, try watching the
Grammy Awards Show tonight. I am a big fan of
most award shows, so I plan to try to include
them this year in my monthly posts!

Jan. 27- Australia Day.
3/4 or the Last Quarter Moon.

What resolutions will you make to start this fantastic
New Year of 2014?
I will wish for time to pass ever so slowly, so I may
fit all that I need to do and be into this brand new

Here is a brief poem/prayer submitted to my church
bulletin for December, 2013, by member, Nadine Butler.
It seemed to “speak to me” in so many ways. I really
will be printing this on a piece of paper to read and
re-read again:

“Sorrow looks back,
Worry looks around.

But faith looks up!

Live simply,
Love generously,
Care deeply,
Speak kindly, and
Trust in our Creator
Who loves us.”

A word about those after holiday, “Winter’s Blues.”
To beat seasonal affective disorder (also known as
S.A.D.)) or just this time of year “down” period:

1. Try increasing caffeine, if your physician allows.
This is still considered a ‘mood booster.’

2. Consider bright lights, there are even special
ones for ‘light therapy.’

3. On partly that same subject, walk anytime its
sunny. Get outside for fresh air and exercise.
Natural endorphins increase while walking briskly
and enjoying nature really does brighten one’s mood!

4. Get enough sleep. Well, that is year-round. It
is also a challenge, especially as one gets older,
to stay asleep for over six hours. Sometimes the
bladder disrupts our sleep, sometimes worries, and
a lot of my friends say this is happening more
frequently, like an internal alarm clock going off
way too early, in their heads!

“Greet each day as if
your life is just beginning.
And your heart’s desire
will unfold before you.”
Another positive message from artist/poet, Flavia.


26 responses »

  1. Guns discharging?! That would be so bizarre here in Australia. In fact, people would ring the police!! Must get royal noisy over there!!

    This is interesting, to imagine you opening that door at 11.58pm & then making all that noise. It sounds fun to me :). I reckon the noise is to drown out all the old thoughts, negatives, let in the new ones – yes, a new baby.

    Loved your calendar layout. Is there truly a new moon on Jan 1? That’s wonderful! Like that a lot.

    Cheers! & sincere best 🙂

    • Yes! Americans are quite bizarre out in the country shooting off their guns! I imagine this sounds strange to others. I was a ‘city girl’ but dated a country boy, for awhile in my early fifties and he showed me a rowdy, wildly fun New Year’s one time!
      I think a new moon is a sliver and then leads up to the full moon. I have posted monthly calendars for most of my blog, one of the things I like to remind myself and others is about the moon! I found there were a few people who came to visit the first calendars to tell me that the full moons have ‘names’ attached to them! I thought the Full Worm Moon last year was a hoot!

      • Ugh – full worm moon!
        Sounds like the country would be all right for a visit 🙂

  2. This is wonderful in so many ways!!!! The ideas for ringing out the old and bringing the new are great!!! I may just have to try some!! Not the gun one though:-) We usually do fireworks at an annual party we go to… Safely of course!!!!! Happy New Year Robin!! I hope all your wishes and dreams are realized!! ❤❤❤

    • I am so thankful for your friendship and enjoy seeing your sunny, smiling gravatar, Tracy! Thanks for saying this is wonderful in so many ways and also, your special wishes for me! Hoping that you have a fantastic New Year’s Eve celebration and a calm, relaxing New Year’s Day! We will be in touch! Hugs, Robin

    • Oh my! I appreciate this update to the calendar and hope that someone will see it added, once I edit the post! I added a whole other page/post on the January Awards Shows that I discovered were right around the corner. Thanks for that very important date! Happy New Year!

  3. I wouldn’t want to wake the Zombies up ( The Neighbours 🙂 ) with all that clattering and banging around but it sure sounds like a lot of fun Robin 🙂

    You have so much information on this posting that it brightens anyone’s day’s / evening’s reading and with all the effort of researching that you have richly provided I must say that this is one of the nicest posts I have read here to date, and there has been so many great ones in 2013 🙂

    Which brings us to the New Year of 2014 my dear and sweet friend, and I wish you all the very best for an exciting, healthy, wicked and incredibly romantic start that continues to strengthen with every single day 🙂 🙂

    Happy New Year 2014 Robin

    Andro xxxx

    • On someone’s British blog, they asked for us to each say what we were doing, so here goes ‘nothing!’ I had a wonderful and romantic New Year’s Eve, 2012. It was sort of like that Wham song, “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart and you gave it away the very next day…”Anyway, I decided that after the great time I had last year and it only lasted for five more months (we were together for a year), that this year, I was going to babysit. I will enjoy lots of kisses and hugs from the grandchildren, plus teach them the mischief and customs of my parents… So, there you go! Hope yours is every bit as exciting as you would wish for! Happy New Year, Andro! Hugs, Robin

      • I figure that it was his loss my sweet friend and in the future when loves arrow strikes it will be true, remember, love is just around the next corner and I wish you a very happy and deliciously exciting start to our New Year in 2014 🙂 😉

        Andro xxxx

      • Thank you, Andro, for the kind words and the image of love just around the next corner! I am not sad, have lots of friends and the little ones will be loving on me tonight!
        This was a very nice way of putting a smile on my face for the upcoming year!

    • It can be any item of silver, so a dime or a piece of silverware can bring prosperity if you leave it under your welcome mat for the whole night until morning. I am not sure if others have heard of it, so glad you said you had NOT! This is good to know! I am from Cleveland, Ohio, but my grandparents came from Germany and Sweden on my Mom’s side, so not sure where our family ‘custom’ started! Have a good one!

    • They play outside? BRR! I guess we have the Blue Jackets and I used to go to see BGSU’s hockey, but they were always indoors and accompanied by that fun sound of the organ playing! I will be thinking about you, while in my apartment with bouncing children who love to stay up all night! (And don’t sleep in too long, either! Smile!)

    • Yes, it does mine, but I prefer it not to be fluorescent light. I am not crazy about the reflections and refractions on my contacts. I think it is wonderful when I look out and see the bright azure sky with few clouds and the sun shining upon the snowy trees and scenery.

  4. When I describe New Years Eve to my international friends, I tell them that the U.S. has two ‘official drinking holidays’, New Years Eve and St. Patrick’s Day, the only two days where drinking is part of the celebration. Some people think Independence Day belongs on the list, but I think that day is more family-oriented with barbecues during the day (with a few beers on hand, of course) followed by fireworks at night.

    Here is a special day everyone should know about – January 23rd is National Pie Day. Yes, the American Pie Council (who knew there was such a thing?) established this day in 1986, Crisco’s 75th Anniversary, to celebrate pie. They even have a National Pie Championship.

    I will follow my typical New Years Eve custom. I will set my alarm for just before midnight so I can wake up long enough to kiss my wife as we wish each other another Happy New Year. If I were still in the U.S., I would spend the next day watching college football bowl games.
    Cheers! – Mike

    • Our Ohio State University Orange Bowl game is on Friday! But, there are many games from now until then. My good friend, Bill, takes this entire week off to watch the football games every year. He is going to still take his girlfriend, Heather back and forth to work, not really getting more rest, but getting ‘charged up’ about football!
      Thank you, I will add January 23rd, since I love pies! What is your favorite kind, Mike? I bet someone could do a whole post about pies! Those cooking bloggers should get right on this! Smile!
      I am so glad you have Florence, but you could stay up until midnight, then kiss, then go to sleep. Aren’t there others who stay up to party?!
      I agree that we don’t have too many official drinking days but there are international festivals that include quite a lot of booths with alcohol served. I am thinking of the Scottish Festival, sometimes called the Highlanders’ Fest, the Irish Festival and Cinco de Maya!
      Cheers to you, too! Robin

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