Let’s Go on a Picnic! Sunshine Award Nominations


In the midst of many feet of snow, while growing up in

Cleveland, Ohio, my mother and we, three kids, would

have fun, snow days! The best things came out of those

special moments. It was a time of childhood wonder, warm

cookies being baked, sometimes a tent in the dining room,

(sheet draped over the cherry wood table) or sometimes we

would have a ‘summer’ picnic!

Here is the Menu for my desired picnic on this wintry,

breezy day! Come on! Go into your pantries, you may

surprise yourself with what you may come up with! There

may be cans of baked beans, there may be a can of German

potato salad or those vinegary but sweet, three beans

concoction. If you are a ‘health nut’ be aware, this

writer got up and made 100% whole wheat pancakes, took

some confectioner’s sugar, cinnamon and a dab of real

butter, then “pretended” by closing my eyes, that I

was at the Delaware County Fair, eating a huge elephant



Barbecued Chicken

Cole Slaw

(I will make a purple cabbage slaw, with crumbled

blue cheese, pecans, cranberries and a sweet and

tangy dressing.)

Potato Salad

(I love red skinned potatoes and a little bacon thrown

into this creamy mayonnaise based dressing on it.)

Cold, tart Lemonade

(Okay, you may bring a margarita mix, that is also


Spinach Salad with red or purple onions, with a

lot of healthy vegetables, like radishes included


(Caramel or Peanut butter with a good vanilla ice



(My favorites are butter frosted ones. They could be

decorated with bright yellow frosting and have a happy

face of M and M’s on it!)

And Muscle Headed will bring lemon sorbet or gelato!

This is also a wonderful post about unique, quirky and

talented fellow bloggers! I am honored to be nominated

for The Sunshine Award by the blog, “Be Good!” Her Second

Award Nomination of 2014 post is on January 22, 2014.

“Be Good” can be found at:


She has been around my blog for awhile, pressing the ‘like’

button and generally, a great friend! This Sunshine Award

gave me several directions to write about and you may wish

to just skip my morning’s coffee and sugar content-driven

spellbinding list of Sunshine subjects!

Hope these “qualify” for my ten things you wished you knew

about me:

1. “Sunshine on my Shoulder” (Makes Me Happy!) by John


2. I love ‘The Sunshine State,’ Florida and their ocean


3. Have a sunny outlook on life!

4. I have a sunny disposition, it really helps when times

are hard. But, you know, my WORST days are probably better

than some people’s BEST days!

5. I don’t like my eggs Sunny Side Up! I like them cooked

on both sides.

6. Bright, brilliant, shining, hot SUNSHINE is so lovely!

7. Welcoming people with a sunny greeting, goes a long way.

8. Lasting friendships bring sunshine on gloomy, cloudy days.

9. “The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow” or the next day…

(“Annie” musical number may be corny but it makes me smile!)

10. “Sunny Skies…” my oldest daughter called me last Spring

after I had just sung on my cell phone voicemail this song

from “Sesame Street.” I have her hysterical laughter caught

forever on my voicemail, when it asks me to delete it I just

push the #9 and save it. She says a message back, “Mamacita,

you are a silly, silly woman and I love your silly self! Call

me back, when you get a chance!” If you ever come visit,

I will share some of my own Silly Mom messages! She has one

where she says, “Sorry I missed your call, honey, but I was

heading towards the bathroom and dared not turn around to

search for my phone!!”

My girlfriend, Jenny, who lost her mother when she was in

her twenties, says, “Save that forever. Sometimes, I forget

how my Mom’s voice sounded like.”

Here are the Sunshine Award, 2014 nominations!

There are rules about posting the logo/clip art for the

Sunshine Award, listing (at least) ten fellow bloggers to

nominate for their own Sunshine Awards. Add ten things that

are about yourself, sharing with us.

I hope that sometime during this picnic, we have someone

with a stereo to play,

The Beatle’s song, “Here Comes the Sun.”

Check out “Be Good’s” post from 1/22/14 for official rules.

Food for Thought:

1. Celeste writes about plant based diet, so bring

us some healthy brownies or treats, please!


2. The Novice Gardener Gorgeous photos, recipes

and bits of philosophy thrown into the mix.


3. Timi (I am Africa and No, You Can’t

Touch My Hair). Thanks for sharing some lively

and funny thought, with sprinkles of wisdom, too!


4. Luanne, Writer Site: You can read to us

some of your memoir (or others you have

been studying.) You will sit at the head of our

picnic table!


5. Muscle Headed: You can bring the lemon gelato!

Can I put you down for chicken, too?


Photography plus more:

6. 50’Lux:


Great contrast in photos with city-scapes and

diverse people featured.

7. Tracy (Wanderlust): Travel to New England and discover

original off-the-beaten path photos, along with her

wonderful perspectives on life!


8. Sherry La Chelle: There’s always a party around

with music, dancing and fun with Sherry along!

Beautiful photos!



Soulful Spirits:

9. A man who features philosophy, beauty in nature

and life:


10. Glorialana, my goddess friend who featured a lovely

turquoise and gold elephant representing



11. Belinda: Dealing with illness with grace

and courage:


12. Jonathan shares All!


‘Laughter is the Best Medicine:’

13. beth, who shares her own brand of sunshine with

her kindergartners and other wild, caring stories.


14. Rebecca who has her own dictionary!

Laugh and snort your coffee through your nose

with this gal!


15. Modern Philosopher Maine guy with great

resume, writing all kinds of silly and fun

adventures. Creativity plus!


16. Evil Squirrel has you thinking and

analyzing, enjoying his perspective with

great illustrations (comics by E.S.)


17. Cupid or Cats, so much energy and

fun here!


You Got Me Thinking…

18. Brenda: Haikus, fairy tales and delightful



19. Fergus and the Druid gives us lonely but hopeful

poetry with personal level of feelings.


20. Bullying Prevention (who has been such a great

guy, managing blogs and speaking out against

injustices! Also, you gave me that Dragon’s

Loyalty Award and one other one, I owe you big

time! Smiles, Robin)


21. Mama Bear Musings, I like her way of weaving

natural scents, aromas and thoughts into her writing.


What are you bringing to share at our Picnic?


78 responses »

  1. Wow, Robin, I think I gained 10 pounds, and I’m still munching a carmel brownie. I brought lightly browned mushroom turnovers, by the way. Tiny delicacies. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing your sunshine, my friend. Peace and Joy, Brenda

      • Have you ever done this with the kids? I always thought it was a nice adventure, throwing a blanket or checkered tablecloth on the floor and making finger foods for little ones, or a more elaborate menu for older elementary children! Thanks again for the browned mushroom turnovers, the tiny size will be nice, like an appetizer… See you there!

    • I hope you also noticed your name on the list of honorees, nominated for the Sunshine Award! You are welcome to accept this! I had a wonderful time, the last time! I called that post, last year, “Bouquets!” Smiles, Robin

      • Congrats to you also!! Yes, thanks for the nomination, and for your kind words about my site, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember your Bouquets. Big smiles. Hugs, Brenda

    • I am so glad you approve of my breaking the rules a bit! I was very happy that you named me for this Sunshine Award! My first one of 2014 of any kind! Glad you have had two already, you deserve them! Smiles, Robin

    • You are a 1000 times Welcome! I love Nutella and I feel it will be a great one to bring on the Picnic, too! Enjoy and Congratulations! You deserved this and I am so happy to be able to spread the fun around! Robin

  2. thank you so much robin, i hope i do add a bit of sunshine to someone when they may need it. i appreciate the nomination very much. i’ll check out the other blogs you’ve listed that i don’t already follow and am excited to see their blogs. as for what i’m adding to the winter picnic, i’m throwing in hard boiled eggs, made into deviled eggs and a pot of tomato soup )

    • Oh, I am remiss in being late with my comments here! I had 2 days of Level Two where the library wasn’t open! So glad you do give us smiles, chuckles and sweet thoughts, Beth! You do add more than a bit of sunshine to our lives! Don’t worry, you don’t have to write about this one! I just wanted to add you to my list of bloggers and had to accept this, since I do like ‘reserved love’s’ blog! I appreciate your special choice of deviled eggs and will enjoy the pot of tomato soup, too! Hope you have been able to get around in your sub-zero temps. How many days off from school have you had? Our Ohio Gov. is trying to get the state to change the number of calamity days so we won’t have to make all of these up! I expect Mich. Governor may follow or lead in this matter, too!

      • we’ve had many, and the first batch to them came right after our long winter break, so – hopefully gov. snyder follows suit. back tomorrow i just heard )

  3. Robin, congratulations on your award. Loved the bit about phone messages, it put sunshine on my table! Thanks a mil, for nominating me. I’ll make time to check out the other blogs. I’ll bring plantain, fried with onions, ginger, and pepper, to keep us warm inside ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You are always sunshine on a cloudy day my friend!! Congrats on your award and for nominating me as well:-) I am bringing my mom’s world (well family) famous potato salad!!!! It really is the best! And so are you!!!

    • I am so happy to have the addition of you in my life! I also will relish the taste of your Mom’s world famous potato salad! If you don’t mind, do you have a special ingredient and also, end this debate amongst my family members… do you use Miracle Whip or mayonnaise? My special ingredient is a couple of tablespoons of mayo and a couple of Italian dressing! I love the tangy flavor but not so much the sweet flavor that my family likes (in Miracle Whip.) It is fine if you use M.W. you are almost like “family” anyway! Smiles, Robin

      • Always mayo Robin!!!!!:-) and a hint of paprika and mustard makes my mom’s potato salad the best I’ve ever tasted! Yes we are family now…we’ve shared secret recipes!!! โค

      • Thank you for giving us the ‘scoop’ on your Mom’s special recipe! I like the idea of mayo, mustard and paprika! Those will go well with my recipe and maybe I will downsize the Italian to just one tablespoon. So there! To my family who prefer M. W.! Smiles, Robin

    • Thank you for the nice compliment! I love fried chicken and that will be a great addition to the picnic, Sherry! I have been falling behind (again) since the library was closed, I still had to work and we were at Level Two Snow Emergency! Have you been able to stay warm and busy in this arctic weather? Smiles, Robin

      • I have been staying warm. We have a buck stove to heat the main living area. It stays quite toasty in there. I’ve also been busy…some photography jobs, cooking new recipes, taxes, jogging on the treadmill, reading, socializing, blogging, etc. etc. Have a great week!

  5. Congratulations, Robin. You are the epitome of sunshine! And you’re a sweetie, too. Thanks for the nomination, too! I will bring a couple of scenes from my memoir (the sunniest I can find) and some angel eggs (some call them devilled hahaha) with really good paprika on them. And some Persian lemonade from the Middle Eastern bakery in Phoenix. And some of our Phoenician sunshine.

    • You deserved the nomination, Luanne! Oh, we will certainly appreciate the sunshine, some great scenes from your memoir, angel or deviled eggs, we can never have too many of those! Also, we will enjoy the flavor of the Middle Eastern lemonade from the bakery in Phoenix! So, you aren’t like Texas? Freezing down there? You lucky goose! Smiles, Robin

      • Robin, it’s going to get to 80 this week! I feel so bad for everyone in the cold right now! My hometown has been very cold–below 31 windchild and around zero.

  6. Reblogged this on Cupid or Cats and commented:
    The lovely Robin (below) has nominated me for a Sunshine Award and because her post is so much fun and will bring a smile to anyone’s face, I’ve decided to just reblog it (and I’ve accepted this award before and don’t want to look too greedy har har). Robin’s blog is fun-filled and often thought-provoking. Staying I love this blog would be an understatement, she is a ball of sunshine and positivity. Thanks Robin!

    • Thank you so very much for the privilege of being re-blogged! I appreciate this and am so glad you enjoyed the post. I love reading yours, although you may not see much of me today. It took awhile to get my Grammy post written and now, the time limit is almost up! The library where I blog, was closed Sunday and Monday! I almost went through withdrawal! Smiles, Robin

      • No problem Robin, I really enjoyed the post and of course the nomination ๐Ÿ™‚
        I sometimes have to leave my house to blog too, it can be lovely and quiet but stressful when you’re under time restraints. I must read your Grammy post!

    • Thank you very much, my dear! I am so glad that you visited me today! I am up in Cleveland and it is into February and finally checking on my ‘older’ posts! Take it easy! Robin

  7. I’m delighted to have been invited to your picnic chica!!! Thank you so much, I’ll bring kale chips, homemade hummus and healthy brownies, of course!!! Thanks again and have a lovely week! Celeste ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yummy! I make those fried/baked chips and will enjoy the hummus and healthy brownies, too! It will help clear our arteries from the other things we may consume! Thanks, Celeste!

  8. Thank you dear Robin for your invitation to picnic. I bring a home made cookies I have just baked. It is a great pleasure to share sun shine in such nice and beautiful company.

    • I am so glad you will come! You also were nominated for the Sunshine Award! Congratulations, hope some people check out your sweet posts that are so uplifting. It will definitely be nice to have you here with your cookies and your beautiful smile! I loved your story of how you wore dresses while young and were teased, along with the different ages that you changed and grew up.

  9. WOULD YOU DO US THE HONOR…IF YOU’RE NOT TOO BUSY…OF SHOWING UP AT MY PICNIC? I’ll keep the papparazzi away! Read my story about my New York City Cousins…if you haven’t already (getting tired…been up since 7 am, E.S.T.–!). ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Congrats on the award and nice job with the “acceptance” post! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, congrats to all the deserving nominees!

    Sorry I can’t catch up on all of your posts–I’m just trying to make an effort to let you know I’m still alive, kicking, and thinking of you!

    • I have fallen far behind, Lorna! My Mom is sleeping, want to write a blog, but just saw over 900 emails, that included my comments I needed to write back about! Thanks for being here, I will be there soon! Totally understand the fact we just need to let each other know we are alive! Smiles, Robin

      • Those comments include the way I set up my wordpress to notify me of too much d___ information that I could check another way! Smiles, I know you are not offended and am so grateful of your commiserating with me! Robin

  11. Pingback: Prizes And Awards! | Evil Squirrel's Nest

    • So thankful that I checked backwards… Sorry, I am not always on top of things! Glad you were happy about the nomination and you make me smile, when I get a chance to read your posts, my friend!

    • So glad you bothered to try! I am sure that I do write full and complete posts. I am hoping that you will pick and choose, if you don’t find one appetizing, another one may! Smiles, Robin

  12. Pingback: A Fairy Tale Year!! | Friendly Fairy Tales

    • You are a valuable part of my blogging community and am very excited that you have been winning awards! You deserve them all! Thank you for not minding my intermittent reading and commenting… Brenda, congratulations! Robin

  13. Robin, your childhood snow days sound ideal, I know you must have very special memories of those. Being a southern girl, I gotta say I love that menu, barbeque anything pretty much works with me. I am also a big fan of sunshine, sunshine anything sounds so good to me in a week with too many cloudy days. I ventured out of the box and bought “spicy” guacamole this week, ha ha, maybe I could bring some of that to the blogging picnic.

    • You are welcome to attend this picnic and no need to bring food, if you eat all of your spicy guacamole before you get here, Lana. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was a wonderful life, so glad I had these moments. I can tell you had a lovely childhood, too. We are blessed since you have dealt with children with a lack of caring, I am sure.
      You are making many moments as a teacher, I believe. โ™กโ™ก

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