March into Spring


This is the fastest, it seems, that time has passed to

get to my next monthly post! I found out that this month

is considered National Kidneys Month. If you are over 50,

they suggest to get from now on, an annual urine screening.

A Poem for those worms that will soon be lying around on

sidewalks and parking lots, due to March’s heavy rain:

“Hurt No Living Thing”

by Christina G. Rosetti

“Hurt no living thing.

Ladybird nor butterfly,

Nor moth with dusty wing,

Nor cricket chirping cheerily,

Nor grasshopper so light of leap.

Nor dancing gnat, nor beetle fat,

Nor harmless worms that creep.”

In that second line, I have always wondered, did

Christina mean a ladybug or a bird that was female?

Certainly, she would be proud of St. Patrick, who

led the snakes out of Ireland, in legendary form,

by playing his pipe.


1- New Moon.

Just a sliver…

I am afraid I may have misled you, no one pointed this

next error out in my February post…

2- Texas Independence Day

and… the 86th Academy Awards Show, with Ellen G. as host.

4- Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras time, celebrate since some

will be fasting soon for Lenten Season.

5- Ash Wednesday.

I have, from childhood on, liked the simple act of

receiving ashes on my forehead. Having been raised an

Episcopalian, we still followed the Roman Catholic Lent

period. We ‘gave up meat on Fridays’ and decide which

certain food, chocolate, pizza, fries, donuts or ice

cream… to give up. This was usually whichever was the

biggest ‘sacrifice’ for the days leading up to Easter.

9- Daylight Savings Time begins by setting our clocks

ahead, thus losing one hour of sleep, at midnight.

Also, on this date, fifty years ago, the first Mustang

car rolled off the assembly lines in Dearborn, Michigan.

The Ford Motor Company the debuted Mustang car at the

World’s Fair, 1964. It was forecasted to be only 100,000

needed but in a mere 18 months, they had sold and reached

the 1,000,000 mark! I have to admit, my Mom became a

rather ‘cool’ person in our eyes and her high school

students’ eyes, too. She purchased one of these Mustangs

in what we called “pea green color.” All 3 of us learned

how to drive that car in the mid-seventies, making us

rather ‘groovy!’

15- Andrew Jackson Day, Tennessee.

16- Watch out for Full Worm Moon!

Also, the Jewish faith celebrate Purim after


17- St. Patrick’s Day.

Don’t forget to wear Green so you won’t get pinched!

Celebrate by eating corned beef and cabbage, have a hot

coffee laced with Irish Crème, or have a frosty mug of

green ‘brew!’ If you are on the ‘rich side of life,’

purchase some Jameson’s Irish Whiskey!

20- Although we have been hoping this could come

earlier, after our long, extended weather, this

is the First Day of Spring!

When I saw recently a photograph of a windmill and

tulips, it made me think how Holland is represented

in their Springtime with this image. I happen to

also enjoy the cherry blossoms that are photographed

in Washington D.C. Hope all the countries are able

to enjoy a wonderful season, whatever it is in your

area of the world!

I also think about poor elderly Don Quixote, confused

and tilting at windmills… All for the sake of his

deep, abiding love of Dulcinea! I have always liked

that music from “Man of La Mancha.” Miguel de Cervantes

is an author I should have included in my ABC list!

The lesson I learn from Don Q. is that no matter how

old we get, we need to remember, there is no age limits

set for discoveries, learning and facing challenges.

Two more quotations to add to our month of March.

Taken from the book, “Lightposts for Living, The Art of

Choosing a Joyful Life” (2001), by Thomas Kinkade:

“Blocking off space for the important concerns of your

life, will do wonders for your sense of peace and harmony.”

This could have easily joined the suggested renewal of

Spring (and Green post) quotes.

Dorothy L. Sayers,

“We have come to that still centre

Where the spinning world

Sleeps on its axis,

To the heart of rest.”

Final thoughts and interpretations of the messages

shared this month:

“Be calm.

Find your focus.

Follow your heart.

Make time to be refreshed.

In the ‘River of Life,’ which may become high and

full of water,

With our melted snow and continued Spring rain,

Get rested up for soon…

Life will be rushing along into

its most active time of year!”

reocochran 3/1/14


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  1. ladybird = ladybug … you should Google it and see if there is a difference between the two terms, maybe the spots are not the same or something strange. informative and interesting read as always Robin

      • same thing, I did check, ladybug is more common name, due to the nursery rhyme but there are actually over 5,000 species of ladybugs too. learn something new every day.

      • Thank you for clearing this up, since sometimes people read the comments, I won’t have to write a postscript! Yes, I learn lots of things new, every day! Smiles to you, Michael!

  2. I would say you have a fairly exhaustive list for March. I would add that March 19th is Saint Joseph’s Day, a holiday celebrated by many Catholics to honor the husband of Virgin Mary and the earthly father of Jesus. It is particularly popular with Italians. As for the poem you started with, I wonder if Christina Rosetti would have tolerated the killing of a mosquito before it could bite? While I generally support the idea of not harming a living thing, I personally would make that exception. πŸ™‚ – Mike

    • Thank you for this comment and I am so glad you wrote the additional holiday! Also, that you included Italians, Christina and I am sure you are correct, everyone kills mosquitoes! Sorry, Christina R.!! Smiles, Robin

  3. Really liked the quotes at the end! I don’t really like daylight’s saving time, because there’s an influx in heart attacks on those days, in older folks whose bodies don’t react well to the change. I like that Indiana (I think that’s the state) doesn’t bother with it. My stepfather has said he thinks the whole of the states should just find a happy medium and adjust our clocks by a half-hour and keep it that way. I like the idealistic thought, but it’s not realistic, that would through us out of sync with the rest of the world, making it more difficult to figure out times as as the timezones jump ahead and back by whole hour increments, and would make it harder for people who travel and need to keep track of the time to keep their schedules. I think it would cause more confusion… If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse (lol I don’t believe there will be) and we become isolated from nations overseas, I would be in support of a permanent half-hour adjustment, though I think finding ways of coping with the zombie hordes would be a more pressing concern! πŸ˜›

    • I like this convoluted suggestion but must admit I like it when we get more sleep and the little ones waiting for the bus, get their morning light. I also like losing an hour, since I know we are on our way to a longer day! Smiles, Robin

      • I sort of like the change too, personally, it’s interesting to me, and I like how it’s been good material for me in some of my poetry. The time changes happen near the Autumnal Equinox (I was born on the morning of it) and the Spring Equinox, when day and night, hours of darkness and light, find equal balance, which just sounds interesting and poetic! I just have mixed feelings about it, because of what I’ve heard about how studies have been done that show there’s an increase in heart attacks and car accidents on the days of the time changes. I know I would be pretty pissed off if someone I cared about was killed in an accident because someone forgot about the time change, and drove carelessly in a rush in the morning so as not to be more late to work, and I know that’s happened to people before. Thankfully a lot of people use their cellphones as their alarm clocks these days, and most of them automatically adjust for daylight savings time, so I believe that may prevent some potential accidents!

        By the way, I’m glad I have been spending more time on wordpress lately, and have been finding a balance between relationships with people I know offline and online, and that you and I are talking more again Robin! You are awesome woman and you said once you’ve thought of me almost like another son – in truth, I have more respect for you than my own mother, and I have enjoyed our conversations and mutual encouragement! If you ever want to drop me a line privately for conversations you feel too personal to let be public, feel free to drop me a line at ! I don’t generally check my email every day, so if you ever email me and I don’t get back to you within a day, I recommend letting me know you emailed me on wordpress!

        God bless, surrogate blog-mom! πŸ™‚

      • I am sure that people have busy times in their lives, where they may lose touch, but I have you in my heart, my friend! It makes me feel quite good to know that I am a surrogate mother and am happy to be one for you. I think my email is posted on my profile page, because I have received emails from wordpress friends. It is and you may use it too, but I get tons of messages from the way I set up my reader and notices from wordpress, so like you, I tend to check here and if I run out of time, so be it! (Emailers find this out quickly and some who are family use texts, since it is not time constrained like the library in and out I do during the week!) God bless you, too, my friend and ‘second son!’ Hugs, Robin

  4. Thank you for making sure I stay up on all this stuff, especially worrying about my kidneys! Just when I think I have a bladder infection or something, too. hahaha My husband’s mother and my best friend’s mother both had Mustangs! However, my mother I’m sure drove some big dull car.

    • I think it was quite a new way of women’s expressing themselves… (my Mom, your husband’s mother and best friend’s mother)! Interesting that women felt comfortable in that period choosing the wild Mustang car. I don’t think your mother was ‘dull’: just her vehicle. Smiles, Robin

  5. wow what a list
    did not know Texas had a day
    and I live here πŸ˜‰
    I never wear green I should this year
    have a wonderful weekend robin

    Paz Doris

    • I don’t think anyone ‘has’ to do the wearing of the green! My dad said our heritage was English on his side of the family which means wearing orange, but he said that since the Brits were hard on the Irish, we should all wear Green! His interpretation and I followed his heed. Thanks, Doris! Smiles, Robin

  6. March was a big month at my house growing up, Robin. My sister Fran was born on March 8, eight years after I came along. I loved not being an only kid, so her birthday was a big bash (and bigger when my sister Dory came along two Septembers later). Our dad’s birthday was March 13, and our mom’s was March 21. Yup, first day of spring took a backseat to our mother’s birthday. Thanks for pointing out a lot of other highlights!

    • I am so glad to hear about the big ‘shindigs’ going on in your household in the month of March, especially as a child! I liked that you were the oldest, me too! Also, that you were glad to not be an only child! My two brothers and I were all born closely, 3 in 4 years! So, I did not ponder my ‘only child’ status, as a baby! Smiles, Robin Happy March birthday? When is it?

      • Oh, I may have missed the December one! I didn’t even tell anyone on my blog my birthday, but on a fellow blogger in November, I mentioned how many years we were apart. I actually post my age on my “About” page. Yes, three birthdays is enough! It has been busy around here with Micah turning 5 in my oldest daughter’s family of 2 boys and Makyah or Kyah, turning 3, in my son’s family. My brother turned 55 so that was a lot within one week, last of Feb. into March. My good friend from BG, Ohio, is having her birthday tomorrow and we still send each other snail mail cards! Smiles, Robin

      • Wales is such an incredibly beautiful place…. it keeps a welcome in the hillside for one and all! Put it on your bucket list and tell me when you visit ! πŸ™‚ x

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