5 Cheers for Sesame Street!


I went to see “Sesame Street Live!” with my oldest daughter,

who turned 34 years old and my youngest grandson, Micah.

It was amazing, filled with little lessons, dancing and singing.

I could not believe that the “Letter of the Day” was “M” and

later, we found out, in their performances, the “Number of

the Day” was “5.”

“M”icah who turned “5” on February 27th was thrilled! I was

speechless, trying to concentrate on capturing a photo of the

flashing lights that were saying, “5, off, 5, off, 5!”

I finally got those three 5’s in a position that their red

color stood out, in contrast, from the deep blue of the

surrounding framework of the stage. Then, again, capturing

our special, favorite characters, when they weren’t moving

quickly, jumping or gliding across the stage, was my next goal.

Micah was shouting, “There’s Elmo!” and “There’s Grover!”

When we weren’t laughing, looking across Micah’s head, my

daughter and I were grinning from ear to ear. Carrie said,

“I hope that Grover comes down the aisle, Micah, so you

can give him a hug! I wish I could give him a hug, too!”

Turns out, she would have had to crawl over or run over,

multiple little tykes to get to Grover. Micah was able to

maneuver and squirm through, (hopefully not pushing too

much!) to get a big hug from not only Grover, but Cookie

Monster, too. It was dark and several rows away from us,

but we saw him do this both times.

The crowd was very responsive to any suggestions to clap

or answer questions. There were a few songs that I would

like to mention. One I loved the imagery of the whole cast

of Sesame Street with their yellow slickers or raincoats

on, with video images of cookies falling from the sky,

and the song was, “It’s Raining Cookies!” (To the melody

of “It’s Raining Men!”)

Another song was one I had covered as one of my favorite

children’s songs, in a post about attending Lara and

Landen’s elementary school for Grandparents’ Day. It is

called, “Sing a Song.” The line that is so simple but

sweet that tugs at my heartstrings is “Don’t worry about

whether you can sing or not….” and has the lines,

“sing it loud, sing it clear!” This was very nicely acted

out and the whole gang did it very well in the show.

My favorite special moment was when Bert and Ernie were

sitting side by side on a bench. Chaos was happening

all around them, characters running around in circles,

music and dancing. They were sitting quietly watching.

It was a lovely moment, indeed. I love those two guys!

Do you remember the Golden Books post, where an author,

who had been the editor of Golden Books shared lessons

learned by reading or being read to Golden Books? Sesame

Street is part of the Golden Books’ line of books.

These book and television show characters are very much

part of my family! My children and grandchildren all have

their beloved books but by far, their favorite book is

“The Monster at the End of This Book.” In the ending, the

monster ends up to be, “lovable old Grover.”

I felt that there were valuable lessons in the show I saw

with my daughter and grandson. Here are some of the morals

and values imparted through songs and interactions.

I thought I would do a version of lessons I gathered

from going to see the “Sesame Street Live!” show.

Lessons that “Sesame Street” Teaches (or Taught) You:

1. Give back anything you “borrow” or take something.

Elmo “borrowed” a little girl character’s fairy wand.

2. The words, “I’m sorry,” go a long way in making

forgiveness easier. The person should be gracious, in

return. The little girl could tell Elmo didn’t mean to

be ‘bad’ and she answered back to his apology,

“Everyone makes mistakes!”

3. Be kind to one another. When Big Bird is doing laundry

for the messy duo of Bert and Ernie, he is cheerful and

there is a song that makes you feel that helping someone

out makes it easier to do chores.

4. Everyone is ‘lovable,’ even a Grouch! I was very

impressed when the Grouch stuck his head back into his

trash can, but he pushed upward and did a dance with

just his legs showing.

Micah exclaimed, “How cute is that?”

Both my daughter and I hugged him at the same time after

that ‘precious’ comment!

5. Every day is special! You may have a special word, letter,

number or feeling that is shared. They may talk about

“being friends.” The characters may talk about “sharing.”

Sometimes it will be a serious subject but it will always

end with it all working out okay!

6. Learning is fun! If you wish to learn Spanish, you can

recite the colors, red is “rojo,” white is “blanco,” blue

is “azul,” green is “verde,” and yellow is “amarillo.”

When you learn to count, the Count will use his best

Dracula voice, making it another way to enjoy numbers.

7. Singing and dancing should be part of your everyday

routines. I already mentioned the “Sing a Song,” but

do want to emphasize it is very hard to be ‘grumpy’

or ‘blue’ if you are dancing to the music!

8. Whenever possible, cookies can save the day! If

you are vegan, you can choose a healthier recipe, but

always remember that cookies make children smile! They

make them want to eat all their dinner, too!

Works for adults, too! For my Mom, ice cream is her

choice of ‘treats,’ to motivate her to eat her broccoli!

9. Owls truly are the birds of wisdom. The old, gnarly

tree on the dark scenery set with stars shining in the

sky, had a male owl wearing glasses. Also, there were

three little baby owls who popped their head outs out

of the tree’s knot holes. The characters asked him for

advice, which he intoned in a somber, scholastic way.

10. Families everywhere love their children. The way

they used the number five was to have five penguins

who went behind the curtain, coming out in different

international costumes. One time, the penguins wore sari’s

and silk sashes (Asian/Indian), another time they had long,

blonde braids with horned helmets (Scandinavian), the

maracas and straw hats with frayed ponchos, (Spanish/

Mexican) and other cultures were represented. The audience

cheered quite often during this presentation, along with

clapping five times.

It seems I am always telling you about something that is

very exciting and fun, happening to me, my family or my

friends. This is one thing that I cannot help doing,

sharing happy moments and imparting small ‘bits of wisdom’

gained along the way. I wish to bring you smiles.

Now, this last part is to be saved and savored for April

First. You will understand this to be my early ‘trick.’

After the program, we found our way behind the stage,

looking to get a photograph with my oldest with her ‘hero,’

Grover. We thought this would be a ‘full circle’ moment,

since that was one of the first books I had read to her,

including Grover. Once we were backstage, I requested

this usher to find out if there were any job applications.

I really was motivated to become a member of the traveling

“Sesame Street Live! entourage.

The man who hurried over, was still wearing this tall,

lanky yellow outfit, his “Big Bird” head of his costume in

his hands. Micah didn’t seem the least bit surprised.

My daughter could not believe that I was going to leave our

Delaware, Ohio home for 28 years. I was so enthusiastic that

I asked for a pen, then starting to fill in the past

employment section, right on the spot!

Can you believe I figured out a way to be around people of

all ages, dancing and singing, along with the great aspect

of traveling the country included in my future paychecks?

I mean, this would be a far better experience than joining

the circus!

Let me be the first to tell you, pre-April Fool’s Day:


Did I have any of you thinking I would follow through on this

dream of ‘fame and fortune?’


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  1. awww rats, I was getting ready to buy tickets and wait in the aisles for a hug …. probably just as well, knowing my luck I would probably end up hugging Oscar the Grouch 🙂 PS I remember the There’s a Monster at the End of this book …. I think I still have that and Goodnight Moon memorized

    • I think that is so great, Michael! I would have hugged you, since I couldn’t have waded through the little kids very well. They would have liked to hug you, if you had a costume on! I think that I should edit my book title to, “There’s a Monster at the End of This Book.” I didn’t use the total memory thing, too well, ha ha! I liked “Goodnight Moon,” too. Smiles, Robin

  2. This is just great!!!! You know, my sister and I learned to speak English by watching Sesame Street (and its more cerebral, though short lived cousin, The Electric Company). What a real treat for Micah!! (and both of you too!)

    • I am so glad you let me know about this learning English part of Sesame Street and also, the fun and yes, cerebral, The Electric Company! You are so right that the way these shows reached children from everywhere, makes them quite remarkable! Thanks for this lovely comment, my dear! Smiles, Robin

  3. Haha! How fun! I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading this so I can only imagine how much you smiled being there. 🙂 I’m glad you were able to experience this!

    • Thanks, sweetie! Your pets, dogs and cats you feature on your posts, almost always give me smiles. Except the ones who have been hurt or harmed by mankind. Those make me tear up and nearly cry! You have a great week, watch out for April Fool’s Day jokes, too! Smiles, Robin

    • I am so happy that you have a lot of great memories of Sesame Street, Jill! It is still a very fine show and brings a lot of joy into children’s lives, too! Thanks, Jill, for this special comment! Happy April Fool’s day tomorrow! Watch out for jokes! Smiles, Robin

  4. you really had me robin, as i think you would be perfect for this! though i know you would miss your family so much when you were ‘on the road’. sounds like a great day.

    • It was a fantastic day! Glad that I almost ‘had’ or ‘fooled’ you! But, you know me too well… It would be hard to go on the road and leave the babes behind. They are too much fun, especially while outside! Thanks, Beth!

  5. Magical day for Micah at age 5. I thought you could be a valued member of the Sesame Street troupe, Robin, a new character they call Smiles. After all, you always sign off your wonderful comments with “Smiles, Robin.”

    • Mark, thanks for the nickname for my Sesame St. character! I really think it would be fun but I am so glad that you could see ‘through’ my charade! I wore a silly shirt on backwards today, this is how most people don’t see me. And only 2 noticed! Shoot! Did you play any pranks today?

      • That is good to know! I like the funny ones, anyway. My son once switched salt and sugar around and that was a little less funny than he expected, when his stepdad drank salty coffee! I hesitate to do such things, but he was only 9 so I forgave him… Smiles, Robin

    • Thanks, Shandra! I wrote a post about a woman who was the editor for Golden Books and she had written Lessons learned from Golden Books. I used her ideas and listened to the lessons that one could derive from the program! It is fun to pay attention and yet, also to let loose and be carefree, while around children! Smiles, Robin

    • You are so nice to say these thoughtful things! You know awhile ago, I gave you an award nomination, which did not mean you had to post about it. I just wanted to let you know that I try to give ‘new to me’ people awards. I am about to post one tomorrow, but I won’t have any ‘repeat names’ on it. I still like your posts and try to read you, with time constraints I apologize for not doing this so regularly! Thank you very much. Wishing you will always have happiness and great times with friends and loved ones! Smiles, Robin

  6. Oh, how I loved Sesame Street. My daughters learned counting from The Count’s Book – I Love to Count Things. I read the pages in my best Count voice which my girls never forgot. (Their mother refused to read them that book because the girls would always say, ‘Use the Count’s voice! Dad always uses the Count’s voice.’
    Good April Fool’s surprise, too! What a fun day! – The letter ‘M’

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