A “High Five” to You All!


I am amazed and struck silent with awe! I was within a short

period of time, given five award nominations! Wow! I will call

this my “Lucky Five” and wish to pass a Big “High Five” to all

of you readers of my lengthy essays on life and relationships,

in the areas of work and play.

I was given Four Nominations by a special, new “best friend,”

named Julie! She has a wonderful blog which is full of varied

stories and fun looks at life. Her outlook matches mine, with

humor and positive insights given.


Julie has nominated me to four special awards!

I may take them all and run with them! The Inner Peace Award,

The ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award, the Most Influential

Blogger Award and the Sunshine Award were all nominated to me.

In addition to the above named four nominations, I received

a nomination for another award. That makes a total of Five!

Mark, you tricky man, you are getting me to post about your

blog again! I appreciated the nomination for the Dragon’s

Loyalty Award. In accepting this, you know, I may be a

lawless individual. Out here in the “real world,” I am

a true, trustworthy and law-abiding individual.

I hope you will check out Mark’s blog about sports,

entertainment, walks with Ellie B. and more at:


I would like to announce some worthy bloggers who have,

as far as my memory serves, not received nominations here

before. I know you will enjoy checking out these “new”


I apologize for not wishing to give you any more sordid

details of my life. The others who receive awards, do

such respectable posts accepting their nominations!

You really should read my early posts, where I divulged

and ‘bared all’~ if you want to know more about me! I

hope you will check out Mark’s and Jules’ posts for their

fine examples of how to follow Award Nomination Rules!

1. Linda, you are really wonderful!


2. K, you have awesome photography here!


3. With her kitchen wide open, some lovely children

and special thoughts shared here:


4. Wacky family insights here, a recent sickness

and thoughts about differences in male and female

roles in families…


5. Jill has been catching up with me, a new

friend and although she is younger, many of

our memories are overlapping! She belongs in my

‘sisterhood club’ but have not been recently

nominated for that esteemed award!


6. A man who has a lot of deep essays. I liked

Teddy Lee’s post, “Creating Your Own Fate.”


7. She ‘had me’ when she talked about frontier

women, then there is the “Holler” and her recent post,

“Wilderness Gardens” is a place of renewal and beauty.


8. Heartafire is an honest and outgoing writer

who will get you thinking or smiling! Awhile

back, she wrote about her father’s mother,

it was a true portrait of a spunky woman with

good cooking skills!


9. More lovely photos, from a newcomer to my blog,

Prasun Dutta at:


10. She has photos and fun comments. She gives us

much to think about, too.


11. Alex has some different thoughts to share with

us along our walk in life.


I have a few others who are great and new friends who I

could ‘throw into the mix,’ but what if another award

nomination comes up? Who will I have to put into that

post? Everyone who is following and faithfully reading

my posts, again…

I salute you,

I give you a “High Five!”

I wave my five fingers to you

and say,

“Farewell for now!”


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    • Thanks, Mark! If you were ever bored enough to check out the way I used to do the awards acceptance posts, you would even occasionally see rules being followed and clip art attached! Shock! Take care and enjoy the rest of this week! I only got this done and had to contact the 11 ones I nominated so time is running out and I am going home to eat my dinner! Smiles, Robin

    • Thanks, Teela! I hope you are doing well and I continue to read your serious messages about abuse. I liked the way you were supportive of the Druid blogger. He is a friend of mine, too! Smiles, Robin

      • I have actually been in your shoes, fear and struggles, while a young mother. I set off on a path, where I did not get the money nor the partnership, but I certainly got the glory of freedom, Teela! Smiles, Robin

  1. Congratulations, Robin! These are well deserved awards! You are too sweet to mention me and my blog. I’m proud to be part of your sisterhood…and really, I don’t think I’m that much younger than you. 🙂 So happy we connected!

    • Glad to be connected and still am happy to find parallels in our lives, too! If you wish to accept the awards, there are those who nominated me, who follow the rules and have wonderful posts to read, too! Smiles, Robin

    • Thanks, Jonathan! You and many others are faithful and true friends. I just like to nominate a few who are ‘new to me’ and may like to be awarded, too! Smiles, Robin

    • You deserve ten fold of awards, but I could not pass them your way since I feel I have awarded you a couple of times… We will be connected, sans awards, right? We are not fickle but true friends! Smiles, Robin

    • Thank you, Shandra! I am trying to think if I have awarded you before? I feel bad, but I just whipped this list of ones I knew were ‘new to me.’ You deserve plenty of awards and I am glad we are friends, too. Smiles, Robin

      • Oh, PLEASE!! No not at all why I commented. Your posts are so fun, lively, welcoming & Transparent we all LOVE your blog. You deserve these and many more. Blessings, Shandra 🙂

    • I know how you feel about awards, you were great at getting a bunch of them, but wished you didn’t have to write all about them! You are a humble and sweet woman, Beth! I appreciated the way you did your multiple awards that you were nominated for! Hugs, Robin

  2. Wow that’s awesome Robin! I am so happy for you. And your awards are so well deserved. You are so full of energy, insights and fun, I really look forward to your posts. Thank you so much for including me in your list. I feel so very blessed.

    • I am so glad you felt blessed by being included! You deserved them all, too! I look forward to reading more of your posts and viewing your artistic photos that illustrate your stories! Smiles, Robin

  3. Congratulations and great nominees. Don’t worry about passing this on after all that work. I know it takes so much time and effort! High five. . . . . back at ya!

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