Sisterhood and Its Deeper Meaning


I would like to remind everyone about a powerful and beautiful song,

which seemed to be repeated endlessly when it came out. It’s now even

more a special one that makes me remember my dreams. The song, that

came out in 1971 is,

“I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony…)”

Even though it was an advertising jingle written for the Coca Cola

commercial, it has wonderful lyrics written by Billy Davis. It was

sung first by the Hillside Singers, later by the New Seekers.

I feel I have become so much closer and connected to the world. This

is through finding my blogging friends, like all of you out there.

This community has become built up into a “new world” for me. It means

so much to me!

It is so hard when I win award nominations to decide who to pass the

award nominations on to. Since I started this year, 2014, I have been

heartily trying to give new writers, blogs I have just begun following

or they have just begun following me, the ‘torch.’

Winning or receiving award nominations is also, such a thrill!

I remember my last ‘picnic’ celebration when I won an award where I let

you in on my favorite people, my friends.

These are the ones who have commented with such feeling, empathy and

given me encouragement. They are part of the reason to continue forging

onward in my writing.

I cannot help myself, though, by getting the recent Sisterhood of the

World Bloggers Award, I wanted to ‘chuck’ my new year’s resolution and

just let my friends, who have become like sisters, receive a “Shout out!”

I wish to let you know that I realize Sisters can have Brothers. I do

have two brothers, who have been there throughout my life, but…

This post, today, is for the girls!

My friend, Julie, who has been recently getting me to laugh quite

a lot and also, enjoying reading her journals from ages 15 and 16,

gave me a special Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

I told her she is my younger sister and I am her older sister, with a

connecting bonds of music and movies, some similar interests and just

plain enjoying reading each other! For following rules on this award,

along with the clip art of the special award, may be found here, too!

Check Julie’s blog out at:

The following people have been my friends, commenting and hanging out

here with me. I have probably left out a few, for which I apologize,

ahead of time. May their world be brighter, filled with peace and

harmony. You make my world a better place, dear ones!

1. Jill, who has recently told us that she was seeing lighthouses

everywhere and got inspired to write about the lighthouse keeper.

2. Her photography of nature will draw you in, plus her writing makes

this ‘Curious Gal’ a treat and a great blog:

3. Morgan, who just got her book published! Congrats, sister!

4. Celeste, who helps us to become more aware of vegan choices

and helped me to also, think twice when I purchase different

products! A healthier lifestyle and better world choices here:

5. Beth, who shares quotes and meaningful photographs, along

with her little ‘munchkins’ in her kindergarten class:

6. When I opened her post to see the “Foragers Feast,” I was in

awe with this lovely blog, all over again! Food with natural

and edible beauty featured here:

7. Karen, who inspires me to try my hand with poetry. She bares

her soul, along with beauty in her photos paired with her words:

8. Tracy, who I adore her photography of New England, it brings me

the raw energy of the sea, the beauty in bridges and all sorts of her

own journey and philosophy included:

9. Brenda, who is and always will be, one of my friends! You will

her delightful fairy tale stories, her pairings of poetry with art,

music and photographs:

10. Luanne, who was raised in a similar family, remembers times on

Lakes Michigan and Erie, along with writing about her research into

memoirs, gives you interesting paths to take with her at:

11. Jules, who writes all kinds of different styles, including Flashy

Fiction, continuing sagas and poetry. She and I have some different

kinds of conversations, deeper than others around:

12. Elizabeth, who is a great one to inspire you. She has different

lists and chooses her own way to change and motivate herself, while

moving you to new actions, too:

13. Timi, who has been giving me smiles and thought provoking posts

for quite awhile. One that caught my eye, was about why do people

think they should touch someone’s hair, just because it is different?

14. Glorialana, whose beauty is shown through her artistic poems

and heartfelt words. She has come a long way since she started in 2010!

The rules for Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award can be found at

Julie’s blog and I am so sorry, that I just am giving you a list of

people to meet and hope that you also, will become friends with them!


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  1. Aw, Robin, you are too sweet! I’m so happy and proud to be part of your sisterhood.
    As I’ve mentioned before, your posts always ignite so many memories. Right now, I can picture the commercial from the 1970’s featuring the song “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”…great memories!
    I can’t wait to check out the other sisters!
    Have a wonderful week!

    • Thank you, Jill, for being happy to be part of my sisterhood. I am so glad you are around and always treasure your comments and reading your blog, too. It is so cool, how you have similar memories, too. If you wish to accept the award, you will have to chase down the giver’s post! You definitely deserve to be included in this award nominees’ list! Hugs, Robin

    • You are most welcome, Beth! We would be a ‘force to reckon with!’ if we teamed up somehow to do some of those crazy ideas, like over fifty year old stewardesses, or private investigators… at least we aren’t really ‘over the hill’ yet!! Smiles, Robin

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! I was so glad you saw your name amidst the award nominees’ list! I was cut off, timewise and was not able to contact the ones I nominated until today (April 29) so will circle back and do this back-asswards… (excuse the French!) Hugs, Robin

    • Thank you and we are all winners here! We all work so hard to stay in touch, giving special words of appreciation and on your posts, your different herbal and healthy suggestions are always special in my book! I like the idea of oils and their medicinal purposes, too. Take care and hope you are having a good week!

  2. Awww…Robin, I’m all verklempt! Thank you! Thank you, my sister-friend! I really look forward to getting to know you better. I feel as if we could talk forever about our “life things.” And I look forward to supporting these other sisters. hugs ~Karen~

    • Thank you for not minding me giving you the nomination. I know how busy your life is, in particular, my friend! Glad that you feel a sisterhood with me, as I do for you, too! Hope that your week goes all downhill and something special will be happening, a surprise or adventure over the weekend, Karen! Smiles, Robin

    • I hope you have fun with the girls over there, visiting! Ha ha! I hope that by reblogging you are not only doing me a Big Favor, but hope that others will check out your original thoughts, poetry, and the ones your reblog, sharing with us all the time! You are quite busy and I only get to half of your prolific posts, Jonathan! A big hug and thank you for this!

      • I try…but I just goofed and complimented the wrong one—so I’m in the doghouse. 😦 Others I can have fun with. 🙂 And that’s what reblogging is all about!

  3. It really makes me feel good knowing that I’m having an impact on your food choices Robin! And I’m SO touched by this nomination. It’s such a pleasure having met an e-sister like you chica. Let’s keep teaching the world to sing in harmony as best that we can (but preferably without coke – it’s just not good for ya – hehe).

    • How about some herbal tea or chai tea? I like those! Do you drink coffee? I am really into flavored coffees. I hope that is okay, as my Mom has lived as long as she has, thinking this gave her the ‘energy’ to get up every day! Ha ha, back at you, ‘chica!’
      Thanks for hanging with me, with my diverse subjects, sometimes I am able to produce a ‘green’ subject or as in my post about Iceland, I talked about global warming.

      I have a rough draft on the subject of growing a ‘pizza’ garden, soon to be out… Please come back and add to that one, how to make vegan crust, and thank you ahead of time for this help!

      Glad to call you my sister, Celeste! I have a wonderful time, looking at your varieties of recipes, trying to decide if I can ‘bend a few rules and still adapt the recipe for me, myself and I! Smiles, Robin

  4. Robin, Now, I am so overwhelmed and overjoyed or overwrought or something. You know when you get too hot, and you fan yourself with your hand at the neck. That’s how I feel. You are a constant delight to me, Robin. I should have looked more carefully last night, but boy was I tired. I don’t sleep well when hubby’s away. This is the second week this month. He’ll be back soon, though, and my kids and I had a great day, the little dears. I love that song, “Perfect Harmony”. It reminds me of “Ebony and Ivory.” Remember that one? Such good messages, through and through. As your blog has, good messages and love through and through. I hope you have a blessed 2014, whatever you decide to do with awards. Hugs, Brenda

    • I did not mean to make you feel bad or get overwrought! Since I am not able to get to everyone’s posts, regularly and I miss details, too! I have another award that I think was given mid-April and am over two weeks late posting about that one! I will probably go looking for those who are ‘new’ and pass the ‘torch’ around. But sisters, they are too special, they have to be my friends and you are definitely held high in my esteem and regards! Thanks for the wish for a blessed 2014, see that covers us both for quite awhile, if I say, “Ditto” and “Love you, Brenda!” back. Hugs, Robin

      • A lot of my emotions are high right now: birthday, hubby gone, rain unending, writer’s conference coming like a freight train. I think I should go to bed early. What a treat that would be. Sigh of longing. 🙂 Hugs, Brenda

      • The little ones shall be going to bed, soon….Hope you get some fulfilling and deep rest. It is too bad that you and hubby were apart on your birthday! (?) You had cake and celebration with the kids, though! Did you get to see your Dad? Take care and hugs, Robin

  5. Thanks so much Robin! I love the sisterhood here on WordPress. I love our mutual encouragement and support…our friendship and kindness…and most of the joy of being sisters in this brave new world! Wouldn’t it be fun to sometime all meet??!!! ❤️

    • You are most welcome, my friend! I am so glad this is one of your favorites, too! Take care and hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Smiles, Robin

  6. Robin, I’m late to the party, sorry! Thanks for nominating me. It’s nice to sit with you and listen to you talk. You meander with your words, and make me ‘ooh’ and ‘ah,’ as I read 🙂

  7. Pingback: The “Why Blog?” Party | Friendly Fairy Tales

    • Definitely went straight over to the party on your blog, Brenda! Thanks so much for the love and friendship. It is an enduring and caring one. I feel our sister-bonds and won’t forget your encouragement to try different styles of writing. Lots of little notes in the past, especially about family members and little treats and treasures mean so much to me. They are here, saved in my mind, memory and in post comments, too. I will need to get on top of this award, my dear! Thank you very much!

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