May Flowers


May, 2014

Monthly Calendar Time is Here Again!

Sending you bunches and bouquets of May flowers.

Flavia, poet and artist shares these words with all of us,

“Our time on earth is woven of infinite moments,

Each holding a promise and its own exquisite beauty.”

The flower for May: Lily of the Valley

The birthstone of May: Emerald

How appropriate that one of the sweetest, yet most delicate

flowers, with its tiny cups give us the fragrance for the

month! The color of green, is bursting in every direction

which makes the gem of the month, Emerald, also appropriate.

May 1st-

May Day is celebrated with live flower baskets or little

braided, woven paper baskets with tissue flowers, placed on

the porch of someone, a neighbor, possibly elderly… then,

press the doorbell or knock on the door and run! If you are

old enough to have been taught this custom, let me know!

(Oh, did you ever wrap ribbons around a May Pole?)

This is also, National Day of Prayer.

Also, in Mexico, it is considered their celebration of

Labor Day.

May 2nd-

This is in memorial to the first major protests of the

Viet Nam war or skirmishes. This took place 50 years

ago, today in:

New York Times Square, over 1000 people gathered.

San Francisco, Calif. over 700 protestors gathered.

The other locations where there were reports of this

were in Boston, Mass., Seattle, Wash. and Madison, Wisc.

May 4th-

Orthodox Easter

May 5th-

Get out and celebrate with a margarita, Sangria

or Cerveza!

!Cinco De Mayo!

The Battle of Puebla Day (Mexico) remembered.

May 8th-

Victory in Europe.

Veteran’s, we salute you for your service!

May 11-

Happy Mother’s Day!

I have composed a humorous, but respectful list

of what some may consider qualities or ‘jobs’

or the many “hats” that mothers wear:

1. Sit down at the kitchen table and ‘shoot the breeze.’

2. The kitchen smells like “home.”

3. The beloved story teller and keeper of traditions.

4. Lunch, snacks and dinner-maker.

5. Chief ‘bottle washer.’

6. Big giver of hugs and kisses.

7. One who gets ‘away with’ licking her fingers and

smoothing your hair!

8. Singer of bedtime songs, teller of bedtime prayers.

9. Source of unconditional love.

10. Hemmer, mender and sewer.

11. Nagger: “Don’t forget your boots, lunch…”

A nicer way of putting it, “Reminder” of things.

12. Rules maker and enforcer.

13. Chores list maker and giver of allowances.

14. Tooth Fairy and other magical moments.

15. Phone home.

16. Homework Officer.

17. Schedule Secretary.

18. Nurse.

19. Taxi service.

20. Knows our flaws and bad habits, but would

be our defender till the end!

May 14th-

Full Flower Moon.

May 17th-

Armed Forces Day.

Raise your flag, salute veterans and our current Army,

Air Force, Navy, Marines and other Armed Forces personnel.

Delaware Arts Festival. Downtown, for about

four crossroads and two blocks, art, music,

fun and neighbors circulate, purchase and

admire original artwork. Creativity abounds!

Festival food is also available! Yummy!

The Delaware County District Library takes

advantage of the large crowds and has their

Annual Book Sale, fundraiser on this day, too.

May 18-

Whit Sunday, Pentecost.

May 20-

Victory Day in Canada.

Victoria, Canada.

May 22- National Maritime Day.

May 26- Memorial Day

In the United States, we celebrate by having a three day

weekend, filled with parades and memorials for the ones

who have gone before us. We honor not only the military,

but go to the gravesites of our loved ones who have passed

away. We place plastic, silk or living flowers on those we

have loved’s graves. We put flags on the graves of ones who

served our country. I remember enjoying being in the Marching

Band, playing John Phillip Sousa marches. The song, “Taps,”

sometimes is the final, somber song at the cemetery played

on this Memorial Day.

In the United Kingdom, they celebrate with a Spring

Bank Holiday.

In the small book, with precious illustrations by

Joan Walsh Anglund, called, “Love Is a Special Way

of Feeling,” (1960, Harcourt Brace and World, Inc.)

“Love is a special way of feeling.

It is the safe way we feel

when we sit on our mother’s lap

with her arms around us tight and close.”

Flavia adds a quotation,

“Love lives forever and belies the passage of time.

It is what we take with us, wherever we go.”

I like to include a few thoughts along with the calendar,

which I hope makes this post both meaningful and interesting.

I also am aware that the world celebrates many more holidays

and welcome some suggestions or additions in the comments’

section. Thanks for contributing to May’s Monthly Post!


17 responses »

  1. Wow! Now I know why I’ve always loved the month of May, there’s so much going on! You, Robin, are a wealth of information. 🙂
    You couldn’t have said it better, my mother is and has always been my “defender till the end!”

    • I am so glad I am the fountain of information! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and beginning of May!
      Also, Jill, thanks for adding this remark about your mother! I am so glad she was your ‘defender till the end! Hugs, Robin

  2. personally, i believe we should add some excitement to May. Here are a few of my ideas 🙂

    National Toothbrush Hygiene Month
    Intercoastal Waterway Appreciation Day
    National Senior Citizens Prom Week
    Bring Your Own Pillow To Work Day
    National Retro Pocketbook Week

    • I would enjoy two of these quite a lot! I would attend a national senior citizen’s over fifty Prom. I would be happy if we were allowed to bring a pillow to work, too. Thanks for this lively and fun list!

      • Many class reunions might consider a reunion prom so to speak. Now that I am actually much more handsome than I was, maybe I could get a date this time. 🙂

      • Thomas Dekker wrote a poem about it–

        O, the month of May, the merry month of May,
        So frolic, so gay, and so green, so green, so green!
        O, and then did I unto my true love say,
        Sweet Peg, thou shalt be my Summer’s Queen.

        Now the nightingale, the pretty nightingale,
        The sweetest singer in all the forest quire,
        Entreats thee, sweet Peggy, to hear thy true love’s tale:
        Lo, yonder she sitteth, her breast against a brier.

        But O, I spy the cuckoo, the cuckoo, the cuckoo;
        See where she sitteth; come away, my joy:
        Come away, I prithee, I do not like the cuckoo
        Should sing where my Peggy and I kiss and toy.

        O, the month of May, the merry month of May,
        So frolic, so gay, and so green, so green, so green;
        And then did I unto my true love say,
        Sweet Peg, thou shalt be my Summer’s Queen.

        ( from 1599 )


      • Thank you so very much for this wonderful addition to my May post! You really outdid yourself! That was so sweet of you! Robin

    • I enjoyed your post today about graduation of your baby daughter and the lovely picture of their family! You proud Mama, you! Congratulations, Beth, for helping your daughter to realize her dreams, encouraging and supporting them all! Smiles, Robin

  3. Glad you found the quote and mother’s characteristics list nice. I always like the way you fit your famous quotations with your post’s subject matter, Beth! It is First Friday and I am off to see Bill in about 15 minutes… will be in touch and hope you will have an awesome month of May! Smiles, Robin

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