The Wonderful Domino Effect


I have always felt that the song, “What a Wonderful World,” was

one of my all time favorites. It IS a wonderful world! I love that

Louis Armstrong song! There are moments that it can bring me to

tears, others where it can give me bubbles of joy and wonderment!

I also, enjoyed the old black and white Christmas movie, “It’s A

Wonderful Life.” The character that Jimmy Stewart plays is named

George Bailey. The movie shows us a fantastic, but simple, story of

how one man’s life impacts others around him. It is so moving.

The small town in this movie, plays its part in telling the tale,

too. But, most importantly, the people in the town gather round and

‘circle their wagons,’ to help George to really know his life has

meaning to it. The townspeople all take turns, sharing and expressing

their reasons why he is needed to be part of their lives. How his

life impacted theirs, too. They want him to believe they all feel

that he is why they got to be where they are today, through his


It is valuable for you to remember, wherever you go, that there

are people surrounding you, caring about you, and who are cheering

you on, in so many unspoken ways.

Please, never feel you wish to end your life! I always get teary-

eyed, when I think of some of you, who deal with chronic pain,

going blind or blindness, cancer, Lyme’s Disease, OC/DC, other

afflictions and anxieties. There are everyday problems, challenges

and disabilities too numerous to explain or describe. If it were

possible to gather you all together, giving you a warm embrace,

I would do this!


Right now!

Let’s hug!

I thought, long and hard, about my recent award nomination where I

was once more recognized for my blogging. I wondered how I could make

this post different and how it could be received.

How could I express this in a unique way and still give meaning to the

wonder that I get when someone gives me something like this!

I thought about what my blogging community has added to my life,

in so many directions, leading my thoughts into other dimensions

and how could I express this best?

This is my important original thought I wish to pass on to you



We all are like dominoes, leaning on each other.

We can form a great wall of protection.

We can overlap our black bodies and white spots.

We can match the two’s with the two’s

And the blank’s with the blank’s.

We can find our similarities and join them.

We can create paths across borders.

We can make ourselves form straight lines.

We can create gradual curves, gently angling

In waves of comraderie and companionship.

(Dominoes cannot hook arms, but they can seem

like they are ‘working together’ in unison.)

We can pile on top of each other!

Neatly or hap-hazardly.

We can ’embrace’ each other,

caring and supporting one another.

On other more wilder, carefree days,

We can overlap, standing up tall,

All come tumbling down,

Giggling and laughing with each other!

Dominoes is such a lovely game we play together.”

Written 4/30/14 by Robin Elizabeth Oldrieve Cochran.

This leads me to the same conclusion that the character, George

Bailey discovers.

That once we all become part of a community, the world becomes

a way of being our ‘small town.’

We are like neighbors, where we come to know, understand and

make the world a ‘smaller place.’

My friend, Amanda, has hysterically funny ways of looking at

life, especially as a mother of three children and wife of the

man she loves. A recent post where she compares herself to the

‘perfect mum’ and the ‘perfect wife.’ I know you will love her

forever for expressing her doubts and her lively photos of what

we could look like or do, if we were all so perfect! She is also

a photographer and philosopher. You will enjoy her blog at:

You will find the beautiful newer friends to my blogging

community in my list of nominees! If you wish to seek out

the rules and other important parts of the Award Post that

Amanda composed and included ‘moi!’ then please look at her


I wish to pass the Wonderful Team Members Readership Award

to the following people. I assure you that their blogs are

clever, witty, fun and beautiful. I am probably going to take

a ‘shortcut’ and wish that all my readers please check them

out and hope you find new great places to visit!

1. Marylin, Poetry, beauty and light found here:

2. Colleen, you get me thinking and you have interesting ways

of expressing yourself in your posts. You are new to me, which

makes me want to get to know you better!

3. April, I feel close to you. I worry about your health challenges

and also, appreciate your seeing beauty in spite of yourself!


4. Mama Bear Musings has given me ideas of oils, healing and meditation

reminders. Her DIY recipe for cellulite reducing, wow! Here she is in

her giving blog, that shares with us so much we need to hear about!

5. Redbird’s Roost:

6. Faith and thoughts shared here:

7. Family and fun are important to Dorreen:

8. Kim is a new grandmother, along with a spiritual warrior:

9. She has been having a hard time lately, so this may cheer

her up!

10. There are lovely photos and poetry here:

11. He has a sense of humor. The post on chocolate pie, ‘had’ me!

12. Paul has fantastic artwork in his photography:

13. Thoughts and fun can be found here:

14. Hi to the different places you take my mind:

I am so glad that all of you are on my Wonderful Team!

I appreciate your reading and commenting on my posts. I have a lot

of hope that we will someday get to meet and have a stadium of people

who will all cheer in unison for blogging and our friendships!

Go, Team, Go!


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  1. O I saw the name of one of my favourite songs “wonderful world” on the preview of your post and I had to read the whole thing…such a wonderful message and thank you so much for mentioning me on your list 🙂 I am blessed to be a part of this community and hope to check out some of the new names you have posted. Love and kind regards – Neha

    • Neha, so glad you like the song, “Wonderful World,” too! It is a special song that I really love! I am so glad you feel blessed and am happy you liked your name included in the list of ones to check out! You deserved the award nomination! Hugs, Robin

    • I am so glad you enjoyed this post, Jonathan and thank you so much for reblogging it! You are so clever with your titles and comments. I appreciate this so much! I will be back tomorrow to read everyone’s posts! Have a nice Friday and weekend!

  2. Awww thanks for the nomination,Robin! You are so very kind to include me on your team!! I will get to responding in time, and in the meantime will happily checkout the other recommendations… I SO enjoyed this post, not least for that sweet poem about dominoes. Lovely!! 🙂 blog on, sister!

    • You deserved the award nomination and you are most welcome! I am so glad you liked my attempt at poetry. It is rare and far between! So glad we are sisters and on the same team, too! Hugs, Robin

    • You are not obligated to write anything or accept this. You have been sick and need to be healing and taking care over on your blog! I appreciate the comments, including the fact you said you enjoy my posts! This brightens my day! Thanks for the compliments, especially on my attempt at poetry! Smiles, Robin

    • You are worthy of awards, my dear! Sorry that I did not see this reply in my ‘needing approval’ area! I would have definitely thought that the wordpress machinery would have noticed you are very much approved! Smiles, Robin

  3. Robin, first I have to thank you for nominating me. I am truly honored to be included with all of the esteemed bloggers you have mentioned. I do not know them all, so I’m eager to ‘meet’ them! Secondly, your post was written so lovely. Truly, it brought tears to my eyes and I will tell you why. Three years ago this coming July, I lost my pure, precious mother-in-law, unexpectedly. A tiny woman, she bore nine children. I never heard her say a harsh word about anyone. Guess what her favorite song was? “What a Wonderful World.” As a Christmas ‘funny,’ one of her daughters gave her a bright green, animated frog the holiday before she died. He moved his arms while turning his head to strum his guitar, singing her favorite song. Knowing her wishes, she was given a simple funeral with a closed casket. On top sat her beloved frog strumming his guitar, kicking his long legs while singing her ‘swan’ song. It was perfect. Thank you, Robin. Blessings Always.

    • I sometimes really ‘hit the spot,’ while writing and am so glad I did with you! I appreciate your sharing this lovely story about your dear and special mother in law, I am sorry that you lost her. There were so many more things to say and do, together. I feel that way about my father… Thanks for this and so glad you did not mind being nominated! Take care and we will stay in touch! I just checked my ‘needing approval’ area on my blog, or this would have been answered a couple of days ago!

      • It was a wonderful post, so ‘perfect’ for me. Please forgive me in my time regarding my nomination. I hope there is no ‘limit?’ So behind, I am…Always, it seems. Again, beautiful post, Robin. We both, I know, are thankful for the special time we had with our loved ones. Never enough I know….but thankful for what we had. Bless you.

    • So glad you pointed out that dominoes can be flipped! I could not for the life of me, think of what it is called, when people line them up, carefully so they all fall in a pattern. That is the one thing I would like to revise in my poem! Thanks, Mark!

  4. What a terrific post, Robin! I love the domino analogy, the song What a Wonderful World, and the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life (I watch it every year!)….I am glad I found it this morning. 🙂 Great way to start the day!

    • You are so great at saying just the right things, Julie! I will be back to comment and read others tomorrow, meanwhile, my once a month First Friday will be dinner out and a walk with Bill! Smiles, Robin

  5. You have such a big heart, Robin. The song, What a Wonderful World, brings tears to my eyes as well. One of my favorite parts of It’s a Wonderful Life is the inscription in the book left mysteriously on the table full of money George’s community gathered to help—“Remember, no man is a failure who has friends, thanks for the wings”. We all need each other, so happy to have your words to encourage me and remind me I am a part of a community–in my neighborhood as well as on WordPress. 🙂

    • I appreciate these very kind words, April. I believe that the movie and song will always have those special messages and tears attached for me. The tone of voice that Louis Armstrong uses is unbeatable! Did you ever catch the serious movie, where that song plays during a very sad bombing scene, with Robin Williams in it? It was called, “Good Morning, Viet Nam.” I think it was placed perfectly in that sad scene.
      I am so glad you reminded me about the money in the book, April! I like that the inscription is very meaningful, too! This was a wonderful way to make my post become even better! Thanks, April!

    • Thank you, my friend. I don’t have a lot of followers but I have been writing my heart out for 2 years. I appreciate that you are new, hoping that you will still be close, when you have written as much as I. The fact you are starting young, that is quite amazing, my dear one! Smiles, Robin

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