In light of the tragic kidnapping of hundreds of young schoolgirls

recently, taken from their schools, you may wish to escape from our

current reality. Once you hear that the evil men, who are part of the

Nigerian “Taliban,’ are threatening to sell those girls and possibly

force them into ‘prostitution’ or to become child ‘wives’…

We all may wish to return to “Neverland!”

I was channel surfing between the semi-finals on “The Voice,” and

the fun, musical show, “Glee,” when I spotted Tim Conway and a few

other elderly, fine actors. “Glee” has been located in New York City,

since the members have graduated from high school and are pursuing

their theater dreams.

I noticed Tim Conway amidst a scene of nursing home residents, a

special retirement home for past performers. The young, thin man

in “Glee’s” cast, who has an excellent voice, was needed since

the person who had been cast as “Peter Pan” in the nursing home’s

theater production had, unfortunately, just passed away. In a rather

bizarre setting, too. The character who was playing “Peter Pan” was

in his ‘flying gear,’ having died while suspended in his harness.

I was mentally whisked away to the days when musicals were played

on my parents’ stereo. I felt like I was listening to Mary Martin

singing, in her role as “Peter Pan.” I was so happy that I ‘stayed’

(and did not flip back to watch, “The Voice,”) with the “Glee” show,

in its Season Finale. When I discovered the scene where one elderly

woman, a reoccurring role as “Maggie” I wanted to see who the actress

was. Her name is June Squibb, and she was singing “Wendy’s” role. At

some time in her young life, she had actually portrayed, (shown in a

brief back and forth camera shot movement from the stage to the nursing

home’s bulletin board with real photos of the original theater roles)

the youngest of the “Darling” family. The showed June Squibb, as a cute

little girl with a bow in her page boy haircut.

Kurt (Chris Colfer) has visited Maggie, the elderly woman who lives in

this retirement home, a few times before this show. Maggie’s character is

of a past Broadway legend, who encourages Kurt, when he has been challenged

by being turned down for try-outs. Last night, he had been ‘shot down’ by

his friend, Rachel (played by Lea Michelle), not able to be included in a

simple fundraiser for a dog pound.

Each time the camera panned back and forth from the present older aged

adult in the cast or audience watching the home’s production, they would

go back to the bulletin board black and white photograph. I took a quick

glance at the older person and tried to imagine them in the roles while


In my Roger and Ebert Movie Reviews Guidebook, they accidentally list

“Tom” Conway, instead of Tim Conway, as the man who voiced the part of the

“Narrator,” in the 1953 animated “classic” version of “Peter Pan.”

Do you know why? Because Tim Conway was born Thomas Daniel Conway!

He used his real, birth name in the cartoon version of “Peter Pan!”

An ‘Extra Bonus Fact’ about Tim Conway is that he was born in

Willoughby, Ohio on 12/15/1933. Go Ohio!

Tim Conway wears a crocodile costume in the “Glee” version of the

play and appears kind of senile, leaning forward with a rather goofy

expression on his face. This playful performance and his ‘take’ on

the older male character was quite endearing.

I remember in one of my theater trips in Cleveland, going to see, “Peter

Pan.” It was not with Mary Martin playing the role of Peter, but the

fine actress and singer, Sandy Duncan.

I will not go into the two different adult psychological directions

that have been taken from the sweet story of “Peter Pan.”

If you wish to know more about the “Wendy Syndrome” of the “Peter Pan

Syndrome” you may be interested in researching farther on those

subjects on your own.

I will let you in on a few more facts about “Peter Pan,” though. The

author, J.M. Barrie, did include the character of “Peter Pan,” in 1902

in a novel called, “The Little White Bird.” There is a lovely illustration

on Wikipedia from that book.

Later, it was published in 1904, as a play production known as “Peter Pan

or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up.”

Now, let’s sing together, “I won’t grow up, I don’t want to go to school,

for growing up…”

Wish we could all escape to childhood…

Maybe not the dangers of “Captain Hook,” his band of pirates and the

crocodile who swallowed a clock, though.


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  1. At my writer’s conference, we all agreed we were adult kids. πŸ™‚ I feel such outrage for that man taking those girls and calling them slaves. OUTRAGE!!

    • It was a large army of men with guns who set the school on fire. It was definitely a horrific thing to happen. I am sure that the United Nations and we may have to step in. It is going to not be easy to ignore these actions. (Unfortunately, we will probably not send snipers in to just take care of those ‘bad guys!’) Thank you, Brenda!

      • I agree, Brenda! Beth has links to a petition for those of us in the U.S. to sign that we must act upon these terrible actions. I wish we could send some special units of snipers that could stealthily go in there, eliminate the abductors and free those innocent girls!

  2. The kidnapping of the schoolgirls really is so sad. There is a lot of sad stuff that goes on in the world, and that’s why when I watch TV I use it as an escape. I figure I deal with enough bad stuff during the day that I just want to laugh and see light and fluffy stuff at night. Glee is one of the shows I watch, but I also like Two Broke Girls and The Big Bang Theory. Hope you’re having a great week Robin! Celeste πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Celeste! I went off to a fun picnic. But, wait! Don’t you have the flu, my sweet friend? Hope you are feeling better, but be gentle on yourself, sometimes we rush back into the fray, just to get sick again! I am so glad you like Two Broke Girls and Big Bang Theory, too. I laugh a lot and one of my good, older friends talked me into not watching so many crime shows, I did sneak over and watched, “CSI” last night, though. The character, “Brass” was having a bad time with his daughter’s death and this was his final show after 14 years, one of the originals… He was with Grissom , William Peterson’s character, for years. Did you ever try, on Fox TV, “The Mindy Project?” I like the OB/Gyn character that Mindy Kaling plays. She is of Indian descent. Hope that you are feeling better and smiling at some funny comedy show, too!

  3. Yeah…wish I could just roll over some mornings….! And I’ve heard many of the excuses from a man in the Muslim community, too! Am I now on your bad side, for an opinion I expressed a few posts ago? 😦

    • I am sure you are just fine, Jonathan! I was off my posts and enjoyed a family cookout last night. It was our ‘send off’ for my youngest daughter to see her Dad in St. Louis, MO. Also, for me a special gathering where all 3 of my kids and 6 grandchildren were all playing and eating grilled chicken, hot dogs, pasta salad, mac n cheese, fruit, chips and cupcakes! Yummy! No worries between the two of us, Jon! Hugs, Robin

    • I bet she was wonderful! I may have missed that all together, Mark! It is such a pleasure having you contribute to posts with important details, such as this one! You are our ‘go to’ entertainment man! Thanks, Mark!

  4. What I don’t understand is the lack of commitment in finding these girls, time is of the essence with such heinous crimes and I would have expected a better response to this one… I just hope those girls are reunited with their families and that they have not been molested, it is a cruel world of monsters and demons, and those are not fictional, which is even worse.

    A great posting Robin you are a diamond πŸ™‚

    Andro xxxx

    • Thank you, Andro! I am sorry for those innocent children who are not going to have good memories of a happy childhood. I agree, time is of the essence! I wish our special squads with snipers could be silently sent over there and kill the guilty kidnappers in their sleep! No mercy when it comes to children and elderly, in my book. They cannot plead insanity defense either!
      Hope (on the other hand) enjoy your weekend and hope you have something, or someone, who can take your mind off the world! Hugs, Robin

  5. How many of us tune out, when when we are sickened or appalled by life events. Thank you for taking us on your journey, reminding us that, though life can be devastingly cruel, there are happier moments in between πŸ™‚ x

    • Thank you, Jen, for this comment. I appreciate that you also can see the happier moments in between. I feel so helpless when it comes to these things… I mixed both the escape from reality with the real world, where some children are not lucky at all. I hope you continue to give us a mixture of feelings through your powerful messages sent in your poetry. Take care! Happy Mother’s Day over the weekend, too.

  6. Voices that matter are rallying around the girls now, but I fear that they’ve waited too long. I love GLEE, but I had to skip part of your post because I am behind in my watching!! Spoiler! πŸ˜‰

    • Oh no! But I left quite a bit out of the post, other than the commercials which indicated Chris Colfer’s writing the Season Finale and his part in the play. No one will feel they know all that happens in the episode from this post, plus maybe you will check out the people in the retirement home and try to pick out the famous faces, although older! Smiles, Robin
      Have a Happy Mother’s Day, Luanne!

  7. I have never seen Glee. I’m bad when it comes to watching TV, either I watch the old shows or I’d rather read.
    I like to stay informed, but stories like the kidnapping of those girls is so heartbreaking, sometimes I just want to stay away from the news.
    One of our local stations does a “good news” story every night…it’s such a pleasant change.

    • I am so glad you watch shows that make you feel better, like the older ones. It is important to realize we are only one person, cannot heal the world or fix much outside our own lives. It is good, Jill, that you like to watch the good news! I try to focus on mainly good things but sometimes we need to realize that we are blessed (or lucky) in comparison to others. This is something that helps me, when I feel like, “Why does this always happen to me?” (Believe it or not, I do moan and groan from time to time!) Smiles, Robin Have a wonderful weekend and happy mother’s day, too!

  8. It is just like your kind-hearted self to transition to Neverland from the tragedy that is the story of the kidnapped girls in Nigeria by a beast of a man who not only committed such an atrocity, but also openly boasted and laughed about it. I suppose it is part of the role of whimsical fantasy to help us escape from some of the ugliness that invades our lives. I hope the world reaches out to help these defenseless victims.

    Please bear with me, Robin, as I catch up on your posts. I can hardly wait to add your gems to my recently read stories. πŸ™‚ – Mike

  9. Thank you very much for this ‘stand’ you are taking about the man who ‘committed such an atrocity!’ So eloquently put, Mike.
    As far as keeping up with reading blogs. Believe me, we are still friends! I need to catch up all the time, hoping my friends understand. Don’t worry about reading them all right now, take your time, someday… We, you, Florence and I will have a face to face conversation. I see treats and or coffee involved! Smiles, Robin

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