A Family Award to Pass On…


Families come in all kinds of packages, some are small, some are

huge, others are noisy, while some are quiet and respectful. Not all

of those families were all tied up in ‘neat packages.’

I came from a boisterous family that included enthusiasm for all things,

big or small! I am so grateful that my parents believed that ‘children

have a voice.’ We learned that by giving respect, we would receive

respect. There are so many ways that being part of a family may have

helped form and influence your blogging communication, too.

I enjoy my blogging community beyond all measure. I have so many

interesting conversations and connections that ‘feel’ like family!

It is fast approaching Mother’s Day and I realize that I will be

busy, as hopefully you all will be. You may participate on this

holiday in roles of being mothers, aunts, cousins, daughters,

nieces or as fathers, uncles, nephews or sons. You may just try

making it a fun day to spend with your ‘animal family members.’

You may have quite different ways to enjoy this coming Sunday.

I chose to tell my mother that I will be back to see her, as I was

leaving Easter Sunday, over the 3 day Memorial Day holiday weekend.

I also mentioned this in a few notes, cards and letters to her since

then. If I call her, she sometimes thinks I am on my way to visit…

I let my brothers know that I am ‘needed’ to pick my youngest daughter

up at the airport on Sunday. I am so excited to hear how her visit to

St. Louis, including going to a Cardinals baseball game with her Dad,

went! I hope to hear about her ‘new’ family members of cousins, aunts

and uncles.

Anyway, this is a fast tribute, off the top of my head, to families.

I will include a list of music, films and television shows which

feature “family” in them.

Feel free to add to this list and include your favorite songs and shows!

I was mainly thinking of humorous families that I have seen on television

and in movies.

If you are an infrequent visitor or first time visitor to my blog, you may

enjoy seeing my list of ways Mothers are invaluable to our lives. I

wrote this on my May Monthly Calendar.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Family life can include some

really zany and fun-filled surprises. Unfortunately, they can also

have some unexpected tragedies. This shows the unpredictability of our

lives together.

The way we all pull together, sharing these times on our blogs, can

make our lives richer. We can feel like we can ‘count on each other to

be there.’ That’s what families do in times of troubles.

1. “Mrs. Doubtfire,” (1993) where Robin Williams’ character loves and

misses his children so much, he gets all dressed up to become their Nanny

and housekeeper! Recently, I heard Robin on a talk show, saying he may be

filming another one! Sally Field, in an interview says there are talks

about a “Mrs. Doubtfire 2.”

2. “Mama’s Family,” on the Carol Burnett show was a hoot! I could not

stop laughing, even as a child. I think I ‘get’ the whole silly pranks

so much better, now that I am a parent and adult!

3. Sly and the Family Stone, still is a great band to listen to!

4. Tyler Perry created Madea, a larger than life, wise-cracking head

of her household. He immerses himself in the role, where you forget

he is an attractive African American man! If you have not seen him

as “Alex Cross,” or in one of his other serious roles, you too would

be amazed at the transformation!

5. Who can forget the crazy travel ensemble who were known as Chevy

Chase’s family in all the National Lampoon Vacation movies? The first

movie came out in 1983. The original story was written by John Hughes

and published in “National Lampoon” magazine. The “Griswold family” is

loosely based on Hughes’ own personal story of a vacation. I was looking

at the list of the series of movies and I think I need to take out

“National Lampoon’s European Vacation” again. I don’t remember that as

well as the Christmas one and original Vacation movie.

6. “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge, in 1979. Love that song and I

will always ‘sing along’ with that one!

7. Television shows, from “Donna Reed,” “My Three Sons,” to the newer

ones of “The Millers,” “The Middle” and “Modern Family” all have stories

that are centered on families. They have interestingly enough, a ‘moral

to almost every story’ they display. They tell someone’s version of the

humanity we all are part of. I am sure you remember watching the “Beav”

on “Leave It to Beaver” and thinking that he was lucky to have such

understanding parents. You may have watched, “Married with Children,”

thinking, “Boy am I glad my Mom and Dad aren’t like that!” (Laughing

your behind off, as you thought it!)

Julie gave me another special award nomination, with deeper meaning

to me than most of the other ones.

I have never been given the “I Am Part of the WordPress Family Award!”

Julie is my little ‘sister’ who is a few years younger, (oh, maybe more

than a few), but our feelings line up on things, we can share some laughs,

shed some tears and pass on life experiences as little nuggets of wisdom,

too. Thank you so much, Julie, for this award nomination, my first Family

Award ever! Check out her recent ‘Vodka Chronicles’ and other stories at:


I will be passing out Award Nominations, but won’t be posting the nifty

clip art of the emblem representing this award. I hope to give a few of

the men, along with a few new people who have not received any awards

from me before.

1. Check out Dawn’s lovely blog. I enjoyed a recent post with a cobalt blue

glass flower made out of Budweiser Platinum blue bottles! She is an artist

with a camera!


2. Pamela is someone who has thoughtful posts and more…


3. Mike Lince is on a journey of every 6 months moving around the world,

where the photographs are his wife, Florence’s. The history and majesty

of Granada is one of the most recent posts I enjoyed. He is definitely

‘family’ to me!


4. I like to read about personal journeys and healing. Recently this

was the subject of a post on:


5. Cindy’s photography is so beautiful, I go there to get lifted up!

Her views of the Holler are quite amazing. I enjoy the animals and

birds there, too!


6. Belle and I sometimes are on the same wavelength and stay in touch,

then, like family, we get off in another direction but we have been

friends for quite awhile!


7. Kirt is usually one of the first to push ‘like’ and that is always

nice to see. I find his artistry in his watercolors, brilliant! I enjoy

his photographs. I think since I spend so much time writing, that I like

to just look!


8. He is good at choosing art in vintage postcards and pin up girls. The

reason I really like his blog is that he has memorabilia and stories

that are researched on things you want to know more about:


9. Brothers are nice to have and this man is a deep thinker:


10. Jonathan is always there, reblogging me and being my good guy



My feelings about family, my own growing up years and my raising my

three children, include this special message to you all.

Most people look back at those hard times, the ones where you were

‘living on a shoestring,’ and think:

“They were the best times of my life!”

Another thought about families; the gifts that were homemade and

haphazardly made, with glue, paper, paints or other art supplies,

(even ceramic class ‘globs,’) or handfuls of dandelions…

These are the most valuable gifts given.

Along with heartfelt words,

hugs and kisses,

from chocolate or mud-covered lips,

will be remembered and cherished,



31 responses »

    • Thank you, Mark! I felt since I had included you not too long ago, you would understand if you weren’t honored today! Did you remember that on 5/7/14 my middle brother had his #57 birthday? I think it is so cool to know you are from his graduating year! You really ‘could’ be my long lost brother’ s twin! Not the same season of birthdays, though…Ha ha! Smiles, Robin

      • I know we cannot and should not nominate the same blogging friends repeatedly Robin. I agree. Thank you, and belated symmetric 57 to your brother!

      • I told people all day that he was born on 5/7/57 and wished my birthday was so cool! I hope he tried the lottery, but probably didn’t! I am so glad you understood why you weren’t on this Family Award nominations post! (I am sometimes relieved when I am not! I am a lazy award receiver!)

    • Of course we are, Karen! We have some similar viewpoints and enjoy each other’s writings. Thanks for the congrats! Hope you have a great Mother’s Day, Karen!

      • By the way, feel free to edit my long ramblings about my ‘unpacked’ life on your blog, Karen! I am sure I was starting to sound like a ‘pity party’ and I meant I sympathized with your situation of waiting 2 years for your house to be ready to move into! Smiles, Robin

    • Thanks, Beth! You are on my sisters for life list! I am so glad we somehow found each other, but wondering when I will have some ‘witless dating’ to add to my posts!
      You are a gift to all who know you, Beth. Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Robin, you are so sweet. You are definitely like family to me, too! Thank you for the mention.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the other mothers in your family! Abrazos y besos – Mike

    • Hope that you have fun in Spain over the weekend, will check your stories out and see if anything new has happened! I loved the Granada stories, Mike! Hugs, Robin

  2. Congratulations on a well deserved award, Robin. Oh, I love Julie! I can’t wait to check out the other blogs.
    Oh, “We are Family”…great song! I remember roller skating to that song. 🙂
    Have a fantastic Mother’s Day!

    • I really like the ones, like Julie that are on this list. It is so hard to narrow down who should be nominated. I liked my Sisterhood award, since I could just pick my tried and true friends. This list is more of a family of varied relatives! Cousins and others who have ‘been around’ here for awhile! Thanks, Jill, for your comments and so glad you like that song! It is hard not to get up and dance to it! I remember skating to a lot of songs over the years, even with my children. They were shocked when I told them how old some of the songs were, like the Disco ball songs that they would play for ‘Couples’ skate times! Smiles, Robin

    • I had a great Wednesday with my family, two of my children had to work on Mother’s Day so we had a cook out with grilled chicken, hot dogs, pasta salad, mac n cheese, veggie and fruits trays, along with cupcakes! It was so nice and quite a surprise! My grandchildren were all there, ate briefly and ran around the Delaware State Park. I took a lot of pictures and pushed a few swings. On Sunday, I picked my youngest daughter up from the airport, brunch, a movie, a walk and packed some of her things. She is moving from an apt. with one girlfriend to being on her own for the first time in her short 28 year life. I told her, that I would not have married her step father or my two older children’s father, had I spent some time growing up and living on my own first. I know that would mean not the same 3 children, but she knew I meant that being on one’s own is an important first step in life, relationships and love. Wow! Elizabeth, you got me telling you a lot here! Hope you had a great time with your children and that things are going well with you, too! Smiles, Robin

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Robin, my friend!! A very happy mother’s day to you! I do enjoy catching up on your blog and I too agree that we are often on the same wavelength. So nice to know you!!

    • I look back on your early posts and knew we were connected, sorry to have gotten busy and lost ‘touch’ now maybe we can stay closer! I enjoy your sense of humor, Belle!

  4. Your kindness in recognizing me is very much appreciated!! I am glad to be part of the family!!! Thank you very much!! Happy Mothers Day….without all of you, where would we be as Dad’s? Exactly…nowhere!! 🙂

    • I am almost embarrassed to reply, at such a late date to this wonderful comment, Kirt! I found a few people in my ‘pending approval’ section of wordpress. Many who have been commenting regularly and never had a problem with! Friends like you are important and I am so glad you were happy to be part of the family! I will try to be more aware of the state of my comments from people like you, who I appreciate took the time to comment! You are most welcome for the recognition and let’s keep in touch! Smiles, Robin

      • No worries, Robin…I found a comment from someone who regularly comments on my blog and I on hers in my spam from 3 weeks ago. I guess I don’t check spam very often. So please don’t give it a second thoughts! Thanks!

  5. Thank you Robin. It is never a bad day to be called someone’s brother. However, after a brief moment of deep thinking…if i ever take you out on a date, i will deny that i am your brother. 🙂

    • If we were ever hanging out together, we are definitely just sisters and brothers in our writing world! That was a nice way to get me smiling, my friend! Take it easy!

    • I got behind and had some fun along the way over the weekend. Then, back to long work days and being disconnected a bit. Thanks for the kind wishes and hope you had a good one, too! Smiles, Robin

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