Homeward Reflections


Homeward Reflections

I have paths well worn in my heart,

Memories of days gone past.

Places touched lightly,

Lovingly and gently.

Those special wonders,

Pets, friends and relatives.

Still making their deeper impacts,

Giving meaning and substance.

Libraries and bookmobiles,

Those who tended their ‘wealth.’

I close my eyes and dreams swiftly come.

As a child, I count the steps to the top,

Where Roman columns greet.

Inside leading to musty shelves,

Books discovered there.

I count the stairs in my first house,

Such a challenge for little feet.

I count the friends from this home

to that,




Letters and photographs saved,

Carefully in a treasure box.

I hear and listen as the antique clock

ticks in the homes of three childhood


The ticking of the ornate clock counted

fleeting minutes on my parents’ mantel.

On their ‘watch,’ secure I felt.

The chimes every hour were like buoys

sounding out,

made by the waves tipping them,


Be safe!

Reminders of blessed moments when

lakes and seas dwelled in my heart.

The hollow sound reaching into the depths

of the water,


and time itself.

I remember well worn paths,

to and from school,

through woods where we played,

Then familiar paths leading home,

once again.

Time and paths slipping,

passing quickly now,

Without any consideration.

Needing to slow down.

Allow the participants to





The Weight of Time.

Robin Oldrieve Cochran

May 14, 2014

There are so many wonderful songs to suggest but two I love

are suggested listening material.

“Homeward Bound,” by Simon and Garfunkel (1967).

On their “Bookends” album, (1968) these words:

“Time it was and what a time it was,

It was a time of innocence,

A time of confidences.

Long ago,

It must be,

I have a photograph.

Preserve your memories,

They’re all that’s left you.”


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    • Thank you, Mark! I think that songs connect us and get our creative juices going, too. I was thinking about a whole long list of songs which include the word, “Home” in them. Are you thinking that Caleb, Jena or Alex will win “AI?” just wondering. I will be checking back to see your answer, if you wish to share your opinion here on my blog!

      • I want Alex to win, but I think he will be eliminated this week. I think Caleb will win. Karen thinks Jena will win. There’s a position for all three!

      • I agree with you, Mark! I think Alex is the most original and very talented. He was more relaxed on his Home Town visit while he sang there. I wish the audience could have seen this before they voted. Sometimes, he was not as able to ‘connect’ with them on the “AI” stage. Too bad he was voted ‘out,’ but he will go far, anyway!
        Now, I am rooting for Caleb. I am sometimes annoyed with Jena, due to her not enunciating or pronouncing words clearly. When I leave the room, sometime to get a drink or snack while she is singing, I think her appearance and her strengths are gone, and I notice the slurring of words more. I am sure it is not a ‘big deal’ but I have always wondered why she doesn’t pounce on some of her words, as Caleb does.She did great singing, “Heartbreaker.” She is young yet and maybe a vocal coach will help her. The trio of judges and Ryan S. love her! Caleb is a genuine rocker and I enjoy his ‘down to earth’ approach to life. Saw that a lot when they showed his humble roots, compared to Alex and Jena’s lifestyles they were raised in. Thanks for chatting!

  1. I couldn’t help but look back, count the steps of those green carpeted, then brown, then wood steps. Was it 13? 17? I remember the vision of it and counting them. ….. some things you never expect others to understand. πŸ™‚ And then….there is someone.

    • Oh, how lovely, Colleen! I am so glad that we are now ‘kindred spirits,’ sharing something that I was not sure anyone would remember or understand. This means a lot to me! I like the colors and the details in your memories of a teenager…you!

  2. Wow, what a lovely poem, Robin. I’m so happy you shared it with us.
    Oh my, “Homeward Bound:…one of my favorite Simon and Garfunkel songs. I was just listening to that song on my way to work, earlier in the week. I love S&G!

    • I get inspired by music which makes me wish I could write poetry or lyrics. It will ‘do’ and settled my creative juices! Glad you liked this! I appreciate the ‘wow,’ Jill!

    • I am positive that they think of you and very fondly. I like the way you described these as ‘precious moments.’ They were. It was an ‘easy’ world, being young and free. I think we loved our friends for what they gave to us in reciprocal admiration and common interests. Fun times!

    • I appreciate that you consider me a blessing! Thank you very much. I am so glad that this also provides ‘good food for thought.’ I appreciate these compliments. Smiles, Robin

      • You are very welcome. God is in the business of making His people into blessings and vessels of blessing transfers. Please keep up the prayer (Eph 6:18), and the work that you do for the cause of Christ.

  3. ‘Homeward Reflections’ is the perfect name for this piece. It reached me at a time when I am also reflecting on home as we prepare to pack one last time for the trip home in July. I love the lyrics which were also nostalgic for me. Simon and Garfunkel performed at the first concert I ever attended. I could hear the song playing in my head.

    Your post also brought to mind the lyrics of Jim Croce’s song, ‘Time in a Bottle’:
    If I could save time in a bottle
    The first thing that I’d like to do
    Is to save every day till eternity passes away
    Just to spend them with you.

    Loving sentiments from a great talent who died too young at the age of 30.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely poem. – Mike

    • I admired Jim Croce and also, Harry Chapin. They were legends who died far too young! I appreciate how you found this to strike a chord with you, getting ready to come home in not too long of a while… I am hoping the months leading to July will be filled with joy and anticipation! Thank you for adding the words to “Time in a Bottle,” too. I was glad you liked the title, worried and tried a few different ones… Take care, Robin

  4. I have that song: Bookends on my iPod. A graceful breath of wistful emotion–much like this lovely poem. The repetition of your counting is a great technique. You captured many universal–yet unique–memories of simpler times–I particularly liked the ornate clock detail, as I so remember our childhood “big clock”–an embroidered crafty thing Mom made…:)

    • Thanks so much for this lovely ‘tribute’ to my poem! I am very much ‘new’ to this sort of thing! This may be my fifth poem ever on my blog! I like the idea of a ‘graceful breath of wistful emotion. The words on your Ipod are almost engraved in my mind! Very neat cross paths today… I like the sound of your mother’s embroidered or possibly needle pointed ornate detailed clock, too. Nice how this worked out, connecting us with threads…

  5. Bravo! Just beautiful, Robin. “The hollow sound reaching into the depths of the water, mind and time itself.” – profound. ❀ Did our conversation about your house bring this about? hugs ~Karen~

    • Karen, thank you for the “Bravo!” I love the idea of opera or a theater with those words for real authors! I appreciate this very much. I worked on it late into the night. It was not due to our conversation, although I do feel closer since we did some sharing… “My” house I built was as an adult (1999) with my ex-husband. This was more from reading Marina’s essays, her death at age 22, and also, music playing on the radio. All led me up to writing maybe my 5th (?) poem on my blog. I really need to practice, but some of it flowed out well. The rest could be edited and worked on. I liked that line, too. Maybe thinking about the ocean and Maryland inspired it more than your new house and my lost home. Enjoy some needed R & R, Karen!

      • You are most welcome, my friend! You should write late at night more often! πŸ™‚ I always find music, walking and showers to be my perfect muse. hugs ~Karen~

      • Music, walking and rain do fill up my senses, like John Denver’s song, “Annie’s Song.” I always wondered how he could have felt so close to her, and then they parted ways… I will try to get rest but be open to late night musings, too! Take it easy, Karen! Enjoy your time away!

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