One Who Served and Many Who Serve


Today, May 21, 2014 is a day set aside for “Wait Staff Apreciation.”

By celebrating servers in the food industry we may improve their

self images and produce great service. It is always a wise choice

to be friendly to the ones, going in the kitchen to pick up your food

orders! Smile!

So, please appreciate all those men and women who try valiantly to fill

your food orders. They do, most of the time, try to act pleasantly and

give you time to look over the menu!

Tomorrow, is a day to remember Mr. Rogers. Fred started his long run of

being a kind neighbor to the younger ones in our world, back on May 22,

1967. Now, Wikipedia doesn’t have the correct date, as I found this in a

reliable source!

His show, “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood,” continued until 2001. Fred

passed away in 2003. In his lifetime, he received the Presidential

Medal of Honor, over 40 other special awards and the Peabody Award.

I felt Fred’s gentle soul, soft spoken ways, his daily routines were

quite soothing and comforting to my toddler children. I realize that

these days, with high technology and such fast-paced lives, most of

the small ones would find his show, “Boring!” I liked his changing

his jacket into a sweater, his puppets in the Land of Make Believe

and his male role model in a society, that even when my children

were little, did not have many male adults on television that tried

to ‘reach them.’

Another man who served his country well, is my good friend and coworker,

Melvin. He was walking out of the building today, telling me a funny

story about the Jack Russell terrier that lives next door to him, out

in Delaware County. It was a great one, where I wished (and he does, too)

that he could have captured this on film!

The story of his neighbor’s dog, “Ignat” is interesting and such an

amazing story that you may not quite believe it. I would not, if I

didn’t know this fine man, Melvin, who served his country from 1975

until 1997. His Army days have been fun to listen to, including his

serving in Germany, (maybe you remember he bought me a special wine

that they serve on the streets of Germany, warmed up in little cups

for the shoppers at Christmas?) You may remember his annual trips to

meet his Army buddies and the time he paid for a bunch of them to

have lobsters and crabs in Massachusetts. Also, he is the man who I

‘chase’ and he ‘chases’ me, around the area on the second floor of

our warehouse, called the Mezzanine.

Before you ask, ‘Why aren’t you thinking about Melvin as a future partner,

Robin?’ I will tell you that he is a very devoted boyfriend and lives

with a woman who has had serious surgery, sometimes he has cleaned out

colostomy bags or helped bathe her.

The best parts of Melvin, are his incredible patience and heart!

Oh, and having served as a cook, he is an outstanding guest at our work

potlucks! Melvin is getting geared up to be the caterer of a good pal’s

daughter’s high school graduation. He was out, recently, pricing pork.

I may or may not have told you, a weird thing is, most places don’t

keep the skin on the pig! So, he had a ‘heck’ of a time locating one

that he could put on a pit!

Another part of my ‘verification’ of his abilities to not only work hard;

but be truthful is that he has always ‘called them like he sees them,’ no

matter what. In any conversation, whether it is about “Duck Dynasty,”

musical tastes or whether or not he likes a certain movie or song, he

will impart his ‘wisdom.’ I sometimes will include him in my ‘lunch time’

survey of opinions to include in my stories about work.

Anyway, Melvin was out in the yard, looking around the barn where he had

seen a large, lumbering raccoon go into. He also was looking out at the

field, where he had just seen a young doe. He was smiling, while recounting

about seeing the white tail bobbing up and down, as it leaped over some of

the remains of weeds that had grown up in the neighboring farmer’s fields.

He says, that he shouted to “Ignat” (possibly the shortened name for

Ignatious?) We cannot figure out why this dog has this name and Melvin

is sure of it, since he has bent down to feed him a dog biscuit and

read the little brass circle that holds his name. Melvin calls him

“Little Big Man,” in remembrance of Dustin Hoffman’s portrayal of a

wizened, stooped version of a Native American and why that makes him

think of that, I am not sure…

Anyway, I digress again!

Back to the rest of Melvin’s story, he whistled to the neighbor’s

roaming dog, and he would not come to him. He was gazing off into the

distance at the doe, sure enough, there was a blurring motion of the

dog, as it took chase after the doe. Melvin says that they would go

‘aways,’ the dog’s energy would start to wane, and “Ignat” would slow

down. The doe, he insists, would slow down to ‘wait’ for the dog to

catch his breath. Melvin insists that the doe even stopped from entering

the nearby woods, turning her direction to head a different direction!

“Ignat” would then zigzag and head off, speeding up to catch the doe!

Melvin says he would ‘swear on a Bible’ that this was a true incident!

When he got tired of seeing if “Ignat” would catch the doe, he looked

up at the window of his barn and lo and behold!

Another ‘minor miracle’ occurred!

Melvin saw four little baby raccoons with their tiny little paws up

on the window pane! He did not see that for too long, since the Mama

Raccoon must have ‘shooed them away from the window.’

“Melvin, are you sure, double sure, that you aren’t pulling my leg


He repeated the part about ‘swearing on the Bible.’

Wasn’t this more than enough to entertain me,

and you, today?


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  1. Robin, I would love to meet Melvin. I had a raccoon for a pet when I first married, and she did me the huge favor of pooping on my mother-in-law’s shoulder and down her back. I almost choked trying to stifle the laugh, but fortunately she thought it was funny too, so we laughed together. My ‘coon would eat with our ‘coon hound every night. Wish I still had that photo.

    • I wish you still had that photo but so glad you have the memories of that wonderful time where yours pooped on your mother in law’s shoulder! Funny that she was ‘cool’ with that and you are so lucky she was! I know everyone would like my African American friend who was from an island, I keep him in my Robin’s work stories, because he is quite a character. I am trying to think what the name of the one where he tells me his island’s version of ‘cous cous.’ I may not get to read you, but trust me I will be playing catch up after I get to my Mom’s when she is asleep on Saturday morning… I use her senior apts. community computer to check up on my blog and will come see you soon! Thanks for your lively and interesting comments! Smiles, Robin

  2. I believe Melvin and I would love to see Ignat chasing that smart doe. I love the name Ignat, by the way, Robin.

    If I had one, I would wear a cardigan in honor of Fred Rogers. But I don’t much like cardigans.

    • I wonder about the story of Ignat and wish Melvin would ask the farmer its ‘tale!’
      I used to have my Dad’s ratty cardigan until my oldest daughter ‘took it over.’ Smiles, Robin

  3. i love how you see the joy in everything, robin. the servers, mr. rogers, melvin and his stories, and the animals, of course. i think ignat and the doe were playing tag.

    • I am so glad you are sending out Kudos to those hard working wait staff! Also, good to know another Mr. Roger’s fan. His calm nature was very special. I am glad he played a role in your childhood. Take care and I hope to be catching up with reading posts over the weekend, in breaks at my Mom’s senior living apt. If the community computer (just one!) is open…. have a happy Memorial Day. Smiles, Robin

      • Thank you so much for your kind wishes. I enjoy hearing your plans with sisters and always enjoy the word, “kiddos!!”

    • Oh, so glad to give you a memory and put a smile on your face. Remembering special people this weekend…
      Do you have any background on the meaning of Ignat? Where it comes from? Just wondering, sometime you could let us know, no rush though! Have a marvelous Memorial Day, Lulu! I shall try to be reading your posts very soon. Off to Mom’s… Smiles, Robin

  4. What a delightful story, Robin! I have to wonder what Melvin was smokin!? haha I also would love to see today’s children (before they’re ruined by gadgets) sit down to watch Mr. Rodgers! Sending you love and light! ~Karen~

    • Thank you, Karen for this pensive thought about Melvin! (ha ha!) Also, on a serious note, it would be nice if children would simply enjoy books, the library, a park, playing outside from morning till night, I have those wishes and include a small half hour with a gentle ‘giant’ of a man, Mister Rogers. Hope you will have a good weekend, hoping that house is getting finished, as it is upsetting to be living out of boxes.
      Thank you also for love and light! Hugs for such sweet wishes!
      I am packed (car is) and stopped at the library to send off my recent Mom story, off for the 2 1/2 hour drive now. Take care, Robin

    • I am so glad you liked Mr. Rogers and am amused that your father resembles him, too! That means he is handsome and I bet he is also a nice guy, just not the same as the famous man who passed on into a place where he can add comfort to children and babies who are angels… I found this in my ‘pending comments’ today: June 4, 2014. So sorry to be late in replying! Let’s stay in touch!

  5. Cheers to the wait staff at restaurants everywhere! I have heard of few of their tales some customers. It seems that for every kind and generous customer, there are other patrons that are unbelievably petty and rude. Perhaps the role is more appreciated with one of America’s favorite characters cast in that role. I speak, of course, of Penny on The Big Bang Theory. Who does not love Penny! – Mike

    • I love sweet Penny and the Big Bang Theory, too! Her voice is a treasure and she is quite special indeed! Thanks for supporting the toiling restaurant staff! It can be quite a trying job, believe me! Hope you have a great weekend, Mike! May stop by, if I get a chance but there is only one community computer up at Mom’s! Hugs, Robin

    • I am so glad you admitted to being a server/waiter at one time! I know it is hard to keep one’s cool and live on some of the skimpy tips, too! I am back from my Mom’s and worked all day Tuesday to read all the wonderful messages sent my way! Thanks for this one, Jonathan! Also, for your reblogging! Smiles, Robin

      • Hey….I’ve scrubbed floors and people’s bodies, too! And “cat sat”, and substitute-taught, and worked in a Christian residential program for the handicapped, put up sheetrock and dug out cesspools by hand for a living…and that’s mostly AFTER getting my M.S.E.!!!!!! !

      • Degrees don’t keep us from having to make a living, huh, Jonathan! A “jack of all trades,’ besides being a great friend and poet, too! Smiles, Robin

  6. Oh, I would love to see baby raccoons. Were they masked already? And Mr. Rogers, I remember his gentle voice, unlike anything I ever heard in my daily life. What a sweet man. Thanks for reminding me, Robin. You are good at remembering.

    • They were and Melvin was so pleased with his pictures, too! Thanks for this set of comments, Brenda! You will not believe but I just checked TODAY, June 4th and found you in the pending comments! Why does wordpress do this to my good friends? I am so surprised, I have a bunch of yours to answer and am really sorry that you may wonder what happened to them, too! I am so glad you remembered Mr. Roger’s sweet and gentle toned voice! You are most welcome for the memories! Hugs, Robin

      • I wasn’t worried, Robin, I thought we would chat sooner or later, when we have time. I love your cultural vignettes, so important to remember the past as the world accelerates past us. 🙂 We have to help each other hold onto to our youths.

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