Spectacular Finales


There could have been a ‘ticker tape’ parade, fireworks or an explosion,

but none of those would have ‘beat’ the two nights of ‘back to back’

finales! If you don’t follow “The Voice” or “American Idol” you may think

this post is not meaningful, but I will tell you that if you turn your

radio on in the next month, I am guaranteeing you will hear one of the

winners singing!

I still remember ‘picking’ Carrie Underwood, Philip Phillips, David Cook

and Chris Daughtry. I chose Caleb Johnson, early in the “American Idol”

interviews and singing try-outs. He had been here once before in another

season, and he won the ‘whole she-bang’ last night.

On the show, “The Voice,” I did feel a close affinity with Josh Kaufman,

38 years old, married with three children. I could relate to his ambitions

and his enterprising spirit. I enjoyed his singing, all the way through

it, held my breath when he slipped through Adam’s fingers and got grabbed

by Usher.

I would like to tell you all about everything in my mind, but sometimes

the best way for readers to feel some excitement, is not to tell too much!

After all, you are all here on the internet, either with wordpress of a

dot come blog. You may choose to look up some of these favorites of mine

and their songs they performed. Don’t worry, many of the songs were

actually ‘older’ and recognizable songs.

Here are Robin’s Top Ten Favorite “Collaborations” on the two competitive

singing shows, “American Idol” versus “The Voice.”


My #1 Favorite:

What I call the “Fabulous Foursome”

This involved the three “American Idol” judges and Randy Jackson.

When Jennifer was sitting on the Grand Piano, while Harry Connick, Jr. was

singing, it gave me goosebumps. She was singing in a sweet, childlike way,

Cyndi Lauper’s, “True Colors.” Then, when she had the audience ‘chilling’

and not expecting any kind of change, she jumped off the piano, the Fab 4

struck the beginning chords of “Go Your Own Way,” by Heart and I was not

able to sit down! I had to jump up with the ‘gang’ who I had come to

look forward to. Keith Urban and Randy Jackson jammed on their guitars,

Harry pounded the ivories on the Grand Piano and the electronic keyboard.

Jennifer Lopez’s moves were making the audience, get ‘dance fever!’

My #2 Favorite:

Malaya Watson and John Legend.

Such a beautiful treat. The song, “All of You” is so enthralling and a

true legendary love song. Check this one out, if you like traditional

piano playing and great vocals. Amazingly sweet and shows Malaya’s

ability at such a young age, too. She’s from Detroit, Michigan!

My #3 Favorite:

***KISS and Caleb Johnson***

He won and is America’s new Idol.

Wow! Hot, sizzling and rocking the house! This brought great big smiles

from usually stoic and serious Harry Connick, Jr. In fact, all three

judges were dancing their hearts out to the song. It felt like a real

love, rock and roll ‘festival!’ Such a warm and fuzzy feeling when they

called Caleb’s non-singing brother up to shake the Kiss group’s hands.

My #4 Favorite:

Paramore and Jena Irene.

They were awesome in their matching voices, blending and melodic in

their song.

Great (yellow) balls of fire and joy!

My #5 Favorite:

Jennifer Nettles and Jessica Muse.

Truly magical and fantastic pairing!

My #6 Favorite:

Ed Sheeran and Christina Grimmie, The Voice.

The song transcended time and space, “All of the Stars.”

My #7 Favorite:

Josh Kaufman (who won The Voice) with Usher, singing and possibly

improving Police’s song, “Every Breath You Take.”

My #8 Favorite was Christina Grimmie’s version of the Elvis song,

“Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.”

Now, if you wish to check out Jena Irene’s version, you may find she

did an awesome job with this song, too!

My # 9 Favorite:

Josh’s version, the night before, of Adele’s song, “Set Fire to

the Rain.”

My #10 Favorite:

Alex Preston and Jason Mraz, singing together. They performed Jason’s

new song, “Love Someone.” I liked Alex’s voice, wished he had been

able to sing more of his serious numbers. This was light and very

fun-loving, relaxed song.

The two shows gave us really great concerts with many more fantastic

moments. Hope that you will enjoy hearing some of my recommended song

collaborations with famous people with the contestants…

Who I believe will be famous themselves, someday!


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  1. I haven’t watched American Idol since that kid, who’s name escapes me now, but he was very young and not good at all. I think he kept advancing because the teeny bobbers thought he was cute.
    I did see the Kiss performance last night, when I turned on the TV, it was on that network. One day I’ll write a post about me and Kiss.
    Have a great upcoming weekend, Robin!

    • Sanjaya? Maybe, not sure if that is the correct spelling, Jill! I am sure it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The teachers in the lounge got me hooked on it, soon after it started! I wanted to be included in their conversations and evaluations.
      I would love to hear about you and the band, Kiss! Sounds like a good post…
      Beth wrote one about soap operas, recently, which I think I may have inspired her to write!
      It can be quite fun, when you know others who are “critiquing” together. Since I have lived alone for 8 years, I find myself watching more of the musical shows and comedies, just laughing more! I watched, “Brigadoon” this past Sunday morning, on TMC, and thought about you, Jill! Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day! Smiles, Robin

      • Ha ha! Yes! It was Sanjaya…how could I ever forget? He was terrible, but he went so far. 😦
        Aw, that’s nice that you thought of me, Robin. I love TMC and AMC!
        Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. i only saw parts of each of these but i was rooting for jena, she’s from a local town, and even though she didn’t win, i’m sure this will give her a great boost. thanks for the great summary of all the special moments )

    • Jena is close to you, I am glad she made it so far! She is a great performer. I am happy that you caught some of this, so it didn’t just sound like ‘gobbled goop!’ Smiles, Robin

  3. I thought Jena was going to win Idol because she has a far more modern approach than Caleb’s classic rock style. I think Jena will be a pop star, the most popular of any of the AI and ‘The Voice’ singers from this season. My No. 2 pick for fame is Alex Preston. I think his voice is very unique, and he can hook the crowd that goes for Jason Mraz. At one point when they were singing together in the finale, I thought that Alex actually reminded me of Paul Simon! I don’t say that of any young singers anymore, Robin.

    Of ‘The Voice,’ I did like Josh’s voice and style, but I think that the teen country singer, Jake Worthington, may have a chance for breakout country music popularity. Christina Grimmie could find more pop popularity than Josh does, too, I think.

    Thanks, Robin.

    • This was a great addition to my post.
      Folks, this is a true entertainment critique and has a lot of validity in his assessments!
      I liked Jena, but may have shared that her not enunciating words, drives me nuts!
      Mark, thanks so much and I liked Alex and Jake, too. They both are talented artists and will go far! Hope you have a marvelous Memorial Day, you and yours! Hugs, Robin

  4. Oh damn, you know those moments when someone tells you the end of the movie accidentally 😦 we are watching American idol and it hasn’t finished here 😦 going off to cry now.

    • Oh no! I did not give you a “spoiler alert!!” I didn’t think about people taping or DVRing the conclusion of these contests!
      So sorry, Jen!
      Forgive me?
      I don’t want any crying about my posts, unless it is about war, hunger, ecology or children being kidnapped!
      Hugs, Robin

      • You are forgiven, I shall erase it from my memory bank, we are yet to watch the one we recorded last night.. I’ll just pretend I don’t know lol all good is gawd an accident. I’ve stopped crying now. Hugs ❀

      • I am so glad, I would have worried so much if the crying were still ensuing! ha ha! I tried to say in the title, “Finales” hoping to get people to skip it if they weren’t wanting to hear the outcomes… really did not mean that to happen, as you know by now! Hugs, Robin

  5. We don’t get The Voice in Spain, but Florence catches the delayed broadcasts online. She loves the talent and the show format. Being a lover of a cappella, I can never get enough of The Sing-Off. Fortunately, many of these performances have been captured on YouTube. We may not be current, but we do love the emerging talented performers. – Mike

    • I am sure you are current! I am so glad you look up suggested music, I remember you looking up Idina Menzel and the “Let It Go” song! (When I told you my grandchildren ‘belt’ out the words, you smiled, I know it!)
      So you are as current as most of us in this age group, much more than some I know, Mike! Emerging talented performers and local music that you hear in foreign countries are very valuable cultural experiences, Mike! Smiles, Robin

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