School’s Out for Summer!


My two preschooler grandchildren had ‘graduation ceremonies,’ both

feeling mighty proud of themselves. They will be proceeding onward and

upward, to kindergarten! This happened last week, before my busy trip

taken to Cleveland, Ohio for Memorial Day weekend.

It was a fun event for Marley, since her preschool had a family picnic

held at Blue Limestone Park last Wednesday.

For Micah, it was a formal ceremony on Thursday evening, with his mother

and brother attending. Micah’s father was sick, barely able to get out of bed.

The only one in the household of four who was able to outwit the flu, or flee

from the sickness, had been Skyler.

Since I was heading to Cleveland to see my Mom, I had mentioned to the whole

family that I hoped the children would help to decorate my Mom’s corkboard

or bulletin board. I regularly ‘collect artwork donations’ so this was just

a ‘reminder notice,’ via texting.

When I had asked the children to help make ‘Get Well’ cards for my mother,

they were very cooperative. The parents all said the children expressed

concern and sent loving wishes for their Great Grandmother.

Marley made one with hearts, rainbows and some swirly lines. Micah made

his with an alligator in a swamp.

Marley’s picture had lots of “M’s” made into hearts by adding “V’s” to the

bottom of the “M’s.” She explained the process to me when I stopped by.

When I asked her to please add her name to it, since she is quite good at

writing her name, she put her little hands on her hips and told me,

“Don’t you know? I am out of school for the summer! I don’t have to do

any homework!”

I didn’t say a word.

Marley’s Mommy, my daughter in law, Trista piped up in a loud voice,


Then she displayed her stern “Mommy look” on her face, peeking around

the corner at us at the kitchen table.

Marley picked up a crayon and added her name to her colorful artistry.

Micah, while at his home, had used watercolors and had had his Mom add

the word, “Alligator” with an arrow pointing to the area of the paper

which represented that critter. Then, Mom had printed, “Get Well, Great

Grammie O.!” Micah’s signature left a little to be desired (in clarity),

under the message.

Again, I did not say a word.

Makyah’s artwork came off my refrigerator since she had been napping at

the time of my visit. It had curly cues and little attempts at letters,

with some “M’s” included. It was mostly in purple and pink hues. She is

three and my Mom knew this was her ‘best work!’

Skyler had recently written a book report, which he felt Great Grammie O.

would enjoy reading. It had a drawing of Dr. Seuss, along with the words,

“Hop on Pop.” I thought the drawing and report would brighten her day and

said just that to Sky. He hugged me a lot, I hugged him back. I felt bad

that he had been the only ‘well’ person in the household, possibly he may

have wished for more fun and excitement. He was getting ready to head to

a friend’s when I stopped by.

Lara and Landen had also included their own personal messages, along with

handwritten cards. Both had expressed concern about my Mom’s hospital stay,

including different little symbols of this in their artwork. A thermometer

and a red cross on one’s card and a hospital gurney (or it could have been

a bed, I didn’t ask!) Lara can write in cursive, although it is not part of

her school curriculum. She had made very elaborate letters, saying this

sincere message,

“I love you, Great Grammie O!! I hope you feel better and your leg will

heal soon!! Get Well Soon! Love, Lara.”

I had stopped by, the week preschool had ended but the older ‘school kids’

had until yesterday, May 28, 2014, to complete their year out. They were

probably yelling and hooting a lot, celebrating that marvelous feeling of:


Oh, how I remember how the endless days of summer seemed to stretch before

us, when we heard the final school bell ring and we rushed out the school’s

doors into Summer! Doesn’t that make you feel nostalgic?

When I was a teacher, the principal one year, over the loud speaker in

our Middle School, played, “School’s Out for Summer!” Alice Cooper’s

“escape anthem” was released in 1972! I remember the year it came out,

thinking this is a perfect way to celebrate getting out of school!

When I read the special message that was given to Lara, on her last day

at Schultz Elementary, I got teary eyed. Lara’s venturing onward into

Willis Intermediate School. She had a “Clap Out” and also, Graduation

Cake from completing her five years at the school. The next building

will house the Fifth and Sixth graders from Smith, Schulz, Conger,

and Carlisle Elementary Schools. It is a “Big Deal” to be moving ‘up

in the world!’

I am sure you will enjoy the following poem that was given to her parents,

with the poem typed on colored cardboard, a flower with a picture of the

child as the center of the flower.

In this case, Lara. It is a message that also applies to her, since the

words encompass so much in their simplicity.

It was a beautiful, endearing message from Lara’s teacher to her and her


Mrs. Travis had been her teacher, from Fall until Spring. It was more than,

“Congratulations on Graduating Grade School!” The poem is a treasure to

remember, one that you may wish to believe in its powerful words, too.

“I’ve worked with your flower,

And helped it to grow.

I’m returning it now,

But I want you to know…

This flower is precious,

As dear as can be.

Love it, take care of it,

And you will see…

A bright new bloom,

With every day.

It grew and blossomed,

In such a wonderful way.

In September, just a bud,

January~ a bloom;

Now a lovely blossom,

I’m returning in June.

Remember, this flower,

As dear as can be,

Though rightfully yours,

Part will always belong to me!”


Mrs. Travis


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    • Thank you, Tracy! I heard that Rachel Carson’s image in a photograph with a quote is outside the bird sanctuary, enclosed netting where special birds are flying, at the Columbus Zoo. When someone told me this, I immediately thought of you! Are you out of school, too? (like my grandkids? is your son?) I am excited for your summer expedition to begin! Smiles, Robin

      • A few more weeks for me! Paul is already out and working hard! I hope to have many summer adventures including my arctic one:-) oxox

      • P.S. Thanks for this special wish of good luck for Felicia, Jill! I appreciate this very much! I would never ask anyone to help us out, since I hate the act of ‘moving’ stuff! I would agree to have you meet us afterward for a coffee or a dessert, though! That will be my ‘motivation,’ Jill. I have asked her often why is it the nice young men who are always calling, cannot help you? There have been a couple who have helped, one or two will show up, I am sure!

    • She certainly was one of Lara’s favorites. I should have asked everyone to say the name of their favorite elementary teacher. I had one who was a dear, young Miss Robinson. The middle school favorite was such a ‘trite’ name, Mr. Brown. The high school fave was, Mr. Billman. I also liked Mr. Hussey and Miss Frazier. Who were yours, Jill? Smiles for the song caught in your head!

    • Thanks, Mark. Now, I may ask you, who was your favorite elementary teacher, or your all time favorite one? I listed mine, in my reply to Jill… Smiles, Robin

      • My favorite all-time elementary school teacher was sixth grade, Mr. Nolan. Leo Nolan. Leo the Lion. Great teacher. Thanks for reminding me, Robin!

      • I am so glad you had a pleasant experience with Leo the Lion, what a lovely Mr. Nolan! It is always nice to have a male teacher, there is just something in the fact, they chose the profession. They are already a special person for this and then, to make your 6th grade memories extra special! Mr. Nolan, past “Teacher of the Year,” Thank you!

  1. What an incredible sentiment for a teacher to say to parents. How lovely for her to want to remain in that child’s life experiences, and for her to take a part of each child with her.

    • Luanne, again, I apologize for this somehow being put in a place I don’t always remember to check! Thanks for the ‘aw’ and the sweet words about my ‘little dears!’ Hugs for this and all your friendly comments, too!

  2. what a sweet and wonderful poem, mrs. travis really gets it. and i love all of the behind the scenes action in making your mother’s pictures/cards. so funny and cute )

    • Thank you so much! If it were possible to slow time down, make these days count and my memory to see every one of them at each stage, I would! It is so fun to be an older one in a child’s life. Less rules and structure!

      • I totally get that. Making time count seems to become much more important when you realize how much time we tend to waste in our 20’s and 30’s. All of a sudden, we wonder where it went.

        And yes, it certainly would be fun to do that — if you figure it out, let me please come too. πŸ˜€

        Cheers, Robin —
        …….. your posts always touch me. πŸ™‚

  3. I can just see Marley looking indignant from your description – sort of cute, but not in a way that would make her mother proud. It is cool they made cards for your mother. I think greeting or Get Well cards from children are the best. What a thoughtful gift for their great grandma to get the handmade cards – almost guaranteed to make her feel better. Congrats to the recent graduates. – Mike

    • They were very well received by my Mom, Mike! She insisted we tear down all the monthly newsletters and calendar that the senior living place puts out, and replace it with the paintings, reports and cards! She loved the stories behind the whole procedure, too. Wish I could slow time right now, so many reasons… Hugs, Robin

    • I am so glad you enjoy those cherished memories of your son and your time well spent with him! It is always special when something triggers those times. Just wish they would not rush so quickly by… Thanks, Lorna!

    • I agree with this very nice philosophy that the teacher focused on. I am so pleased that you had this thought and expressed it as well. I am not sure why there are tense moments when parents are not really understanding the ways children ‘rebel’ are more like ‘testing the waters.’ It does involve their past histories. I agree, no jealousy should occur and children need to be appreciated and allowed to blossom! Oh, how I love that idea of letting them ‘shine!’ They are not only flowers but the stars in our eyes, bright and shiny! Thanks, Brenda!

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