The Tony’s Are Coming! The Tony’s Are Coming!


Oh yeah, the place to be tomorrow night is in front of your television set, with

the 68th Tony Awards’ Ceremony about to begin. Or better yet, if fashion,

style and grace are part of your repertoire, before the Tony’s, watch the

outrageous, beautiful and sometimes the most stunning dresses of the year!

After all, the ones who are able to wing it on stage, in front of a Live audience

on a large stage, whether it is Broadway or Off-Broadway, are the ones

to watch!

Here are some television names to watch for:

Tyne Daly, who is known from being part of the police drama, ‘Cagney and

Lacey.’ She has been performing since February in “Mothers and Sons,”

written by Terrence McNally.

Bryan Cranston, who went from playing a bad guy, let’s face it, that we could

not tear our eyes off of in, “Breaking Bad,” to playing a famous man in “All the

Way!” (Hint: He is playing Lyndon Baines Johnson, and doing an outstanding


Neil Patrick Harris, who has been the Host for the Tony’s has played in the

performance of a lifetime in a dark play called, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.”

Who knew that N.P. Harris could make a strange and dark character come

to life? I always have loved the ‘boy’ who was Doogie Howser and made me

laugh as Barney, in “How I Met Your Mother.”

Tony Shalhoub, has my interest in his role as part of Moss Hart’s play, “Act One.”

Since I have watched him, with my Mom mainly, as “Monk,” the quirky and

rather interesting man with OCD. Apparently, “Psychology Today,” did not

find his real enough nor true to the obsessive compulsive disorder, though.

His role as a police support staff who had to have a companion to settle him.

I liked to watch him while being amused by his techniques. There are OCD

moments caught and featured on Youtube, too. His partner would help him

stay in touch with work, changed and I liked each of his assigned female

‘babysitters’ on that show. The Hart play has been ‘panned,’ also. Too bad.

Idina Menzel has been featured in my posts, since my grandkids love her

voice, raised in song. (In the animated children’s film, “Frozen,” she belts

out “Let it Go!”) Her performances in the show and movie, “Chorus Line,”

along with “Rent” have made her quite a Broadway performer. The 2014

Tony nominated play is called, “If/Then.” I am not familiar with this one,

I have to admit, but knowing the versatility and talent of Idina Menzel,

I will hope it gets an award!

Harvey Fierstein’s gravelly voice can give me chills. He is a fine director

and writer, his 2014 nominated play is called, “Casa Valentina.” This has an

unusual ‘premise,’ men gathering in a cabin in the Catskill Mountains and

tapping into their ‘feminine side.’ Could be fascinating…

His brief presence on the CBS Today Show, this morning, Saturday, June

7, 2014 included asking him what drives him in his writing. Here is his

quote being paraphrased (I am not great at writing each word, but I am

sure that you can look up this and this is the ‘essence’ of its meaning:

If you want to capture my attention and hold it, don’t show me a meteor

going to hit our planet.  Show me people interacting, human connections

and THAT is the show I will watch!”

In other words, Harvey is saying that the human condition is what he has

drawn from,  while writing his plays and screenplays.

One of the most beloved and most performed plays, “The Glass Menagerie,”

is again up for a 2014 Tony Nomination.

I have a personal reason why I follow the different award shows. Some of you

who have followed me for quite some time, may recall that I have always been

a person who followed plays, movies and theater productions. I was very lucky

to have parents  who thought that taking the three kids to these, would be fun,

educational and meaningful. I liked, Musicarnival, The Lakewood Summer

Shakespeare Festivals, and Cleveland productions of Broadway plays. I have

only once been to a Broadway play, to see Joel Grey play as George M. Cohen,

in “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” But, my interest went beyond watching, I became

part of children’s plays, worked back stage in makeup freshman year of high

school, set design sophomore year and worked side by side with actors as

understudies. I never was on stage until I went to National Acting Camp

held at Notre Dame University. It was fun trying out and being part of

this, I came back and was senior director of the play, “Take Her, She’s

Mine.” I worked side by side with Miss Marilyn J. Frazier. She was a

beautiful and classy woman, who I believe could have become a famous

actress, had she pursued it.

I would like to give a ‘Shout Out’ to the people who went on stage, under

my direction. All wrote such lovely things on cards and notes, along with

a few special words in my 1974 (senior yearbook), Bluebook.

Hope some of you will be at our 40th reunion this September, 2014!

Billy Bush, (no, not the one on Entertainment Tonight!), Megan Peters,

(she is a Hallmark designer, artist and lovely person), Torry Cavanaugh

(doesn’t that just sound like she should be famous?), Ralph Cutcher

(you stole my heart, but just friends), Lynn Kuhlow (a ‘class act’),

Cheryl Anderson (you played a teenager who was a ‘handful’ just

right!), and good Science Club ‘geek’ and friend, David Frackelton.

When the musical “Hello Dolly” was not available to high schoolers

due to high Equity dues’ cost, we had our other play, “The Matchmaker,”

that year. Alice Cepulo, another Science Club ‘geek’ (I was secretary one

year, my brother president, so we were very active in this club…) was

the student director for this great play. She went on in film making,

after college, joining NASA’s ‘team’ in Texas. She has made a lot of

non-fiction space films. I was so sorry to hear the 1975 graduate and

one of my brother’s and my dear friends, Andy Cepulo killed himself.

in 2013.

That is a summary of my ‘real life’ experiences and I am sure they

are enough ‘credentials’ to let you know that I do know a ‘thing or

two’ about theatre!!


Other Tony nominated plays to ‘watch’ and ‘see’ if they get an award are:

“After Midnight,” “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder,” (this one has

the most award nominations so far) “Beautiful- The Carole King Musical,”

(which includes two of my favorite songs, “One Fine Day” and “Will You

Love Me Tomorrow?” By the way, I loved her “Tapestry” album!), “Aladdin,’

and Shakespeare’s “Twelth Night.”

Oh, and all the ladies and gentlemen out there who have enjoyed Hugh

Jackman’s singing in the movie, “Les Mis,” and his extremely entertaining

performances in roles like, “Wolverine,” will wish to see his performance

tomorrow night as the Host of the 2014 Tony Awards!

Just to let you know, watching Hugh Jackman is more than enough reason

to be watching the Tony’s!!


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    • Thanks, Brenda! So glad you reminded me of this musical and did not realize she was one of the ones who played, “Gypsy!” The Gypsy Rose Lee story is incredible. Glad you had a chance to see this! Smiles, Robin

      • I was just out of college, and had never seen a show on Broadway before I got out of college. Then I saw Cats, and I was hooked on Broadway. I dragged my parents to see Gypsy, and we all loved it. Tyne Daly was AWESOME!! What a voice.

      • I am so glad you got hooked on Broadway, Brenda! I would love it every time, no matter what! Maybe someday I will see another one in New York, but have seen “Cats,” “Les Mis,” and “Camelot,” here in Columbus. I also saw somewhere, not sure if Cleveland or Cols? Richard Chamberlain do an outstanding job as Professor Higgins. Smiles for your interest in musical theatre productions!

  1. Wonderful post, Robin! Tyne Daly has always been wonderful in everything she does.
    John Cameron Mitchell wrote and starred in a musical HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH years ago, and I his mother’s writing coach and edited Joan Cameron Mitchell’s book COMING THROUGH THE WRY which tells about the background of HEDWIG. Just thought I’d ask.

    • Oh, good call, Marylin! so glad you pointed this out! I am sure you are correct in the title of the play! I will have to edit this post. Thanks so much for this one! I appreciate your featuring the books, too. There are so many times I am helped by my commenters! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Marylin!

    • Would you help me out again and let me know how you wanted the words, “I his mother’s writing coach” to go. Were you his mother’s writing coach or should it be, ‘in his mother’s writing coach?” Thanks, Marylin. I did not capitalize it or delete any letters when I fixed the name of the play on my post and edited it out of your comments. Let me know what you meant by this, please! Smiles, Robin

  2. I so love the theater and enjoyed your post here on the Tony Awards. I’d like to think I influenced this love of theater in my daughter as well, as she also enjoys going to plays. She seems to be more like her Dad except when it comes to this. I’ll be watching😀🙋🙋

    • Oh, so nice to know we will be watching from our two different locations, the same show! I love the grandeur, music and the way the whole night goes. Never a dull moment, in my eyes. I have a good friend that is not the least interested, which is fine. I am glad to have others who do enjoy the fun! I am also glad I have one daughter, my oldest, who did work with the high school theater club, along with enjoying theater productions. Her ‘man’ is not interested, so we go just the two of us… Thanks for this and your smiles at me, too!

  3. so funny about our titles today, robin ) i love live theater, i see it here when i can and i’d love to see a broadway show sometime. hugh j is the perfect person to host this awards show – great post, robin and it filled in a lot of blanks for me –

    • Anyone reading this, please check out Beth’s post about “The Aussies are coming! The Aussies are coming!”
      Anyone knowing that we are friends will think I was inspired by her title.
      But, it was so funny, Beth! It was written on Friday evening, after Bill and I had done our First Friday. Don’t even know why I had written this, it makes more sense with your family coming from Australia!
      Great minds think alike, I guess!
      When I get to the library, I write my post, (sometimes not daily) and then I read comments. Respond back. Then, my ‘work’ is out of the way, and I enjoy reading other posts! I was so surprised when I got to yours! It was clearly written hours before mine! Thanks for agreeing it is funny and not being a little bit upset or thinking I ‘stole’ your idea! Smiles, Robin

  4. The wealth of information that occupies that pretty little head of yours, continues to amaze me. Enjoy the Tony’s, Robin!
    I’m getting ready to hopefully witness a triple crown winner…go California Chrome!

    • I loved California Chrome’s story of winning! I had checked out the results, since I was at the beach with grandkids at a coworker’s (Darryl and Samantha’s son) birthday beach party. Glad you were watching and rooting for him. Poor California Chrome joined twelve others who completed two wins out of three!
      I am smiling at that comment about my ‘pretty little head of mine!’ So sweet and funny, too!
      Thanks, Jill and I was very impressed with your interview of Luanne! If anyone hasn’t checked Jill out lately, she is doing a ‘Summer Series’ of interviewing fellow bloggers! Her first is also pursuing writing books, including a memoir! Smiles, Robin

    • Thank you for the vote of confidence for Tyne Daly! She definitely is a television icon, in my book! So glad she found her niche in theatre, too! I will enjoy the show, Colleen, no matter who wins or loses! Smiles, Robin

    • My Dad would say, “To each his own.” You are smart and very entertaining, Mark, so I would not consider there to be a ‘culture gap!’ More like an ‘interest gap!’ Since I am not too big of a golfer, I usually compliment your score or your attire, or the food you chose to eat. It is not easy for me to picture the life of a big time golfer, just I am a miniature golfer! Ha ha!

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