Strawberry Full Moon


In my monthly June post, I let you know that the name for the Full Moon

this week is called, Strawberry Full Moon. On Wednesday, as I walked

my youngest daughter out to her car, since we had spent awhile having

dinner, along with watching a movie it was getting late. It was dark, but

there was a brightness in the sky. I let out an excited, “Look at the moon!”

Together we gazed at it, she giving it more than a passing glance, knowing

that the sky holds a little extra meaning to our family.

We hugged each other tightly, arms wrapped around each other.

We noted it was looking bright and lovely in the cool night air. There has

been a neat way that the clouds seem to spread, dissipating into wisps,

around the moon.

The warm daytime temperatures and the cooler night air has created great

‘cloud cover.’ Last night, the moon was showing its shiny, gray-pocketed

face for all to see.

I found several strawberry messages to share with you. I do so love the

sweet and a little tart taste of strawberries! Do you love them, too?

In the following “Camp Song,” we used to sing at Girl Scout camp, there

is a reference repeated about strawberries. I remember this song, like

the ‘back of my hand.’ I have sung it to my own three children at their

bedtime, more recently to my grandchildren. This is one of a few that

have strawberries in their lyrics!

The New Christy Minstrels used to sing this and my parents had it on

one of their albums. I did not initiate singing this song while away at

camp. This song, “Today,” must have been popular enough for a camp

counselor to have memorized and shared with us. It is sweet with a

guitarist, sitting with it on his or her knees, strumming along to the


Sitting around a campfire, from ages 11 until age 18, I used to sing it.

I enjoyed ed’ camping trips with the local Bay Village Boy Scouts,

taking down the tents that were canvas off the platforms at Camp Hilaka.

This would be in the Fall, in Richfield, Ohio.

When you read the lyrics, you may not think that Juliette Gordon Low,

the founder of Girl Guides, later known as Girl Scouts, would have

approved! There is the repeated verse with ‘wine’ included!

” Today”


“Today while the blossoms still cling to the vine,

I’ll taste your strawberries,

I’ll drink your sweet wine.

A million tomorrows shall all pass away,

‘Ere I forget all the joy that is mine. . .


Oh, I’ll be a dandy or I’ll be a rover,

You’ll know who I am, by the song that I sing.

I’ll feast at your table,

I’ll sleep in your clover.

Who cares what tomorrow may bring?

I can’t be contented with yesterday’s glory,

I can’t live on promises Winter to Spring.

Today is my moment and now is my story,

I’ll laugh and I’ll cry and I’ll sing.


Today while the blossoms still cling to the vine,”

Of course, another very popular song that includes, the word,

“strawberry” in it is: “Strawberry Fields Forever” by the Beatles.

Here is a fun list of different references to Strawberries:

1. Grandmother’s homemade strawberry jam

2. Aunt Amy’s freezer strawberry jam

3. McDonald’s strawberry and crème pies (2 for $1.59)

4. Strawberries and cream

5. Strawberry shortcake

6. Strawberry Shortcake and her Friends. (dolls)

7. Strawberry Cool Whip

8. Strawberry shakes

9. Strawberry malts

10. Neopolitan has chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream

also, what we call ice cream cookies.

11. Strawberry Skittles, the red ones are my favorites!

12. Strawberry Twizzlers

13. Strawberry pie, with fresh strawberries and a glaze over it.

(Served with big dollops of whipped cream!)

14. Boone’s Farm Strawberry Wine

(Don’t drink too much, sickeningly sweet, not fun coming up!)

15. Suave brand shampoo, Strawberry Shampoo and Conditioner

16. Strawberry lip gloss

(I used to put this on my lips, during high school. I got some

compliments for this habit. Also, used it to kiss the envelopes

to my college boyfriend, future first husband, signing off with

“Sealed with a Kiss.”)

Instead of focusing on the Friday the 13th, I hope you enjoyed this!

I am sure there are many more songs, memories and fun things

you may have thought of, hope if this triggered any interesting

stories, you will share them with us!




19 responses »

  1. Strawberry wafer cookies (sugar free Voortman brand).

    Strawberry blonde girls (when I was single). 😉

    Strawberries (straight up, no cream, no sugar needed, bite it right down to the little green veggie stub).

    Thanks, Robin!

  2. Robin, this is so cute. Love the little ditty and your references to, ” not fun coming up” 😂😂. Also the Strawberry Lip Gloss, you little vixen you😂😂. Loved that you kissed the envelopes for your boyfriends and hubby, too darn cute👍👍. I loved Strawberry Lip Potion, I think by Maybelline. It made our lips so shiny and kissable😘😘🙋

  3. That sweet Strawberry Full Moon kept me awake all night. The room was so bright, I kept jumping up thinking I had overslept!
    Oh, I used to love Strawberry Lipsmackers! Do you remember Lipsmackers? 🙂 I do love Strawberry Twizzlers!

    • So sorry about the consequences of the Strawberry Full Moon, Jill! I wish you could get heavier curtains that you could pull back during the daytime and keep the room darker, especially during early morning summer days and full moon nights!
      I think that you can still find Lipsmackers, Jill! I thought I have seen them in Walgreens… I am so glad you found a few that I mentioned to give you pleasant memories, too!

  4. I enjoyed focusing on the strawberry moon and all things strawberry far more than dwelling on Friday the 13th or George Carlin saying that sometimes the wolves are quiet and only the moon howls – though that does have a nice ring to it. Sometimes we go out to the west coast, beachcombing and all along the upper end of the shore line will be wild strawberries carpeted the ground – the come out the same time as the wild roses and the smell of the strawberries and the roses is intoxicating. Worth a two hour trip on unkempt gravel roads.

    • I am so glad, Francis, that you gave me a little scenic tour over to your west coast! I love the idea of roses and strawberries wafting together to make a delicious scent. That word, ‘intoxicating’ is a lovely word, in and of itself! I like beach combing, too… I liked that you added the George Carlin saying, too!

  5. i’ve had the strawberry boone’s farm and used the lip smackers, sometimes even at the same time) loved strawberry fields forever and love to eat strawberry shortcake – great summer post, robin )

  6. Oh, wow! Thanks, Colleen! “Strawberry Wine” sung by Deana Carter. (1996) I did not know about this song, my friend! This and your positive thought waves about the ‘flip side’ of Friday the 13th were much appreciated!

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