Loose Remnants


I am writing a short post to let you know that I will be going on vacation up in

Sunny Cleveland! I enjoy Lake Erie, my Mom’s company and my brothers and

sister in law, who all fit in visits or invitations for me to accompany them to a

meal out. This means that I may get a chance to use the public computer that

is located in the Pub. I can listen to the sound of men playing poker, women who

gather in the a.m. to do “Wi” exercises or possibly have to wait for the entire

week for the woman who is addicted to “Candy Crush” and “Farm Hero Saga”


I have a funny and interesting ‘library intrigue’ that you may be curious to know

about! My good coworker friends and happily married girlfriends are always

probing for any little morsels of ‘single-dom’ that I may share with them.

This one almost ‘takes the cake’ for winners! A woman who I met in AAUW, was

my editor of my (I was President) monthly newsletter and became a close friend

since 1993, got divorced in 2009. Her husband is always waving and looking

at me at the library. I smile and nod, being cordial and polite. I would never look

twice at him, “Joe’s” not my ‘type’ at all!

Last Thursday, as I was hurrying out of the library, to pack up and get ready to leave

after work on Friday for my super wedding extravaganza weekend, “Joe” handed me

a note.

Now, if you have ‘followed’ me for awhile, I have received offers for many things, in

the months that have passed since my youngest daughter ‘left me’ to live in Columbus

with her laptop! I have had an invitation to go out for a “fast food dinner,” followed

within an hour of the invitation, by a wife standing behind him, her  hands on his

shoulders, saying, “Are you ready to go now, dear!” Really! The ‘nerve’ of some people!

He must have meant very fast food!)

I got invited t join a nearly homeless man at Open Mic night at Roop’s. I still talk to

this man, Chad.

I had received a longer letter from someone named “Roger,” who had explained why

he was probably not the ‘right man’ for me, saying he had run one of the bowling

alleys here in town, had moved to Florida and was interested in taking me out to

eat using a gift card that he had received from his daughter in the mail that week.

(I forget, was it Father’s Day? a holiday?)

I was offered a Pupperoni (yes! for dogs!) stick which the man meant to be handing

me a Slim Jim! and other silly antics that somehow I provoke out of men!

This one, though, took me by surprise.

I went out to the car and opened Joe’s note that was carefully folded in two. It held

a short but neatly written note, asking if I would find a “different venue” for continuing

a conversation, choosing a place where I would feel comfortable and the last line

shocked me a bit!

It said, “And if you are feeling frisky, it can be at your house or mine.” It was signed

with husband of my good friend, who moved first to Dublin, Ohio while divorcing her

“Joe.” Then,  when her son graduated from college,  she moved out to Sacramento.

Now, she has chosen to live in Las Vegas, where her son got transferred.

Of course, I know lots of sordid details of their marriage, none of them appealing to

me, in the least!

Now, if it had been the ‘randy’ firefighter who had showed his hose, demonstrating

his prowess to over 50 lovers all across town, various professions, including a female

gynecologist. If it had been my acquaintance’s ex-husband, Jerry, I may have said,

“If you have your shots records, plenty of condoms and a plan to ‘wine and dine’ me,

Maybe I will go with you!” (Sorry, acquaintance who is a distant ‘friend’ since I don’t

feel I owe you anything, in the way of manners!) Additional information: Just kidding!

I am meeting a mutual friend of this couple, “Joe” and his ex, tonight for a coffee and

dessert. I may show her the note, since it is hardly of much interest to my children or

other family members. Someone needs to give me an opinion. I am ‘torn’ whether or

not to let my long distance close friend know about the note. Maybe she will laugh?

Maybe it is still a sore subject? My friend, Jenny, will let me know and I bet it will

be advice to:

“Keep your mouth shut, Robin!”

Talk to you soon, hope you have a grand and exciting week!

I will have some moments where I will try to sneak onto that one computer at

Mom’s Senior Living Apartments!

Happy Fourth of July, too!




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    • Thank you so much for the kind wishes! It is the first time since October that I have had more than 3 days in a row OFF! Yeah! Take care and we will stay in touch!

  1. you know i love this post robin and can so identify with it! maybe sometime we can meet in the middle and swap war stories. until then, have a wonderful time on your break )

    • Thank you, Beth! If I had been smarter, I would have known you were coming down to see the Mudhens and that would have been an easy meet, but we may have not had the same kind of ‘venue’ to be able to share our war stories. I am sure somehow, we will see each other one day in the future, Beth! Smiles, Robin

    • It is hard, when you know that people are so kind and read my posts…
      But you are totally correct, I need to ‘disconnect’ at least more than usual! I try to keep caught up but there are a lot of good folks out there who have become friends, Like You! Smiles, Robin

    • Exactly, Chris! I just wonder if there are any women who would like that line? What kind of a guy thinks women respond to this? Glad it got you to smile, though! I am hoping you have a good adventure for the 4th, or at least some fun times and good food! Smiles, Robin

      • Robin: I think there are all kinds, and probably there are women who would respond to it, but I can’t imagine why. 😀

        Wow– it’s almost the 4th of JULY ????? :-O

  2. I am glad to know from a woman’s perspective how creepy the ‘date note’ seems. I can at least say that I never left any strange notes like that when I was single. Perhaps Mr. Right will one day have the courtesy to ask you out in-person. In the meantime, happy vacation! – Mike

    • Thank you, Samina, for your wishes for my safe journeys and your blessings, too! I have fallen behind, as usual with my good friends, such as you. I appreciate you keeping in touch! Take care and God bless you, too!

    • Yes, that was kind of a weird experience. Have not mentioned to my best friend, who knows the man’s ex-wife, our mutual friend. Just to have someone who will share the confidence/secret and also, ponder what kind of reaction ANY woman, in her right mind, would give!! Smiles, Robin

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