Cleveland and the World Sports


This is a great day for sports around the world. The beginning of “Le

Tour de France,” the Sprint Cup, following NASCAR rules at Daytona

Beach, the continuation of the World Cup FIMA Soccer rounds, and

last but not least, I have to hope that the Cleveland Indians will ‘rally’

and win against the Kansas City Royals.

I will be seeing KC Royals vs. Indians game, down in the nicely positioned

Progressive Field, hoping that the local Clevelanders are ‘wrong’ and that

we won’t experience any more ‘stage fright!’ We lost last night’s game,

with the score of 7-1, in our game against the Royals. We went into our

July 4th game, with some good statistics. Our Tribes held a .543 average

winning percentage of 83 wins to 74 losses.

I am looking forward to the firecracker display over Progressive Field,

with my brothers and sister in law. One in the group, complaining that

the music of KISS will be accompanying the fireworks. I am hoping my

presence alone will help us win! (Ha ha! This little Cleveland native, who

was baptized in Parma, Ohio, will have to cross her fingers, just like the

rest of the fans!)

I was sorry to read that the 22 year old Brazilian soccer player,  Neymar,

was seriously injured with a broken vertibra, changing the chances of his

team. The four goals he managed to accomplish in the first 3 World Cup

matches, has created a stronghold of youth who are very disappointed.

The Brazilian ‘hero’ will be still admired, kids will continue to be proud

of his accomplishments and be hopefully inspired by his abilities.

In Leeds, England the Tour de France started, a tradition since 101 years

ago. This race, as you know, but sometimes it is nice to be reminded, goes

from England through the countries of Belgium and Spain, circling through

France. In the first leg or “Stage” the candidate favored to win, is Mark

Cavendish, who has had 26 times won this victory. It goes from Leeds to

Harr0gate, where his mother was born.

The other possible winners of the Tour de France are Chris Froome, (29 year

old from Kenya, raised as a Brit), from “Team Sky” and 2 time Champ, Alberto

Contador, (31 year old from Spain) from “Tinkoff-Saxo Bank” team. Or you

could wish to see the Italian, Vincenzo Nibali or one of the other Spanish

contenders, Alejandro Valverde and Joaquin Rodriguez. I like to watch the

bicyclists, but mostly watch the unusual terrain and scenery. The cobblestones

and the different summits, throughout the European countrysides are so

beautiful to see. Many of the challenging roads that the cyclists tackle are ones

from the beginning race, since 1903.

Following NASCAR rules at the Daytona International Speedway, there were

two laps that had to be postponed due to weather. The setting is one that my

coworker, Kent, loves to watch with his wife. They have been down, almost

every year for the past twenty to watch! I am sure there are a few of you who

may choose this sporting event to watch over the sedate 181 miles of the first

“Stage” of Le Tour de France! It ends on July 26, 2014.  Much faster, right?!

On the last note for this post, my Mom has been a ‘trooper’ throughout all

of her Dr. appointments, the most painful being the podiatrist. She has had

to soak her toes in vinegar water, painting them all except her left big toe,

with a liquid to prevent any infection or fungal growth. The poor left toe,

which was infected, had to have its toenail removed, then we are carefully

drying it, putting a Band-Aid on it, and allowing it to ‘scab over.’ Gross

details, but important to let all of those know that are caretakers, to keep

an eye on your elderly family member’s toes. This could have led to an

infection that may have got into her bloodstream, leading to her heart. We

all tend to think of the teeth and its possibilities of gum disease, but feet

are also important to take care of.

I want to share something special about my Mom, every day is filled with

little moments where she looks so filled with wonder. I think that losing

some of her memory means that she ‘hears’ things that she exclaims,

“I never heard that bird’s song  before!”

Or when she sees some colorful flowers in a garden or in a bouquet at

the bank,

“I have never seen such a gorgeous collection of flowers before!”

These are what carry me through some of those moments when she is

childish and refuses to carry out Dr.’s instructions! It helps to remember

that I was once rebellious and annoyed my Mom, no end!

Go Mom!!

Go Tribe!


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    • I am not sure, take your pick, Jonathan! I chose, “Take me out to the ball game,” and the Indians WON!! (7- 3!) So, have fun and enjoy a long time until the end of the cycling race, though!

      • Well, then you may have chosen something else to participate in or watch! You had listed ‘bring my bike along,’ is why I mentioned the length of the race! Smiles, Robin

    • Yeah, toes are gross but we need to take care of them, Jonathan! I soaked my Mom’s toes religiously this past visit, with a cup of white vinegar in hot/warm water in a little tub. This is a way to soften and heal the feet. I like this natural way and approach! Good luck with your toes! Mom’s toes have eczema and some infection. She doesn’t have Diabetes, but the skin is easily sore… Thanks for your sweet words, Jonathan! Smiles, Robin

  2. I have to admit that this sounds like a good day for a good book ;)! Re your mother’s newfound revelations: beautiful! Robin, that is so lovely that there is a silver lining in the cloud about her memory.

    • I do appreciate the idea of a book! I finished one of the Lillian Graham cat mystery books, my coworker and I are reading them, for fun this summer! (The two Siamese cats help ‘solve’ the mystery, Koko and Yum Yum.) I had some fun at the baseball game and we WON! (7-3) So, I feel like I was the Indians’ good luck charm! Smiles, Robin

      • I LOVE those books (Jackson Braun, right?) I love how he’s always getting his columns out (like blogging) and his kilts. Did you know that she’s been dead for years and somebody else has been writing the newer books?

      • You have it, I was looking at the cover of the one I like to lie down in bed with, reading just a bit before I go to sleep… and I had the last name all wrong! Lilian Jackson Braun is the one I meant to say! The one with “The Cat Who Saw Red,” was gruesome, a little more “CSI” or something, with its brutality. I usually like their light banter, Qwilleran’s different word usages, and the cats are so adorable! They wove a web, out of gray yarn, in that one I just finished (above title)! Thanks for this comment, Luanne, sharing your common interest in ‘lighter reading.’

  3. My In-Laws are from McDonald, Ohio, near Youngstown. Lots of Cleveland t-shirts around our house. We’ve been so involved in watching the World Cup here, so exciting!! Feel so bad for Neymar, such a shame.

    • Yes, it is too bad about Neymar and his soccer pursuits this season, with the World Cup championships. He will be able to play again, I hope!
      I am so glad you shared this about the In-Laws being Indians’ fans and hope that they were cheering them on, since they did win (7-3) against Kansas City! I felt I was their lucky charm!
      I hope you are having a great summer, so far! Smiles, Robin

  4. it certainly is an exciting time for sporting events right now, and i love your mother’s discoveries, it reminds me of the joy of child seeing and understanding things for the first time. )

    • Babies, children and the elderly know how to appreciate those simple wonders! I like the words you chose, ‘discoveries’ and ‘joy,’ Beth! Perfect choices and enjoy your times, how fleeting they are, with the Aussies! Smiles and hugs, Robin

  5. I don’t need to talk about sports when I can think about your mom’s glory with life right now, Robin. We fall in love with things growing up, and it seems we again fall in love with the same things growing way up. God bless her, Robin. I love these stories of mom now, I think even more since mine left us when she was just 65. Thank you, my friend.

    • I like that word choice, Mark: Mom’s glory in living! I hope it doesn’t hurt to hear about my Mom. I ask my two best friends, when I come back from Mom’s, do they really want to hear about her? I worry, since one of my friend’s mom died when she was only 12 (her mom was the age of my middle child, my son) and the other one lost hers, when she was in her twenties, her mom was in her 40’s. I know I talk about my Dad, as if he were here, sometimes…
      I appreciate that you don’t need to talk about sports, all the time, Mark!! You have a nice balance on your blog of entertainment, personal stories about your life, dog, wife, daughter and garden and then sports, golf, etc. In your posts about music, I find you are very articulate and moving. You really love music and it shines through in your tributes and words you choose. Well, enough about you… ha ha!

  6. I have a biking mad brother who is watching le tour as I write. Keep staying positive and having a sense of humour with your mom. Losing your memory is nasty!

    • This is so cool, Shelley about your brother! I have a brother who is a runner, but he loves watching the tour, saying he is a little bit surprised there aren’t more accidents in those countryside paths, sharp turns and cobblestones! Good to see you here! Have a wonderful and adventuresome summer! Hope you aren’t going to get too bogged down with more ‘reno’s!!’ Remember, champagne always helps!

    • You are correct, in that assessment, Shelley, about losing one’s memory! I am not crazy about the idea of it. I will appreciate my Mom, that she is here, and try not to get her too worried about her losing her marbles!

  7. Go Tribe!

    Feet are an incredibly important health issue — and our tootsies become so vulnerable as we age. I have a dozen “foot” stories, about feet and the elderly. Someone should put together an anthology of writing about old feet.

    You sure have your plate full, dealing with everything you deal with. And you have an amazing sense of humor.

    Stay brave! ❤

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