Solemn Poem


This Emily Dickinson poem is quite solemn and sad.

It offers little solace to those who read it.

I feel bad, imagining her writing this.

She only lived 56 years.


I am not sure why,

since it is Summer,

I am posting this.


I think it is because of a few of my friends,

fellow bloggers, are going through more

turmoil than I would wish for them

to have to go through.


There has been another enormous tragedy, the Malaysian airplane

which held possibly 300 people in it. The images of its crashing

down in the Ukraine, imprinted on my thoughts today.

There are some assumptions of its being shot down

or a bomb having been set off, within it.

Most of the television newscasters

are leaning towards the former,

rather than the latter



“A Certain Slant of Light”

~ Emily Dickinson ~

(1830 – 1886)


“There’s a certain Slant of light,

Winter afternoons

That oppresses like the Heft

Of Cathedral tunes.


Heavenly Hurt, it give us

We can find no scar,

But internal difference

Where the meanings, are.


None may teach it- Any-

‘Tis the seal Despair

An Imperial affliction

Sent us of the Air.


When it comes, the Landscape listens

Shadows hold their breath

When it goes, ’tis like the Distance

On the look of Death.”


Reprinted on the internet with permission from

Amhearst College, from the book,

“The Poems of Emily Dickinson,”

originally published posthumously, in 1951.


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    • Thanks so much, Colleen. I am clueless for the way human beings can be so hateful and lack a conscience. These were innocent ‘bystanders’ just civilians! Hugs, Robin

  1. I hadn’t heard the news till I logged on here as I’m at a friends place for the weekend..respite..minding her pups. So so tragic. Thank you for the poem she was a beautiful poetess. A very sad day again for the world we live in. Hugs xx

    • I am sorry to be the one who brought the bad news to your peaceful respite, Jen. I wish that you could have enjoyed the time alone with the pups. I am glad you also like Emily Dickinson. She is quite deep, I had to absorb her words with quiet for awhile… Take care and hugs back to you!

  2. Your poem is a fitting tribute to those whose lives were lost today. We are in shock about the plane that went down over Ukraine. No amount of ‘justice’ can compensate for the loss felt by the families and loved ones of the victims. 😦 – Mike

    • This was a terribly sad weekend with its haunting news still reverberating, across the networks. The President’s speech, some felt too late, I think it is best to not worry when but how we react.

    • This poem, made me think of Sylvia Plath. I am not sure, did not look up anything but a few of her poems and her life being short. I guess I should check on this soon…Good question!

    • Thanks, Chris. I went ahead and moved through my week and weekend, without too many times being sad. But whenever the news comes on, it hits me like a ton of bricks! Civilians from all around the world, on a plane. I was so happy and hugging my friends, Felda, her husband Jason and two little ones, Kridia and Zach, all made it back on their round-about travels home from the Philippines, via Singapore and the plane made a big arc away from Russia, she says, that they said they don’t go over ‘war zones.’ The airlines considered this section where the plane got shot down, to be a ‘war zone,’ according to both Felda and Jason.

      • It was very tragic…
        but I’m so glad your friends made it home safely.
        Air travel is still extremely safe, but it has gotten more difficult this year.
        Such things seem so pointless, don’t they?

  3. terrible news indeed. but what is equally terrible is when heartless people make prepared statements, then joke and carry on like nothing happened. it was a tragedy, not “maybe a tragedy.” now it is time for prayer and action, and certainly compassion for those who lost others in the tragedy.

    • Thanks for your joining in the conversation and letting us know you are sympathetic to those who died and their families, too.
      I am not sure if I heard about people joking about this, hope no one would. Too bad, sometimes people are thoughtless, sometimes they joke out of nervousness. I am sure that they wished they had not said those words, since they will ‘hear about it later!’

  4. I can’t watch the TV coverage, Robin. These are people whose lives are in fragments and the endless pawing over the details by the press does not make things any better. I understand the need to know what happened. It’s all too easy to despair of this world of ours, isn’t it?
    Sorry things have been a little rough for you too.

    • My world is okay, a little off kilter at times. Not nearly effected, to the extent that these unfortunate people from all over the world, as who were in that plane. Thanks for the very thoughtful response here!

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