The creme de la creme award nomination!


Karen nominated me for an excellent award which is always special to

me that my friends here in our blogging community still find something

good to say about my writing! I was honored to be among her short list of

fellow bloggers she chose to consider for this nomination.

The Most Influential Blogger Award nomination was given to me by a

really, truly author, Karen. I respect her writing very much, along with

anticipating eagerly, when she comments on my post.

Karen’s recent post about her son, Preston, is titled, “Green Balloons.”

That, along with some lovely posts can be found at:


I am going to not follow the rules and feature someone who graduated from

Ohio Wesleyan University, here in Delaware, Ohio. Morgan got her B. S.

Liberal Arts degree, while specializing in the area of “Non-Fiction.”

I have written about Morgan Treni, a young 23 year old, who came from

New Jersey, has musical roots that come from her father’s being a jazz

composer. She has the deep, throaty voice of an older woman, can really

belt out tunes, too. I have mentioned that she was on Kickstarter, where

she had people contribute money to her getting her first CD produced.

She has been featured in my posts, including one that mentions she

became friends with my youngest daughter, due to her literally running

on the sidewalks of Delaware, Ohio at the same time my daughter was.

I would have loved to have been her friend, she reminds me of my hippie

days, she seems like an “old soul.”

Anyway, on the front page of the Delaware Gazette, Morgan Treni was

given a space, with her lovely face smiling out at the readers, an interview

that included her background and her future entertainment dates. I missed

her Solar Stage appearance during the Columbus Com Fest, but last year,

did get to see her on the Jazz Stage.

By being a writer, one who has written short essays and observations, she

naturally was able to write all of her own songs. She does not reveal her

father’s name, just in passing, music was in her home at all times while

she was raised. She includes on her CD, songs about home, her mother

and a song titled, “Delaware,” too.

In Morgan’s own words, she describes her musical style as,

“More of a folksy-pop with a jazz influence.”

Her album is naturally called, The Dreamer and Other Essays.” There

are all kinds of orchestral contributions, on the album, with cellists

and piano playing.  I like to call her Cole Porter meets feminism!

If you have followed her on wordpress, she had posts about her

travels and adventures of singing in what she calls, ‘beer halls!’

It was one I featured on my blog last Summer called,

But the main reason I wished to tell you about Morgan is, that

I am impressed with her fortitude, her attack on life, her ambition

along with her sensitive and calm nature. She has achieved much,

in such a young life! Her CD and her musical blog can be found at:

Next two local performances for Morgan are set for July 27th at the

Brothers Drake Meadery, in Columbus at 7 p.m. and this will be an

amazing PARTY with song and celebrations for her CD’s release! I

posted a winter story about her Pre-Release party, attended by the

press and two very fine musicians.

The other one will be on August 1oth, in Delaware, Ohio. This will

be held on the lawn behind the Firehouse, at the Bicentennial Park

Gazebo. If you are in the area, please let me know so we can put our

blankets or lawn chairs beside each other!

If Morgan doesn’t deserve to receive a nomination for writing and

being one of my most major influential persons, I cannot imagine

who else could be on the top of my list!

Thank you, Karen for your gift of selecting me on your list!

Thank you, Morgan, for making sure we all don’t just give up.

Best of luck to you, Morgan on the sales of your CD. Thanks for

showing us how to go for our dreams!


The choices of new people, that I have not given award nominations

to, is due to when I got some of my first times this happened to me,

also, due to the variety of ages that I read, places they are from, I

know that it helps expand all of our horizons, to ‘discover’ other

fellow bloggers. Here are some other people who are in my Reader,

who have talent and show beauty in their writing ability:

1.  A college student in England brings up some universal concerns

and can be found at:

2.  Lois, who may be familiar to you, but I have not featured before.

She is from the western part of England:

3.  Someone else who is contemplating life as a happily

single person:

4. Hannah, is a college student. She is special already, due to the

fact I loved that she used her creative and artistic side, to sew a

vintage style funky flower apron! “Right on!”

5. He has plenty of recipes, but it is the fact he includes

history and stories with his posts that makes this man, an

interesting read!

6. Inspirational, with roots from Texas and living in Idaho…

“Nemaste, Marie!”

7.  You’re going to know this woman is a ‘straight shooter!’

8.  You may have already discovered the diverse posts of the

man who writes this blog. I enjoy the international connections!

9. Beth is a free thinker, admires art, creativity and encompasses

many of the same directions my posts tend to go:

10. I have enjoyed reading and trying these unusual recipes-

the author is the Mouse, his female taster is the Cat:

You may think that I would be adding a photo or clip art of the

nice award, but I have done this in the past, with other posts

and now, have lately just sent you off to research the giver of

the award nomination and stating that Karen, she followed

the rules and these can be found on her blog! Please forgive

my applying the rules, in my own way. I feel presenting new

writings for you to explore may be the balance and positive

result found in this post!



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  1. many congrats to you robin, so deserving of this award. don’t worry about following all the rules, and you know that i do things the same way )

    • Thanks, Beth! I know you made it fun when you listed all kinds of things besides the awards on your acceptance of nominations post! Truly unique, one of a kind, friend!

    • Oh, they came on one day, I have written you a few comments back. Sorry I am sporadic at reading and responding, I work long days at a warehouse, then post at the library and go home. Sometimes I will have a burst of energy and get more in touch… Thanks for hanging in there! smiles, Robin

      • really know this is not the place to chat about this. My accounts keep flipping around. Some blogs allow me to comment with one and others with both. Not sure why this happens. Have been online since 2011 with 3 websites. Hope this is alright. Thank you so much for being my friend Robin

      • Don’t worry anymore about mine, since your comments are coming through just fine! I appreciate this and feel your ‘frustration!’ I have been dealing with bills sent on July 2nd that have not arrived through the U.S. postal service for their intended 15th date! Yikes! Take care and hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend! Smiles, Robin

  2. Congrats, Robin!!! Very deserving! I love how you give it awards to so many different blogs that I have never heard of. I will check some of these out! xo

    • Thanks, Brenda! You may already have checked out Morgan, since I believe I saw your gravatar there once or twice. She is the young local musician last summer, where she went (for an example) to a vegetable farm, left money on the table. She posts about traveling, but her voice is a great ‘throw back’ to the older singers’ styles, like from Cole Porter’s era.

  3. Congratulations Robin! I am like you. I don’t follow the rules sometimes because some people don’t like awards, but it is such a treat to introduce our favorite blogs and why they are our favorites. So thank you so much for your nomination. I humbly accept and will be right on some blog tours to introduce them soon. ~ as always, Nemaste my friend. Marie

    • Marie, I am so pleased. I had hoped you would like to be nominated. I have given awards to ones who I have known longer, in the past, but realized that new friends are special, too!

  4. Wonderful, Robin! Applause, applause!!! 🙂 You did indeed make me proud, my friend! You reach out to so many and it is much deserved! And you know how I feel about rules, schmules! xo ~Karen~

    • Thanks, Karen! I am sure glad you nominated me for this honor. I really looked among the ones I read, then checked to make sure they weren’t already ones I had awarded, this is quite time consuming but meaningful. You made a point to make me feel very lucky and that really meant a lot to me. I wanted to help others to feel ‘gifted.’ I like your new gravatar, my dear! Smiles, Robin

      • You are so very welcome my dear, Robin! It’s all about appreciating each other’s talents. And I appreciate YOU! And thanks- on my new gravatar, thought it was time for a change. Love and light. ~Karen~

  5. YOU…THE ILLUSTRIOUS ROBIN…SLIPPING???? NAW!!!!! Ya just have to face life like the rest of us! (Maybe I’M THE ONE….who says THE SAME THINGS..! So….boring! 🙂 And ego-centered!
    Some people’s PUSSYCATS!!!!… Now that I’m back to “normal (what’s that??)”, I say CONGRATS TO YOU!!! I’ve already reblogged it, to spread your good news far and wide, so to speak. I’ve gotten so bad about awards that I am at least 3 behind! Thanks for pointing out…New and Old—but like You–they are all gold! 😀

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