July 24, 1987: An Insurmountable Achievement


A young girl, who was overweight and sometimes ridiculed, went off

to college. Even there, she did not get concerned about her rising

weight, her expanding waist line. Her health was failing, due to long

hours of studying and limited extra time to walk, exercise or worry

about her diet.

It was not until she reached the age of 40, that this wonderful woman

decided to take action! She started hiking and going on natural trails.

She made plans to achieve more miles, and she started to make progress

in her renewal of energy and her health revived, too.

At age 66, she climbed the highest peak in Continental United States,

Mt. Whitney.

How motivating!

How exciting!

What an exhilarating ride this story is taking!

You will be so much more inspired, when you get to the true climax

of this story. I am very proud of this woman! I wrote this all by myself

hoping to build to where you will hear waves of roaring instruments

or trumpets blasting…

This is the anniversary of her biggest climb:

A woman named Hulda Crooks climbed Mt. Fiji, in Japan when she was

91 years of age on July 24, 1987!

Way to go, Hulda!

I would like the songs, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “Climb

Every Mountain” to be included in your heads while reading the final

chapter of her life.

Hulda Crooks reached the age of 101, dying in 1997.

What would have happened to her life, had she not reached the place

she could hardly walk or breathe?

It makes all of my little complaints and ‘molehills’ seem quite small!


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    • She was a ‘force to reckon with,’ Colleen! Wish I had taken the time to read more and tell more about her, just ‘whetted’ my whistle! (and other’s hopefully, too!) Have a great time this weekend, are you going to ‘chill out’ or go hiking? Smiles, Robin

      • And a wonderful weekend to you as well!

        We are on our way to pick up a little grand fellow and take him on a bike ride. Then on to a birthday party and to celebrate one of us we lost this year.

        I hope to feel like a force, in some fashion, in someone’s world too. 🙂 YAY Hulda!

    • Thanks, my dear! I cannot imagine doing these feats, but was happy to build suspense and tell Hulda’s story. I keep wanting to type “Hilda” though! Smiles, Robin

    • Thanks, Luanne! I was going to let you know our book reviews at our library recommended a rather ‘wild’ memoir, have you seen or read anything about Tom Robbins’ “Tibetan Peach Pie?”
      I appreciate your kind wishes for a lovely weekend and hope the same for you and your family! Smiles, Robin

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