Little Treasures


Little bits and pieces of information come across my mind, that

may not compose a complete post. I enjoy sharing some of these

sources of inspiration, motivation and representations of three

areas of the Arts. One is in literature, one is a true story made into

a movie, and the last one is a belated tribute to a band member,

the last of his group to die. These special examples of writing, film

and music are ones that meant a lot to me. Hope you find a nugget

of gold, a treasure among this trio!


My youngest daughter had me check out a children’s book called,

“The Little Soul and the Sun!” I recommend your reading this to

your children, grandchildren or share it with your Sunday School

class teachers. It is a sweet book with the powerful message within

that it quite profound. I will share it with you, since you may wish

to know why this one is worth finding on Amazon, at your library,

or at Half Price Book Store. Neale Donald Walsch’s simple but pure

message lets you feel good about God. Walsch helps us to understand,

through the words he shares; that under all that we label, “Good” or

“Bad,” is love and understanding.


I think the actress, Taraji P. Henson, who portrays an African American

college golf coach, who served and helped young athletes for nearly two

decades, will be the one to watch in a movie being filmed.

The title of the movie is, “From the Rough.”

Her name is Taraji, which means “Hope,” in Swahili. Her middle name

is Penda, with means, “Love,” in Swahili. She has played a favorite

character, a police woman in the show, “Person of Interest,” along with

being in “Hustle and Flow,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,”

and other movies.

Who is she playing? The character in the movie is based on the college

men’s golf team at Tennessee State University for almost 20 years.

This amazing woman is Dr. Catana Starks, which was supposed to be

released in select movie theatres after April, 2014. Has anyone seen this

movie? I did not see it come to Columbus, unless I missed it while up

at my Mom’s over a Spring weekend…

I enjoy a movie about a woman who broke down class and traditions

with most golf coaches at college level being men. This movie will

motivate and inspire, which I may have to get at the library, since I

may have missed it at the theatres!


Even though it has been a couple of weeks since Tommy Ramone died,

I wanted to mention that the last of the “Ramones” band passed away.

Tommy quietly passed away of cancer’s after effects, on July 11, 2014.

The band members were not related, but all adopted the last name of

Ramone. Wasn’t that both funny and clever of them? They made it into

the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002.

Their 80’s style “punk rock” includes a few songs I remember and

enjoyed including, Baby, I Love You” and “I Wanna Be Sedated.” They

were ones that when you analyze the lyrics, you may not like them.  I

don’t know why their catchy and driving music, had me singing along

with the Ramones! One  that my brother liked was, “Blitzkrieg Bop.”

The group started out in a garage in New York, made it to the top in

their own uniquely styled genre. They were quite popular in Europe and

around the world!

Gotta love that ingenuity and creativity, man!

Tommy Ramone was only 65. He was not even supposed to be in the

band! He took the place of someone who was trying to play the drums

and sing, to become one of the lead singers. I have written one other

post, with a short mention of the Ramones. I don’t wish to write a whole

article about them but wish to give a small tribute to the ones who felt

they were and changed their last names in respect for their

group. In the Ramones, they had three of the band members die of

cancer and one of heroin accidental overdose. None made it to 70 years


It is a sad fact of some of the hard rockers and other band players, who

start out from simple roots, get ‘hooked’ into the culture of drugs and

partying, not to make it long in this life.

“Only the good die young…” (Billy Joel) reminds me of how long other

rockers have beaten the ‘odds’ and have kept on going. They must have

decided to exercise, cleanse and try for longevity.


Each of these ‘treasures’ could be considered to have been following

this quotation:

“If there is a faith that can move mountains,

it is the faith in one’s own power.”

By Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, Austrian author.


Have you any recent news ‘treasures,’ you wish to share with us?





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  1. i love it when you share your treasures from all around the world. that’s how we learn, by sharing. the children’s book sounds very sweet, the movie powerful, i’ll check the library for both, and as for the ramones, they were one of my oldest daughter’s favorite groups. sad ending for all of them. keep up the treasures posts, you never know what jewel someone will find within them, robin )

    • Thank you, Beth! I really loved your comments, appreciate all the many aspects of the compliments, too. I am so glad someone responded that they knew someone who liked this kind of ‘quirky’ group, Beth. Your oldest daughter must have been a unique individual with eclectic tastes! I am glad you found more than one jewel in this one! Off to the swimming pool with a grandson in tow!

    • I had heard the ‘rumor’ but when I checked this out, I found it to be quite interesting, Jill! I am glad you found something new out, even though it is a bit of ‘trivia!’ Have a special and fun weekend, Jill!

    • Is “Hoy” a song, or an expression, sorry Chris, I am quite ‘literal’ and need explanations! Smiles, Robin
      Hope you also have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

      • hahahaha— I totally get that, Robin.

        HOY is a musclehead’s way of expressing enthusiasm about a particularly good lift or accomplishment–

        …it’s a regionalism, I guess, and goes back to the early 70’s, maybe earlier.

        You can say HOY anytime you want to wish somebody a good workout, a good time, or good luck ! 🙂

        HOY! 🙂


      • So glad I went back to check on your explanation of “Hoy!” Thanks, Chris!
        I am laughing at myself, should have seen this in its expression. It seems full of joy and a little like, “Hurray!” or “Yay!”

  2. I loved Taraji P. Henson as Detective Carter in Person of Interest. Florence and I were both disappointed that they killed her off in the series. She is an amazing actress.

    I most recently discovered the Ramones when a guitar player I met in Croatia told me how much their music inspired him. He, Damjan, is quite active in a rock band in Croatia. The Ramones music was edgy and way ahead of their time. I think there fame would have been even greater had they come along ten years later. I believe they would have blown away everyone else who was into that grunge/hard rock scene. – Mike

    • Oh, such big hugs for your knowing Taraji’s fine acting and her time as Detective Carter! Maybe (hopefully) SHE was the one who chose to leave the show! I am so glad someone knew this role, Mike (and Florence, too!)
      As far as the Ramones, once I hear them, I carry their songs around in my head. It is hard to explain their impact but you found a great man, Damjan, who really appreciated them and was inspired by them! How cool is that?
      Thanks for all of these great comments, Mike! Hugs, Robin
      Off to the pool with Micah!

  3. Thanks for these, Robin. Do I have any news treasurese myself? Hmm. Most of the news has been so bad, but I like how you pick up these little seed pods and nurture them.

    • I am so glad you think they are worth reading. I try to collect mainly good ones, and I love the image of little ‘seed pods’ and my nurturing them. thank you so much for those sweet words, Luanne!
      I am off to the swimming pool, some sunshine and heat to be cooled off in the 4 foot area where Micah, age 5, has learned to do flips and loves to ‘dive’ into the floor of the pool and touch the stripes… xoxo Robin

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