Weekend Updates


I am excited to tell you that my Filipino friends, Jason and Felda, safely arrived

back from their extended vacation. As she was arriving at work, we all hugged

her and asked how things went. I was pleased that she brought me a couple of

treats. (They are wrapped candies and these layered cookies with cinnamon and

sugar on them.) She told me to meet her outside work, on Monday, because she

was going to give me something no one else was getting! When we left work, she

gave me a pretty, new t-shirt from Hong Kong.

While we ‘got one back,’ we will have to say goodbye Friday, to Mary Jane. She will

leave on Saturday morning heading off to the Philippines. (She is from a different

island from our mutual friend, Felda, she met here in the U.S. In fact they have

different dialects, unique ‘clicking sounds’ that vary from one part of the islands

to another.) It has been three years since M.J. visited her family and she was so

excited to spend time with her family. Unfortunately, James, her husband was not

able to take time off from his government post. M.J. will use the same airlines, also

one that curves around Russia, not entering any of their air space.  By going out of

its way, the plane circumvents any possible dangerous disasters or attacks.

Felda showed me gorgeous photographs of Kridia Dawn, snorkeling in clear blue

water and her hands are outstretched to touch:  sharks! I was curious about the

experience but she said these sharks have little teeth and don’t eat anything but

plankton. The kinds of sharks could be sand tiger sharks, goblin sharks, or whale

sharks that are considered ‘safe’ to swim with. I will have to check which one she

may have allowed her daughter and husband to swim with.

The baby, “Zachie Poo,” was passed around and held constantly. He is toddling

around holding onto hands and surfaces. (I have written about his baby shower,

when Felda was expecting him, along with this precious and affectionate baby’s

christening.) Felda’s mother adored Zachary, which was very nice to have taken

those memorable photographs to show him when he grows up.

I was saddened, when Felda privately told me that her Aunt, her mother’s older

sister, had had a heart attack the day they left. I was very concerned about her

hospitalization. In the long time past, I had posted that Felda’s nephew, Vincent,

had not lived past age 8, since the Philippines’ hospital requires money up front

and he had a serious blood disease. He had some transfusions, provided by our

coworkers’ collections, along with her St. Mary’s Catholic Church donations for

his continued health care. There were many of us, trying and scrambling to figure

out how to ‘beat’ the system and the clock on his life.

Felda told me that her mother had put a ‘lien’ on her house, as collateral for her

sister’s hospitalization and surgery to repair her heart. I wrung my hands, teary-

eyed, wishing I had more that I could do for them. Felda told me that she will

ask at church again, for any helpful donations towards this situation. Felda told

me to explain to my fellow bloggers, that their health system is not like ours. We

need to feel blessed that we have a more open system for admissions at our own

hospitals. You don’t hear too often of little ones being turned away, like her cousin

Vincent was.

Other news, my friend and coworker, Tina, went to court with her case being

reduced to simply one that requires community service for her  “hit and run”

incident with a security guard at her work. They also received, as a family, from

their church a substantial donation towards a much needed vacation.

Tina was able to take her daughter, her husband, (for those who don’t follow

my posts about my coworkers and friends too closely, he has threatening

cancer), her oldest daughter and two of their grandkids to Gatlinburg,

Tennessee last week. She was back, tanned and refreshed from her vacation.

No repercussions other than court costs, so they are not going to have their

budget too stretched by the unfortunate accident or incident.

I think this will set a lot of sympathetic commenters’ minds to rest! I was

relieved that the court did take Tina’s remorse and stressful home situation

into consideration.

My coworker and friend, Mark C., who I admit to having a ‘crush’ on, recently

confided that his mother has not been out of his house, for over 2 years. I had

not pictured her being in such failing health.Mark told me, this is due to her

serious illness and aging process that she is going through.

Although, you know I am an “open book,” Mark is not. I thanked him for this

most recent revelation. It helps explain some of the “why?” he has never called.

I kept his very neat note, which was to recommend the trilogy of Frank McCourt’s


By the way, Mark is the one I gave my cell phone number in November to call me.

I had suggested if he should ever need to talk or wish to eat out with me, “Dutch

Treat,” to let me know. . .  (Do we still say this?!)

I told him recently, “Friends can wait until circumstances allow more time. You

can call me anytime, if you wish to have a someone to lean on.”

This coworker, Mark, is a truly gentle, soft-spoken man; more than a ‘gentleman.’

This is a lot different from my friend, Amy’s situation, since her Roy has taken

advantage of her. That book’s chapter is NOT closed, by the way!

Peggy fell off her ‘center rider’ while attempting to do ‘heavy bulk.’ She is one of

the two ‘aunts’ that I am friends with, who have a niece that is my oldest daughter’s

very best friend. She recently turned 60 and is still happy with her independent

man, Tim. (Almost 15 years of living in separate homes, but still ‘together.’)

Peggy’s sister texted me back and forth, about her progress at the hospital. While

there, she had a CAT-scan and x-rays on her head. Peggy came back after just 2

days’ off, since the doctor didn’t write an excuse for ‘light duty.’ I worry about

her not waiting, since inside her head I am sure it is slowly healing.

And now, the Grand Finale!

My biggest update for the week is after I had long day on Monday. . .

I was very dismayed to see over 20 forces, police, sheriff and helicopters, all over

the place in Delaware. They were on a serious search for a “dangerous”carjacker.

I could not proceed home across the railroad tracks on London Road. There were

three police cars blocking the railroad tracks on either side.  I had to turn left and

head north on crooked Curtis Street. I had my eyes bulge out of my head, my

hands shaking like a leaf and knees nearly knocking, when I saw armed men!

They had flak vests on, looking into dumpsters, into the unused warehouses and

the ones that still have windows in them, along this curvy road.

They were looking for a fugitive from Franklin County, who had stolen someone’s

car.  The owner had enlisted someone close by where the car was taken, to chase

their own car! There was a kind of ‘chip’ that would determine the car’s location,

then once the police were called in, it became a cross country and across-county-

lines car chase.

When I arrived at the library, the librarian looked up the television news to show

me the progress the whole search was managing. We had a discussion about the

way the one helicopter was diving down and then up again. We wondered what

possible reason they would have SWAT teams included.

There literally were men with rifles out, going around the corner within yards of

the cars that were being sent this direction! There were black dogs, also German

Shepherd dogs, with their harnesses leading them into and out of warehouses

along this stretch.

When I got around the curves, I saw a nice, local man who walks around town with

a Panama hat and a Hawaiian shirt strolling along by the Re-Store Shop.

I wanted to stop him, tell him to, “Watch out!” But I thought better of it. He was in

his own little ‘time warp’ and didn’t want to give him a ‘buzz kill.’


Did any of this remind you of the distorted headlines that those crazy “Saturday Night

Live” comedic newscasters give? I did not make any of these many exciting things

happening around here, enough to make a zany comedy show…

Hope this leads all of us into a Normal, Usual, yet Fun Weekend!


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  1. wow, robin. so much action and activity. i hope you have a calm and peaceful weekend ) and yes, it did sound like a ‘snl’ weekend update and you are jane curtain or rosanne rosanadana. )

    • Oh, I think it would be fun to be Rosanne Rosanadana! Thanks and hoping you have a peaceful weekend, with some fun included! No slipping around into waterfalls or crazy stuff, Beth!

  2. It is always good to keep up with your circle of characters. Now I feel all caught up on the back episodes of your personal sitcom that I may have missed. Thank you for that. I like all of your friends, and I can feel the affection you have for the Filipinas in your life. It also sounds like you had your share of adventure with the Delaware Manhunt. I hope that worked out alright. Now you just need a relatively restful weekend. Enjoy! – Mike

    • I am sure happy to see your comments, Mike! I realize new people may be wondering why is Robin rambling on about her coworkers? But sometimes it is nice to know what has happened to the ones I let you all know about. My Peggy and Tim love story is just one of many that I got out of my warehouse days. I wish the scenes could be a little funnier, but the truth is how it goes around here! Hope you have a fun and enjoyable weekend, too, Mike! How’s it going with the family surrounding you? Smiles, Robin

  3. Robin, you have some interesting and fun friends!

    PS… I’m a bit confused– having been stationed at Subic Bay– about the Republic of the Philippines being a province. What does she mean by that? It’s not– a close ally, it was a protectorate before 1946, but is a sovereign state today.

    Have a groovy weekend !!!

    • Oh my, she may be just as clueless or not able to explain it well enough for me to understand. I am so sorry, Chris, for this error. I will edit it out of my post. Thanks for the information and maybe Felda (and MJ) don’t know the exact name for their sovereign state. Anyway, it is a shame that they don’t have our protection in the area of medicine. Vincent was not able to fly to America, because it would have been a non-American coming to our country, yet he deserved to have medical attention. There is a Belinda, from Canada, who says we have the Lyme Disease medicine but she cannot afford to come to our country to get it. I don’t quite get that personal situation, either. Different medical attention, but still why not share our medicine? Hmm… Sorry again, since I should have checked this out! Take care! Robin

  4. Robin I’m so sorry for being so lax and short on my responses this week. I have had a bit of a busy week with travel and family hospital trip myself. I will try to do better this upcoming week! I hope you have a great weekend!

    • I will never mind if there are gaps in our visits, Colleen! I understand, I am sometimes putting life with my grandkids first. So sorry about your family hospital trip, I did see the E.R. sign on one of your posts, did not realize the meaning behind this. Sometimes, people use signs as metaphors, I will have to check out my far off base response to this one! Hope all are well, hope you also have reason to enjoy this weekend, too! Hugs, Robin

      • No no, I sometimes purposely do not put things clearly ‘out there’ so that what I write can be taken generally, so that others might be able to read something and apply it to their worlds as well. I didn’t get any far off responses. Actually, I rather enjoy seeing how differently people read things. It’s amazing how something very different will ‘click’ in our heads when we all read the same thing.

    • They are certainly generous and giving of their money, possessions and loving embraces. Jonathan, thanks for taking this part of the story and focusing on this positive element! You are a dear friend!

  5. HEY ROBIN….my Mother used to write letters like this! 🙂 On her old manual Olympian typewriter (had to push the keys literally down an inch to get the keys to come up and strike the page!). Happy w/e to you!

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