Originality is a Plus


I have always enjoyed quirky, unique characters. I have had a lot of friends

who could not be ‘pigeon-holed’ into any certain group. One thing or another

led us to each other, some for a season, like a poem says, and others for Life.

I have very eclectic taste in my television and movie watching, as well as my

book reading. It takes only something different to pull me in!


Here are some criteria: eclectic characters, different settings, weird or unusual

plots, mysterious going’s on, along with some humorous qualities. In other words,

‘one of a kind’ television or movies.


I prefer the descriptive words, “Unique” over “Cute,” any day of the week!


When the show (or movie) is over, you may feel like you had a visit with distant

family members, who you will ponder upon for awhile. If the show really captures

your heart, you may miss the people when they are gone. . .


Examples from the past include, “Barney Miller,” “Taxi,” “Seinfeld,” and “I Love

Lucy.” When we remember Robin Williams, we can think of his earlier t.v. show,

“Mork and Mindy.” Ray Walston created an alien in “My Favorite Martian,” but

no one could do improvisational comedy and ‘wing it,’ like Robin Williams.


The “Mary Tyler Moore Show” along with its spin-off, “Rhoda,” included a

lot of diverse persons, along with strong female roles. For a mild, kind and

dry humored, soft-spoken man, I loved, “The Bob Newhart Show.” (Both of

them, in fact!) Bob, in his farmhouse Inn,  had some strange neighbors, 3

handymen (were they Darryl, Larry and Larry? Who remembers this trivia

fact? Let me know!), the dentist and his wacky receptionist in the first show.

Both wives (from the 2 shows) were beautiful and very patient with good ole’

Bob. Many fell in love with them, wondering how he managed to capture each

of them.


I liked movies like the Thin Man series, along with ones starring Charlie Chaplin

and Errol Flynn. Way too many of the ones from the black and white era, up to the

newer color ones, to list my ‘favorites of all time!’


For comedic variety shows, I enjoyed the “Carol Burnett Show” and “Rowan and

Martin’s Laugh-In.” Each one had a purpose: the first was to entertain families

and the second one was to be a ‘sign of the times.’ Many iconic quotations had their

roots in these shows. They managed to attract many famous comedians, for guest

appearances on both of these shows. Totally different styles, but both met my quirky

and strange criteria.


More recent favorite t.v. shows featuring quirky characters were:

“Northern Exposure,” “Still Standing,” and “Gilmore Girls.”


I finished one whole season of Robin Williams, with Sarah Gellar playing his character’s

daughter,  in “The Crazy Ones.” If you wish to see funny, then you want to go with the

‘best’ comic in his time. The episodes with the baby ducklings, promoting roasted coffee

and McDonald’s ‘feel good’ commercial which their father/daughter advertising agency

made were all hilarious. Now that he is gone, many of us will value the talent, energy and

unique ‘crazy’ characters, that Robin William created.


I have some favorites that I have wondered if anyone else out there is watching currently,

on their televisions?

1. I  have been watching and enjoying, on Sunday evenings, “Last Tango in Halifax.”

This PBS story that unites two outrageously different families in marriage, via two

characters who knew and loved each other over 50 years ago, is quite addicting.

The older couple is unsure which home to live in after marrying, one of their

children murdered someone, in self defense, there is a gay woman who longs for

her soul mate, another woman to fall for her, and other plot twists. The scenery

and the dialogue are quite interesting!


2. I have been watching and laughing at Amy Poehler’s writing and her brother,

Greg Poehler’s acting in, “Welcome to Sweden.” This is on regular television on

Thursday evenings. A bonus is Lena Olin, in the cast. Greg plays an accountant

who marries a gorgeous blonde Swedish woman and had to find a job, among

other things, in Sweden.


3. I have my dental hygienist and my youngest daughter watching, “Hart of Dixie.”

If you start on the first show, it explains how someone from the North, from a big

hospital  ends up in little “Bluebell” town. The characters are played by fairly

familiar actors/actresses, Rachel Bilson, Tim Matheson, with two handsome men

playing a lawyer named George and a bar keeper named Wade. The character of

the black mayor is well done, along with an uptight but sometimes sweet and soft

as a marshmallow is named Lemon.


4. “The Goldbergs” is hilariously about the 80’s. It is like another kind of “Wonder

Years.” It has George Segal, who always will be part of my favorite memories of an

ensemble cast in, “Just Shoot Me.” He plays a grandfather living with the family.

I like the intergenerational ‘feel’ to this show.

(In “Just Shoot Me,” also were comedians, Wendy Malick and David Spade.)

“The Goldbergs” is told from the ‘nerdy’ son’s perspective who has a big ‘jock’

brother and a popular big sister. He has different problems, with girls, with his

interests and sometimes within his family. The plot line that is a good example of

funny stuff is when the son wants to make a film, his dad being cast as, “Alien Dad.”

He requests lots of bottles of ketchup and other different stuff to help him make

this. His father has to adjust to this idea, it is a tough one, he is more accustomed to

his older two’s interests. In the end of each show, as this one does, you find out there

are ins to each episode to the climate of the times, like “Say Anything” movie, the

boy uses a big boom box, to help get a girl’s attention. In another episode,  how he

studies the movie,”When Harry Met Sally” to try and understand girls. The message

he gets from it is one that will bring chuckles.


5. On Hallmark Channel, I have fallen for “Signed, Sealed and Delivered,” and now

must wait a season for the continuing story. There are mail clerks, one boss and

the staff need to read letters that come down the shoot/chute from the Lost Mail

Department. Each letter holds a story, not all love ones, either. They have been to

different parts of cities, using partial labels on envelopes and other ways and means

to track down one or both parties on the envelope. It reunited a couple, it brought

death to someone who had hoped the other was alive, it brought parent with child

together, etc. The way I got started is, I had read the scripts were by the author of

“Touched by An Angel.” I also saw that good old Rhoda, from the “Mary Tyler

Moore Show,” Valerie Harper, was guesting in the first couple of shows. The main

boss was from the show, “Ugly Betty.” (My mother liked this one, due to the Spanish

connection and liked the way America Ferrara’s family used their heritage in their

decorating and there were sometimes chances for Mom to practice using her own



6. When they come back there are a few female-driven shows, with interesting topics,

along with great ensemble casts like “New Girl,”  “The Mindy Project,” and “Rizzoli

and Isles.” My Filipino friends like the show with Cloris Leachman playing a silly and

forgetful grandmother in, “Raising Hope” and also the three families in “Modern Family.”

I still enjoy the show with Patricia Heaton in, along with the husband who played the

janitor in, “Scrubs,” in the show about mid-American incomes, homes and families:

“The Middle.”


I called my two friends who are dear to me, that have battles with depression, which

can sometimes lead to addictions last night. I asked them each had they heard about

Robin William’s death?  One said, “I’m good, at least for today. I know you are worried

about me. When Robin Williams decides this world is not where he belongs, it makes

you consider whether you need to stay here anymore. But, I’m good.”

The other one answered with a little sob, she was not so good. She had heard the news,

immediately knew I would be wondering whether she was taking it well, coping with

her life, as it is a struggle for her. She stopped her moment of crying, I could hear the

‘wheels spinning,’ and she finally let me in on her thoughts,

“I think I won’t take my medications tomorrow and clean the bedroom and bathroom,

then do the laundry. I need to ‘feel’ and action will keep me moving forward.”


If you would like to talk about Robin Williams, your favorite movie or anything, you

may do so.


If not, I had the idea of sharing our favorite television shows, current or past. . .


What are you watching on television that may be of interest to all of us? Do you

mind giving us an example of a plot or story line?





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  1. that’s what i enjoy about you, robin, you are so open to everything, and don’t make any assumptions. that is the best way to experience the real world i think. how kind of you to reach out to your friends who may be suffering, they are so lucky to have such a kind and caring friend. i will check out some of your recommendations, they sound wonderful, and i always love discovering shows and stories and movies and music that are new to me )

    • Thanks for saying the ‘I’m open to everything’ comment, Beth!
      I hope when you check some of these out, you may find a little ‘gem’ or something to give you some laughter, even if it is only for that one time. Thanks for your compliments, but like you, I try to reach out, just to help out, which usually helps us feel good inside, too!

  2. Great suggestions, Robin! Like thou, my interests are varied, but I was a huge fan of Robin Williams…. I have seem pretty much everything he has done. As for suggestions? I love comedy. (Big surprise, right? Ha!) King of Queens is a favorite, and is arguably the best comic series ever. If course, Downton and Call the Midwife…

    • I am so glad you mentioned “Call the Midwife!” I enjoy that show, too. the woman who is larger and more awkward, who has the baby is a hoot, the little blonde girl with the sweet hair cut, is one I hope finds ‘true love,’ maybe in a minister. I find myself getting very carried away and passionate, when someone watches what I watch. It is probably since I live alone, so sharing t.v. is a past habit, with my ex… Thanks for the shout out for “King of Queens, ” which Kevin James is excellent as is the wife in that show! The father in law is appropriately annoying! I am not as much into Downton Abbey, sorry!

  3. I like eclectic tastes, Robin. You and Mr. Williams shared more than a first name. His roles were pretty eclectic, too, when you think about it, even though he was as funny as he wanted to be. He could be pretty darn serious when called upon, you know?

    My favorite Robin Williams movie is “The World According to Garp,” because it comes from the novel from a wonderfully eccentric writer, John Irving. The book is always better, as was this case, but Robin’s role in the one made the movie pretty darn close.

    Ah, yes, ‘The Goldbergs.’ A quite fun show. All the kids are terrific, but the narrator, the one with the camera, is really great.

    I liked a lot of comedies that were canceled just a season or two ago, particularly, ‘The New Normal’ and ‘Go On,’ on NBC. And just this past season, I thought ‘Trophy Wife’ deserved another season on ABC after ‘The Goldbergs.’

    Thanks for doing what you do so well with your blog, my friend, on this day after we lost a great part of our generation’s entertainment. God bless you, Mr. Williams, sorry you suffered so.

    • Thank you, Mark, for all the wonderful contributions here. The movies with Robin Williams are so diverse, and yes, eclectic! When I asked around at work, there were many different answers. I had expected “Good Morning, Vietnam,” “Dead Poet’s Society,” and “Mrs. Doubtfire,” but I got, “Bird Cage,” “Patch Adams,” and the movie with dreams in its title, “Where Dreams May Come.”
      Now, you are an original, Mark! I had not remembered, “The World According to Garp!!” yeah! A unique character and movie. I never read the book, sorry to say. Maybe someday. . .

      God will enjoy having Mr. Williams around, very nice thought, Mark. The sign on one of the Comedy Clubs said, “Make God Laugh, Robin! Williams!” Hugs, Robin

    • Eric, if you have seen any movies that you wished to share that had quirky characters, you may come back and comment! No need for a television, I understand this philosophy, but do enjoy watching and finding shows that are a little off the beaten path, too! I enjoy PBS, higher browed programming that you could borrow and watch on a DVD… Smiles for visiting, I have good posts about defining words, like the “Meaning of Regret” and you can check all the categories on the side bar!

  4. Thank you for sharing Robin. We share some of the common ones like Modern family and Raising Hope but I also watch games of Thrones, The mentalist. Elementary, Castle. You can see the patter, more of crime drams than others 🙂 Take care.

    • I enjoy those mysteries that you watch, “The Mentalist,” “Elementary, and “Castle,” too! I enjoy the one on TNT called, “Murder in the First.” Have you ever watched, “Perception?” It is also a good detective one. I don’t get the channel for “Game of Thrones,” but I would like the historical elements and the dramatic plots, too! Thanks for this comment, my dear!
      We like to laugh at some of the same silly shows, too. Smiles, Robin

  5. Robin I hope your friend took her medications!

    And in reflecting on all of the tv shows of the past (with your help!) I am glad to see that I have always gravitated to the funny and compassionate and family based ones. Many of them helped with relaxing and laughing even when I had to be alone. I don’t watch a ton of different tv, but I find myself only watching now what makes me laugh or contemplate.

    • She often will do this, possibly once a month. She says that on her meds, she doesn’t care how her house looks nor how the piles keep piling up. So, she probably didn’t take the meds, got her work done and didn’t get dangerous or suicidal thoughts. I will check in with her, soon…

      Thanks for your concern about my friend. Also, for contemplating and reflecting your past t.v. shows, Colleen.
      I appreciate that you liked the funny, compassionate and family based ones. I sometimes laugh at “The Dick Van Dyke Show” reruns, but wonder, as a child, what did I think of their work place? That show was quite different from the shows which revolved around the children. Interesting, I also still prefer to laugh than to be serious, like I was still a child. I will watch the detective ones, enjoy them but miss the “Hart to Hart” and “Remington Steele” ones which were kind of exciting and not based on factual and scientific solutions! Smiles, Robin

      • I see so much ‘reality’ and depressing and difficult situations in my every day that I don’t have any intention of coming home and soaking my off time in it. I would never be able to raise my head!!!!

      • I forget about your day job, Colleen. I am so glad you reminded me of its serious nature. I hope that you can tell, I love to ‘escape’ and enjoy my shows. I have more funny things in my programming than serious. I am far away from most reality shows, just like “American Idol” and watch the occasional bachelor or bachelorette, so I can keep connected with those at work who also watch them. (Music is a great way to become happier, in my case…)

  6. “Hi, I’m Larry. This is my brother Daryl, and this is my other brother Daryl.” Neither of the brothers ever said a word throughout the run of the show… until the classic last episode. And the ending of that last episode is one of the funniest moments in all of TV. 😀

    Totally know what you mean about missing characters from shows. You end up spending significant amounts of time with them — hundreds and hundreds of hours. It makes me sad that I’ll never see (a new story about) Hawkeye or Dr. House or Capt. Kirk (the new guy totally sucks balls) or Michael Scott or Nathan Ford or (worst of all) Capt. Malcolm Reynolds. 😦

    At least Leroy Jethro Gibbs is still around!

    • D’oh!! That link (given to me by YouTube) is WRONG! It’s a playlist — why YT gave me the play list instead of the video…. Grrrr…. You should remove the url from the comment above, and replace it with this one:

      Sorry for the confusion. (Hoping this won works right.)

    • I will have to enjoy this funniest moment on t.v. when I bring some earbuds, W.S.! I appreciate that you put this here for others to check out. I guess I am lucky with my memory, the names were pretty much how I remembered them! I enjoyed Hawkeye and the other “M*A*S*H” cast members. I think their send-off was very special and got a great and wide audience on that finale!
      I enjoyed the ‘real’ Capt. Kirk and others, along with the quirky and rebellious Dr. House. I do enjoy Leroy J. Gibbs on “NCIS” and am looking forward to seeing how Scott Bakula does on the New Orleans edition of “NCIS,” this Fall.
      I was unlike you, not a fan of the Starship Enterprise series, if those are the characters from that show. Sorry, maybe you will come back and let me know who those final three characters are, please? Smiles, Robin

      • Okay, I just watched this back, silently and I get some of the gist of the women accompanying, Larry, Daryl and Daryl, along with the fun parts of the reunion. I love Tom Poston in a tuxedo! And, the punchline/situation, I did remember this!! (with S. P. coming back and it possibly being all a dream,) I won’t give that one away, hope others will check this 10 minute snippet of a wonderful show, which did make me feel like family. Even with the celebration cake cutting after the credits rolled…
        Thank you so much for adding this to my post, Smitty!

      • Glad you enjoyed the clip. I really do believe it’s one of the funniest moments of TV ever. The whole idea implied makes what was a kind of odd and surreal show make sense. I loved the first show, too, so the moment he turned on the light I recognized the room and just totally lost it. Even after all these years, just thinking about it makes me chuckle! XD

        Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) was the “horrible boss” from The Office (American version). [The reality is that Michael was just a big child with a heart full of love and a surprising lack of ability to understand people. He could be hard to take, but it was impossible to hate the guy. He is redeemed in that he really was an awesome salesman.]

        Nathan Ford (Timothy Hutton) was the leader of the team from Leverage — the show you get if Mission: Impossible marries The A-Team and has a child. It was essentially a caper-con show where the “crimes” were done to avenge people who’d been wronged.

        Capt. Malcolm Reynolds (the fun Nathan Fillion, now playing Richard Castle on Castle) was captain of Serenity in the tragically short-lived “Western in Space” show Firefly.

        Star Trek: Enterprise was okay, but I can see why people who didn’t like the show didn’t like the show. I like Bakula, but I’m nervous about the new show. I rate NCIS:Los Angeles pretty low (too “by the numbers” and too violent), and I’m not a big believer in lightning striking twice. NCIS is a spin-off of JAG (another great show), and they had the sense to do something completely different in the “military law enforcement/justice” genre. Trying to catch that lightning with another NCIS seems prone to fail to my mind.

      • W.S. I am so grateful that you gave me the ‘who’ to the names you listed! Which allows me to agree with you, I liked “The Office,” and its weird group of characters, was glad you explained why Steve Carrell, underneath all his bravado and arrogance, was a nice guy!

        I loved the show, “Leverage,” really! I did not know the characters’ names but I have definitely missed that one, so glad the ending left us knowing everyone was going to be okay. The romantic leads will go off and retire the rest of the crew will continue their madcap adventures, straightening and helping out others’ lives. I forget, will they still have their bar/restaurant as their cover? The last episode was not ‘billed’ as their finale, but it did seem to give you ideas of how their lives would go on in the future.

        I did not watch, “Firefly,” but did like the Sy-Fy’s show, “Warehouse 13!” Did you ever watch this one? I liked the first year the best, since the talisman’s magical traits seemed so interesting. Like the comb that was worn, on the head of a murdress, it transferred to the wearer, the glasses of a famous person/inventor, and so forth. Putting those mysterious items into the warehouse, to keep from the general population was an interesting plot outline, which worked due to the two young (“new” actors) detectives with the male and female older warehouse characters played by familiar people.
        So glad that you liked “Just Shoot Me,” too. Oh, I will have to check out Enrico… Did you ever notice that I have written that Wendie Malick went to college here in Delaware, Ohio at Ohio Wesleyan U.? She is rather silly in the “Hot in Cleveland” show, but I like the different nods to the older t.v. series, like having the guys from “Chips” and “Emergency,” along with “Dukes of Hazzard,” guest star, among other actors who we grew up watching. Smiles, Robin

    • Those Thin Man movies are so clever and witty, Luanne! I should get one and watch it this weekend, instead of waiting for Turner Classic Movies to show one! I am glad you liked the “Just Shoot Me” show. It was pretty well done, with quite a wide variety of directions that it covered. Take care and happy Wednesday to you!

    • Thanks for reminding me, I forgot to mention how much I, too, love the Thin Man movies as well as Just Shoot Me. To this day I still have a bit of a crush for Wendie Malick, and I’ve been enjoying Enrico Colantoni’s career ever since (he was hysterical in Galaxy Quest).

      And speaking of William Powell (the Thin Man), I just watched Mister Roberts the other night. Damn, but they just don’t make’m like that anymore.

      • Did I ever tell you that Wendie Malick went to Ohio Wesleyan University, here in Delaware, Ohio? She is a cool grown up woman, with her being down to earth and married to an environmentalist. Not like her ‘model’ role in “Just Shoot Me” nor her stuck up soap opera role in “Hot in Cleveland.” I like that show since it gives a lot of the old t.v. series actors chances to come back and have fun! “Chips” guys, “Emergency” cast, “Dukes of Hazzards,” all want to date one of the leads, while Betty White delivers her comedic lines well.
        “Mister Roberts” is an outstanding classic, W.S.! Thanks for all the great additions to this post, too!

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