“Be still, my heart”


Stop, breathe and exhale! I am almost ‘breathless’ in anticipation…

for the new Pierce Brosnan movie to come out: “The November Man.”

I can say that he is happily married, so I won’t try to be too silly about

my ‘crush’ on him. I never would dream of trying to take away a happily

married man.  Nor could I! Since his wife Keely Shaye Smith is simply


She has been his wife for over 13 years, the mother of his two younger

daughters. They live on a tropical island in Hawaii. Their life style is

what he considers a calm, simple life. He claims that he and his family

are content to just bask in the sun, swim, boat and lead their ‘out of

the limelight’ life.

I believe him. He and his wife are rarely seen, except during Academy

Award shows and other special events.

They don’t seem like ‘party-goers.’ It makes him even more special

to me! Also, additionally positive about this couple, Keely and Pierce,

is that they are environmentalists, supporting many causes for the

natural world.


Oh, and that expression, Be still, my heart!” comes from a shortening

of a phrase, in some resources. The original one was, “Oh, be still,

my beating heart.” This was from Victorian days, where a person

may be describing or thinking of someone who took their breath

away or made them, “swoon.” It also can be traced back as early as

when Virgil in 1697:

“When from the Goal they start,

The youthful Charioteers with beating heart,

Rush to the race.”

Sting (the musician) wrote a song, “Be Still My Beating Heart,” and

gives Shakespeare credit, but not sure of the source. One source,

gives a passage from “The Tempest.”


I don’t talk about my birthday very often, and don’t mention it on

my blog, as in ‘today is my birthday (it’s not!)’ But this man, Pierce,

who has my Scorpio birth month’s name in the title of his next movie,

is simply, extraordinary.

Since he hit the scene of television, on “Remington Steele,” he has

been in my vision and dreams. No offense, ex-boyfriends and


I would like to share some facts that I have acquired from a few

sources. No, I have not been stalking him!

Pierce is over 60, he looks like 45 or 46, tops. His birthday is May 16,

1953. He is a wee bit older, by only 2 years, than I am. He is a Taurus,

which is compatible with my sign. How do I know? Well, there was a

period of time, where he was a widower with three boys. I was a

single mother with two girls and a boy, at around the same time.

Back to some of his childhood experiences. Pierce admits to being

teased as a child. He was raised by a single mother who took him

from his birthplace. He was born and lived a short time, along the

River Boyne, in Ireland. His father left his mother and him when

Pierce was only 2 years old. It was tough on his mother, since the

Catholic Church ‘shamed her’ due to her divorce. She chose to move

to where her parents lived, in England.

Once there, Pierce was called all the mean words for Irish immigrants,

“Mick, “Paddy” and later, “Irish.” If you can find a photograph of him

while a young child, you will see a sweet boy who was a little more

husky than his present lean self, displays now. His mother was taking

nursing classes, quite busy and unable to afford child care. So, she

chose to leave him full time with his grandparents.

Pierce’s first love was for drawing and painting. He loves art still and

continues to practice painting in the back yard of his island home. He

wanted to be a graphic artist, his dream and ‘escape’ from some of the

name-calling and torments of his childhood.

Once Pierce entered high school, he was drawn to the drama department,

where the theatre students embraced him. It was such a wonderful, new

experience. A ‘change’ from being an ‘outsider,’ helping him to become

more confident. He left ‘comprehensive school at age 16, ‘ still seeking

education in the field of commercial illustrations.’ Once he determined

there were other options, he did change his interests back to what he had

followed in high school. Pierce studied acting at the London Drama Centre

for three years after his stint with drawing.

Interestingly enough, in an interview on CBS Sunday Morning, (8/10/14),

mentioned his first movie he ever saw was James Bond’s “Goldfinger.”

It was a thrill for him to see the character of ‘007’ played by Sean Connery.

It also was a fortuitous, possibly foreshadowing, event of his life.

Pierce had his ‘first call’ after drama school for the movie, “The Long Blue


Try-outs for the casting of this movie, meant they suggested for the male

leading role to bring a bathing suit. He jokingly says in his interview, that

he showed up in a Speedo and got the part. He played a killer/assassin and

this role made an impact on the studios.

Another interesting fact is that his first wife, Cassandra Harris, was in a

Bond movie, with Roger Moore cast as ‘007.’ They had three sons together,

along with her daughter. They shared acting as one of their interests, as well

as their desire to keep their personal lives out of the tabloids. Unfortunately,

Cassandra developed cancer, dying at the age of 43.  Another sad event in his

life years later, his close step-daughter, who he had raised with Cassandra,

died also of  cancer, at age 42. It was hard on Pierce, reliving the tragedy of

the loss of his wife and then, later someone he considered to be, his oldest


It took many years for Pierce to get through the stages of grief. I think this

is why he seem devoted and grateful for his present wife, Keely and their

serene family life.

As part of a spy agency, with the assisting role that Stephanie Zimbalist

played, Pierce Brosnan came into our homes, as”Remington Steele.” The

television series lasted from April, 1982 until October, 1987. This was a

form of escapism, since my first child was born in 1980 and my last one

was in 1985. Television, once the children were asleep, kept me engrossed

in the interesting plot twists and guest stars.

Pierce became a popular name and more familiar to all audiences. This

role of being the suave and debonair spy, led directly to his being cast

as ‘007’ in his first role as James Bond. Along the way, he was cast as

a thief, in the remake of “The Thomas Crowne Affair.” The original

characters were played by Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway.

One of the many humble comments that Pierce Brosnan mentions in

CBS Sunday television interview was that he is ‘grateful’ and is filled

with ‘gratitude’ for his wife and family, his mother, grandparents and

being cast as the famous character that Ian Fleming created. He was

in four popular James Bond movies.

He also mentioned that his life has been ‘easier, more relaxed’ since

he met Keelley. He has acting in his ‘blood,’ always thinking about

the next movie, whether he may produce or direct it, too. A man of

many talents, who has still the quiet presence of a kind man.

The most ‘fun’ movie I ever saw Pierce Brosnan in was “Mama Mia!”

I enjoyed the singing, the way the plot twists went, with Meryl Streep

playing a woman who could potentially have three prospects for

her daughter’s father. The daughter invites, without informing her

mother, all three of the men to her wedding!

Which man of three is her father? I’ll never tell!

It has ABBA music throughout, lots of atmosphere on a beautiful

Greek island, with the sweet voice of Amanda Seyfried. There is also

the British actor, Colin Firth, as one of the potential fathers. The

third possible choice is played by Stellan Skarsgard. Seeing Pierce

Brosnan belt out, “S.O.S” with Meryl Streep filled me with an

inexplicable joy.

Pierce mentioned in the CBS interview, that his two younger

daughters got ‘sick’ of him singing it everywhere he went, trying

to practice while listening to his Ipod with ear buds in. If you

just want to enjoy a carefree, musical movie, this will be one of

your favorites, trust me on this!

Another lighter movie that Pierce made was, “Mrs. Doubtfire,”

with Sally Fields and Robin Williams; now 22 years ago. He

has posted recently and spoken about who he considered the

great and close friend’s death. I enjoyed seeing Pierce Brosnan

“lose” in the movie, to Robin Williams, in the battle for Love.

If you ever want to see a unique plot and interesting character,

check out Pierce Brosnan in the film, “The Tailor of Panama.” He

is a tailor who is asked to be a British spy, based on the novel by

John Le Carre. The other actors in this movie, Jamie Lee Curtis

and Geoffrey Rush are fascinating in their roles. I have watched

this film more than once, high praise indeed!

Coming Soon! . . .

“The November Man.”

Is it your kind of movie?

Will you watch it at the movie theater, rent it or skip it?


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    • Glad to know you are also a Pierce fan! This man can really get under my skin! I know there are many talented actors, but I am drawn to him, like a magnet! Smiles for the comment about Sting, too!

      • Oh he would!!! Taurus ground Scorpio people don’t you think? But Scorpios are deeper right? And oh the zingers Scorpios can throw! But back to Pierce. I will have to take a better look at this guy on the screen!

      • I am so glad you had the playful conversation with me, I am not quite as bad at zingers, but tend to be told I put my foot in my mouth often! I am trying, even at my age, to ‘think before I speak,’ Hollis! I love how you have had some great adventures and your t-shirts are so cool! Yes, check out some Pierce… I think you will smile!

    • I liked Sean until Pierce came along! (It rhymes in a sort of way, huh?!) I know what you mean about the serious nature of Sean, he is intense. I am more drawn to Pierce.
      I also appreciate that you are saying I am a challenge, as a Scorpio, Hollis!

  1. Yeah, Brosnan’s one of those guy actors (like Tom Selleck) that women want to bed and men want to be. Somehow all that salivating you gals do over them doesn’t seem to bother us with those guys.

    He was a very good Bond, James Bond, but Connery and Craig are still probably the winners in that category. I did enjoy the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair, but it was Faye Dunaway that was the love interest in that one (the Rene Russo part). You’re probably thinking of (the original) The Getaway that starred McQueen and MacGraw (remade with Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger).

    My favorite Brosnan movie is a fun little gem, After the Sunset with Salma Hayek, Woody Harrelson and Don Cheadle. It’s a comedy caper movie. He and Hayek are (supposedly!!) retired jewel thieves. Supposedly. Lots of fun; I highly recommend it.

    Another fun one of his is Laws of Attraction, with Julianne Moore. They both play lawyers who start out on opposite sides, and — naturally — she hates him…. at first. (And I enjoyed Mamma Mia!, mostly because I’ve always liked the harmonies of ABBA.)

    For a great (if dark) movie, try The Matador (with Greg Kinnear and Hope Davis) where he plays a very troubled assassin who gets harmless Kinnear involved in his business. Kind of a weird movie, but their acting really shines.

    The Tailor of Panama was very good, and I’m looking forward to The November Man (probably wait for it to come around on cable).

    • Okay, I did see all of these, W.S.! Believe it or not! I just re-watched, “Laws of Attraction” on television last weekend! I enjoyed Julianne Moore’s distracted character role, such fun and amiable comedy.
      I also saw, “After the Sunset” with my brother who absolutely loves Salma Hayek, enjoys Woody Harrelson, even as a ‘bad’ guy in some of his more recent roles. (“Hunger Games,” and the killing assassin roles, which I am trying to remember that one I saw where he was in with John Travolta playing a strange backwards killer, along with some younger actors/actresses…hmmm. my movie ticket is in a slot with all the other times I go to the Strand, on side of my fridge.) Tell you tomorrow!
      I liked “The Matador,” showing how he can become a different person, it is an example of how far off from one role he can go, different ranges of his acting ability.
      Thanks, Smitty, for all of these friendly comments! I am never ‘jealous’ if a man likes a silver screen beautiful woman or a television icon, either!

    • My dad used to call me “Robbie-girl” when you wrote “Robi” it made me think of him. I would have enjoyed being in theater or the movies. One of my bridesmaids was in New York City in acting, went to Juilliard. She met her husband, who became a national orchestra conductor and never acted in movies. I was friends with Mike Heaton, Patricia Heaton’s older brother, in my class of 1974. I had my ‘brushes’ with fame but never made it to the supreme honor of being a Bond girl. I never had quite the figure or talent but enjoyed being a Thespian and student director in high school! Thanks for reblogging my fun post, with a good subject matter, Pierce Brosnan!! smiles,Robin

  2. I definitely will see that movie. I agree, Pierce seems like a decent sort; he’s had sorrow in his life, and he’s learned how to deal with it, move on, and celebrate life. That’s impressive.

    • Thanks for liking him, reading the whole essay about Pierce, too! I think he shows resilience and depth in some of his roles! He makes the ‘big bucks’ in his spy roles, but can be quite charming and amusing in his comedies!

  3. Another Pierce fan here! I followed that story of him being considered for the Bond role while he played the role in Remington Steele. I was so sure then that he would be the next Bond. Well, he was the best Bond.

    • I know that I didn’t really have the ambitions to make things like this, possible. I admire someone who has endured some emotional upheavals, taking this choice to lead a less hectic life, tranquility sounds like bliss to me, too, Colleen! hugs and smiles, Robn

    • Okay, I have to leave soon to take my grandchildren to the pool, I am at the library and have been here for 3 hours and have only a few minutes left. I want to know who is your crush? Since you said it was ok for me to have one, it is ok for you to have one, Eva! Smiles and winks back!

      • :-D, honest? My crushes are gone…I used to have one on Sam Waterston when I was very young .Later on I fancied Chow Yun Fat and Jimmy Smits and also Dennis Haysbert. The latest one I dreamed about was Hugh Jackman…But lately there is no one that really catches my eyes…maybe it has to do with the fact that I have a hell of a good looking man at home? Perhaps, perhaps perhaps 😉

      • I am so glad you don’t need to have any substitutes, Eva! I like many of the men you mentioned. My sweetest memory of Chow Yun Fat, is in “The King and I” remake of the musical. I loved his being tender, as the character, Anna, becomes his friend. I also liked Jimmy Smits, much more in his younger days in “L A Law.” Well, thanks for the honesty and also, listing past crushes, Eva.

  4. I just had to read this; since, it had my name in the title. 😉 I’m so glad I did. I have always loved Pierce Brosnan, as I used to watch him on “Remington Steele” and believed that one day I might meet a “tall, dark and handsome man with a British accent.” lol. Considering I was only in middle school and early high school at the time, I was just heartbroken when the series came to an end! (and mortified when I found out his age and that I had had a crush on a man old enough to be my father! lol…never really admitted that crush until now. ha!) I have since met my sweetheart, and he is very different than that long ago crush, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, for I am deeply in love with my man of almost 20 years now. 😉 Anyway, I loved this post, and I have yet to see The November Man and I wonder how it is, but I thank you for helping me walk fondly down Memory Lane and reminisce and smile. 🙂 I look forward to reading more.

    • Thank you ever do much for checking out one of my longer posts with essay and no pictures. At the end of this summer in out month of August I will have blogged 2 years with just words and one year with photos taken from cell phone. I am conserving Data tonight, going to bed and work tomorrow. I look forward to checking out your blog. Thank you for letting me know about your crush! 🙂 Smiles, Robin (I graduated H.S. in 1974)

      • I think pics are great, but sometimes, words can paint the prettiest pictures. It’s all in how you place that mixture of those 26 letters. 😉I look forward to reading more. … Ps. I won’t tell you when I was born, then. Lol. 😂

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