Rhythm and Blues News


A first album is always exciting to hear about, so full of promise and new

melodies to listen to, contemplate and enjoy. The “Saturday Session”s on

CBS morning show always feature someone musical they have ‘discovered’

and introduce to their viewers. I thoroughly enjoyed Nottingham, England’s

own rhythm and blues man, Liam Bailey.


Bailey’s song, “Summer Rain” from this new album called, “Definitely Now,”

is pleasantly soothing and has a great beat flowing through it. The words in

his lyrics, “I’m more than you think I am” and “Shadows on my summer

morn,’  are sheer poetry.


Liam’s voice has been given a fantastic gift of being equated to Otis Redding.

Wow! I was blown away by this man’s talent and tones.


Amy Winehouse found him to be worth putting some interest in, the show

mentioned. He appears older than some of the ‘new artists,’ so not sure what

has been his history or even his personal journey. I am intrigued and hope to

learn more of what makes this new artist ‘tick.’  This will all come out in

the pop culture world and we will be listening to Liam Bailey on the radio

very soon.


For pondering, listen to the pensive tone and rich textures of the layered

sound of Liam Bailey. His songs are all filled with heartfelt emotions


Have a wonderful Sunday and catch up with you soon!


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  1. It is good to know someone, you in this instance, has their ear to the ground so to speak about music news. I love rhythm and blues, although I seem to be stuck in the 60’s and 70’s – my latest retro favorite being ‘Everybody Plays the Fool’, originally recorded by The Main Ingredient, and also a hit sung by Aaron Neville. I will have to check out Liam Bailey. Thanks for the tip. – Mike

      • Oh, so great a Footnote, Mike! This is wonderful of you to let us all know this! I like that lively song, “Dancing in the Streets!”

    • I like the older songs, because I know the words and emotions attached to them. They are nostalgic and wonderful, so Mike don’t worry about always checking out the new ones! I like to mention these, due to the fact we all like to hear new stuff, too. I have been singing “the Long and Winding Road” and “Let It Be” for awhile since Robin W. killed himself. The next day afterwards, a distant and old friend, an acquaintance now, killed himself. He was a prominent architect, one who I had his home on a past Delaware historical home tour, drawn their home in pen and ink, knew his wife, (a teacher) and his two daughters, who grew up around my two in the church we went to for years. Those songs, “Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom…Let it be…” have been giving me comfort while enjoying my grandkids and family, I still sometimes need to be cheered up. Thanks for the caring comments, love the references and history to your latest song you have been singing in your head, Mike!

  2. thanks so much for the suggestion, robin. i love when someone personally recommends a musician or a band, i enjoy discovering great music that is new to me )

    • You’re welcome! I like exploring different musicians and like you, enjoy live entertainment. I pay attention to friends’ opinions and recommendations, too. Liam Bailey is a good one to check out, Beth!

  3. I’ll have to check out Liam Bailey’s “Summer Rain.” Thanks for the recommendation, Robin. BTW, I also love Martha and the Vandellas’ “Dancing in the Streets.” (Thanks to Mike Lince for noting that their song was released this day in 1964. Wow! Was it really just 50 years ago?

    • It is hard to believe it has been 50 years and it is still going strong. It is a fun and lively song to listen to, Judy! Hope that Liam Bailey’s voice and song appeal to you, too.

    • I don’t think that Bill Cosby will ever be at the bottom of the memory pile. We will always think about his comedy and his voice wasn’t that bad at singing, either. Jonathan, there are many more ‘losers’ than B.C.! I like the silly movie category, “Rotten Tomatoes,” because they always include at least one that I really liked! Fun topic, thanks for adding your 2 cents!

    • Thanks, Lulu! I hope you like his singing! I enjoyed listening to several of his songs. I like to find people I haven’t heard, but always like to know the current up and coming singers, due to family members who are younger. I learned in the past year about Pharrell Williams and Idina Menzel from their songs in children’s movies. Pharrell sings that “Happy” song from “Despicable Me 2” and Idina sings, “Let it Go” in “Frozen.” I can’t let my grandkids get too far ahead of me. Ha ha!

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