September Days


“As we turn the pages of time,

We discover hidden mysteries

And triumphs in each new chapter.”

Flavia, (2003)


It is so hard to believe we have turned another page in our 2014 calendar

to  nearly 3/4 of the year having passed on by. The ninth month is upon us,

for some of us in this revolving world who measure months as the U.S and

other countries do in 12 month increments.

I am always amazed at how much time really does fly.  Who could truly

understand and envision this concept , while young? I think so many authors

have featured this in their themes. It is true that we never realize until we get

older, we cannot stop the way it seems to speed ahead. No matter how many

times we are reminded to concentrate and told to live in the moment.


When I watched the beginning of a recent episode of “The Talk,” I was rather

surprised when they mentioned an example of how we all make mistakes.

One huge decision that Cher fought with Sonny over was the song, “I’ve Got

You Babe.” She did not like it!

Later, Cher fought with her advisor/manager over the song, If I Could Turn

Back Time.” Can you imagine what impact losing both of these songs would

not only mean on Cher’s career, but on our lives? I cannot ever think about

time marching forward relentlessly without pondering the song and its

powerful message of turning back time. That is how connected both of those

things are, songs and memories.

Turning back time, wishing to go back may remind you of the movie,

“Back to the Future” also. That iconic movie, with Christopher Lloyd and

Michael J. Fox are sure part of my personal ‘time machine.’


Moving ahead, reluctantly, into September now. . .



Birthstone: Sapphire           Flower: Aster


This is Yoga Awareness Month!


September 1-

Labor Day

Suggested by the veterans, fly your flag today for workers everywhere.



First quarter moon.

a sliver or crescent moon


6- Family camping for Boy Scouts

Picture my oldest daughter, my two grandsons, their ‘tribe’ out towards

Newark, my helping by transporting tent, camping gear and spending

the day with them. Possibly persuaded to sleep over, but unsure since

tomorrow is…


7- National Grandparents Day

All Horse Parade, Delaware, Ohio


9- September’s Full Moon

Known as either,

Full Corn Moon or

Full Harvest Moon.


“Admission Day” in California.



This is 13 years since 9/11/01.

Patriot Day.

We honor those who died and give tribute to those living who have

suffered due to loss, having lung and other health issues and those

who worked, tirelessly, sifting through the rubble to find bodies.

I will never forget the images, nor will those who were watching.

Later that same month, Herman’s Hermits came to the Delaware

County Fair. I loved and got tears when they took their traditional

British Flag off the stage and replaced it with the American flag.

Herman made a short and poignant speech, that we were all in this

together and their hearts were aching with ours. They also said to

sing and celebrate together, as those who go to ‘wakes’ do, and we all

embraced the nostalgic music carried over the waves into our hearts.

By the way, it brought me smiles to see women who had brought roses

to give to Herman’s Hermits. Nice memory and kind words spoken,

during a critical and serious time.


Delaware County Fair, 2014 runs from September 13- 20. Our part of

the Triple Crown of Harness Racing, the Little Brown Jugette will be

held on September 17 th and the Little Brown Jug will be held on Sept.



16- Independence Day, Mexico.

Ole! Mexico!

17- I like to feature different areas of fifty year’s celebrations. On this day,

9/17/64, the first “Bewitched” television show was shown on television.

The character, male lead, “Darren” was played by Dick York, but later,

Dick Sargent was the actor who took over the role. The female character,

a mother, wife and witch is played by Elizabeth Montgomery as “Samantha.”

The part that I enjoyed was how playful and interactive the cast was, which

included fathers, mothers and mother in law, “Endora.” The child, “Tabitha,”

when born was one of my favorite memories of this show that ran from 1964

until 1972.


19- POW/MIA  Recognition Day.

Remembering all those who were lost, held captive, some tortured or giving

their lives for their country. This is a day we may pray for their families and

ancestors. All who were ultimately changed in their course of time.


20- International Day of Peace.

The United Nations declared this and I hope that fighting will stop, at least

on this day for calm and Peace around the World.



First Day of Autumn or Fall.

I love to get my bittersweet and pumpkin decorations out, draping some

fall colors over places, along with changing over my wardrobe from summer

to fall.


24- New Moon.

At sundown, Rosh Hashanah begins through September 26th.

This is considered the Jewish New Year. It celebrates Adam and

Eve, in the Bible story.


26- The 28th Annual Ryder Cup Championships.

Golfing enthusiast will be watching this at the PGA Centenary Course. The

professional golfers will be staying in the Gleneagle Hotel, Perthshire, Scotland.

One of the mornings, I am sure, will have the gorgeous mist and fog rising off

the damp grass on the Greens, which will evoke the image of the foggy moors.



On this Sunday, we celebrate our being a good neighbor. Help out someone who

may need an extra set of hands, or just be neighborly, offer them some homemade

baked goods or fresh fruit!


My September Monthly Book Suggestion:

(In the past, I featured children’s books, which you may find in my 2013 posts.)


“Fierce Patriot: The Tangled Lives of William Tecumseh Sherman”

by Robert O’Connell, Random House, 432 pages.

This September makes the 150th anniversary of General William Tecumseh

Sherman’s critical capture of Atlanta during the Civil War. The biography of

this much “celebrated” legendary general is well written. The memorable

march to the sea and later the takeover of Savannah were key strategies. His

personal life, with its complications and character struggles are very intriguing.

It is always fascinating to read about historic events and get a personal slant,

from the writer’s perspective of those times. The role of general and soldier who

later became a statesman is another facet to read about in this book.


Here are some quotations to close this month of September off:

“Home is the place that’ll catch you when you fall.

And we all fall.”  (Billie Letts.)


“To build a sense of trust takes risks.

You’ll never know whether the rope will hold,

Unless you take hold of it. . .

And swing out over the water.”

(Thomas Kinkade)






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  1. September or any month for that matter is special. I am also in my fifties and not only do I celebrate, I also remember those I’ve lost. The older you get the more you lose.

    • I am glad you not only celebrate those living and all the great things in this world that still can make us smile, but you cherish those who you loved and have passed on. I am sure that I will feel your last statement about loss, when I have more of my family gone. I am blessed with having only lost grandparents and my Dad. I miss them very much, but have many grandchildren, my own three kids, my sister in law’s kids (nieces and nephews), Mom, and Aunt and Uncle. You can see that time will change this, probably in a ‘blink of an eye.’ Thanks, Lulu for this poignant thought.

  2. Robin, I noticed a little error on the calendar that you might want to correct. Every year Yom Kippur falls on a different day, but it always ends the days of Rosh Hashanah. This year Yom Kippur is in October.
    September is such a transitional month that it always makes me a little queasy, although as a kid I loved going back to school (just like I loved the end of school and beginning of summer!!).

    • Oh, thank you, Luanne! I did not check my calendar or somehow transcribed it incorrectly! This is so nice of you to mention. My brother and I were looking at a Veteran’s calendar… He works at a Hebrew Academy and so was also going with this incorrect data! I will have to let him know and he will check on his dates…
      I will have to put Yom Kippur on next month’s calendar for October 3rd and 4th. Just texted him…
      The transition for me is usually happy, since I am glad that summer is coming to a close, children are excited to be back at school and the cooler weather is nice to be around, so each person greets the month differently, I suppose!

  3. thanks, robin. i cannot believe it has been 13 years since the sad day of 9/11. i am so happy to see all of the good memories that come from this month.

    • There are some happy ways to celebrate this month like “Good Neighbor Day!” I love that one! Also, “Bewitched’s” 50th anniversary. Wish I could use my nose to ‘twinkle’ up some magic, don’t you? Smiles, Robin

    • I posted it just a little early to get a ‘jump’ on it, along with knowing that our days would be so busy over the weekend. Along with the holiday… Hope you had a fun time, maybe a picnic? Smiles for the sentiment about 2014, too! I agree!

  4. September is important to me because grandson #1 turns eight this month. It means back-to-school for the children, which means summer is officially over. It also means football season is here, which is the most fun sport to follow.

    I start taking an interest in baseball as the season comes to a close and the playoffs begin. Since the World Series has been around 64 years longer than the Super Bowl (1903 and 1967, respectively), I think of baseball as the most traditional of American sports. Autumn in The Evergreen State is not as spectacular as the seasonal color changes more common in the Mideast and Northest, so sports take the front seat in terms of local interest. – Mike

    • Oh, I agree that baseball is a more traditional American sport, but there are so many people who love football! I have 4 short sleeve OSU football shirts and one long sleeved. I don’t own any Browns’ gear but I prefer the Browns’ over the Bengals.’ I know where your alliances go, Seahawks, right? I did not know you didn’t have as much color changes in the Evergreen State. I thought you would still have a lot of color, in between all that green! Ha ha! Thanks for the reminder of how many years’ difference there is between the World Series first event and the Super Bowl’s first game!

  5. What a great plans you have, enjoy everyday. I am very happy that it is September because it is the first day of Spring here and I am loving the warm weather. The days should get better for us now on 🙂 Take care.

    • I am glad you are having your Spring and hope you do have lots or warm weather for months on end!! I am so glad you mentioned this, it is always good to remind me of your seasons. I will enjoy checking out your outdoors activities. I enjoyed how you featured a lot of winter sports… You have some of the cutest winter coats and gear, my dear!

    • I wish I could stop the ‘train’ of 2014, Mark! I love (so silly of me to admit this!) even numbered years, not sure why! Anyway, I was hoping this one, my 40th high school reunion year would go much slower, but No! Yours will be coming in only a short time… ha ha!

      • Mark, you should do it! I am thinking, “No time like the present to re-connect with the old high school classmates…(next year for you, like my 57 year old bro’)!

  6. Robin … I’m glad that Cher did not win those two artistic disputes. I loved both songs, especially “I’ve Got You Babe.”

    Sept. 11th is one day that really brings me down. The loss of life, the destruction. Devastating. But we should never forget that day and the heroes who sacrificed their lives to rescue others.

    I love Thomas Kinkade’s quote about trust. Thank you for sharing. Time does move too quickly for me. Funny. As a kid, it seems it took forever for some holidays and birthdays to arrive, but summer always flew by. 😉

    • I am also glad she lost those artistic choices, Cher made quite a fun and playful song out of that “I’ve Got You Babe,” song!
      The positive ‘trust’ quote brightened my September post, hard to compare to the pall over the 9/11 fateful day(s).
      I lost my Dad in January of 2001. I am not sure if you ever heard this part of my story, but he told me while I was in high school, with the movie, “2001 Space Odyssey” coming out: “I hope I live until 2001.” He worked for NASA, as an engineer and created patents on rocket parts. He was excited to see what the future would be in 2001. At the time, I grabbed him and told him, “But, Dad, you would only be 69!” It is strange but he lived only one month into the year, 4 months after cancer was found, spreading, in his internal organs.
      I was glad my Dad never saw the devastation. This tragically changed me, everyone, from the destruction of the Towers. All the lives lost…
      You are right to feel this, Judy. I have a 9/11 tribute/memorial t-shirt, that I put on my shower rod, all ready to remember to wear to the warehouse that day. I really want to be ‘in the moment’ and have a few moments of silence in the morning, too. Thanks, Judy for your touching words.

      • Talk about coincidences, Robin. I lost my Mom in January of 2001. I also was glad that she didn’t witness the 9/11 devastation. She would have been outraged.

        My Dad worked on the rocket program while he was with General Electric in Huntsville. Then he moved to Vegas and worked for a comparable program there. Dad died in 2011. A co-worker and friend went to do interviews at the 9/11 site shortly after it happened. She brought me back a little souvenir that I still have in our office. I’ll try to have a moment of silence as well on that morning. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful comments.

      • Thank you, Judy! I did not go back until today, to check up on my past posts. I would have definitely appreciated your words. I am thinking this is a way to help us connect our paths, this common bond. I am also thankful that your Mom did not know or witness the 9/11 tragedy. But, on the other hand, so sorry for your loss, Judy.
        As far as your father, that is fascinating. My Dad started at Oak Ridge, Tennessee nuclear reactor, then went with a team to Plum Brook Nuclear Reactor in Sandusky, Ohio. Huntsville must have been somehow connected, wonder if they were ever in any close proximity, Judy? What a small world! I am so glad you shared this with me. His best friend chose to go to Washington, D.C. and work with the team that created the super-sonic jet…much more money in that! (But my Dad, and all of us, had pride in what he did accomplish. I am sure you and your family are proud of your Dad, too.) Hugs, Robin

    • Thank you, Mark! I knew a Mark Anderson who went to my high school and was in a play I directed, I have meant to tell this to you! The play was called, “Take Her, She’s Mine.” He was a teenager who liked the leading girl. There were teens who ‘played’ or acted as parents. The original play had Sandra Dee in it! Smiles, Robin

      • Now that sounds like a fun production to be a part of! My big role in high school (many moons ago!) was as the Stage Manager in “Our Town.” Those were fun times. 🙂

      • Theatre group was really wild, more so than my Science Club ‘geek’ friends and my marching band parties! “Those Were the Days, My Friend…wish they never ended!!”

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