Children’s Need to Fly


Here is a fantastic quotation by Helen Hayes,

The American actress who my parents admired

from the movie, “A Farewell to Arms.”

She lived from 1900 until 1993:

“From your parents you learn love and laughter and how to put

one foot in front of the other.

But when books are opened, you discover you have wings.”


I shop at our local “Global Village Shop,” found at 27 N. Sandusky St.

in Delaware, Ohio. I know many of the retired individuals, some

from churches, who volunteer to work or ‘man’ the cash register.

I bought some stationery, where the monies from this colorful

note paper will go to somewhere in Africa.  I am proud to

say; We have the only Fair Trade certified

collection in Ohio.


On the back of the paper, it has another great idea about the World

of Children. It includes all the letters of the English alphabet:

I hope you find this a lovely collection of words to inspire and help

our children:



In their Abilities,



























Believe in all the promise and possibilities children hold.

It’s as simple as ABC.”

(Author Unknown)



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    • I am so glad you mentioned this, Luanne! It is more than ‘trivia’ since it is part of your husband’s family and yours, too! I am in awe of her artistic talent to have been commissioned to do Helen Hayes’ portrait. I am also happy to hear of this gracious move on Helen’s part, to give her one of them to keep!

    • You are one who would embody all of these, giving each of these to little ones you teach and in your family, too. When I typed in the word, “innocence,” Beth, somehow my eyes became teary eyed, instantly. Wishing that children could always hold onto this trait, and sad, many lose it way too soon!

    • Oh, Jill! Thanks so much for the reminder of that beautiful song’s message, hoping our future will include children who have some of these (or ideally, all of these gifts) bestowed upon them.

    • There are a few words, as I typed them that resonated, Colleen. When I typed the word, “innocence,” I got teary-eyed. I wish that children would be able to be ‘innocent’ but I fear there are many lands across the world, where the daily torture, fighting and other ‘adult’ parts intrude on their play and ruin their ‘happy’ childhoods.

    • We need to believe in their abilities and their gifts. They are so wonderful, Becky. I appreciate your kind words and will need to read your posts and catch up. I had a very long day, no air conditioning so will just remark today, and then read tomorrow!

    • Thank you so much, Kim! I feel blessed that you chose this to re-blog! This means a lot to me, the words and impact on our lives. The world just needs to look into the children’s eyes and faces, before they act so cruel….I appreciate your words about how perfect and lovely the children of the world are, Kim. Hugs, Robin

    • Hope and knowledge, thanks for seeing these words. I love the idea of how each time I read this, or read a comment I get more out of this simple but definitely meaningful set of words. Mark, thanks for the idea of spreading the words you chose, too!

    • I am so honored that you have visited me, I feel like I have fallen behind in keeping the ties with my old and dear friends. Thank you so much for saying this “Cheers!” to me, my friend. I will be catching up over the weekend with reading, just a busy summer at the hot warehouse and I like to write to unwind but am then too tired to read with understanding everyone’s blogs… I missed you! Thanks again, Robin

      • You’re welcome, my friend.

        Thank you so much for this very warmhearted reply and hope everything is fine with you and your loved ones.

        Take care, be well and happy always! Cheers~ 😀

  1. I have to admit that there were times when I haven’t believed in them, for one reason or another, there are many moments that I wished I could start all over again..but I can’t do that either. Great words Robin – thank you for sharing.

    • It is not meant to make you feel guilty, Jen! Please don’t worry about the past, there are things that we each have had problems with or troubles communicating or being the ‘best’ we can be! I was a rather confused young mother, then a rather harried single mom, with three kids and choosing to stay home and babysit, instead of teaching for almost 9 years! I am sure there will be times I will cringe if my children ‘relive’ some of my ‘bad’ moments! Hugs for you, my dear one who is special, who has tried very hard and is much better than she thinks she is!

      • You always manage to make me smile or feel better about myself – so I thank you. I am hard on myself at the best of times, but whatever guilt I do have, I know that ‘at the time’ it had to be done, or said. Smiles and hugs and thank you ❤ xx

      • I like making you smile, also snorting like in the wild west post. You have a lovely smile and I am sure your laugh is tinkling like bells, sometimes guffaws loudly at times, too! We could share a glass of wine and shoot the breeze for hours, Jen! xoxo back to you, my dearie!

    • So glad that you commented on this, I found you waiting in my ‘moderation’ section and am so grateful of your liking my collection of ABC words and the quote by H.H. I am sure it would all come back to you, once you started watching it again. I like old and new movies, too. I have to get over and check out your posts! smiles, Robin

  2. Wonderful poem! and Helen Hayes was always one of my favorite actresses…she seemed like such a gentle woman…the quote is so special. I thought I would like to know more about your Global Village Shop–how it came to be and how it functions and the connection with Africa. I taught in rural Kenya thirty years ago for almost three years when I was in the convent. Now my daughter is teaching in Togo with the Peace Corps. The African people are always close to my heart.

    • You are so right, I get the feeling that Helen Hayes was a special and kind woman. Maybe it is her ‘aura’ and her face may depict this. I am glad you enjoyed my unknown author’s poem and found it wonderful!

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