Wild West Wednesday


Thanks to “Pookie,” my Mom’s best friend in California, we have a prairie

joke to laugh at!  She wrangled up a ‘good one,’ for us to chuckle about and

get in the right frame of mind for our mid-week relaxing time. Oh, go ahead

and grab something cold to drink, too!  There was a swear word included in

this story,  which my Mom thought was ‘A.O.K.’ but I used a little imagination

and substituted it with an actual possible western term. The manila envelope

she received in the mail, Mom had culled and decided upon which ones were

‘blog worthy.’ So glad I have this outlet for her to feel she is my ‘editor’ and my

fellow blogger while I publish this story and future other ones.

The funny story included two illustrations, one depicting the two main characters

in the humorous story and the other of a photograph of a black sky, with stars and

the moon in it.


Let’s take a little ‘break’ from my essays. Pull up a chair, put on some music

and enjoy. . .

To get into the western theme, you could put on Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive”

song,  which I enjoy very much. Or find that classic song, “Wild, Wild West”

by the British group, The Escape Club. Promise, you will recognize it! I happen

to love that version of the 1988 song, including the line, “wild, wild hair,” in

the lyrics, referring to the female love interest’s hair.  If you are into rapping

considered ‘hip hop’ version) and I do like Will Smith, there is a different song

without the comma in the title, “Wild Wild West” to hear. This went with the

“Wild Wild West” movie that came out in 1999. Kevin Kline and Will Smith

were the two main actors, in this attempt to capture the television series.

Oh, how I used to enjoy the crazy antics and adventure in the original show!

It was televised from 1965 until 1969.


Do you have a favorite western movie or television show?

What music do you prefer to listen to while unwinding after a hard day’s work?


I enjoy writing but sometimes am happy to just ‘coast along,’

for a day. I will ‘parcel’ the jokes out, once a week for awhile. . .


Here’s one for all of those who love the outdoors and the “Lone Ranger:”


The Lone Ranger and Tonto were camping in the desert. After they got their

tent all set up, the men fell sound asleep.


Some hours later, Tonto wakes the Lone Ranger and says,

“Kemo Sabe, look towards the sky, what do you see?”


The Lone Ranger replied, “I see millions of stars.”


“What do they tell you?” asked Tonto.


The Lone Ranger wiped his sleepy eyes, looked up into the heavens and

pondered. Then, after a minute he explained how he felt about the sky,

“Astronomically speaking, it tells me there are millions of galaxies and

planets. Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo’s radius. Time-

wise, it appears to be approximately a quarter past three in the morning.

Theologically, it indicates that God or Mother Nature is all powerful and

we are just small and insignificant. Meteorologically, it seems we will have

a beautiful day tomorrow.”


The Lone Ranger turned towards Tonto in the dark and asked,

“What does it tell you, Tonto?”


Tonto replied,

“You’re dumber than buffalo chips.”


The Lone Ranger was hurt and wondered why Tonto was showing

little respect for what he thought had been “Profound Thoughts.”

“Why would you say this to me, Tonto, my friend?”


Are you ready for the punch line?! I bet you may guess it. . .


Tonto retorted. . .

“It means someone stole the tent, you idiot!”


(I think even Silver, The Lone Ranger’s trusty horse would have

snorted. . .)


Smiles for sliding down the slippery slope towards the weekend!


29 responses »

    • I sure liked “Maverick!” I enjoyed “Bonanza,” too. My brothers are the ones who loved, “The Lone Ranger!” Take care and hope this week has been the best first week of school ever! I cannot wait to hear all about it!

  1. I love the “buffalo chip” reference. My mom’s best friend always (We used to spend every Thanksgiving with them) used to say about the turkey (when she cooked it) that it tasted like buffalo chips. Also I liked the Lone Ranger too. Thanks Robin. Your mom was right to egg you on!!!!

    • I did a review of Johnny Depp’s version, which had its highlights, but mainly the back story about how Tonto became so quiet, was remarkable and helped me a lot. Also, I remember my brothers loving “The Lone Ranger!” The music alone would get them all ‘riled’ up!!

    • So true, Doris. I don’t really like but a couple of the musical try out shows. I find the old black and white movies and shows really help me to get cheered up, especially when I have a chance to get one from the library. My favorite western was, “Maverick!” I liked the way James Garner looked! smiles!

    • For me, the black and white shows and movies can make me feel comfortable and nostalgic, too! I agree, “The Lone Ranger” was fun and got my brothers all ‘riled up!” I loved the show, “Maverick,” with James Garner, but all westerns were fun, in those old days. I think that sometimes I like the musical contests shows, with “The Voice” and “American Idol” being good sometimes to listen to the young people’s voices. I agree with you about most reality shows, Doris!! Hugs!

      • Actually…COZI TV has, in order of their weekday schedule….JIM BOWIE, THE LONE RANGER and THE ROY ROGERS SHOW, right in a row! ME-TV has other westerns…GUNSMOKE, BONANZA, THE BIG VALLEY, on weekday afternoons, plus their “Saddle-Up Saturdays! Inspiration Channel has a number of ’em, ioncluding DOCTOR QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN. We get really “westernized” out here! 🙂

      • You remind me of one of my best friends who loved to read, invent and create with our pretend play. We had so much fun, but we are not in touch so much anymore. Life seems to be so busy! Sometimes it is accidentally, and not intentionally, that we ‘lose’ friends. Glad you ‘put up with’ my gaps in communication, Brenda!

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