The “C” Word Messages













Income Level

Fill-in-the blanks



. . .













. . .















. . .










. . .


“The ‘WHY?'”


Why my Mom’s Mom?

Why my Grandma M.?

~ Paula ~


Why my Children’s Grandpa?

Why my Mom’s Husband?

Why my Dad?

~ Robert ~


Why my Daughter in Law’s Mom?

~ Cricket ~


Why my Daughter in Law’s Step-Mom?

~ Chris ~


Why did both of my best friend’s Mom’s

have to leave us?


“Why Me?”


. . .


Fellow Bloggers



~ Terry ~

~ Jean ~






Loved Ones


Famous Ones


. . .







Cell Phones

Bic Lighters



. . .












. . .




. . .


“Take a Stand”

“Stand Up




. . .


We Stand”


We Fail”


Written by Robin O. Cochran



Last night, all the regular television channels aired, “Stand UP 2 Cancer.”

I felt moved to collect some thoughts in free form poem today.

My highlights of the show were Will Ferrill’s

Silly Ron Burgundy newscast,

with his asking,

“Why Cancer?”

“Why not Capricorn?”

(or any other



Sofia gave

a tribute







the loving









Please list





What touched you in the fight against cancer?

What are some of your fears?

Silence is okay.


. . .


Musical selection for Today:

“Tears from Heaven,” sung by Eric Clapton

“Calling All Angels,” sung by Jane Siberry and KD Lang

“The Rainbow Connection,” sung by Kermit the Frog

(associated with animals crossing the Rainbow Bridge)

“He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother,”  sung by “The Hollies”






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  1. This is so powerful, Robin. I love how you presented this post. The dreaded C has affected me deeply…first my mom, then my oldest sister, and my daughter when she was just 19. Countless friends, friends of friends, distant relatives. Cancer sucks.

    • Thank you, Becky. I appreciate your kind words and think it is very sad how many people were affected in your family. I wish your daughter, especially at such a young age, would never had had to deal with this! So sorry to learn about this…I like that final comment: Cancer sucks!

  2. Tears from my heart and falling from my eyes. I tended to my mother, Susan, during the last months of her battle with lung cancer. Many more from my family. Yes, “Stand UP 2 Cancer.” Thank you for this, Robin.

    • I am saddened by all who are affected, Kim. When I hear a personal story like you shared about your mother, my tears well up. I am so sorry about the loss of your mother, Susan. Kim, this was a good way of showing how much you loved her, taking care of her while she was battling and succumbing to cancer. I am sorry that many more in your own family have had cancer, too. You are welcome for this post, a simple act compared to what my heart, mind and body wishes I could do and give to help get rid of this terrible Cancer!

    • Thanks, Judy. I am grateful for your sharing about your mother. I am so glad that the radical mastectomy managed to allow her to live for 15 years more! I am hoping they find a cure for Cancer, very soon! In our lifetime, before we hear of our children getting it, or ourselves…

  3. this passionate and heartfelt poem really moved me robin. i’m sad i couldn’t watch the special as my power was, and still is out. at the coffee shop writing right now. it has affected many people i loved in my family as well as dear friends and those loved by those i love.

    • I am sorry that your power is still out, Beth!
      As far as so many loved ones that you personally have known with cancer, I am so sorry for this fact you shared here. I appreciate that you found this poem, or word listing, heartfelt and passionate, Beth. I meant to try to make it more poetic, but just ended up writing as it came out. I hope you will have power, soon.
      I wish it were a better world, with peace, life, happiness and cures for all that ‘ails’ us.

  4. This gave me goosebumps. A moving piece of writing which many can identify with. I lost my dad through cancer, and my grandparents too! I fear the ‘C word’, and still feel very uncomfortable about it. Your writing has helped. Thank you, Robin.

    • I am glad my writing helped you, Amanda. I appreciate the goosebumps, that means I was able to express this emotionally like I had hoped to. It really poured out of me. I am so sorry about the loss of your Dad, also your grandparents. I hope before you get older, very soon, my dear, that they will come up with a cure. I will pray it is before you hear any fearful words. I will hope for us all, that cures for all that ‘ails’ us, will come about, too.

    • Thanks, Beth. I am grateful for your sharing who you lost to cancer. I am sorry you lost a grandmother, I did too. I loved her so much, wished that I could help her… I appreciate the way you expressed this, with such lovely words as ‘poignant’ and ‘touching.’ It was something that poured out of me, with tears flowing.

    • I am so sorry that you lost your father and he was not able to be with you, for a much longer time, Doris. I am grateful for your sharing this with me, along with the kind words of ‘wow!’ and ‘powerful,’ too. I just poured out the words, wishing I could be more poetic, but knowing I had to ‘say it.’ I hate cancer!

      • I do not hate it, is something that happen, it happen 7 years ago, and he live to be 72, his first cancer was 62 so he live 10 more years that is how I see it. It was hard real hard but we got to be with him more and that is what counts.

        I love this part of you- the poet…did not have words
        and they were very powerful…and that is good thing

    • Oh, Tracy. This is so sad, this year was a hard one on many, I did not know this. Thank you, I appreciate your sharing the loss of a wonderful man, your father, Michael. xoxo

      • Oh Robin…sorry my mistake! He was my son’s father. He died in 2001 from cancer. I thought to list him in remembrance….I didn’t realize it was meant for recent losses….

    • Thank you, Elizabeth for the words ‘artistic,’ which is very kind. I felt it poured out, kind of in a messy, just listing words way! I am glad you read this and thought about cancer. It is one thing, we were taught not to say the word, ‘hate,’ but I hate cancer!!

  5. Robin, I along with everyone us, sees that word and gets kicked in the stomach. So many die or suffer from this insidious many children who are suffering brain cancer. A Cure must be found and on,y by donating for more research can that be achieved. Thank you for posting this, for bringing it out to the public eye again. Hugs x

    • That is a excellent way of expressing this, Jen! You are so right! “A kick in the stomach!” You have first hand experience with ministering and seeing the after-effects of death. Cancer research and hopefully, other diseases, will have their cures found soon. But donations are important… Hugs surround you, thanks shower upon your head from me to you!

  6. Powerful words Robin.
    Cancer took my Aunt Helen, 63yrs young, dear friends, Sandy, 52 yrs, Jeanette, 53 yrs, Pierce, 4 yrs old, and I know many fighting for their life right now like my brother-in-law who was diagnosed Stage 4 recently and some who have beat it, like my best friend Carm, 57, after a 2 year battle with breast cancer.
    Thank you Robin for your inspiring post.

    Hugs, Cathy x

    • Thank you for listening to my poem, feeling moved to share the special loved ones’ names, as I was hoping to make this personal. I am sorry for the loss of your Aunt Helen: far too young! Your friends who were also young, Sandy and Jeannette. Oh and I am so sad, just tearing up over poor little Pierce, age 4 years old. I have had a few children in my classes, over the years but I did not list them….
      Sad about your brother-in-law, too. Stage 4. Fighting for his life.
      I am happy about the survivors, Carm, included. I will pray that her 2 year battle is the last of cancer in her life; forever! Wish that we could all do more, hoping this world with all the brains in it, researchers, scientists and doctors, would not have any more war, just concentrate on the lives of who really need them to help cure cancer and other ‘ailments’ in our society!

    • I agree, every single one of us. Colleen, thanks for saying such nice things like it was a strong post. I am also hoping those who do suffer with cancer have strong and loving supporters, or even can survive cancer and live to tell about it!

  7. Beautiful and extremely powerful post, Robin. I would venture to say there isn’t a person living today who hasn’t been touched by cancer, whether it’s themselves, a family member or friend. I have a dear friend who is currently battling her second round of breast cancer. She comes to work every day with a smile on her face. She’s a true inspiration.

    • I am sure this comment should have been responded to earlier, so sorry Jill!
      Thank you for the very kind words, ‘beautiful’ and ‘extremely powerful post,’ Jill. This means a lot, I see the ‘caliber’ of friends and writers you choose to highlight and admire your sense of taste in writers!
      You are absolutely correct, whether it is a family member or friend, we all have someone who is battling cancer or has been lost to this disease. I think your friend who is handling this with such panache, can be really inspiring and make all of our own problems, disappear, in her smiling face at work! Wow! She is truly an inspiration. Thanks for your sweet words and again, sorry you slipped past me, almost a week ago… Robin

  8. My husband has recently lost her aunt, who lost her battle against cancer. So much of suffering in the world which will diminish to a certain extent through this powerful post. Why? touched the chord.

    • Thank you for sharing about your husband’s aunt. I am so sorry for both of your losses of this special woman. I am hoping that you are right, that suffering may diminish through our actions and how we may try to find the cure. This was so kind of you to say this about my writing and giving it this credit of “touching the chord.” This means a lot to me. Hugs, Robin

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