100 Years


Happy Centennial Celebrations for two products that go so well together!

Morton’s Salt and “Jolly Time Popcorn!” Although popcorn has been around

for many more than 100 years, the first time that it was labeled and sold was as,

“Jolly Time Popcorn.” The little girl on the Morton’s Salt is looking still young

for her 100 years representing her company!

Workers at the “Jolly Time” factory have packaged millions of pounds of non-

GMO kernels from local owned farms in Mid-West U. S. A. Popping corn was

considered a treat to be made in a pan on the stove, sometimes over a fire or in

a special popcorn ‘cooker’/popper. My grandkids probably would recognize

the air popper I have and microwave popcorn their parents pop for them.

Then, some people decided that it was not ‘good’ for us, since we tend to cover

it (smother it!) with butter or melted margarine.

Finally, as many food situations evolve or do a complete turn-around, we are

embracing popcorn once again! Yeah!  I like to use my ‘air popper’ and add

parmesan cheese or Bragg’s yeast that is cheesy tasting. You can find it in the

health food aisle, I read about it in Prevention Magazine, along with hearing

about it from my youngest daughter, who sprinkles it on broccoli or cauliflower

for added nutrients and flavor.

I sure do love movie theater popcorn, caramel corn or popcorn balls. I like

that they have now decided popcorn is “healthy for us,” with its three good


~whole grain



Let’s be jolly and jovial while celebrating 100 years of this delicious popcorn!


In 1914, the Morton Salt girl looked like Shirley Temple. She is so cute, in her

pictures,  as her logo still lives on their website. In this American icon blue

and white picture, she holds her umbrella in one hand and her upside down

box of salt, in its circular canister, is sprinkling salt behind her.

In 1941, the Morton Salt girl now resembles Dorothy, with her hair in braids

and yellow is now included as ‘accents’ in the design on the ‘box.’

In 1956, the Morton Salt girl has a pinafore that seems like what may look like

an apron,  with it being reminiscent of the little girl Lisle, in the “Sound of Music.”

Why an umbrella? Because. . .

“When it rains, it pours!”

Morton Salt is not supposed to clump.

Here are some of its favorable traits-

~Salt unlocks the flavor of foods.

~Salt has helped roads, sidewalks and driveways be safer. (Yes, there is a newer

kind of salt, but this is still given credit to Morton’s for its being always available

for these responsibilities.)

~Salt is in our water system, it flows into our baths, kitchens and pools.

~If you make a salt solution or sprinkle salt directly into cracks in sidewalks, you

can kill weeds and unwanted grass.

Have you ever played this ‘switch’ April Fool’s Day trick?

My brother put salt into the sugar bowl and sugar into the salt shaker. Boy, did

he get into trouble! My Dad did not want anyone to ‘mess around with his morning



The Morton Salt girl still has ‘new places to go,’

‘new friends to make,’

and ‘new stories to share.’

If you should wish to join those who are sharing, you may check out this:



Someone told me this sweet ‘joke’ that is really just a special treat since it

goes with the little girl with the umbrella. Susie’s mother was waiting a

block away from the school. She stood on the corner and watched her

kindergartener approaching, both mother and daughter had their umbrellas

open. Every few steps, Susie’s chin would raise, her eyes looking up at the

sky, she would give a big grin, then continue walking. When she reached

her Mommy at the agreed upon location, she gave her a big hug.

Susie’s mother asked her, “Susie, why were you looking up at the sky,

then it seemed like you were smiling at the sky?”

Susie answered, “Because God was taking my picture!”

(Her mother smiled and agreed, that was such a better outlook at the

startling bursts of lightning, like a ‘flash’ going off on a camera!)

When I mentioned to this woman, Chris, at work about my celebration

post for the two ingredients, popcorn and Morton’s salt, she immediately

thought of this appropriate ‘story’ or ‘joke.’


I found two light-hearted quotes for this celebratory post:


Albert Einstein is credited for saying,

“Life is like riding a bicycle.

In order to keep your balance,

You must keep moving.”


Samuel Butler brings some smiles to my face with this one,

“The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool

of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you,

but he will make a fool of himself, too.”


I could not resist reminding you of that hauntingly pretty, but

oh so meaningful song, “100 Years.”

It captures how we feel time is flying by and so fleeting…

“I’m 15 for a moment,

Caught in between 10 and 20,

And I’m just dreaming

Counting the way to where you are.


15, there’s still time for you,

Time to buy and time to lose,

15, there’s never a wish

Better than this

When you only got 100 years to live.”


(The next section has a child on the way…)


“I’m 45 for a moment,

The sea is high

And I’m heading into a crisis,

Chasing the years of my life.”


Sung by Five for Fighting, who is actually John Ondrasik, 2003.







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  1. Popcorn, please. It does seem to make any Time more Jolly, Robin. I remember the days and that other brand that came in a tin or aluminum pan that you held over the stove burner until it popped up? Jiffy Pop! I used to burn it every single time. The air pop kind is awesome-est. Microwave seems to go stale fast, to me. Sure, Morton’s salt, a pinch, and yes to real butter, in moderation. In moderation is the key to the salt, too, really!

    Did you know that Syracuse is known as the Salt City, because it was found and made right here in the day? We even have the Salt Museum at Onondaga Lake Park. I bet Morton’s got a lot of its non-clumping salt right here in Syracuse, N.Y. Some wise acres now say we’re called that because of all the salt that has to go on the roads and sidewalks during our snowy winters. Ha!

    I like the story about the lightning and the little girl looking up with her umbrella telling her mom she was getting her picture taken. Very sweet, Robin.

    And “100 Years” is a melodic and right-on song in my book, too. Thanks for your excellent, popping and salty post today. 🙂

    • I could not believe my luck, Mark! I found the Morton’s salt anniversary in one article, a week ago! Then, I found the popcorn one in my “Good Housekeeping” magazine. I just had to combine these two! Both 100 years, too. I could have gone backwards, as I tend to do, rambling on about Indians and corn, how they showed us how to pop it, etc. Nope, had to keep this simple and ‘light’ not greasy, over-loaded with too many details..
      Your comment was my favorite all week! I did not know about Syracuse being the Salt City, glad you mentioned the museum and the joke about it not clumping, along with the local joke, ‘wise acres’ who think it is due to all the salt needed for the roads in Winter!
      Grand and fun times with Mark adding to my post.

    • I could not believe my luck, to find this out in two separate locations, put them together and try to not be too wordy, either. I spent way, way too much time on the Fall Season of television, Beth!

    • I love that you were eating popcorn while reading your fellow blogger’s post about popcorn! I would be afraid my fingers would have some residual ‘grease’ on them, but alas, I am at the library, getting hungry and need to go home to fill my ‘growling tummy!’ Oh, the fiber really helps me justify eating it, too!!

  2. Went to see a movie tonight…hubby bought his usual 1 medium soda and small popcorn=$ 10.70. I smuggled my bottle o’ Dr Pepper in my purse, yet didn’t even want it, as it remained un-drunk till we got home.

    And, IMHO, theatre corn an awful way to throw $ away… more pleasure would have been to take single $1 bills and toss them randomly out the car window on ride home. Movie popcorn is horrible–excessive hulls– and the artificial butter is like a molecule away from being a plastic! HOWEVER, I just LOVE REAL pop-it-in-a-kettle, slather in REAL butter, generously salted corn. That micro stuff is out of my realm of cooking mastery. I can cook just about anything EXCEPT that — must burn the first bag, at least, then success is mine if bag #2 gets yield of 50%+ without scorching..remember JiffyPop? I never tried to make that; it looks like it would be easier for us microwave – challenged poppers to do in a pinch, if they even make it still.. lol. 😛

    • We have an old-fashioned theater, with new digital processing and lenses, here in Delaware, Ohio. I am so lucky, they have an “over 50” movie card, where you get for $7.50 any movie ticket, any time, a medium popcorn and a medium drink. I have an extra movie card, for guests or a ‘date!’ I do agree that most movie popcorn is ‘bad’ for you, but it smells so delicious and our theater makes it with Promise, which melted may still be ‘bad’ for you, but doesn’t have high cholesterol. I do love real butter, though! Thanks for this great set of comments, Morguie!

    • Oh, by the way, Jiffy Pop is very challenging to make without burning, I had to raise it up above the gas stove and even with electric stove, it is hard to get it right! Smiles back at you!

  3. Oh, my goodness. I am a BIG popcorn lover–plain or sprinkled with a little olive oil and sea salt. But my favorite is old fashioned kettle corn. Salty sweet. Yummm. I don’t eat it anymore though. If I get a craving I’ll sprinkle just a touch of sugar and salt on plain popcorn. Not as good, but I get the illusion of kettle corn. LOL.

  4. Robin, I have always liked the Morton salt container. And I have noticed the change in the design of the girl…updating her. Things like that fascinate me. I also loved your story about the little girl smiling at the sky. And…..popcorn is one of my favorites. Remember, (I am sure you do) the pan covered with aluminum foil (disposable) where, having the aluminum handle, you would shake it back and forth on the burner of the stove and the top would rise as the corn was popped?

    My dad always made popcorn after dinner. On the stove with only a few kernels in oil, going off in the beginning. Then he would add the rest. Things have really changed. Yes, 100 years. I guess we should celebrate. Good post! And, Robin, thanks for always commenting on mine! 🙂

    • You know what? I am smiling because you do what I do… I describe the attributes hoping to figure out the name of something, like someone above mentioned, Jiffy Pop, or I would have been ‘stumped.’ It would have ‘come to me,’ in the middle of the night, “Oh that is what Hollis was describing!”
      Your Dad sounds very smart to start with just a few kernels in oil, it has been awhile since I did this but I know what you are talking about, waiting to get the oil hot, then adding the rest..
      You are most welcome for the comments, I try to do this on many people’s posts. I may fall behind but the intent is there!

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