Saturday Sillies


The next few jokes were sent to me by my Mom. I threw a couple jokes

out, due to poor taste. My Mom’s California friend, sometimes is not

as ‘choosy’ or careful to be appropriate for all readers. I presented some

to my lunch mates and orally delivered one to the group at break time.

I asked what they thought of these jokes? They agreed these were funny

along with being acceptable and some were laughed at a lot.


Hope this satisfies your Saturday Sillies. It may be like your childhood

‘cartoon mornings’ or just plain give you the giggles at their absurdity.


Here is a series that may have been used in the old days. While I was

growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland and the fine late Saturday night

humor was dealt out by “Big Chuck and Houlihan.” Later Houlihan went

off to Florida, so it was then called, “The Big Chuck and Little John Show.”

Little John had been a ‘sidekick’ to Big Chuck and Houlihan. Then, he got

his ‘lucky break’ and got his name in lights!

This was a set of comedy sketches, perfectly timed during commercial breaks

while Grade C or Grade D movies were being shown. Sometimes, silly sound

effects like glass breaking or a woman shrieking not at a scary part, were

inserted. I am wondering if you have ever had a local television ‘program’

with a host or set of hosts, creating comic relief, during scary or ridiculously

plotted shows?

The program’s time slot was after the Saturday night news show. My parents

would sometimes sit up and watch with us, especially if we were in middle


Once upon a time, longer than when I was watching television as a teenager,

this time period was filled by an even older program called, “The Ghoul’s


Then “Ghoulardi” took over from the “Ghoul.” This memorable television

is played back, remembered with nostalgia by many older Cleveland

people. Around Halloween every year, they have some of these shows

“re-aired” or “replayed” on one of the Cleveland, Ohio’s networks. There

is also enough of these fans, to fill a convention hall with the theme

of “The Ghoul” and his predecessor,  “Ghoulardi.”

Maybe these people are in their sixties? I am not quite sure, but I have

two Cleveland friends who always ask me if I have any articles about

the convention, taken from my Mom’s newspaper.

I have heard that somewhere in Ohio, teenagers laughed at the skits

on “Chiller Thriller Theater.” The Big Chuck and Houlihan show would

aim their jokes at “Polish” people, so we had jokes about Polish high top

jeans and wearing Polish white socks with black shoes. Then, the mirror

balls in gardens and pink flamingos were aimed at, too. (They considered

this to be so ‘out of style.’ You can still see these in yards and also, added

to this ‘mix,’ sometimes a goose with different holiday costumes.) They

narrowly missed the censors, with several ‘edgy’ Polish sausage jokes, too!


Anyway, since my youngest daughter is a ‘blonde,’ who is kind of ‘spacey’

we have changed these “Polish jokes” over the years, to Blonde Jokes. The

next ones will be labeled, “silly man” or “silly woman,” and you may decide

if there needs to be a different label, when you go to retell them! This series

was a ‘hit’ among the break time group, including Melvin, Tammy, Corey,

Felda and Trevinal. Felda said in the Philippines, their way of making fun

of someone is o begin the joke, “The Tourist. . .” (walked into a bar or



A ‘silly man’s’ dog went missing and he was frantic.

His wife said, “Why don’t you put an ad in the paper?”

He does, but two weeks later the dog is still missing.

“What did the ad say?” The wife questioned her husband.

“Here boy!” he replied.

(Instead of ‘silly,’ he is ‘clueless!’)


A ‘silly woman’ is in jail.

The guard looks in the cell and sees her hanging by her feet.

“Just WHAT are you doing there, missy?”

The ‘silly woman’ responded, “I am hanging myself.”

The guard told her, “It should be around your neck.”

The ‘silly lady’ says, “I tried that, but then I couldn’t breathe.”



A ‘silly’ tourist asks a ‘silly’ tour guide,

“Why do scuba divers always fall backwards off their boats?”

The guide who was ‘pulling the tourist’s leg’ answered,

“If they fell forward, they’d still be in the boat!”


This story is called,

“The Light Turned Yellow.”

The light turned yellow, just in front of him.

He did the right thing, stopping at the crosswalk,

even though he could have beaten the red light.

He could have accelerated right through the



Behind him, the tailgating woman was furious and

honked her horn,

she yelled out profanities,

as she missed her chance to get through the

intersection. She ended up dropping her cell

phone and makeup, too.


As she was still in mid-rant, she heard a tap

on her window and looked up into the face

of a very serious police officer. The officer

ordered her to exit her car with her hands up.


He took her to the police station where she was

searched, fingerprinted, photographed and placed

in a holding cell.


After a couple of hours later, a policeman approached

the cell and opened it up.  She was escorted back to

the booking desk where the arresting officer was waiting

with her personal effects.


He said, “I’m very sorry for this mistake. You see, I pulled

up behind your car while you were blowing your horn,

flipping the guy off in front of you and cussing a ‘blue streak’

at him.




“I noticed the nice bumper stickers on the back of your car. You

have “Choose Life,’ “Follow me to Sunday School,” a “Be Kind to

Animals” emblem and you have a ‘Baby on Board,’ sticker also.”




“So, naturally I assumed you had stolen the car!”


The last story of the day may offend a few people, but remember my 85

year old Mom thought this was “worthy” of putting in my blog. You may

just want to skip it!


“Nature Lover”


A woman who was a ‘tree loving, tree hugging, anti-gun possession’

native of Los Angeles purchased a piece or plot of timberland up north

in the state of Washington.

There was a large tree on one of the highest points of the tract.

She wanted a good view of the natural splendor of her land, so she

decided to climb the majestic tree.


As she neared the top of the tree, she encountered a spotted owl that

attacked her.

In her haste to escape, the woman slid down the tree to the ground.

She got many splinters in her crotch, and in considerable pain she

drove to the nearest hospital.

She went into the ER and told the doctor that she was an environmentalist,

anti-guns and anti-hunting person, who had recently bought some land

in the area. She described the spotted owl incident and proceeded to tell

the doctor how she got all the splinters in her crotch.

The doctor listened to her story with great patience and then told her he

would be right back, to wait in the examining room #1.

The woman sat, read magazines, got up and sat back down. She used the

restroom and finally, three hours later, the doctor reappeared.


The upset woman exclaimed, “What took you so long?”


The doctor from Washington State, where he enjoyed going out in nature

and hunting during the appropriate season, but also was not pleased with

her views said:

“Well, I had to get permits from the  Environmental Protection Agency,

the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management.”


The angry woman shouted, “Why on Earth did you have to do that!?!”


“These were the contacts I had to get permission from to remove ‘old

growth timber’ from a ‘recreational area’ so close to a ‘waste treatment



Now, that was funny after all, wasn’t it?

I am chuckling and I knew the punch line, anyway!

Do you have a ‘safe’ and non-derogatory ‘label’ for the one who is the

‘brunt’ of your family jokes?

As I mentioned, we used to tease my youngest daughter who took after my

Swedish Grandpa M. with blonde hair. She seriously was in high school  one

time when over a holiday we were playing Rummy 500. She asked this ‘silly’

question: (We don’t call our own family members ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid.’)

“How many cards are in a set and how many cards are in a pair?”


In the old days, I enjoyed the Road Runner, Poor Wily Coyote, Mr. Magoo, and a

puppet show called Kukla, Fran and Ollie.  These days, I would recommend the

NBC Saturday Morning Cartoons, with “Zou” a zebra with an intergenerational

family, “Chica,” the “Costume Shop” and “Noodle and Doodle.”


Have a fun-filled weekend, my friends out there, wherever your ‘sillies’ take you!







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  1. Thanks for the morning chuckles, Robin. My favorite was the woman driver who was arrested. 😆 My youngest daughter was a blonde and heard more than her fair share of those Blonde Jokes. Some were funny. It’s even better when the Blonde turns the joke around on someone else.

    I love puns. So forgive me as I tell a variation of one our priest told us:
    A man stole a famous painting. Then, as he tried to make his escape, his vehicle sputtered and stopped at an intersection. When asked what happened, he told the officer. I ran out of Degas and couldn’t make the van go.

    My apologies in advance. 😉

    • I never want to hear you apologize for adding some more silliness to a happy post, Judy! This one takes the cake! It was a clever play on a pun! ha ha!
      I like that you like the way jokes can be turned around on someone else. My brother tells jokes with a straight face, here is how he would give you a simple one that you may have to ponder before you chuckle:
      “I was at the ATM this morning, a woman came up behind me. She asked me a simple question, ‘I get confused a bit. How’s my balance?’ So I knocked her over and walked away.”

      • He is on his adventure in his van, travelled across the country to paint murals in a new micro-brewery in Oregon, “Fatheads.” He has been the company’s “Artist in Residence,” since Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburg’s opened. I am always happy to live vicariously through his projects. He will be back in October, telling me his stories when I have the last week off, to stay with my Mom. Her birthday is November 1st so my second week of vacation every year, for the past 6 years, has been to see her! I like the silly one, “Two blonds walked into a building, one noticed and hurt her head.” He has a ton of them, ‘up his sleeve!’ Thanks, Judy, it has been fun ‘talking’ with you. I am rarely able to bounce back and forth like this! I will so enjoy my future days of being able to do this! Gotta leave the library, off to the Fair, a local roots’ band plays at 6 and another at 7. My friends and I will be walking around looking at the crafts and the business buildings, then of course, indulging in delicious (but oh so unhealthy!) Fair food!

    • I am laughing once again at the nature joke, Beth! (Glad it did not offend you!) I am so glad you loved the “Ghoul,” Beth! It must have been able to be seen up in Michigan? I had a roommate in college where they watched “Chiller Theater” on Channel 2 she says in Pennsylvania… Glad to pass the smiles around, Beth!

    • I used to be much worse at telling jokes, I have been practicing these past 6 years at the Advance Auto warehouse where I work, so that I can pass some fun around there. I think it is hard to deliver them, I tend to forget the ‘punchlines,’ often. Don’t worry, I am sure you are a great audience to joking friends, which my brother seems to enjoy being the one telling them! I was the ‘brunt’ of two such simple jokes, “Whenever Robin opens her mouth it is to change feet,” and the other was, “Robin’s still waiting for Batman to rescue her.”

  2. I love good, clean funny jokes and y (or your mother) delivered some good ones! Thanks! I’ll never remember them, but that’s a different story. I’m blonde, too, so maybe that’s why! 😉

    • You are great at telling humorous stories and I bet you can deliver good jokes, too, Lorna! Did you ever check out my Grandma’s Wedding Dress post, where I had everyone humming, “Lorna’s getting married in the morning? Ding Dong the bells are going to ring?” Smiles, Robin

  3. What fun! I loved reminiscing…especially all the great cartoon shows and Kukla, Fran and Ollie…also my favorite was the hanging joke…and your mom’s joke. (Not offensive at all). In my family, I got the trifecta, I was Polish, a blonde, and from Texas…so I got a lot of jokes! What do you call 8 blondes in a freezer? Frosted flakes. Have a great day Robin!

    • Thanks for telling me which ones ‘worked’ for you! I started this awhile back, since I like to ‘take a break’ for me and for you, my reader, too. I have piles of Maxine posts that I could write, since Mom’s friend, Pooky, (her real name is Joyce) sends a big manila envelope to my Mom 2-3 times a month! I like your 8 blondes joke, so funny! Also, how you are able to make fun of yourself, too. (Sorry you had a trifecta of subjects that others could tease you about! But I can tell you have a good sense of humor!) Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

      • I can’t wait to check on the new topics! You always have such interesting things to say.

        And Pooky cracks me up… Sounds like you have enough to write about for the rest of your life!

        Yes, I’ve learned to laugh a lot. :0) You have a GRAND weekend yourself!

      • Thank you for such fun comment for me to read! Pooky’s a character and a half, which my Mom is just silly, too. You may or may not know, my two brothers and I say, “Mom is losing some of her marbles, maybe has a few left… but we are losing a few at a time, too!” (I cannot believe how many times I have to backtrack to leave the house! Find my phone, remember my grocery list, etc…) Aren’t we all getting a little ‘loopy?’

      • It’s nice to know a kindred spirit! I never leave the house without backtracking at least once! Nicely put….I will just let people know I’m just losing my marbles. Hee hee…Have a GRAND week!

    • Well, I just try to make things a little lighter at work, which only ‘eggs’ Melvin and the guys into telling me some of their own jokes and stories. I liked the one where Melvin told us all about the dog chasing the young deer/doe, and the dog’s name was “Ignat.” That brought a comment from someone who had not heard that name for quite some time, their uncle was named “Ignat.” Thanks, Jill, but I could never be a ‘real stand-up comedienne!’

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