What a Riot, Maxine!


When I quote some ‘words of wisdom,’ as dictated by the wild and carefree Maxine,

I seem to have more viewers and more fun comments than almost any other posts.

If you have ever seen the drawings and read ‘her’ witty sarcasm by the artist and

writer named, John Wagner, you will be able to ‘picture in your head,’ how Maxine

looks. Sometimes she has a hat with a flower sticking out of it, other times a ‘beret.’

I like her dark sunglasses and her extra curly white hair, with red earrings peeking

out, on her earlobes. I like her dog with his pointy ears and his silly cross-eyed looks,

sometimes his eyes are just ‘askance’ or expressing skepticism of his owner, Maxine.

Sometimes she looks cranky, other times ‘cross,’ but no matter what her appearance,

I will nod my head, sometimes snigger a little,  knowing she understand growing older.


Interesting, isn’t it? That its a man who writes these and draws Maxine with such a

unique character and personality,  in such simple strokes. I cannot help myself, I think

of some of my Mom’s apartment neighbors, table mates and her friend, Pooky.

I must admit, my Mom is NOT a cranky woman. . . but she does wear red lipstick, a

hat upon her (thinly haired) head and a smile on her face. There are at least 12 choices

of hats in her coat closet; maybe more! She has Easter hats, a red, white and blue hat,

fall hats, felt hats and ones that look like she is heading out to garden. She has a mirror

by the door, to look at herself, determing which one is the ‘perfect’ match for the day.


Are you ready for some fun!

Do I hear you cheering for Maxine?

Here she comes, both ‘barrels’ loaded and ready to give it her ‘best shots!’


1. Morning

“The only thing preventing me from smashing my alarm every morning is

the fact that it is my cell phone!”


2. Aging

“I finally figured out what I want to be when I get older. . .



3. “Bad Girls”

“There’s a certain age where you can no longer use the term:

‘Good Girl gone Bad.’

“It’s more like,

‘Her old ass should know better!’


4. Stress…

“My Doctor told me to start killing people.

Well, not in those exact words. . .

He said I had to reduce the stress in my life. . .

Same thing really!”


5. Cooking fantasies…

“I read recipes the same way I read Science Fiction.

I get to the end and I think, ‘Well, that’s not going to



6. A better place…

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone just

would take a ‘chill pill.’

It would get even better, if some of them choked on it!”


7. This is so true…

“My day starts backwards.

I wake up tired,

and go to bed, wide awake!!”


8. Musings…

“Why isn’t the number 11, pronounced, ‘onety-one?'”


9. More musings…

“If 4 out of 5 people ‘suffer’ from diarrhea, does that mean

that one out of five enjoys it?”


10. Recreation

“I’m thinking of going roller skating (insert your favorite

dangerous sport… skateboarding, skydiving…)

I could use a couple weeks in a hospital to rest and recuperate.”


Of course, you may use your own form of recreation but I usually

choose wine or desserts to help me feel better.

What helps ‘float your boat?’



Have a fun-filled weekend!




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    • Definitely, if recipes have more than 5 ingredients and too many steps, I am with you, Beth! I have salty, sweet and greasy taste buds, too. I cannot help myself, it is almost like no one here to see me, so it won’t ‘count!’

  1. OH I needed this, my mother has been ill and I been taking care of her, my mom is 74 she also wears red lipstick but she does not have hats,she is not a hat lady. I love Maxine, number seven is me, have a great weekend Robin!

    • So sorry, Doris. I will keep your mother in my prayers. Hope it is not an ongoing illness? You deserve lots of hugs! I love thinking of your Mom with her red lipstick!
      I just mentioned to a good friend at work, Mark, who gets up at 2:30 am to take care of his mother, then puts in a 9 hour day at our warehouse, only to go back to a repeat of his daily personal care routine of his mother: I said, “You are the gold standard in human beings!” I feel that the same for you! You are the ‘gold standard,’ Doris. You shine and radiate goodness. I am saying this as a message for you to take heart and believe. I only see my Mom every other month, so I am not her person to lean on, my youngest brother is. The place she stays would be twice as much here, for the same care.
      So glad this brightened your day a bit. Take care, Doris.

    • Have you been hiking out in those gorgeous mountains, Mike? I envy you being there! My brother had to go out to Oregon, to paint murals on the walls of a new Fathead’s microbrewery and restaurant. I think if you get time, he may have some kind of pictures of his labels and artwork on his facebook page, Randall D. Oldrieve. They have only Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburg, PA locations but have won national awards in their beer flavors. He had me try a berry summer ale, which was delicious. He likes “Headhunters” a heavier brew… I understand about aches and pains, but not sure if I would go back and visit my past again or not?! Hugs, Robin

  2. I love to golf, bowl, go see live music, go to football games, go to movies, read a book, drink a beer or a glass of wine, or just watch TV with my dear wife Karen. Wow! I have a lot of ways to keep my boat floated. Have a great weekend, my friend Robin.

    • Your boat is always floating, ‘merrily, merrily,’ Mark! Life is but a dream! I am so glad you listed all of these. Hey, are you watching, “Forever?” I am fascinated that Judd Hirsch is playing the main character’s son, their weekly meals together are interesting food for thought. I also am liking the “Red Band Society,” although it may get sad at times. I am watching “The Voice,” liking Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani’s additions to the group, but waiting for some more pranks to be carried out… smiles!

      • I have not added any new shows to my regular list, Robin. I have no room at the Inn. I do like Pharrell and Gwen so far. A lot. It should be a good season on ‘The Voice,” I agree.

    • I am glad you are pleased with the changing judges on “The Voice,” Mark! I admit I am very challenged to get to see all the shows that interest me, but I have had a few that were summer shows, ending, so there were a few gaps in scheduling. I enjoyed the first of the Fall Season, “The Goldberg’s” show, Mark, too.

      • I have “The Goldbergs” premiere on my DVR, Robin, but haven’t had the chance to watch it yet. I enjoyed the finale of “Big Brother” this week, and premieres of “The Good Wife,” “Survivor,” “Parenthood,” “Gray’s Anatomy” and “The Amazing Race,” too. So much to watch.

  3. Hysterical, Robin. I also love the wild and cranky, tell-it-like-it-is Maxine.

    Here are a few chuckles for you (I don’t know the authors):
    1. Please support bacteria. They’re the only culture some people have.
    2. I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol.
    3. Remember: Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.

    Have a fabulous weekend. 😉

    • Judy, Judy, Judy. Loved these additions to the fun and wacky scene of Maxine! She definitely tells it like it is! I wonder if her author/illustrator had a grandmother or mother he uses as his ‘muse?’ Thanks for the wishes for a fabulous weekend and back at you, Judy!

  4. Hi Robin! I LOVE Maxine!!!! She is hilarious and I love the quirkiness of the images for Maxine too!!! Always enjoy her humour!!! I am also loving the Voice and the new judges. Great chemistry!! And I liked the description of your sweet mom and all her hats, lol!!!! She sounds like a real go getter, like her daughter!!! Hugs, Cathy xo

    • Thanks, Cathy! I am pleased you can picture and appreciate my Mom. I am not as gutsy as she is, sometimes this blog is the only place I stand up and make my point! I am so glad you like the Voice and Maxine ‘jokes,’ too. I will be including them once in awhile for comic relief! Hugs back to you, Cathy!

    • I think my Mom’s always been a hat lady, but now that her hair is thinning it is particularly one habit she does daily! I found boxes of hats, saved in her closet, which I had forgotten existed when we cleaned out her house two years ago. I saved a pretty purple one made of felt, one that was like straw, only peach colored with a peach velvet band on it, … fun to look at and I do try them on, from time to time while visiting! I can picture you in a hat, Jill! You would be surprised if you tried a variety of them, one would suit you to a “T!”

  5. Hi Robin, I have been remiss in coming over to read your blog and/or comment. WordPress and Akismet have decided that my comments are spam and I’ve been working that issue for the past few days. So it is with a bit of a trepidation that I write this comment, not knowing if it will reach you. Love Maxine and I have her doppelganger as a dear friend. Complete with red fingernails and a cigarette lit at all times, she is the funniest human being I know. This post made me smile!

    • Thanks so much for this nice comment, Barbara! I tend to have breaks in my ‘articles’ and place Maxine in here for comic relief. I tend to go on much more now, than when I first started with the silly premise of talking about the 100 dates I went on after age fifty, which was all done with a sense of humor. Somehow, along the way, I changed or shifted gears. I really enjoy intermingling thoughts with current events, language and love stories of others. I made a byline which encompasses this, “Relationships reveal our hearts.” Feel free to drop in, leave if it is not too interesting, we all do this, you know?! Smiles for your sweet comments and so sorry you have landed in spam somewhere! I am sure someone ‘bailed you out! ha ha!

    • I laughed at the number 8 idea, too! I have her on my phone, someday someone may enjoy calling or texting me, then I would send them this… I have so many pictures of my family, sometimes I have to delete a few to add some more! We had hats on our heads last Fall, on our way to Friendly’s ice cream and restaurant, mine was peach and hers was black. Smiles and hugs for this fun comment, Jen! xo

    • That was one that I and someone else felt was how they felt about recipes. I have so many of them saved, turning yellow, stuck in books, binders and even a few taped on the inside of my cabinets! Not often do I really cook! I am glad to see your smiling face and laughing with Maxine!

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