Not sure the Grimm brothers would wish to be considered descendants from an

“elite line of criminal profilers” known as simply, “Grimms.” The character, Nick

Burkhardt, is very popular in the television show with that name. It is a combination

of mystery, suspense, horror and fantasy. I have watched this from its premiere, with

bated breath waiting for the next episode to begin. Nick’s character partner is named,

Hank Griffins, who is part of knowing Nick’s ancient history. The story revolves with

ancestry references and a fictionalized heritage besides. Hank is a good and trust-worthy

partner. This history allows him to ‘see’ and ‘fight’ by engaging in battle with all sorts of

strange creatures. The fantasy television series first appeared three days before the

holiday, Halloween, in 2011.

The other side characters in “Grimm” include a woman, Fuchsbau Rosalee, who is

able to use pharmaceuticals, including herbs and natural ingredients needed to be

‘antidotes’ and ‘potions.’ She is the “Fox,” among the characters. The Wolf,” is also

once the ‘big, bad wolf,’ but has learned to control his transformations, unless he

is angered, his character’s name is Monroe.

A very popular episode with my fellow coworkers at my warehouse is one that engages

the character of the Filipino fairy tales, the terrifying, ‘aswang.’ Felda, Mary Jane and

their families gathered to watch this “Grimm’s” episode that aired on March 7, 2014.

It came up again in conversation, with the new Fall Season starting soon. Next Friday,

another “Grimm” show will be presented. The March scary Filipino fairy tale involved

a popular character played by a Clevelander, a Padua Franciscan High School graduate.

In the television series, his name is Sergeant Wu. As Sgt. Wu, his character was an integral

part of the way the case against the “aswang” was solved. In real life, Cleveland born Reggie

Lee, could have headed off to Harvard. His parents, who were from the Philippines, would

have been so ‘proud of him.’ He chose instead to dabble in the dramatic art of acting,

at the Cleveland, Ohio Greenbrier Theater and Cleveland Play House.


Make sure you check out “Grimm” for fulfilling your need for fantasy crime scenes!


There is a rather new “fractured fairy tale” written by a woman named Helen Oyeyemi,

who has written a re-telling of the traditional, “Snow White.” Her book titled,  “Boy,

Snow, Bird” is her newest book. This is a tale with the main character being a bi-racial

eight year old girl and her ‘badly behaving’ secret friend.  Ms. Oyeyemi’s history of

wondrous books includes her first book published called, “The Icarus Girl.”  This tale

wove African and Western cultures together in an international mythology.  Her second

one was called, The Opposite House.” Her third book, “White is for Witching,” sounded

intriguing, too.  While on the cover of her “Boy, Snow, Bird” book there includes “Mr. Fox”

as her most recently published before this one. If you wish to hear why the secret friend

of the 8 year is old is ‘wicked,’ you may check this out.  The playfulness of the book, is

shown in the mother being called mistakenly, “Boy.” While her daughter is called, “Bird.”

The rat-catcher, involved in the plot, adding comic relief. It is published by the Riverhead

Publishing Co. Its bright lime-green colored cover, captures your eyes like ‘eye-candy.’

It has a rose-covered vine winding around the title. . . like a sinister snake.


This is not a fantasy, but it is certainly inspiring to watch. Check out YouTube for a

community of Amish people constructing a barn. I always think of that fantastic

mystery, police story and cultural movie, “Witness,” when it comes to the artistic

‘barn-raising’ scene filmed in this Harrison Ford movie. The way it is constructed in

such a beautiful, poetic and fluid way is just goosebump raising for me. So far, there

have been over 2 million ‘hits’ of watching this Raising of an Amish Barn.


Here is a quotation that wraps up this post that is about the television series,

“Grimm,” some creatively constructed fairy tales by Helen Oyeyemi and

the Amish community spirited barn-raising:


Charles Dickens’ quotation:

“The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this:

that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a

thing created is loved before it exists.”


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  1. Wow, I love that Dickens’ quote! Fabulous! I am a big fairy tale fan and I’ve read tales from a lot of cultures, but I don’t think I’ve ever read any Filipino tales. I wonder if they are related to tales from any other lands or if they are unique to themselves.

    • I am not sure but when I looked up “aswang” there were some references, Luanne. I am so pleased you liked the Dickens’ quote, kind of summed it all up! Do you ever watch the show, “Grimm,” Luanne? I also like, “Once Upon a Time,” looking forward to their first frozen queen added to their mixture of fairy tale characters, showing this Sunday evening.

  2. i love fairy tales, and folk tales, and legends, the characters, the settings – all of it. i’ve never seen grimm, but the commercials do look intriguing. the quote by dickens at the end is great too )

    • Thanks for this special comment, Beth! I am sure, if you had time, you would enjoy “Grimm,” but you are quite the busy lady! Fridays are challenging for me, too. I ‘hit or miss’ the shows, hoping that when the winter comes, less activity allows me to ‘catch up!’ I did think this quote was one I had not seen before. . .

    • The quote has a lot of creativity, which is right up your alley, S n S! Smiles! The detective work is good in “Grimm,” but it can be rather scary and the plots can also be somewhat imaginary and far-fetched. A great way to escape, though!

    • Marylin, it is one you can ‘drop in’ and visit, I don’t always like the fantasies they are battling, so I will ‘drop out,’ too. I just appreciate its creativity, the Filipino actor, who is Sgt. Wu, makes me watch it, the main characters who are engrossing and multi-dimensional also draw me in. So… try it… you may or may not like it! smiles!!

    • Jill, so glad I found something that you can tack up and read for inspiration! I have a few on my fridge, which motivate me! The famous people’s quotes we all find so interesting, I think, circulate around which is meaningful. It also connects us to those famous writers (in Dickens’ case) who we may admire their life’s work.

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