Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!


As adults, lack of sleep has been found to be detrimental to our health.

Today’s children aren’t getting enough sleep either. There are suggested

times and hours needed for each age group. I won’t bother to quote the

many more hours we all should rest and sleep. I try but can usually only

“sleep in” reaching a whopping seven total hours a night. I found a sweet

album to suggest listening to, for any age.

A new music CD,  released from a long-term collaboration of two friends who

became fathers in 1995, is called, “Precious Child– Love Songs & Lullabies.”

There are some happy parts of this collaboration but one really sad one, too.

The Jazz guitarist and composer named Joe Beck combined with the singer,

composer and pianist Darryl Tookes.

Joe and Darryl worked on this album since 1995, moved by their new venture

into fatherhood. The album had to be put on ‘hold’ due to Joe’s being diagnosed

with cancer. During his illness, their friendship strengthened, but he did not

feel up to working. Once he passed away, Darryl finished the CD in honor of his

friend and their families continuation of friendship.

Although this friendship is about the celebration of family and friendship, I started

to think of this plot as a possible movie. It truly reminds me of that sentimental and

tear producing story of Brian Piccolo and the movie, “Brian’s Song.”

When Darryl was a child, he had parents who believed in the Civil Rights movement.

He also became involved, tagging along on marches and sit-in’s. He aids environmental

causes and contributes to charities for children. When he was in college, Darryl studied

physics. He currently teaches college students music.

Joe’s story about his days in a jazz group when he was a teenager, sound like fun. Joe

got a lot of practice in during the period that Darryl’s family was participating in sit-in’s.

Once an adult, Joe Beck’s music was featured in movies and in television shows. His

work record was diverse, including a period of time working on a dairy farm. Joe raised

money for college music scholarships and one special project: water supply to Darfur,

Sudan. He also was like Darryl, believing in his life making a difference.

I have heard this beautiful music. The story alone pulled my heart strings. Two musical

individuals joined by music, love of their children and family. Both so giving to others. I

imagine their children growing up with such a creative force burning through them.

Check out this new CD. I hope you will find soothing music to share with any children

you may know. It may just be the “thing” to rock you gently, calming you to sleep!


You may already have favorite songs to sing or hum to your children. Ever since my own

were young, I have treasured this short list of songs, some from musicals.

1. “Edelweiss,” from “The Sound of Music.”

2. “Feed the Birds,” from “Mary Poppins.”

3. “Stay Awake,” from “Mary Poppins.”

4. “My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean.”

5. “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

6. “The Johnny Appleseed Song.”

7. A simple prayer, “I see the moon, the moon sees me. God bless the moon, God bless me.”


Here were three books suggested by for children:

1. “Zzz . . .” by Trudee Romanek.

2. “Sleep is for Everyone,” by Paul Showers.

3. “Dr. Seuss’ Sleep Book,” by Dr. Seuss.


Of course, more than once we have mentioned in our unanimous love for the books,

“Goodnight, Moon” and “Runaway Bunny” both written by Margaret Wise Brown.

Oh, for controversial reasons, I must add, “In the Night Kitchen,” by Maurice Sendak.

Although this book has won a Caldecott Award, it also has a nude child in it, so it has

been ‘banned’ and edited by librarians across the land.

I enjoy a cup of Sleepytime Tea, (which has a nice combination of herbs, including

chamomile) by Celestial Seasonings Herbal Teas. I like to nibble on a cookie or a

biscotti. It goes back to my childhood, where milk and cookies were our bedtime

snack. If I have a small glass of wine, it also helps produce sleep, if I am in a prone

position. If I am out dancing or mingling, wine doesn’t do this, instead it makes me

want to be on the dance floor. Rain sure helps, on the roof of a house. . .


Please add if you have any suggested reading or your own ‘remedy’ to help us sleep.

If you like, tell us some kind of special routine with your children or grandchildren.



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  1. HEY! I don’t see “Hush Little Sibling, Don’t You Cry”…..from the SONGS OF COUCH AND CONSULTATION album!
    “Hush little sibling, don’t you cry…..Mommy will have you analyzed….”! 🙂 True….I better appreciated it when I was a teenager!

  2. what a beautiful story, robin, even though it has a sad element to it. what a lovely gesture from his friend to finish the project. i love sleep, and can fall asleep anywhere, though i wake up very easily, and tend to wake up early even when not working. i love the sleepy time tea too, and a glass of wine, calming music, a book and the rain can do it, though you are right, sometimes, depending on the circumstances, they can have the opposite reaction.

    • Thank you for finding this story meaningful, Beth. The songs are beautiful…
      I think there are a lot of overlapping sleep patterns between the two of us…The opposite reaction can be quite entertaining, like getting up and dancing, or irritating, when you hear the ‘tick-tick-tick’ of the clock. I am so glad you can fall sleep almost anywhere, Beth! Sweet dreams!

    • Luanne, thank you so much for this wonderful resource! Free is great and it may help others who are browsing in my comments, too!
      I am sure that why we feel exhausted while we sleep includes how our minds must be very busy, even while our eyes are closed. I am so glad you get what experts consider ‘enough sleep,’ which I am sure is longer than my 6 hours! I love naps on Sundays, just ‘because!’ Hope you have pleasant dreams!

    • Shelley, I was so happy to peek in on your posts, sometimes life is complicated and I don’t get them in my reader… Anyway, I loved how you are on the road again! Your travels bring me much laughter and the one about the Smiths, a riot!

      • There are a few brands of chamomile tea, but I do like Sleepytime Tea by Celestial Seasonings the best… What is that natural sedative, hmmm? Its an herb or a ‘root’…

  3. I get blissful sleep by God’s grace may be because I don’t expect too much from life and others. If Somebody hurts me I say “let bygones be bygones” and move on. Another trick to have a good sleep is to take a lukewarm shower and pray before hitting bed. Lovely post.

    • This is a lovely way of thinking about why you have ‘blissful sleep!’ I admire your mentioning God’s grace, also how you don’t expect much from life and others. I can tell when I read your posts and your messages how humble you are and filled with gratitude. This is a fine example to others, S n S!

    • I enjoyed reading of your memories, the ones about Fraggle Rock are true, that is a lively book. Calmly reading and relaxing with your children sounds like a pleasant way to end your days for quite a few years, Colleen. Isn’t it funny how much those simple routines mean to us? Smiles!

  4. Falling asleep is never a problem for me, it’s staying asleep. I’ll sleep sound for around 6 hours and then I wake up. I’m beginning to wonder if that’s all my body needs despite the recommendation by the medication profession.
    Ah…Edelweiss…my favorite!

    • Sounds a little like me, Jill! Sorry to hear this, wonder if it has anything to do with our foods, beverages, age? I am restless sometimes, will turn on the light, read until my eyes get sleepy. The next thing I know, the alarm is going off! Smiles!

      • I am backtracking, reading the details… Jill, I am so glad one of the songs I listed is also your favorite! It is a precious song about such a delicate white flower, it also was part of my German grandmother’s repertoire. Also, it may be comforting for us both to know we are ‘normal’ and this is all we need to sleep! Thanks for telling me about this similar sleep pattern and sharing it with me.

  5. Music doesn’t put me to sleep. I read a lot – usually a couple books per week. If it is a good book, I often doze and wake up with the book still open in my lap. Then I trundle off to bed an hour or two after my wife. I sleep until she gets up, and I often go back to sleep. Is it true that women have a harder time sleeping than men? I don’t know. All I know is my eyes get so tired from reading that I cannot keep them open. I probably need new glasses.

    • I am smiling at your thoughts tonight, Mike! I am sure there are different phases for each person, cycles of life. My Dad was a late riser, long weekend nights and late up in the morning on Saturdays. (He would rise one hour before church started, helping with us kids while we were young…) Once retired, suddenly he had more energy to get up on a daily basis, watching sunrises, painting them and sunsets… Mom was more of an early to rise person while working years and then once retired she (and still is) a night owl! (and late riser, sometimes after 11 am!) One never knows why we all sleep differently, don’t think we can generalize too much on the subject. Maybe researchers have ‘found the answer?!’ Hugs, Robin

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