October’s This and That


When I have a few odds and ends, loose ends which need to stop unraveling, I usually

post a “this and that” summary. It is a little like when you go to a garage sale, flea

market or thrift store, some history and strange things may show up.

First of all, this is more of a serious subject. When I wrote my slightly negative review

of the movie, “August: Osage County,” you may remember that I said the movie had

one ‘saving grace?’ It was in the calm, interesting Native American housekeeper.

Little did I know that she would turn up missing just a week after my article was

posted. Her real name is “Misty Upham,” and she has been missing a week. There

have been people ‘close to her,’ mentioning that she has had some financial trouble,

along with being depressed. Her father filed a “Missing Persons” report on October

6, 2014.

Here is a brief biography of Missy Upham. She was born July 6, 1982. My daughter

was born in 1980 and son in 1981, which makes my heart stop, worrying about this

young woman. She could be a classmate or friend of theirs. . . Missy walked out of an

apartment in Auburn, Washington more than a week ago. She was born in Kalispell,

Montana and went to school in Auburn. This is located about 20 miles south of Seattle,

WA. Her biggest acting award was for a movie called, “Frozen River,” where she won an

Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female Actor. She made a series of Native

American television movies, “Skinwalkers,” “Dreamkeeper,” and “Edge of America.” She

played a recurring role in the t.v. series about polygamy called, “Big Love.” She had a role

in “Django Unchained.”

I certainly hope nothing happens to her. I know this is rather unusual but I plan on

keeping Misty Upham in my prayers…

Note: Family and friends are convinced her death was not due to depression. They

believe Misty’s views on Native Americans, may have caused her to get in ‘trouble’

and get murdered. They don’t believe she would commit suicide. I am sad that this

happened to someone who had talent, intelligence and died too young. So sorry

to have to add this, too. (Friday October 17,.)


In the Summer of 1986, a man from Tuxedo Park, New York traveled to England.

He had been invited to visit the Palace to dine with the Prince of Wales . This man

was named, James Brown Potter. (I wonder if he was related to Beatrix Potter?)

Anyway, he moved in some fancy, ‘high society’ circles, where he was used to

wearing what they casually called, “an evening suit.”

When he went to an English tailor, J. B. Potter was impressed so much with the

design of a shorter black jacket, on display.  The jacket had a refined look and he

felt distinguished while wearing it to dinner with the Prince of Wales. The satin

lapels were what set it apart from other suits. Later, the added satin, grosgrain

stripe along the matching black pants and a cummerbund were part of the final,

complete “Tuxedo,” otherwise known as a “Tux.”

This was found in the Tuxedo Park ‘archives’ of the local community news.

When J.B. Potter came back to America, he had a New York tailor create this suit,

which he labeled, a “Tuxedo.” In the Fall of 1986, at the Autumn Ball held in New

York City, a man named  Griswold Lorillard, wore the American design of the

styled suit jacket. This is where many people noticed and  commented about

his “Tuxedo”  jacket.

And here, I had imagined someone had visited Antarctica, viewed penguins and

got the idea from their dapper appearance!


In an AARP article that comes out in a newsletter, filling in ‘gaps’ of information

during the off months that “AARP Magazine” is not published I found several

famous people who have been diagnosed with Diabetes (Type 2).  I feel this is

an ongoing concern for my good friend, Pat, along with other friends. I think

knowing how others handle their disease can be helpful and encouraging. When

anyone doesn’t feel ‘alone,’ it is good to spread this around. My youngest girl,

who deals with ongoing arthritis, started out at age 12, which helps her to feel

better when she reads about others and their techniques in coping with this

physically debilitating disease. So, in this vein, hope you may find this helpful

to know of some famous people over 5o coping with Diabetes, type 2.

Since 1995, Larry King was diagnosed. He eats many small meals, includes

30 minutes of daily exercise and is careful monitoring his foods.

Patti LaBelle has written three books about Type 2 Diabetes, including some

delicious recipes and light-hearted suggestions. Can you believe her exercise

includes walking her 20 dogs? This would take ME all day, taking only 2 at

a time…

Tom Hanks was diagnosed in 2013 with diabetes and works out, eating healthy

foods. His wife, Rita Wilson, likes to go out on walks with him. Did you know

they met on the movie set of “Volunteers?” It is a funny movie and I had to get

it out from the library to remember this one!

Sherri Shepherd, dropped 40 pounds when she decided to handle her diabetes

starting with a serious weight loss. She has written a humorous book about her

challenges and includes recipes for this particular diet of low carbs and  no white

processed foods and sugar.

Billie Jean King, tennis professional, has been an active spokesperson for Diabetes

and supports fund-raising by appearances on television and in person. She is given

credit for raising public awareness on the subject.

Paula Deen admitted that she was diabetic, after she had many books published

having desserts and mashed potatoes included. She has made significant efforts

speaking and addressing the foods she used to support. Paula has also changed

her famous fat, sugar and butter-laden recipes making them more healthy. She

went through a big controversy over this unfortunate situation and another

situation which does not pertain to diabetes. She admits to still struggling with

what she calls, “stress eating.”

Ben Vereen, the dancer/actor, has been dealing with his diabetes since 2007.

He believes there are “opportunities for a better life.” His positive attitude,

along with continuing exercise, diet and awareness in his regimen have helped

him immensely.


Last night I watched a fantastic episode of “Madam Secretary” and I wish to

recommend it again. I had included it on the (at the time, Upcoming Fall

Television shows)  new shows to watch. Then, I had recently commented on

someone’s blog that I did not enjoy it as much as I had hoped. It turns out this

man made an effort to convince me, through comparing it to the excellent writing,

cast and ensemble, “West Wing,” television series. I decided to give it a second

chance, which involved a Chinese young woman seeking asylum in America. It

was a really fascinating plot, it kept me wondering what the Secretary of State

would do.  Whether she would agree to having her stay or send her back. I won’t

ruin this plot for you, since it was a good and satisfying ending, the way it played

out. There was a diplomacy issue, a treaty to sign, involved also. Well acted by

many of the famous people in this cast.  I especially like the marital dynamics

between the leading role of Secretary of State played by Tea Leoni and her nice

husband, played by Tim Daly,  as supportive, sympathetic and understanding.

If you remember “Frasier,” you may also know and recognize Bebe Neuwirth,

starred, off and on, as Frasier’s ex-wife. She came across as  a  ‘mean’ or ‘witchy’

woman in one of the scenes on Sunday’s current show she is part of, but you find

out more about her reasons for being this way. I like when a show takes the time

to include character development.

I am still watching, “Forever,” and “Scorpion.” I am giving up on the quirky plot

lines of “The Red Band Society.” My regular television shows seemed to have

very exciting Season Premiere episodes, catching my interest and keeping me

a faithful viewer.


What’s new in your area of the world? Anything bothering you or causing you



If you have a new show you would like to recommend, please let us know. We

still have time to catch up on t.v. shows, by watching on the channels’ websites.






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  1. Unfortunately Type 2 Diabetes seems to be a growing epidemic in our society. I’ve been reading a lot about the connection with artificial sweeteners which unfortunately is consumed in mass quantities. Another issue is the lack of exercise, especially with younger people…what ever happened to recess and physical education in schools…it’s very sad.
    I hate to say, but with 1900+ channels, I can’t recommend any TV shows…I’m still watching Andy Griffith and the Waltons…I know I won’t be disappointed. 🙂
    Happy end of Monday, Robin!

    • Thank you for giving the growing disease of Type 2 Diabetes your serious attention. Thanks for adding some important facts to this, Jill. I did not know that artificial sweeteners were something to be concerned about. I do have a good friend, Patrice, who tells me some are a necessity to her as a diabetic as a substitute for sugar. I have also heard that people on diets ‘justify’ their later in the day higher intake of carbs and calories to drinking diet beverages… I used to drink diet colas and enjoyed their lighter taste and less likely cause of tooth decay. Now, I try not to drink any pop but drink teas, which I try to go without any sweetener, most of the time.
      I think we like the same kinds of outcomes on television and in movies, jill!
      I just try to find newer shows to bring me happy endings! I like the Little House, Waltons and Andy G. Show, too! I had a busy week at work, cannot believe how far behind I am in my posts comments and reading others… Hope you have a fun weekend, Jill!

  2. that is worrisome about missy, i read this recently and wondered about her state of mind at the time she went missing. such an interesting story about the origin of the tuxedo, i had no idea and i have to say i enjoy your ‘this and that’ posts a lot, they are kind of like having a conversation with a friend in real time )

    • I have not heard any new developments on the Missy story, either…
      I am glad it comes across as a conversation with a friend, Beth. I am glad you enjoyed the tuxedo story, too. It has various versions, but I liked this one the best!

    • So sad to see that the body of Misty has been recovered. Her family and friends think it was murder, due to her standing up to and for Native Americans… they don’t feel it is suicide. I had not heard this until just now. I am ‘out of the loop’ a bit this week, Beth.
      Hope you will have a fantastic weekend, with relaxation and fun involved!

  3. Both my husband and I really like Madame Secretary. I have always really liked Tea Leoni. I watched a bit of the new season of “Homeland.” I’m definitely missing Damien Lewis but will watch a few more episodes to see if they hit their stride.

    • I also like “Homeland,” so this is a recurring show that I juggle! I was not keen on “Madam S” the first episode, although she was quite entertaining in the show, “The Naked Truth,” as a journalist who would go to any lengths to get her story. She was fantastic in that movie, Splanglish,” if I am giving the true actress credit. This one had a woman who was not always ‘nice,’ which I felt her role was realistic, along with the humor of Adam Sandler beign ‘toned down’ and much better in this movie. I liked him in “Reign Over Me,” also, as a homeless individual.

  4. Did I tell you that I saw the play August: Osage County when it was on tour? Estelle Parsons was in it. She was phenomenal. The whole show was. I couldn’t believe how an “old lady” like that could be so spry and go through such a difficult performance every night!

    • I can hardly believe it, when I recently watched the old movie, “Bonnie and Clyde,” seeing how beautiful Estelle P. was as a side character, with Clyde’s good friend as her partner in crime.

      I am so happy that you saw this as a play, Luanne. I am constantly amazed at actors and actresses like you mentioned Estelle, along with Judi Dench, Betty White… many male actors, too, keep on going, remembering their lines. I am glad she was lively and well. Does she manage to make her character likable, despite her handling cancer, showing a ‘bigoted’ and opinionated side? (to the point of irritation?)
      I felt that Meryl did a great job of acting this way, but was not expecting to dislike her so much! (I tell it like I see it…)
      I would have liked it better seen as a play. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, which someday I will write a post about some movies (and books) deserve a second look. When one is in the ‘proper mood,’ to view/read them. It is similar to my tastes in books, I really like certain ones, right off the ‘bat’ but then other authors ‘grow on me.’ Sometimes then, I will go back and re-read a book by the same author… Even on certain days, while I adore Paul Newman and the great cast of characters, I would not wish to see, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” but enjoy Tennessee Williams, along with feeling Ms. Letts deserves a second chance,;someday!

  5. I’ve seen “snippets” of news about the actress Missy. I hope they find her well!

    Diabetes touches so many of us. My father had it, his parents had it. And now it reaches out in our family. I’m sure more of us will develop it.

    Thanks for the this and that! 🙂

    • I am belated in responding, since I have had a busier than usual week. All is fine, but feel a little lethargic. I worked one day from 7 am until 6 pm! Yikes!
      I have not heard any recent reports about Missy, I am hoping against hope, since she is young,vibrant and talented that someone will find her and reach out, keeping her alive and well is a top priority for all who may or may not suffer from depression. I was concerned because I had chosen her as the only character in the movie who I liked! Now I worry about all of those who daily battle their afflictions, disabilities, diseases and just that the world is so ‘tough’ and not easy for some to find the light.
      I am sorry about your Dad, your grandparents and your family members. I feel lucky that my good friend, Patrice seems to be able to manage her diabetes, but she also is bipolar and manic depressive, so we stay in touch.
      Glad you found someihing in my this and that post, Colleen. Enjoy some warmth by a fire, if it is chillly or a nice, soft blanket cuddlign with your husband. Hope all is well with the grands, too. I get my M & M girls tomorrow night… I had the boys over last night for dinner, gearing up and actually packing for my week plus two weekends with Mom. Can you believe this one? My Mom wrote one of the doctors I had planned to take her to a letter saying she would not be going to keep her appointment.I did not write or call her, but called them saying I would get her there, despite her unwillingness. They made me laugh saying it was a 3 page letter includign a check to cover her appt.

  6. 😀 Love that about the tux and the penguins I don’t have a favorite TV show at present because I had my TV service disconnected. My son wanted me to start watching Supernatural when it first came on and we still enjoy watching it together through the computer. I didn’t know Tom Hanks was diabetic. Being diabetic myself I wish him and all the others much success with that. Have beautiful, colorful October, Robin.

    • So glad you enjoyed the story about the tuxedo and my theory of it!
      Elizabeth, thank you for sharing about your diabetes. I hope all continues to go well with your treatment and choices. My good college friend is diabetic, she likes to share her ‘made up’ recipes, using sugar substitutes. She likes Stevia and Blue Agave syrup in moderation. She is more troubled with her bipolar and manic depression mental illnesses. I worry constantly about her, she lives far away (Mississippi and I in Ohio) and has a limited number of friends. I am glad you are a social, entertaining person who i picture having quite a number of friends to count on and enjoy life with, along with being your own good company, too!
      This last sentence of yours with kind wishes is very nice, thank you! Smiles!

    • I think that I may have meant that the plot line has changed, going from corporate to an independent firm… Thanks for reminding readers that the continuing, evolving “The Good Wife,” is really worth watching, Lorna! Hope you are enjoying your book being published and it being the second one, is AWESOME!!

  7. Tyoe 2 Diabetes unfortunately runs in my family which is why I’m ‘fanatical’ about walking every day. Your post was very informative – I had no idea that Tom Hanks had Diabetes for example. We have very similar tastes and though I don’t watch much television I do watch Madame Secretary (I think Tea is a beautiful woman inside and out). I also never miss an episode of Outlander (I can’t recommend it enough if you’re a historical fiction fan or a romantic). I am taping ‘Forever’ because I watched the ‘pilot’ and it was intriguing but have no idea when I’ll get the time to catch up 🙂

    • Thanks, Yolanda, for pointing out our overlapping tastes, again! I had some very long days so feel I am way behind in my reading posts. I am lucky to have a night at my friend’s house, ‘cat-stitting’ so that I have her computer all geared up to write a few drafts so next week I can post something other than jokes!
      I was listening to Dr.Phil this afternoon, he had mentioned he has diabetes, Halle Berry and several others I did not write down. More than we realize. I am so glad you are diligent with walking…Walking and staying in shape is very importatnt.
      I was more worried in my 40’s about high cholesterol, lost 45 lbs. in two years due to a persistent doctor who told me she would make me go on the medications, if I didn’t lose weight. My teacher asst. and I both did the modified Atkins ‘diet’ or regimen, with less carbs, mostly vegetables and proteins. We did have milk with the little ones at snack time. I was a preschool teacher with an integrated classroom (8 with disabilities/special needs and 4 typical role models, same combination morning and afternoon.) I sure did love those 9 years of teaching with her. Just saw her last Friday, since we try hard to catch up over texts and letters, but rarely get together. I am finished filling you in. I will be over to read what you have been up to!
      “Outlander,” may be on a special channel? I have the regular ones, not Showtime, HBO, or British channel. Hm,,, will check out my t.v. guide to see why. I have heard this is wonderful! Thanks, Yolanda!

      • I think Outlander is on Showtime Robin. Apologies for the short and quick response but I am working through the weekend (tradeshow). You should be very proud of the changes you have made Robin 🙂 I tried the Atkins diet for a little while a few years back and it does work but I’m not sure it’s the healthiest alternative 😀 luckily for me exercise seems to keep the pounds off.

    • I think this would be fun, I would like to be a reporter and sent on assignments with unique people (not famous people) as my subject matters. Not too far away from my blog topics, but the time to do this,instead of working 2 out of 5 days from 7 am until 6 pm! I am so blessed to be at my good friends’ house, while they are out of town, watching their kitties. I plan to have my little girl ‘grandies’ over tomorrow night, with a lot of Barbies and dress ups, stored in my car trunk… I love your chats, Jen! xoxo

    • Np worries, you need rest. A lot of things probably on your mind,hard to get solid sleep when your mind is going a mile a minute. I deleted that short one, Jen. I have a lot to catch up… smile and will be speaking to you, over at your place! Hugs, Robin

  8. Hey Robin, I hope I have caught all your blogs. My daughter was here for a long fall break. Yes, I love Tom Hanks, and I am sorry he has diabetes. I just watched “Cast A Way” the other night and felt so tied to him (always have been) Such an amazing actor. I liked your post, as always!

    • Thank you, Hollis for this nice comment section and also, adding a challenging role that Tom Hanks took on, what a movie, just he, nature, water and his best ‘friend’ the ball! Wow! That showed talent, Hollis!
      I hope you had a wonderful visit with your daughter. I had very long, busy days (7 am until 6 pm)
      Oh, just heard that Misty did die… So sad, her family and friends feel it was murder and not suicide. too bad, too young…
      Hugs and smiles for your sweet smiling self there, hope your weekend is wonderful and relaxing, too!

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