Halloween’s “A’coming!”


My two precious granddaughters, who I labeled the “M & M’ girls were over last night.

We built a slide out of my youngest daughter’s discarded yoga mat and pillows. We

played with my oldest daughter’s Barbies, recently donated to join my collection. She

is the one who has two boys… We played ‘make-up’ and ‘dress-up’ along with reading

all of my Fall books. They still like the story about the two mice who are on two sides of

a pumpkin, tending it and growing it into the, “The Biggest Pumpkin Ever.” They also

liked the simple cardboard preschool books about pumpkins and trick or treater’s. The

last reminder of a great book for this season is, “The Nutty Nut Chase ” book.

We watched the  original “101 Dalmatians” with the scene animations being so lovely,

designed to entrance and bewitch the viewers with fall leaves and engrossing, dangerous

winter scenes. My Marley exclaimed about the chubby puppy who I think is named “Rowdy,”

“That puppy needs a diet!” I noticed that the man of the household is smoking a pipe, which

would not ‘do’ in today’s children’s cartoon movies. (I have to say in the ‘old days’ I would not

have even thought twice about weight problems of puppies nor smoking pipes in my dad’s or

granddad’s mouths.) This came up with my Santa Claus which is porcelain and old-fashioned

“‘Twas the Night before Christmas” books, all still having pipes with smoke circling the head

of Santa Claus l, by ever observant children.

When we were finally settling in to sleep it was around eleven o’clock. I was ‘pooped,’ but wished

to ask what they would be for Halloween. They are BOTH going as “Elsa’s” character from the

movie they so love, called, “Frozen.” Would they go as ‘twins?’ No, they would not since they

are the same person both being, “Elsa.” I so love that no one says, that silly word, “Duh!”


I mentioned that I will be up at my Mom’s for the holiday. They asked, almost in unison,

“Why can’t you I be here with us?”

I remind them each time this subject matter comes up, “I hope you will be with me when I get

old and come visit me when it is my birthday.”

Wouldn’t you know 6 year old Marley woke up and asked me to get out the art supplies. Even

before they ate the pancakes I had made them!

I required the two little girls to go “Clean up first.” I began singing the “Clean up” song which

caused  Makyah, age  3, to groan and moan. I ignored her, getting paper, scissors, markers,

crayons, lots of stickers out (I had quite a supply when I left preschool special ed. Paid for, as

I used to always do, with my own money for extra seasonal supplies and books.) While Marley

laid on the ground, Miss Drama Queen, Marley got right down to business, used to

this responsibility in her kindergarten classroom.

They put pumpkins, scarecrows and turkeys on 5 x 7 index cards saying,

“Nana, please write, ‘Happy Birthday, Great Grammie O’.”

Marley needed help to copy some of the letters, but is able to write her and Kyah’s names.

Kyah added lots of “x’s” and “o’s” to hers while Marley could write out “I love you lots!”

They stapled them into a little book for my Mom to get on November first, her #86.

We headed back to their house at noon, since Mommy was going to make them lunch.

I gave them hugs and said, “See you Tuesday for your brother, Landen’s birthday and

thanks for the lovely cards for my Mom who will adore them!

Both my daughter and daughter-in-law will send Mom and me photos via cell phones of

the six grandkids. My son doesn’t text me often except to send me a ‘thinking of you’ or a

‘I love you because…’


Here is an (hopefully) amusing joke! You know my source, who is very reliable in her

twice weekly letters to me, inserting news articles about Cleveland, Ohio and other senior

and health related subjects!



“You know you are too old to Trick or Treat when. . .”


#10. You keep knocking on your own front door.


#9. You remove your false teeth/wig/hair piece to change your appearance.


#8. You ask for soft high fiber candy only.


#7. When someone drops a candy bar in your bag, and you lose your balance and fall over.


#6. People admire your great Boris Karloff mask and you aren’t wearing a mask.

(You may insert Abe Vigoda or other aged people who have character in their wrinkles…)


#5. When the door opens and others yell words, but you forget to say, “Trick or Treat.”


#4. By the end of the night, you have a bag of restraining orders.


#3. You have to carefully choose a costume that doesn’t dislodge your hairpiece.

Or one that covers up your body challenges…

**No slutty nurse costumes for you anymore! (women)

**No more Superman costumes; more likely the Pillsbury Dough boy would work. (men)

(ha ha ha)


#2. You are the only Power Ranger or Sleeping Beauty princess with a walker or a cane,

in the neighborhood.


And, as David Lettermen would say,

“The Number One Reason Seniors SHOULD NOT Go Trick or Treating Anymore. . .


(Are you ready for this one?. . . It directly applies to me and my own elderly problems…!!)


#1. You keep having to walk home to use the bathroom!










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  1. I used to sing clean up song while I taught in Euro Kids, kinder garden class, as soon as I started singing tiny tots used to collect their toys and keep it back in the bucket. It was fun watching them doing cleaning to get a candy at the end. small joys of life. I would say still not too old ! 🙂

    • I am so glad you know the “Clean Up” song, Soul! I am glad you shared this job and its responsibilities here, I had not known you had done this. It is good to know and also, enjoyed your retelling the joys of teaching them how to collect their toys and put them in a bucket. I am glad you rewarded their good behavior with a piece of candy, too. Such a simple lesson, but really big source of joy, in my mind!
      Oh, and never too old to clean up and have a treat!

    • It is always nice to hear I am not the only one with this problem, especially need to be careful of my caffeine, not because it keeps me up, just the reason mentioned. Thanks, Brenda for this compliment about my grandies! I bet you and yours are ‘gearing up’ for Halloween, too. My oldest daughter makes their costumes, Skyler is going as one of the neon green soldiers in “Toy Story,” and Micah is a character she is using a burlap bag to make him into “Sack Boy” from a video game, I believe. (smiles?!)

      • I believe mine want to be things I have never heard of from mine craft and Dr. Who and such. Except my girl, she is going to be a good witch. 🙂 I still understand her. Hugs, Brenda

      • You know I have never heard of “Sack Boy,” but my 5 year old grandson, Micah wants to be this. I guess it is out of a game, also. It is going to be made out of burlap, hope he isn’t scratchy or itchy! I am surprised about Dr. Who but do hear my grandies talking often about “Adventure Time” and “Minecraft.” Brenda, will need to read some of your poetry to be my last words tonight. Just get me in the sleepy frame of mind… smiles and hugs, good night, my friend…

  2. See we don’t celebrate Halloween here, though the last five or so years it has grown in interest.
    I am bad, well Mr.S are both guilty. We don’t celebrate, we don’t remember, we don’t have anything for trick or treaters…so when they knock on the door, we hide..yup we hide 🐭🐸🐯

    • Oh, my goodness! I have a friend, her name (also) is Jenny. I talk about her a lot! (I set her up with a man I met in a video store 21 years ago… they had their 20th anniversary this September.) Anyway, she hides, doesn’t turn the lights on or anything! Her neighborhood is quite popular.
      When I was married for those 13 years, (ending in 2006), we had over 200 people come to our door! I loved this so much, my kids would help me pass candy out, sit and talk to the parents. I only had one grandchild when we sold our house and he was too little to collect candy, but Sky enjoyed his first Halloween on our doorstep.

  3. Haha! I do love the kids who dress up and come around so excited. But I love it even more when they have parents with them who are dressed up and making it a wonderful family experience. 🙂

    • I love families who go out together and enjoy this time. I also like parents who wear something that is festive, if not a costume. It is a great time to see your neighbors and I used to make up special bags for ones I knew, pulling them out to give the kids with stickers and little toys included.
      My friends and I were saying we miss the days when there would be someone who had popcorn balls, apples or frosted cookies. Yummy and special, these days you may worry about what was in them or who had made them…

    • I cannot hardly get them to go home, Jill! I love them so much, as all the grandies are special. But those girls, they like the same things I like to do! My grandsons are all about flashlights and going on campus and playing hide and seek, behind the trees or games in the apartment. I don’t have many ‘cool’ boy toys and won’t get video game equipment…Thanks for telling me you love the “101” movie, Jill. also the countdown, I embellished it a bit! smiles!

  4. it sounds like you have so much fun with each other, no wonder they so look forward to it and want you to be around for every occasion. you are so right about the movies and how people look at them differently now, but i still love those classics anyway, just as they are )

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