These four simple quotes are meant to bring you some bright thoughts along with

your daily walk in life. Finding meaning in any one of these will make me feel good,

passing on some gems I found.

Please let me know what is bringing you special smiles around where you live lately.


~* There are 1440 minutes in  a day. Remember to use them wisely. *~


~* “How beautiful the leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.” *~

(John Burroughs)


~* “Every leaf speaks bliss to me,

fluttering from the autumn tree.” *~

(Emily Bronte)


~* “Winter is an etching.

~* Spring a watercolor.

~* Summer an oil painting.

~* Autumn a mosaic of them all.” *~

(Stanley Horowitz)


This just reminds me of James Taylor’s song that begins with those memorable lyrics:

“Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall,

All you have to do is call. . .”

“You’ve Got A Friend.”


Simplicity While Seasons Change


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    • Oh, so glad that someone knows their math and I will change this part immediately! I heard this on the radio but didn’t have a scrap of paper, sometimes I just spit things out and think it will magically be correct! ha ha!

      • A favorite motto of mine is, “Always do the math!” In this case, I figured it was just a typo — thinking “minutes” but typing “seconds.” Or, as you say, not quite recalling some snippet you heard in passing.

  1. Great thoughts Robin! Just yesterday morning on my walk, I noticed how often I smiled as I walked past a garden overloaded with spring-time scents. Sometimes I find myself acting like the puppy – nostrils flare and I pause briefly while catching all the fine aromas floating about on the air. Most enjoyable!

    • This is because you are one who appreciates using all your senses. I am glad you shared this example of what you did while on your walk yesterday morning, Pauline! Was Siddy also sniffing the flowers and scents? I like your use of ‘fine aromas’ when it comes to garden fragrances. Smiles!

      • Siddy’s nose is glued to the grass verges and lamp-posts apparently are a most delectable source of doggie pleasure 🙂 I think the finer points of spring flower gardens float over his head – literally!

    • We are friends, you know. I believe you also forgive when I don’t always have a chance to visit and then madly, like a crazy woman, read and comment on your posts! You are a prolific writer, Rashmi! smiles and hugs, too!

      • I am glad you find me crazy but sweet, Soul. I guess I cannot pretend to be any other way, as I am glad you are a real person, who shares yourself on your posts, too. I respect the quality you show there. I will be getting around to writing my acknowledgment post, probably on Friday. Smiles!

    • Since I am a small, part time artist, I pictured exactly what he was saying, pen and ink drawings of bare trees, ‘etchings’ then watercolors, the full oil painting treatment and then, the mosaic… oh, such great descriptions! So glad I found this….

    • Thank you for sharing how your smiles were made today, Colleen! Since helping family and a beautiful walk (in a lovely place) were special parts of your day. I would like to see the color explode, but I have seen some lovely brilliant individual examples!

  2. i love these robin, each in their own way. i’m happy during this time, as it’s my favorite season, i love the colors, the leaves, playing, raking, and getting ready for halloween.

    • Thank you, Beth for telling me about the wonderful reasons you love fall! They are so sweet and I agree with them! I am glad you liked the quotes, ‘each in their own way.’ You say the nicest things!

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