I think automatically of my locker in high school, when I think of ‘combinations.’

My grandkids like to mix up their sodas, at those dispensers in fast food places,

what we used to call ‘suicides.’ Now, not so appropriate of a label, not one I would

want to try to explain to the ‘grandies.’ Some hodge podge of stuff, arts, music and

strange surprise may interest you in this post.

There have been some fun things that have

come across my path, in the past week, so here goes my silly list of ‘combinations.’


1.  Weird Sodas, Soft Drinks or Pops:

*Did you know that Tab still exists? It is still available in supermarkets, along with

being sold in South Africa, Spain, Norway, United States and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Also, it was the number one beverage sold at the place where famous people used

to gather:  Studio 54. Did you know since 1998, Studio 54 has become the home of a

theater called, Roundabout Theater Company? It had been in another location existing

since 1965. Also, if you knew about this, did you know in the basement there still is a

place to meet friends and hope for someone to spot called, 54 Below?


*Jones Soda Company sells some wonderful tasting sodas. I like their fruit flavored ones,

often grape or orange reminding me of the days my Dad would bring home a wooden

crate of Cotton Club pops. Crème soda, yummy! Well, did you know Jones Soda Co.

makes a flavor called PB & Jelly?

Also, during the holidays, seriously Jones Soda has sold what they call the “Holiday

Pack” with two flavors you could not pay me to drink: Mashed Potatoes and the odd

combination of Turkey and Gravy. I would like to see the sales numbers for those two



*Ski Pop, which is like Surge or Mt. Dew, but some consider a ‘poor’ substitute. Here

in Ohio, some recent statistics on this brand have explained that in Vinton County,

chicken farmers give this to their chickens to drink. Huh? Can anyone explain the

purpose of this? I can just imagine those ‘hyperactive’ chickens in their yards…


*Dr. Brown’s Soda has a flavor called “Celery” and it sells well in New York City



*Rocket Fizz Brand Sodas produces “Lester’s Fixin’s” with two flavors called, Ranch

Dressing and Buffalo Wings. So, thanks to Lester, you can buy both flavors and skip

the cooking…


*Live, fermented soda, Kombucha comes in multiple flavors, like Ginger, Lemon,

Orange, Doctor, Cola and Cucumber Cayenne. That last one may manage to cover the

stinky smell.  Sorry, I have had this homemade version of battery acid and am not sure

I will ever acquire taste for it. I was fascinated, because coincidentally, right after I read

the article about the flavored Kombucha ‘sodas,’ I saw on my most recent favorite comedy

someone who makes this. (It is a nice show, even for families, too bad it is not going to

make it.) “About A Boy” includes Minnie Driver playing a single mother character. This

episode is focusing on her neighbor’s moving away. She makes homemade kombucha

and stores it in the dumb waiter elevator that connects her apartment to the handsome

and quirky neighbor’s, who is her son’s ‘best friend.’ He opens it and accidentally tips

one of her jars of concoction over. I saw in the male actor’s face, exactly my feelings

about kombucha; Yuck!

* Placenta Soda. Gross!

* Leninade, with Lenin, the communist’s name inserted in its product brand.

*Sickenly sweet, but I still like these two flavors that are a little different: Cotton Candy

and Strawberry Watermelon Faygo soda pops.



2. Robert Landau took outstanding, definitive photographs of the famous billboards along

Sunset Strip, which were on exhibit at Capitol University, Columbus, Ohio. You may check

the iconic and historic photographs of the poster-styled billboards, along with the urban legend

that Mick Jagger ‘defaced’ his own Rolling Stones billboard. There’s a compilation book available

of  Landau’s photos found in a 2012 book of his collection. There were in ‘the day’ people who

specialized in hand painting some of these memorable, vintage billboards. The years they were

most prevalent were from 1960 – 1980. Reading about renowned L.A. photographer, Landau,

was one of the most pleasant parts of the past two weeks of ‘combinations,’ I ran into while

collecting various news items.


3. Sour Patch Kids’ gum, flavored orange by Stride, has an interesting inside the pack,

design. It includes a Pirate map with the fun words of:

“The taste of orange boards your tongue and storms your taste buds. Then sweetly

serenades you with a sea shanty and a little pirate-y jig.”

So creative and you may find yourself tearing apart their other flavors of Sour Patch

Kids’ gum, which also comes in ‘red’ and ‘lime.’ (Not sure what flavor ‘red’ is?)


4. Jeff Dunham is going to be performing in Columbus, Ohio. Just recently heard about

him while visiting someone’s blog. He is a weird ventriloquist who sometimes uses

skeletons and creepy subjects in his comedy routine. He is seven years younger than I

am which makes it unusual that he became a ventriloquist. Seems it was becoming ‘out

of fashion’ during the time he was able to practice this unusual skill. Danny O’Day was

one of my brother’s ‘dummies’ and he enjoyed trying to ‘throw his voice.’ He is very

talented in his YouTube videos…


5. Music Trivia:

*Have you heard Lorde’s song, “Mockingjay?” Do you like it?

*Have you listened to Neil Diamonds’ new album titled, “Melody Road?”

Oh please, someone go with me to see my favorite (individual) musician

while he performs in Columbus, Ohio on 3/28/2015.

I can buy my own ticket, but many of my friends would prefer to spend that amount of

money on a group. Sure, I would like to hear Bob Seger, playing with the J.Geils Band,

(who I heard last in person, at the Cleveland Agora, aged 20 or so…) Or Boston or The

Manhatten Transfer, but Neil!  I really would be so excited to see him in concert…


*Buckey Country’s annual Superfest will include Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton,

Rascal Flatts along with a crew of country musicians in the two day event, held

in the Ohio Stadium on June 20 and 21st, 2015. Tickets last year were around

$70 a day, my friend and coworker, Tina shared.


*As I was heading to my Mom’s for vacation, I said ‘goodbye’ to many people. Many

were wishing me good times with my family. Which wasironic since after clocking out

on Friday, October 24, 2014,  I turned on my car, to hearthe nostalgic strains of Simon

and Garfunkel’s song playing on the radio,

“Sitting in the railway station. …” Yep, you guessed it. … “Homeward Bound.”


6. Art:

* At the Wexner Center, located on Ohio State University campus,  has

a thrilling experience in store for you should you wish to see the exclusive

exhibit titled, “Transfigurations.” It is from Les Wexner’s private, limited

art collection that includes Susan Rothenberg, Willem de Kooning, Picasso,

Giacometti, and Dubuffet. You may view them through December 31st. They

are considered Modern Masters. The Picasso is a reclining woman and is quite

large and interesting. One reviewer had to go back and look at it again, it is

entrancing in its own unique perspective of a nude woman.


*The public domain of Frankenstein memorabilia will be on exhibit in the

Homeport Gallery, where artist and filmmaker, Celia M. Peters, shares her

collection. She has different subject matters that are also considered, public

domain, where no need to have permission to reproduce, Shakespeare,

Beethoven and Dorian Gray, for example. The horror film subject matter

seems appropriate for Halloween viewing.


* Open Door Art Studio will show in Grandview all kinds of multi-media Halloween

objects. This includes zombies, werewolves, witches, monsters in costumes and

masquerade attire for your interest in memorabilia.



Okay, tell me:  Which was the most bizarre part of my combinations post?


A quotation from Dubuffet,

“Without bread, we die of hunger.

Without art, we die of boredom.”

Dubuffet’s artwork is featured at Wexner’s special show, “Transfigurations.”



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  1. Bizarre? A post combining Simon and Garfunkel, celery soda, Mick Jagger, ventriloquists, and your mother among other things? I call that going on Robin’s Rollercoaster and it’s awesome. By the way, It was on our friend Nancy’s blog that we talked about Jeff Dunham and that dead terrorist bit is one of the funniest things ever. “Silence!”

    • Thanks so much for filling me in with the source of my info on Jeff Dunham! So glad I added Nancy to my One Lovely Blog award post on Sunday so ‘credit would be given where credit is due!!’ ha ha! I am glad that you feel the roller coaster is awesome, Barb. I appreciate this comment very much!

    • I am on vacation all week, until I go home and have to prepare for work on November 3rd! I finally finished my awards post, Rashmi! Thanks for the One Lovely Blog award! You are an extra special friend, you may check out Halloween fun posts on the wordpress blogs! The season of Autumn matched with carved pumpkins and costumes is quite exciting! Smiles!

  2. Here on the West Coast they have Leninade… Yes Leninade. Their motto is a soda worth standing in line for. It’s orange soda.. Nice post

    • I just wondered how in the world they chose this title, but didn’t have time to check it out! I am up at my Mom’s enjoying the lake weather, was warm at 73 degrees and we went adventuring… Thank you for adding to this post and giving my sodas list ‘credibility!’

  3. “Homeward Bound’…one of my favorite Simon and Garfunkel songs, Robin. I remember being so nervous the first day of junior high school, I was afraid I would forget my locker combination and be late for class.

    • I am so glad you wrote about nervousness and locker combinations, Jill! This was certainly one of my thoughts when I wrote this post. Sorry to bring up a slightly negative connotation but memories of junior high overall were good, I hope! I wrote my combination on my wrist each year from junior high through high school on the first day of classes. Too hectic to go searching in my notebooks to find it while rushing around, adjusting to class schedules…
      I love almost every one of the S & G songs from those years, along with Paul Simon’s solo songs! “Homeward Bound” is one that is definitely close to the top on my list!

  4. Ha! I chuckled my way through this post! I make kombucha and LOVE it 🙂 It is a probiotic rich taste delight. It only becomes vinegary when over-cultured. I wouldn’t drink any kind of commercial soda for all the money in China – it is full of sugar and chemicals that kill you! Look at the current research.

    I loved Neil Diamond when I was young – not so sure any more. But Simon and Garfunkle are still my favourites. I saw them here in my first arena concert in the late 70’s sometime.

    I loved your varied combinations – so interesting and I love how you make all the connections. Great fun!

    • Robin’s post was like a trip down memory lane, apart from the amazing sounding drink mixes – we don’t have anything quite so lavish here! I saw Simon and Garfunkel at Wembley Stadium in the late seventies and Bridge Over Troubled Water was the first album I ever bought.

      • It was probably the same world tour Jenny – us in our blooming youth in our countries capitals loving the boys from the US!! While not the first album [that was The Beatles] BOTW was a great favourite for many years and went from LP to tape to CD and now I have an itunes copy 🙂

      • I am so glad that you and Pauline have this particular concert tour in mind. I saw Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, along with Carly Simon, Carole King, and James Taylor at the George McGovern convention in Cleveland. Robert Redford and Paul Newman were among the notable ushers. My girlfriends parents took us both and we were so thrilled. I have the 45’s of many of S & G’s singles, but never owned the album… Fun times and enjoyed reading about both Pauline and your memories, Jenny!
        The drinks are ones I ran into in a local magazine, and went off on that as a tangent, sometimes just wanting to share them with others. Thanks for sharing about Wembley Stadium, Jenny!

    • Pauline, so funny and glad you made sure everyone who reads my comments will realize, if they haven’t tried kombucha, it is very well enjoyed! I have a youngest daughter who makes it, along with all kinds of healthy smoothies from fruits, protein powders and includes some kale, cucumber and lime combos, in her offerings… I have tasted almost all of the flavors she comes up with but the smell is a little off-putting of some….
      I am glad I had you chuckling and enjoying how I stretched the connections like a rubber band! Smiles!

  5. Tab was absolutely, without a doubt, the worst-tasting diet soda ever, Robin. Yucko!! Though I think it should now taste better than Mashed Potatoes or Turkey and Gravy flavors. Doctor Brown’s, yup. I’ve loved the Cream Soda flavor back when. I could try the celery, I’ve seen it here in Syracuse, but haven’t tried it, haven’t seen it in diet version.

    My dear wife Karen and I are going to see Neil Diamond in Washington D.C. on April 4. She bought us the tickets, plane tickets, and three nights in the hotel as our anniversary present. She wants to mark both seeing Neil and the cherry blossoms in our nation’s capital off her bucket list. I can’t wait. I hope you find somebody to go with you out there, my friend.

    I loved the way you segued from Simon and Art Garfunkel’s ‘Homeward Bound’ — love it! — to Art as your next topic. Best of times with your mom and family at home, my friend.

    • I am pleased at how you notice those little segues, Mark! Thanks for letting me know that Neil Diamond is also one of your favorites, shared by Karen! Oh, it will be such a lovely time of year, as you mentioned to go to Washington D.C.! Cannot wait to hear about the concert and the cherry blossoms, too! Hugs!

      • Please update us about getting somebody to go with you to see Neil your way, Robin. There has to be somebody. Have you tried to message Colleen of Chatter?

      • I am thankful for your opinions on the Tab soda and other beverages, Mark! I did ask Colleen if she were in central Ohio and interested in going to see Neil Diamond in the Spring. I appreciate your informing me of that possibility!
        I will keep asking and a lot of different people may change their mind, as I am persuasive and sometimes an ‘organizer!’ Thanks for encouraging me and don’t you worry, somehow I will find someone to go, Mark! Smiles!

  6. I’ve been a tad busy over here. I slept twelve hours the other day to make up for all of my spent energy. Soda pop combos was a fun section. Since I Know of Dr. Browns. Though I like the cream better than the celery which I think just tastes more like club soda. Celery really doesn’t have a taste. I’m not sure why celery is such a big deal in cooking – you know that special combo of carrots, onions and celery. Celery might be good for fiber, but not so much after you cook it and it really has zero nutritional value.

    Anyway thanks for your visits and and enjoyable post to read while Little Miss has her morning nap. 🙂

    • Little Miss (Princess) taking a nap. Such a sweet picture comes to mind. Sorry that you have spent up a lot of energy and so glad you took the time to catch up and get rest, Jules! I think it is so cool, since you have tasted Dr. Brown’s cream soda, I agree, why make a celery flavored one? This is just weird! I could not resist, once I got started making that list, adding more strange concoctions… glad it was fun to read, it was fun to make! Hugs!

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