Spirit of Halloween “Lives” in These Vehicles!


Halloween Cars and Vehicles

In Delaware, a group of Zombies climb annually out of a rented

Hearse. They turn on the music of “Thriller,” sung by Michael

Jackson. My children and grandchildren tell me this Halloween

tradition lives on, in Delaware, Ohio.

Mom and I were happy to get up, she put on a black and white

top, an orange sweater along with a white ghost pin. I wore this

Halloween shirt, that has spiders’ webs, with black velvet spiders

and a haunted house. On the back of this shirt, which has orange

sleeves is a very large velvet spider. I walked with Mom down to

get our pumpkin donuts, frosted in cream cheese icing, along with

a cup of cider and one of coffee, too. We passed some of the candy

out to the morning servers, teens that Mom has connected with,

over the past two years.

I read a great summary of several famous vehicles that embody the

spirit of Halloween and need to give, Terry Troy credit for his news

in the Automobile Sales pages of Wednesday’s Cleveland Plain Dealer.


Here are the three vehicles that will go in order of ‘scary’ effects:

#1.  “Christine,” from Stephen King’s book is a 1958 Plymouth Fury,

who is filled with Satan’s soul, according to the thrilling novel. They

used between 20 or more Fury cars, some were destroyed in stunts or

used for parts. This “Christine” is indestructible and a determined “fury.”


#2. “Duel” is a memorable horror story of a 1955 Peterbilt 281 tanker truck,

who is chasing through the desert and mountain two lane roads, poor mild-

mannered Dennis Weaver’s character. He is driving a Plymouth Valiant, 1971.

This was, by the way, Stephen Spielberg’s first feature length movie, a triumph

in suspense and deadly scenes, released in 1971. Loud and scary horn is sounded

in a seemingly ‘driver-less’ truck that is relentless in its pursuit.


#3. “The Munsters”  television series was funny and not so scary, in my mind, as

the more hauntingly creepy “The Addams Family.” In the show, the Munster

family has two vehicles of note. One that you see more often is that of the family

car, called “Munster K0ach.” Fred Munster would take the family out for a drive

and the neighbors and other travelers on the road would pull over. This strange

but fun vehicle consists actually of three Ford Model T’s cut up and reconnected.

This iconic car was assembled by the famous George Barris, famous for other

television and movie vehicles. His other car constructions consist of the Batmobile,

Beverly Hillbillies Truck and KITT from Knight Rider show.

The “Munster Koach” used to tour with Fall car shows around the country. There

was a year it made it to the Marion Southland Mall, where my three children were

able to peek inside and see the red velvet interior, similar to the fabric used in caskets.

The goggle-wearing “Grandpa” character played by the great Al Lewis, was called,

“Drag-U-La” and was designed by Tom Daniel and built by George Barris.




Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

Also, hope you enjoyed this post paying homage to creepy Halloween vehicles, found

in movies and television.

Do you have a scary movie to add, whether or not it holds a vehicle?


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    • This was a great way for my three children to enjoy the Ohio Wesleyan drama team, who rent a hearse for this, traveling Delaware, Ohio streets… Since my Mom’s birthday is on the day after Halloween, I made a promise to always take my second vacation each year since she moved here two and a half years ago. This is only my second Halloween I have missed spending with my grandies, but they make pretty cards and paintings for my Mom, their great grammie O.
      Glad to help you remember to take ‘Thriller’ out and play it, Hollis! I love that MJ also included Vincent Price, right?

  1. No vehicle in it but may I add The Conjuring. That was one hell of a scary movie, drove my sleep away for weeks. By far the scariest movie ever for me. What makes it even more scary is that it’s said to be a true story.

  2. It is so good to read about Halloween ! Especially when it is not as big affair as yours in our country. It would be perfect to see your pic dressed in shirt that had spider’s webs, and a haunted house.Have fun Robin !
    Oh yes, the most scary movie for me will always be ‘ The Exorcist’ directed by William Friedkin where a twelve year old girl possessed by demons was saved by a priest. IT was SCARY.

    • I appreciate this so much, S n S! I like it when people add to my post, this movie, “The Exorcist” was incredibly realistic and scary, too! Thanks and hope you have a wonderful weekend, Rashmi! Hugs, Robin

    • Thanks, Cindy! I had to get off the computer on this day. I enjoyed my times with my Mom, trying to come back down if she were doing her crossword puzzle or napping, each time foiled by a solitaire or Candy Crush game addict! Smiles at this little frowning devil!

  3. We don’t celebrate Halloween here, and I have never seen the movies or TV shows you and others listed – I am sadly lacking in the ‘scary’ gene obviously. I did read ‘The Exorcist’ when it first came out and it horrified me so much I couldn’t see the movie or read another horror book ever 🙂

    • The book, “The Exorcist,” was even more scary to me than the movie. Some of the scenes described in the book really sent chills down my back. With the movie, I recall some people laughing at scenes that weren’t supposed to be funny.

    • I agree with you on most horror or scary movies, although the suspense of Alfred Hitchcock movies, overrides my fears. I enjoyed North by Northwest and also, “Rear Window.” Pauline, thanks for letting me know your true feelings and habits, it is good to know details like this! smiles!

      • Suspense is different isn’t it – I quite enjoyed most of AH’s work too – though I never saw Psycho 🙂 I just don’t like being terrified I guess. When I was very young I went to the ‘Midnights’ with my new boyfriend. Films that started about 11.30 and were usually Vincent Price in Edgar Allan Poe stories. I was so terrified and chewed a hole in my new boyfriends new jersey [sweater] …….. Traumatised for life! I’ve always been thankful I don’t live in a country that celebrates Halloween – I’d be a wreck every year.

      • Pauline, this image of you being terrified makes me sad, mainly because he should have changed his plans, knowing how you felt about the subject matter! Chewing a hole in his new jersey, wow! The Edgar Allan Poe story, “The Telltale Heart” is very scary, I agree! I have missed many of those, now I shall be grateful for this! Hugs for this and thanks for the smiles and comments!

      • I feel I must protect this long lost first love Robin and tell you he did not know I would be so scared – even I did not know! I distinctly remember being so excited at the thought of this late night foray into the city and seeing a movie when normally I would be asleep in bed….. So young!! Sigh 🙂 Looking back now through the mists of time I see I was mostly scared about everything back then. Luckily for me so much has changed 🙂

        PS I believe it may have been that movie – the beating heart – eeeeeek – even now…….

      • Oh, Pauline, I am so sorry that now you have the possibly ‘guilty’ title in your mind! Vanquish it, think of one of your favorite songs or books and maybe the whole thing (that we just spoke about) will disappear! smiles and hugs!

    • I like the fun with kids, also. I miss being with my grandies, but my children sent me photos of their costumes and pumpkins they carved, too! I like the silly Munsters and have watched, “Christine” and “Duel.” They aren’t really scary, more stunt driven and psychological. I think fun is much better way to fill your minds with good things.

  4. I’m such a chicken, I’ve never seen the classics: The Exorcist, Damien, Night of the Living Dead, etc. I used to watch the original Halloween and Psycho, those were my favorite. Now, I can’t even watch them. 😦
    Happy Halloween, Robin!

    • I think as we get older, we realize the best things are good, happy and healthy subject matters, Jill! I posted this more about the vehicles, since it was one that may be of interest to some, also like to attract some male readers! Ha ha!

    • Thanks, Beth! I am glad you filled me in on this! I went straight to the last post I wrote and forgot to check back here where my friends were so kind to write. On Halloween, though, I do know the Candy Crush lady was on the computer at Mom’s senior living Pub! Smiles!

  5. I cannot sit through a horror movie since seeing Rosemary’s Baby at too young and impressionable an age. Although I made it through The Shining, I have never sat through The Exorcist.

    What a fun post. You are quite the custom auto aficionado! Now, if only there were still some pumpkin donuts left over to savor this Halloween night. I hope your time with your mother was special. – Mike

  6. That film Duel is one of the scariest I’ve seen.. I loved the Munsters when I was a kid. I used to watch it with my Dad. And Beverley Hill Billies – I’d forgotten about them!

    • I sure did like Beverly Hillbillies and the Munsters, they were different from the Westerns my Dad sometimes chose to watch! Thanks for liking this and commenting, too. I think “Duel” is scary more so as I age!

  7. Nightmare on Elm Street? Exorcist? Friday the 13th? Hand that rocked the cradle? The Omen? When a stranger calls? That’s pretty much all I can think of right now, don’t think any had a car as the star 😒

  8. I can think of many scary movies, but none that include stand-out cars. Wonderful post, Robin.

    We’ll be seeing a friend of ours star in the play, “The Adams Family,” on Sunday. That should be fun. I recall that Grandpa Munster Al Lewis ran for Governor in New York State once. I don’t know if it would have more scary if he won. 😉

    • I loved the way Addams Family came from the mind of a person who drew them as kind of a comic. I do think the show will be great and glad you are going. We are both theater fans! I am laughing at Al Lewis running for an office, too!

      • The Addams Family – a musical – was terrific. So many great lines. Our friend, Rob Landers, who played Gomez, sang a duet with daughter, Wednesday, that was so bittersweet: “Happy Sad.” I told him that it’s a song that many parents can relate to – even the kooky Addams Family. 😉

      • Oh, Judy! So glad you got back to me about this musical and let me know of one of the songs that is both touching and meaningful to anyone, parents especially. I love that word, “kooky” when it comes to those silly Addams Family shows and now, hope to see the musical someday. I did not mind the movie version of “Sweeney Todd” along with other ones that may have seemed weird subject matters! Somehow the music and plot all becomes part of a fantasy world, no need to have to make it real all the time! I am so glad that you knew the man, Rob, who played Gomez’s character. He is one of my favorite ones, along with Morticia! Wednesday was a great but almost ‘gothic’ little girl. Smiles!

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    • I am glad you notice I do try to follow up. I am grateful for those who have patience with my spurts of posting and responding. It is hard but I am happy I have been able to continue blogging at the library, where sometimes I get only 15 minutes to an hour, if there is a wait line, while other times I get a couple of hours. Thanks and sending you blessings for understanding and appreciating my blog and comments, too.

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