Beloved Companions


This is a simple post with some quotes and thoughts about pets,

especially the four-legged creatures that are pups and hounds.

If you are a cat-lover, as my dear friend Jenny is, you may still

enjoy the quotes. One had a photo of a group of pets, two dogs

and a cat looking out the window for their owner.

I believe domestic animals of many kinds, can be our ‘children’

or our ‘angels in disguise.’ Native Americans believe their are

special ‘spirits’ inhabited in wild animals, too.


“Some of our greatest historical and artistic

treasures we place with curators in museums;

others we take for walks.”

(Found with a photo of a beagle pup, leash in his cute

puppy mouth.)

~ Roger Caras ~


“One of our oldest human needs

is having someone wonder

where you are when you don’t

come home at night.”

(Accompanied by a photo of a cat, beagle and Labrador

retriever gazing out the picture window.)

~ Margaret Meade ~


“I always say,

Friends are the family

we choose,

Is it any wonder dogs are


‘Man’s best friend?'”

(Anonymous. Accompanied by a photo of an Irish retriever

licking the face of an elderly man in a wheel chair.)


“Family Circle,” February, 2014 had this collection of

subscribers’ comments about the ways people cherished

their pets, who had passed on.


“In Memory Of. . .”


1. “We used her ashes on the two dogwood trees we

planted. Which you can see outside our windows.

She’s helping them grow.”


2. “I put his name tag on my key ring.”


3. “I donated to the animal shelter in her name.”


4. “I have his paw print and his picture in a frame.”


5. “I bought a beautiful hand-stamped, personalized

necklace with her name on it.”


6. “I made a memorial shadow box for our beloved



There was an interesting pie chart that included the figures

of how long it took to get another animal after the loss of a

beloved pet, labeled:

“Healing Heart.”


It was divided into four quadrants:

27% answered, “I still haven’t replaced my pet.”

26% mentioned it took them, “Over a year.”

26% said they were ready in, “A few months.”

Only 21% waited a ‘few weeks.’


It reminded me of my Dad, when he had taken our dogs to the pound

to get them euthanized. He was unable to come back home without

another dog or puppy in his arms. He had never owned a pet while a

boy. The house and walks in parks and neighborhoods, he felt, would

never have been the same without them.

Mom often says her dog, Nicki, who she got a year after my Dad passed

away, (when she had the veterinarian take her Cassie out of her painful

existence) will ‘break my heart when she goes…’


I only hope her heart will heal.


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    • I appreciate this period of mourning, Mark. I do think it is a good idea. I am so glad you did get dear Ellie B., since she is one I look forward to seeing, not having a pet anymore… Also, enjoy the walks you take, sharing the scenery and thoughts along the way with us. Hope this post did not get you ‘down.’ smiles!

      • I like that last line, Mark. It made me think of that being a clever movie title! I figured pets are always a good subject, warms my heart to think about past pets. smiles on a gloomy Sunday weather day, but have fun times ahead with youngest daughter coming to dinner and watching a movie, from my library pile or she may choose a redbox…

    • Oh, Barb, I did think about you and your sweet Berkeley, too. I had hoped it would not be one to bring you down, but it is way too soon to be able to read this sort of thing. When I went to see the movie, based on the book, “Marley and Me,” I bawled like a baby. I had not expected there would be a death. I did not see any clues to this Same of the wonderful and fun loving movie, “We Bought a Zoo,” where there is an animal who dies. There is foreshadowing, but I was still hoping against all odds, for this wild animal to live. Just so you are forewarned… Hugs, Robin

  1. i understand this so well, robin. after my cat sugar passed away 2 years ago, i waited until recently to bring a new cat into the family. when i was ready it was clear, and nacho and i are very happy.

    • I liked that you had the grandies help pick out your cat, Nacho, or maybe my memory thinks this happened, Beth. I do appreciate your long wait, it is hard to decide to put the love and heart into another, never wishing the new one to ‘replace’ the old, faithful one, Sugar. Hugs, Robin

  2. Robin … Your quotes really touch a chord. Our cats and dogs are our family and we are devastated when they go over that Rainbow Bridge.

    Your quotes reminded me of one of Nora Ephron’s “When your children are teenagers, it’s important to have a dog so that someone in the house is happy to see you.” chuckle …. so true. 😉

    • Judy, this was so nice of you to say. I like that expression, “touch a chord.” I have written about the Rainbow Bridge, which believe it or not, until I blogged I had not heard of this wonderful analogy of how our animals cross over to Heaven.
      The Nora Ephron quote is perfect, Judy and a great addition to this post: So true and funny, too!

    • I am so blessed by your kind and beautiful words, Amy! I have to clarify, since I would not wish to be misleading, I have not recently lost an animal. A friend, Barb, had lost her dog, Berkeley, while I had been collecting since February short animal and pet quotes. I found a few that had photos attached, catching my eyes. I am fine, just know others have recently lost pets. I have wonderful memories of dogs over the years and one cat. Thanks for this comment and the heart you show towards me and others is appreciated.

      • Robin, forgive my oversight. I was extremely tired when I read your post. Hence, calling you Rachel. (smile) Thank you for your Caring Heart that wishes to help others. May you Be Blessed for it. (((HUGS))) Amy

      • You needn’t apologize, I think it must have rewrote it, or you did write ‘Robin.’ I was just making sure you realized I had not lost a pet, but would not wish you to feel bad. I have accidentally misinterpreted two other posts in the past month. I interpreted a poem and a story, giving feedback, but was grateful the authors helped set me back on the path I had wandered off of, smiles! Thank you for adding your compliments, I appreciate them greatly, Amy!

  3. Pets are definitely a part of the family. Leo is one of four cats we’ve had for about 12 years. When he died a few months ago, there was a void we definitely noticed. His favorite spots to sleep, things like that. Sometimes we don’t realize what space they take until they’re gone.

    • This is so sad, sorry about a long lasting friend named “Leo.” I am sure he filled many voids, as you mention he was part of your family. Thanks, Eli, for this wonderful description and addition to the comments about pets. This meant a lot that you took the time to write your feelings out here, too.

      • Thanks Robin. He’s well remembered, and the girls have been great about moving on, too. Not forgetting, but moving on. Thanks for writing this post, too.

      • I like that expression, “moving on,” Eli. Exactly how we need time to get through the loss, remembering the places that seem a little more empty without the animal and going forward, with your children and three other cats. This was good to remind me you have girls, too. Thanks!

  4. When our cat had to be put down, I cried like a baby, even though she and I had a love-hate relationship. The house was cleaner after that, but it became too quiet. We finally broke down and adopted two kitties. When our dog had to be put down, that was just awful. He was an old soul who always seemed to understand what you were thinking and feeling. My husband, in particular, became very depressed. That Christmas, we went to the pound and adopted two wonderful dogs who were scheduled to be “executed.” We have never regretted it.

    • Dear Dawn, I have enjoyed your posts and I think we have visited each other before. I am constantly amazed when I finally remember to check my dungeon to find my friends here. I am so sorry that your comment went to await approval. I am very bad at checking this area of my Dashboard.
      That being said, what you shared in this comments section warmed my heart. How well loved your cat was, I can imagine the love-hate thing, but also related to the crying part. I am sure dogs are very wonderful angels, they just seem to know and absorb when we need comfort and love. I miss my old lab/german shepherd mix, Toby. The idea of rescuing dogs is exactly why I mentioned my Dad would go through the pound and bring a new dog home when the dogs were in pain or too old to keep on going. Thanks, Dawn, for this response. Hope you and I can now stay connected. Belatedly…

    • It is very hard when you know the dog, cat, bird or animal is reaching their elder years and if there is any pain being felt. My parents agreed to put a couple of our dogs down, which broke their hearts to have to make that choice. My Mom or Dad would go in and hold the dog’s paw while the injection of lethal drugs was given. There was even a little graveyard in the back of one of their favorite vet’s office. I am not sure if they had them buried or cremated, to tell you the truth. Death was not long in our minds, because my Dad would go right over to the pound and bring back a pound puppy. Thanks for sharing this about ‘your faithful friend who reached the end of her road.’ Sorry for your loss and thank you, Ian, for sharing this lovely thought here.

  5. Robin, when I think about the dogs my family members have owned over the years, I think about how dogs are the only species that willingly choose humans over their own kind. And that reminds me of the saying, ‘I hope to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am.’

    Here is another favorite saying (author unknown): Dog lovers say children are for people who cannot have a dog.

    Thanks for a fun, pet lovers’ story. – Mike

    • Mike, I like this bit of philosophy and science knowledge about dogs choosing humans over their own kind. It sure makes me think about the world of dogs and their multiple contributions to society, too.
      The expression you gave us was an excellent addition to the comments. One that is worthy of putting on a refrigerator, which is one of my ‘tests’ of the true value of a quote! Thanks so much for the other one, too! Funny since I am sure that many who cannot have children treasure their pets as ways to fill in the holes in their lives. I have good friends, Tammy and her Mike, who have two dogs and a couple of cats, too. Smiles!

  6. Being a dog lover and having to put our 16 year old girl to sleep, I had my first and last tattoo, her name and a paw print put on left hip. She has been gone 9 years now and I haven’t replaced her. This was beautiful Rob. Xox

    • Thank you, Jen, for sharing this personal information and wonderful way to remember your long living dog/child/girl. The name and paw print tattoos are such remarkable ideas to symbolize your love for them. I had not heard of this idea, so this was an extra special addition to this post. I think this is so special, Jen!

    • Shakti, thank you so much for this comment. I appreciate your feeling it was ‘very empathetic’ and also, how you say it touches reader’s heart strings. I am always happy when I can write occasionally something helpful or might make a difference in at least one life that reads my posts. So glad you felt this way and wrote this expression of respect, too. ~ Robin

  7. What a wonderful post, Robin. I love the part at the end where your dad always brought home another pet when you had to let one go. My husband didn’t have a pet growing up either and he LOVES our family dog. It’s going to be so difficult for him when our 15 year old dog leaves us.

    • Wow, what a wonderful and long life your own dog’s life has led! I appreciate your sharing this and adding the part about your husband. It really does make a difference in how you feel about animals. Dad felt they were part of our family but couldn’t endure coming home where a wagging-tailed creature wouldn’t be greeting him. My Mom was supportive of this and they built a box with a pillow attached for their retirement travels in an RV where there collie mix, Nicky, would ride on. (Funny thing, they had 3 Nick’s the first one a boy, since it was close to Christmas he was “Nicholas” but called, “Nicky.” They girl, “Nicki” and last one, boy Nicky. When they had a small Sheltie, Mom chose “Cassie,” for her name. They still stumbled over this name, since all the others had been variations of same.) Now, she is back to a Nicki! (Shih-Tzu mix).

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