Serene Sunday Musings


Here are a few quotations to induce feelings of grace and gratitude

this chilly, busy month of November. (Here it is chilly, in your part

of the world, you may be having a nice warm day.) If you wish to read

my past research about Pilgrims and Thanksgiving, you may browse

the tags on my blog.


“Let us not become weary in doing good.

For at the proper time we will reap a

Harvest if we do not give up.”

(In the newer version of the Bible,

New Testament. Galatians 6:9)


A short story shared in a church bulletin:

“You are Here”

As I approached a brightly lit, vertical floor plan at a Mall,

I noticed a woman standing in front of it for quite a while.

“Can I help you find something or a store location?”

I offered her help.

As people scurried by and around us, she replied,

“No thanks. I’m just pausing for a moment.”

Then, pointing to the arrow she explained,

“You are here. I need to be reminded sometimes.”

How profound.

Don’t we all need reminders of how blessed or lucky

we are to be here?

When life gets crazy, especially during the holidays, perhaps

we need to stop. Like the wise woman at the Mall, remind

ourselves we don’t have to try to be everywhere at once.

We’re “here.” That is the only place we can be.

Better still, we can imagine a bright arrow pointing to where we

are in life. We can go farther still, acknowledging, “God is here.”


A funny set of thoughts:

“You’re over the hill when you think all of your friends are showing

their age. . . but not you.”

“You’re over the hill when styles come back for the second time and

you still have some left from the first time.”

“You’re over the hill when your train of thoughts frequently derails!”


“You are NOT totally, personally, irrevocably responsible for


That’s my job.

— God”


Be watchful of signs of nature which lead you to peaceful moments.

Remember them later, cherishing the details in your memory.

Absorb fully, your family member’s words while you listen to them speak.






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    • Thanks, Cindy. I thoroughly enjoyed finding out about your lifelong interest and ownership, care of birds. I appreciate your enjoying these simple thoughts. hugs!

      **Anyone visiting who loves birds, I would wish you to read about her raising hurt or injured herons and egrets, along with parrots and cockatiels.

    • So glad you felt inspired by this collection of quotations and a story included. I put some humorous quotes into it, to make sure leaving you smiling… Thanks for the hugs and sending some back to you, April!

  1. Imperative to stop and give thanks. Today I was informed of the death of my husband’s 98 year old auntie. I have been visiting her in the nursing home for the past 3 years and watching her steady decline. I am happy she is finally at peace with the husband she so loved. Her widowhood after 50 years of marriage was hard.

    • Oh, Jo. Sorry about the loss of your husband’s auntie. I really think it was so kind of you to visit her and help keep her company. I am sure she looked forward to seeing you. It may be hard to get used to not visiting her. She sounds like a wonderful person and it is sad she had such a long wait during widowhood. This is the hardest part for a lot of people who spent years together. My Mom says this often how she thought it would be nice to have someone to grow old with, while missing my Dad. Thanks for the ‘imperative’ to stop and give thanks, Jo. Hope you have a peaceful Sunday.

    • I am so glad you like this verse, Jill. Hope to have a rather lively, entertaining visit with youngest daughter. We are having dinner, a rented movie soon. She already had given my gift to me, so now the fun part is celebrating together. The grandies had their visits, two boys, Sky and Micah over for Fri. sleepover and Marley and Makyah for Sat. sleepover. Needless to say, lots of sweets, but I did order pizza on Sat. instead of cooking!

    • This was so nice of you and now, I have to admit you were stuck in limbo. I just today looked at my Awaiting Moderation section on my Dashboard and there you were! I love your name and your words were so kind. Thanks and I hope we can stay connected. Please forgive this mistake I made. Never too late, I hope to make friends with a nice visitor. Thanks, Robin

    • I like this clever line, Mark! I am glad to be now 59 ‘and holding!’ Don’t wish to be under any dirt ever. I am an organ donor, so I will be cremated and sprinkled wherever the heirs decide to do so. I am not sure about myself getting smarter, I still make poor choices and am sort of silly, too! smiles and glad you are getting smarter, maybe enough to share with the rest of us, ha ha!

  2. Your post is a good reminder about living in the present moment. I often remind myself that I always have the option to choose happiness, and I make it my practice whenever I feel concerned or worried to do just that.

    As for being over the hill — What hill!? I never saw a hill, and now you say I am over it? I am a little concerned about this hill. – Mike

    • This is a frequently mentioned philosophy but the important part is to rely upon our choice for happiness. Not to forget it, as you said. I am glad to know another person, you, Mike, who prefer to be happy and positive, most of the time. We cannot be perfect, though. Everyone has a rant or complaint in their minds, from time to time.
      I am smiling about the over what hill are we over comment/question! I definitely wish to back up the hill a few more times…

  3. Wonderful Robin 🙂 loved the story with the wise woman and the funny set of thoughts (I am one of those people who thinks most of my friends are looking old lol) Happy Sunday!

    • I agree, we aren’t aging, just everyone around us. Ha ha! I am so glad you enjoyed this post and the we are here story. It really caught my eye, so I held on to it, until I had enough to feel it was a post. I admire those who are able to be photographers and find just the right picture for their quotes. Yolanda, I have been enjoying your sister and your past memories so much!

  4. Lovely thoughts and a wonderful post, Robin! 🙂 Yes, I am over the hill, actually. All my friends… SO OLD. And most of them are still in their 20s. Go figure… Also, my train of thought? Completely left the platform with me still standing here. Again.

    • I am laughing with you, of course about our friends being “so old,” Dorreen! Sometimes, I cannot believe they say, “I go to bed at 8 o’clock.” Who does this? Not me! I cannot say I am wide awake, while watching television, since sometimes I do shut my eyes for awhile. I am also chuckling at this train of thought… the one that left you on the platform.
      Again, that is so funny and relatable! Smiling back at you…

    • I am glad to be able to ‘give back’ to someone who offers me a lot of tranquil and also, exciting views of New England scenery, Tracy! Hugs and smiles sent your way. Hope your week of teaching goes smoothly!
      We already had our county schools out today, while my city grandchildren got a 2 hour delay due to 3″ of snow. You probably would laugh at how our Midwestern towns over-react to snow. Although Cleveland is not like New England, it is a little bit more rugged when it comes to snowfall.

      • Wow!!!! I totally understand though…when a city isn’t used to it….:-)
        I hope the sunshines again soon! And we both give each other serenity!❤️

  5. Robin I did not want to put a comment because I thought you would think I was a spammer, I am not lol. thanks for passing by my new blog and this post is just wonderful, thanks giving is one of my favorite holidays. Yesterday talking to my niece she said I was old and told her no I am young at heart. I really do not feel old but I am, but I am enjoying my age now. Well take care now we can talk a little everything is back to normal. Have a wonderful week.

    • I don’t know why, maybe you ‘jinxed this comment,’ Doris! But you were in my awaiting moderation area on my Dashboard! Can you believe my filter sent you out into limbo? I am so blessed to be able to confess I had not checked this for some time now… This was a lovely set of comments, like a letter from your heart to me, Doris. Well, you know mistakes happen, I will cross my fingers you won’t hold this against me. You probably wondered why I never said a word, too. Hugs, Robin

  6. Bless you for these quotes, Sweetheart. I couldn’t help to see what Mark wrote LOL. Oh I am right there with you …. as we age we get better, just like a good bottle of wine. Hehehehehe (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Amy, he he he! I love the idea of aging well, like a good bottle of wine. So nice of a reminder, it has been awhile since I have heard that expression. Thanks and hope you will feel blessed every day, my dear!

    • It was another ‘manic Monday!’ I could not help saying this, since you said we are off to another frantic week, Jenny. (I do love the Bangles’ song.)
      I need to remember this simple but profound message. I am grateful you are here, along with my being here.

    • I was told not to put days of the week on posts, one time. It was a good suggestion. As you mention, the quotes fit any day of the week, Colleen! Thanks for this reminder. Hugs and smiles back at you, hope you are feeling better!

    • I am so happy you found my Serene Sunday Musings post to be inspiring. I am ashamed to tell you that I have not been looking at my needing approval box which had a lot of friendly people, like yourself caught in limbo here. I rarely look at the awaiting approval or moderation. I am hoping you will give me one more chance and visit my posts again. I shall come see your blog and enjoyed sharing with you, hopefully you make mistakes like this from time to time!?

    • Sweet Beth, how was your Monday? Hope it went well, I am sure you weather all kinds of situations, from piano playing costumed children to other imaginary adventures. I know you are ‘present’ and ‘here’ and enjoy when you are ‘present’ and ‘there.’ Smiles!

    • Yes, let’s be the ones that say, “Enough already!” Anyway, I am glad you found some of this very nice, but also, agree styles have come and gone innumerable times. I laugh when my kids say, “Where did you get that cute embroidered shirt, Mom?” (And yes, the top is one from my ‘hippie’ days, Hollis, in the 70’s! Yikes!) Smiles!

    • I feel there are some things/clothes and designs that never go out of fashion, Hollis. I am always amazed at how the clothing style goes in circles, but really many of my clothes have been in my closet since I was in my 20’s while my oldest daughter has my mini-skirts, some I made in Home Ec, in high school. She mainly wears them with black hose and high boots, usually when going to a party. I cannot imagine wearing shorts or short skirts again, I am so happy they made ‘capris’ back in style, which we called, “pedal pushers” while in our childhood! Smiles and sorry this is a random and belated comment, Hollis!

      • I forgot about the word, petal ushers. 🙂 Yes! And now those “elephant pants” are back. If you hold onto your clothes long enough, my mom used to say…….. I tell myself I would rather wear my vintage clothes than have someone else wear them Haha.

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