Diverse Snippets


There are a few fantastic and interesting people who have shared their thoughts

recently in magazines, interviews and I wish to offer these as a ‘pick and choose’

post. I hope you will find something to give you something to ponder about and

may meet your own personal needs or concerns.


This will give you ‘food for thought:’

“Cooking demands attention, patience and above all,

a respect for the gifts of the earth. It is a form of

worship, a way of giving thanks.”

~ Judith B. Jones,

American cookbook author and editor.


The next one is concerning loss:

“The trick to adjusting to a life you never expected

is to allow yourself to have the emotions, to weave

them in with the positive and move on.”

~ Louise Bonnett-Rompersaud.


“Joy does not simply happen to us.

We have to choose joy and keep

choosing it everyday.”

~ Henri J.M. Nouwen

Dutch priest, professor and writer.


Feeling connected to humanity:

Anna Whiston Donaldson lost her son at age 12 years old.

He was playing in a creek bed, that was normally low, then

it swelled into a raging river. Jack had attended his second

day of 7th grade. His sister, Margaret, witnessed this horrible

event, running to get help, only 10 years old.


“Over the next months, when all else was stripped away- most

of all, the flawed belief that living a simple, faithful life would

somehow protect us from pain- I found myself broken.

But it turned out, I was so broken that I was wide open to

receiving comfort in way I had not anticipated.”

~Anna Whiston-Donaldson’s book is called,

“Rare Bird” (Convergent books).


“28 Years; 28 Days,

Summary of Two Time Sequences”

by Robin O. Cochran


Two actresses have lived with challenges, one who has been 28 years

sober. This is the famous, Katey Sagal. You maybe able to detect her

very distinctive voice in commercials, but her most popular television

show may be considered ‘raunchy’ since she portrayed the Mom on the

show, “Married… With Children.” She also was memorable as Gemma,

in the show, “Sons of Anarchy.” I happened to really like her character

in the show she performed with John Ritter, “8 Simple Rules for Dating

My Teenage  Daughter.” One of the two ‘daughters’ character was played

by Kaley Cuoco. She was the one who made me laugh and had her ‘Dad’

(John Ritter) pulling his hair out. In the last t.v. show mentioned, Katey

Sagal played a smart, working mother who left the house in a nurse’s

uniform, hoping her husband would be able to rule the roost, while

she was gone. It is a funny series, which is well worth finding on a

DVD at the library. The late John Ritter captured both his daughters,

son and wife’s characters’ hearts and they all showed up at his funeral,

truly mourning their ‘father/husband figure’ friend. Katie shared her

sobriety on a CBS Sunday Morning Show, November 16, 2014. Her

husband and music, she feels saved her. She enjoys singing daily, along

with performing with bands. Katey is 60 years old, accomplishing much

and more to give in the future, too.


Wait until you hear the professionals, Katey Sagal has performed with

as a back up singer:

Gene Simmons

Molly Hatchet

Bob Dylan

Tanya Tucker

Bette Midler

Olivia Newton John

Katey’s remarkable musical career has included two albums:

“Well. . .” (1994)

“Room” (2004)


The  celebrity who went through a disaster marriage, not ever having

expected her husband to be so outwardly unfaithful, is Sandra Bullock.

How does she relate to Katie Sagal who has a wonderful partner in life?

She performed in the incredible movie, “28 Days.” Sandra’s character

is relatable in the difficult and gritty parts of having to choose to give up

her addiction. The message of it being important for the person to make

the choice, not the family is also a clear and meaningful one. This is one

of the main tenets or  principals of AA. The screenplay also shared and

showed some humorous, strange habits of an alcoholic.

Sandra Bullock’s performance and “28 Days” may not be considered as

significant (meaning it didn’t win awards) as “Leaving Las Vegas,” but it

really showed her acting “chops”. If you have been curious or had an

interest in this movie, you will find it engrossing. I had not seen it when it

came out, so it was a nice surprise to take it home from the library and

really dig into the ‘meat’ of the subject. Having been through an alcoholic

marriage and participated for almost two years in Al-Anon and AA meetings,

along with going through marriage counseling, I found the characters in the

AA meetings and in rehab’s behaviors realistic.

Usually ’28 days’ would not seem to encompass the enormity of this film’s

subject matter, but it definitely showed the ups and downs of this illness.

Having seen the movie, shortly after Katie Sagal’s interview, I appreciate

even more the magnitude of her ’28 years’ sober. Worthy of several ‘chips’

and major accomplishment in the fast-paced, pressurized life of acting.


On the Lighter Side:

I love the silly repetition of the 2014 song,

“Best Day of My Life,” by the group

American Authors.  Imbedded in their

lyrics are some deeper meanings:

“I howled at the moon with my friends

And then the sun came crashing in.”

(There are some ‘bridge’ humming sounds here.)

“But all the possibilities

No limits

Just epiphanies. . .”


May something here strike a chord or evoke an epiphany.









About reocochran

I am experiencing crazy and hapless adventures in dating that may interest people over fifty. I am now approaching 62 later this year and enjoy taking photographs, incorporating stories or poetry on my blog. I have many old posts which are informative and written like essays. I have several love stories collected from family and friends. Even strangers spill their stories, since I am a grown version of the girl next door. I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle with better food selections and active hiking and walking. I have written four children's books and illustrated them. They are not published but a battered women's shelter used one about neglect and abuse for their children's program and a 4H group used my "Kissing a Bunny is like saying a Prayer" as a coloring book. Please comment or respond so I may get a chance to know you. Sincerely, Robin

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  1. I had just finished catching up on my emails and was about to come out when your post dropped into the empty space. I stayed. That says something doesn’t it?

    A most interesting collection of stories and thoughts, I like how you weave it all together. For me the last 12 years have been about ‘Choosing Joy’ every day. I was happy to see that quote included here. It is easier said than done, but it is my on-going work 🙂

    • I was amazed at your International dangler which was so powerful in its beauty, Pauline. I just got back from there… I am thankful you like my weaving and I agree, ‘Choosing Joy,’ is the way to live! I had a pin once that said, “Don’t Postpone Joy!” I liked it since it made you use the negative route to still get to Joy!

  2. You say “Pick and Choose.” OK. I pick Katey Sagal. I really didn’t like her (or I should say her character) back in the Married with Children days. But then I saw her interviewed somewhere and heard her wonderful singing voice. WOW. Also, I assume you know about the tragic death of her director father, Boris Sagal. She’s overcome a lot in her life.

    • Thank you for picking Katey Sagal. I am thankful for your pointing out about her father’s death. I did not really know a lot of her history, heard the wonderful interview and then, went on my little tour of her musical accomplishments. Imagine being a back up for any ONE of those fantastic singers and she was to ALL of them! I never watched the “Married…” show but had been exposed to it a few times. I found it to be negative in most of its plots. I do like how at least three of the leading characters went on to ‘bigger and better’ projects. She has overcome a lot and am so glad she has been happily married.

      • The character I really didn’t like on “Married…” was Al Bundy. But I simply adore Ed O’Neill’s Jay character on “Modern Family.” And then Christina Applegate has gone on to do good things too.

      • I agree, Barb. They made Al Bundy a ‘buffoon.’ He is much more sweet and likable, although can be irascible on “Modern Family.” In fact, we find his character very well rounded, such a good stepdad, in his portion of the show, too. (My youngest daughter and I watch this, she about a 1/2 hour away, while on the phone… laughing at those teenagers and college kids, too. Thanks for this comment about Katey, again, I had not realized this about her father.

    • Jill, it is such a simple concept but a lot of people need to be reminded they have a choice. Not sure why, but a lot of the wordpress people/writers seem so full of joy. This brings me out until the cold of night sends me back home again. Truly when I see many of the gravatars, I feel like I am expecting friends or ‘company!’

  3. I had no idea Katey Sagal was an accomplished vocalist. As you pointed out, the talented musicians she has backed up speaks for itself. I learn something new and interesting from you with each story you post. You are a veritable fount of knowledge! Which is why I enjoy reading all your stories, of course. 🙂 – Mike

    • Thank you, Mike! I heard her voice on a commercial yesterday, let me see if I kept the slip of paper in my purse to bring to the library. Her distinctive voice is in a precious ad for “Barnes and Noble,” talking about the value of books as gifts. She is a fine singer, you can hear some of her solo songs on Youtube… smiles!
      Oh, I should have included, “Red Roses for a Blue Lady,” in my roses post!

    • It is a clean cut show, the cast was bereft when John died. Colleen, they added James Garner as Grandpa and David Spade (I liked him, hope I have his name correct from “Just Shoot Me,” which was also a clever and fine comedy…) as a cousin, to carry on the show for awhile. I am so into the idea of Rock on to Katey, too!!

    • I am so glad that something here touched chords or helped you to think about how we all react to things. It was interesting to find these out, too. Glad you read this and commented, April. Thank you!

    • She seems very happy with her adopted son and she may have learned not to trust so easily. There are many famous people who are shocked when they find out the truth of who they fell in love with. I thought Jesse was a cool, down to earth person who she may have had fun with, but he was too wild. I felt it particularly sad when she accepted the Academy Award for the movie, “The Blindside,” which you know I watch those shows, and I did not forget her speech. She raised it up and said, “Thank you” to her husband, who had been cheating on her, even while she was away filming the movie. It was horrible and to me, not really gossip. It made me feel like a little less a ‘fool’ for doing the same thing…
      I am glad you love my snippets, Brenda!
      Hugs, Robin

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