A Great Saturday Surprise!


My good friend, Mark Bialczak, received many photographs from

my cell phone, transferred to his cell phone via this new-fangled

process of picture messaging. It is incredible that first of all, I

have a cell phone. Second of all, I am pretty adept at taking pictures

with my phone and third of all, I met someone through wordpress

who wishes to share some pieces of my family life with others.

So, please tomorrow or the next day, check out Mark Bialczak’s

posts and then, you may not need to see pictures on my posts,

you will start to ‘picture’ me leading my life.


Thank you so very much, Mark, for taking this task and making

my life, through my photographs sent to you, become ‘real.’

Now, some of you will visualize the loved ones in my life, as I

write about them. I will continue to be a picture-less blog,

trying to paint pictures with my words…


Here is where you may wish to meander over on 11/22/14 or

someday in the future. You will find a man who is caring, great

writer and journalist, who shares information about music,

sports and entertainment. Mark also shows you fun images

of his family life and friends, too. They may be bowling, eating

out or listening to a concert. During many of the months of the

year, you may see Mark golfing. Oh, and definitely his walks with

the fine dog, “Ellie B.,” impart bits of folksy wisdom, Americana

and neighborhood unique features, including decorations and

parks. I will see you over there, commenting and spreading

our connections and forging a strong  friendship. (Many of you

already know him and are frequent commenters, too.)


You may find my friend and hero here:



Surrounded by wonderful family members and friends, I am truly

blessed. The photos he chooses, the way he presents them is up

to Mark. Truth be told, I had a very hard time limiting what I

sent. It was like something had come loose with in me, pouring

out my need to share my photographs. I have over 100 on my

phone, so sending him 20 left me scratching my head, trying to

figure out which would give you a true picture of me, alogn with

wishing to share my grandies. So, there may be a photo of the

two precious “M & M” girls. There will be at least one Mom photo

with me. I also had mentioned the three dresses I could wear to

a wedding, so there may be a picture included of my daughter and

I with the Clippers stadium in our background.


Here are some photos I did not send to Mark:

Powell’s water park, called a “Splash Pad.”

Creek walks.

Flashlight walks.

Park play times.

Winter snow scenes.

Ducks in the creek.

Pool side antics.

Sky lighting his first match to light a candle. (Age 9)

Micah wearing just his underwear. That kid likes

to be unclothed!

All six children, after thoroughly washing one pair

of glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth after each turn.

Capturing fuzzy photos of their taking turns and

being very patient.

Cupcake family days, where we celebrate a birthday

of one of the adults during months there are such

occasions. Otherwise, it is bring whatever you feel

like eating over to my son’s house, where there is a

big back yard, trampoline, wagon and sometimes

a bonfire going on. . .

Our family picnic, just my children and grandies

which is generally at Delaware State Park, upper

dam pavilions.


There is one special wish I would like to pass

on, like a “torch” given to Mark for this special

gift of his posting some of my photos:


“With your light, it can be done.”

Spanish version:

“Con tu luz, si se puede.”

(Carlos Santana, 2014)


“Many thanks  to all.”

“Muchas gracias a todas.”



About reocochran

I am experiencing crazy and hapless adventures in dating that may interest people over fifty. I am now approaching 62 later this year and enjoy taking photographs, incorporating stories or poetry on my blog. I have many old posts which are informative and written like essays. I have several love stories collected from family and friends. Even strangers spill their stories, since I am a grown version of the girl next door. I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle with better food selections and active hiking and walking. I have written four children's books and illustrated them. They are not published but a battered women's shelter used one about neglect and abuse for their children's program and a 4H group used my "Kissing a Bunny is like saying a Prayer" as a coloring book. Please comment or respond so I may get a chance to know you. Sincerely, Robin

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  1. Yes, Robin, thank you for sending me these photos. We’ve been reading each other’s blogs for many months now, and it’s always been in my mind that you should be able to share photographs of the people in your life with your WordPress community. So I was happy to volunteer my iPhone as a place for you to send your photos and my blog as a spot for a “Guest Photo Post.” I don’t know if I can fit all that you sent me on tomorrow’s post. I will start building it later today. Of course I have looked at them all! Folks, you are in for a treat. I will schedule Robin’s guest photo post to publist and 7 a.m. EST tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 22. You willl be in for a treat. 🙂

    • Thank you, Mark. I will understand if most of the photos didn’t transfer well, since some were photos of photos. I am hoping a few that were taken on my phone come out fairly well. No pressure, take it easy and if all else fails say there is a “Rain delay!” ha ha!

  2. I look forward to seeing what images Mark shares if for no other reason than to determine how close my mental images of your world match up with the real images. I bet Mark’s website lights up with the hits from your many followers and fans. 🙂 – Mike

    • Mark has far more followers since he was a journalist, has many musicians, friends and connections. I am hoping a few will turn out, since some were photos of photos. The ones from my phone, I felt should be sent also. Maybe 5-6 may transfer. Poor Mark, it was more than he expected to undertake. You are a good friend, Mike, I appreciate this lovely comment! Hugs, Robin

  3. I’m with Mike, Mark get ready for hit overload! 😃 it will be nice to see some shots, we all can imagine through your words, but ‘reality’ makes it all the more special. Thanks Mark, I’ll be heading over after I get some sleep. It’s 2.30 am here Saturday and I just woke up..now to try and slumber once more. Yay to you darling for having a cell phone or as we call them over here ‘mobiles’. xx

    • I like the way words are different over there, you are always teaching me something new. I am a big fan of British movies, have always liked the sound of your ‘language’ and ‘expressions,’ Jen! Get some sleep, my sweet friend! Hope to have a treat and if it is not all transferred a ‘glimpse’ of what is part of my life. Take care and sweet dreams, lovey!

    • Everyone enjoys photos and I hope some of them turn out. Some were from my cell phone, but I got a little risky sending photos of photos. Just wanting to have a few of my Mom and Dad. We will see what comes out and I am thankful for Mark’s undertaking, he offered and I said, “Yes!” I enjoy your artistic drawings and your sweet children’s fairy tales which are indeed entertaining to adults (who have a child inside!) smiles!

    • Thanks, Luanne. You are one I would want to send a few of my art pictures to, along with my oldest daughter’s homemade costumes and theater make up jobs on my grandsons… it would be so fun to be all exchanging these. I set out, firmly wishing to be like essayists who don’t include pictures, but loved James Thurbers’ little pen and ink drawings which accompanied his stories… Smiles and thank you!

    • I always cherish your photos, Cindy. The Holler becomes alive when you take hummingbirds and other special features of ‘your neck of the woods!’ I have several cloud and nature photos I did not bother to send to Mark, along with numerous photos of grandchildren. I have a flip phone, where the pictures aren’t too bad. My problem was I got so excited and sent him photos of photos, which don’t usually come out. I am glad you will check these out, despite he has had a few misgivings of photographic quality. Yours are so nice and crisply taken, Cindy.

  4. As it is already Saturday and almost midday – I shall look for the post tomorrow. Or possibly the day after. That is a wonderful thing to do and I love how the blogging community makes for mutual support and interest. My latest post is exactly about all that!

    • No hurry, my dear! I love how your International dangler is one which is gorgeous, including so many peoples’
      trinkets and notes, you wove beauty, light and love into this creative magical hanging art object, Pauline!! Hugs, take care my friend!

      • I have just popped back from Mark’s blog. He is a good friend to you to find out why there are no photos on your blog and to offer to do something about it! Kudos Mark!! ❤

        It is so lovely now to have photos – you and your daughter, both so beautiful! All those grandies – so beautiful and happy! I am overwhelmed. I have no grand children and have come to terms with it now, but it was quite a journey for me.

        Being afforded this brief glimpse into your life in pictures was just wonderful and I now have a beautiful image to accompany our comments and readings and growing friendship. 🙂 xoxo

      • Thank you, Pauline for these comments about my family. I am sure you are a great neighbor, mother and friend to little ones. I have a best friend who doesn’t have children nor grandchildren, but is reading to them at a local elementary school once a week in her retirement.
        You give so much of your heart, pouring into such nice comments. Thank you! Also, into your artwork and networking, befriending so many literally around the world! Pauline, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, simple or a large gathering, feast or just treats. . . enjoy!

    • It is an awesome post, Hollis. It made me get tears running down my face, here at the library. I did not realize how I would feel. It is like your dream of an Oscar, just perfectly written and most of the important people in my life featured. I had one with my three children that was too fuzzy, one which was this Halloween, did not come out, along with not having a current photo on my phone of my youngest brother and sister in law. It is definitely “Cool” for me!

    • It was truly a gift, I did not have the picture of my three children printed, since it was fuzzy, a photo of a photo. So glad you are excited to see the photos, Jill. I am blessed with all of you, including Mark who did this huge favor for me, unasked, he chose to do this one. I also appreciate and am excited for next summer’s writer’s spotlights on your post. I hope I will be worthy and make you proud in my possible post there, Jill.
      Thank you for our continuing conversation, where we have many shared past memories, Jill.

    • I wish that I had had a good picture of all 3 of my children, but my youngest and all the grandies are over there. I am very thankful for Mark, he is a wonderful friend, one who has had a lot of fun with yours and his team’s competitions and lively conversations… Beth, I am grateful for your friendship, as well.

  5. Wow ! that sounds so exciting. I hope Robin you sent your Halloween pics where you wore that top of spooky figures & skeletons at the back. Sorry if I changed the objects for I did not remember correctly and the theme party, your daughter’s wearing beautiful dress for a wedding. Can’t wait to see. Just sent a tinkle when Mark uploads them. I will too check on his blog. Hugs, Rashmi, a spirited soul 🙂

    • I am hoping that you will see some of the ones you pictured… I did not have one of my youngest brother or all 3 of my children… I will tell you they are posted, Rashmi! Hugs for such a great memory, no Halloween photo came out well. Sorry, but the wedding dress (although you cannot tell it is the longest one… came out!) Smiles, Robin

  6. Pingback: Guest Photo Post for Robin O. Cochran | markbialczak

  7. Hello Robin. I just popped over from Mark’s blog to take a look around. I’m liking what I see so far and I look forward to settling in to read more of your writing. You have a new follower 🙂

    • Thank you, Norm! I am hoping you didn’t press ‘unfollow’ yet! I just never imagined the filter system would take all my kind visitors from Mark’s blog and put you into the dungeon to await approval. I will be going to visit you shortly! Smiles back at you, please don’t frown nor give up on my blog!

      • No worries. Hopefully Mark’s post generated some good traffic for you.
        And follow backs are not obligatory with me. I follow because I like what I see/read and I’m interested in seeing more. You should feel free to do the same 🙂

    • Kate, thank you so very much, I apologize for this. I had no idea that some of Mark’s crossover visitors would need “Approval” and I just found a few left in this little area on my Dashboard… I am not used to this filtering out people thing, even after a couple of years.
      Anyway, this is very nice to meet you, Kate. I am sure we can somehow repair the damages of my filter system. I will check out your blog as soon as possible! Smiles, Robin

    • I am so glad you enjoyed this post of Mark’s and thankful for your special comments here! I appreciated this more than I expected. I was so excited to see how he wove my silly story and made it such a fantastic post and gift for me, too.
      Thanks so much for saying you enjoyed this!

    • Barb, you are so caring and kind! I have had several people along the way ask me why I don’t post photos. I am sure there is a way at the library, but I am happy, so excited that Mark put this post together. It was an unexpected gift and surprise, I didn’t know how I would feel.

      Barb, thanks for the special compliment (re: my looks)! I am blessed, but if you saw me in my forties, menopause and some cortisol/stress, which raised my cholesterol to over 280! You would know I had to lose some weight or take those anti-cholesterol meds… I lost 20 lbs. the first year, then another 20 the second… My teaching assistant and I did this by eating the veggies and cottage cheese, some turkey and no red meat. I lost only five more while working at the warehouse.
      I feel much more lively than my 59 years. But, will always be careful of my meat and fats consumption, so my cholesterol stays in check! This was so sweet of you to say!
      Hope you have a marvelous Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with loved ones, Barb!

    • They are all over on Mark’s place, which it is called Robin O. Cochran post, not sure how many back you would have to go, but the photos are so big! Colorful and fun, too. Thanks for checking whenever you can. I feel this is a special gift to me, it made me feel so happy, Brenda! I did not expect to feel so elated over pictures!
      Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and take care, be safe and happy, too! xo Robin

    • Brenda, there is only one of my name pictures, which I have made more than 100 of. I have incorporated many cultures while being asked to do so, like for my Filipino friends. The one I did for my dental hygienist has the sweetest little elephants on it. You know I love using pen and ink to illustrate my children’s books, in the past. (None published yet!) Oh, I like to use words to tell my stories, like old fashioned people sometimes did.
      Your poems and nature photos look exquisite and create a perfect balance together, Brenda! A lovely combination!

    • I wanted Mark’s place to be the one which featured them, don’t wish anyone to expect to find photos here. Plus, it makes Mark’s posts more meaningful to have others go to view them. He did this wonderful favor for me, I am thankful for this gift. I didn’t expect this and am very amazed someone would honor me by doing this.
      Judy, I love photos on your posts, Mark’s and others, but I really like to ‘paint’ with my words… Smiles, Robin

      • Tusen takk❤️ min glede😊 ønsker deg og dine masse kjærlighet og glede😊

  8. I’m so glad I got to see all your photos Robin!!!! Welcome to phone photography:-) You did very well and it was beautiful the way Mark shared you with us!!! I loved seeing you and your loved ones!!!!❤️

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